WATCH: Palisades Parkway Police Write Tickets To Chaveirim For Changing Flat At Rest Stop


Sources tell YWN that a Williamsburg Chaveirim Volunteer was issued summonses for having a friend of his change his tire in the first gas station on the Palisades Parkway in New Jersey.

The Palisades Police have a long history of being an arrogant, insensitive police force. The entire agency is a few officers, with just about zero police work other then issue summonses on a small stretch of highway that they actually patrol. They have a history of stopping Hatzolah ambulances transporting critically ill patients from Rockland County to Manhattan, and detaining them.

In 2008, a New Jersey lawmaker attempted to have the agency disbanded, and police patrol given over to Bergen County. That was no successful.

Earlier this month a man sued the agency, claiming he was unlawfully arrested and beaten by the officers.

(Chaim Shapiro – YWN)


  1. Its Jerk cops like these that give all cops a bad name. Cops not letting people change a tire to make sure their contract buddies get the job so they can get their big kickbacks. the cops should be charged with official misconduct, Christie should be made aware of this

  2. Listening to what the police officer was saying he is enforcing the existing law. I don’t know what the bidding process is in NJ but I doubt it goes through the police.

    From the Palisades Police website:

    Contracted Service Centers
    Only authorized tow services who are under contract with the Palisades Interstate Park Commission are allowed to service and tow vehicles within this jurisdiction. Any tow service who is not contracted by this agency or the Commission are not allowed onto the Palisades Parkway, Park areas, or other roadways in either the New Jersey or New York sections.

  3. These cops may well be “arrogant jerks” if the other allegations posted are true but in this case, if the repairs were being done on the property of the gas station holding the concession from the Parkway, the violation was correctly issued. In order to assure potential bidders that they would make money by taking on the responsibility for the location, the Parkway authorities granted them an exclusive monopoly on repairs. If this is the station I’m thinking of, there are actually signs making that point clear at the station. If it was an emergency, he should have had the gas station employees change the tire or have his chaver make the change at another location.

  4. The cop isn’t wrong if Chaveirim is performing a service. Why didn’t the guy ever respond that he wasn’t compensated for changing the tire and it was a volunteer act and not a service? Wouldn’t his Chaveirim license suffice without a contract then? It’s not the cop’s fault if the law is written in a way to include these types of things. The law may be stupid, but the cop’s job is not to write the law.

  5. Does the law prohibit a good Samaritan from helping out someone for free, or only for a fee you need to be a registered service provider from the state?

  6. Actually, I didn’t hear him being a “jerk” or engaged in “official misconduct”. If those are the rules/laws on NJ highways, then what gives us the right to flout them? I heard him talking the way cops talk, “Stand over there, I don’t know you,” etc (which given what’s been happening to cops in this country seems smart of him – how is he to know that these are peace-loving folks???). He didn’t insult or bad-mouth anyone and at the end he explained how it works on the Parkway, and how Chaverim could go about getting a permit. (Whether they will get one, or whether he law should be changed is a different matter, but don’t blame the cop for that.)

  7. It would seem that even the motorist would not be allowed to fix the car; only the authorized permit holder. It seems the member of the Chaveirim put up one of those spotlights to help fix the flat.

    Also, i don’t know if a “Chaveirim License” has to be recognized by NJ police.

  8. I would call him a naval birishus hatorah (For lack of a better term.) Its like the traffic agent who gave the car a ticket for blocking the cross walk after it was involved in a accident. Some laws aren’t meant to be enforced unless there is a good reason to enforce them. Yes he may have acted professional but he’s still an idiot. What did he want, a family to sit on the highway at night to wait for some hillbilly to roll out of bed to help them?

  9. ah yid: A police officer is doing his job and you call him a “naval”? It is not like the traffic agent scenario you mentioned as you can him clearly say it is a “restricted area”. Second, I wouldn’t call anybody living or working near Exit 1 of the Palisades Parkway a “hillbilly”.

  10. To #9 so he’s not a naval and the tow truck drivers aren’t hillbillys. The cop is still a moron for giving the ticket. And if you don’t like my first example Ill give you another. I was double parked in front of my mechanic with my hood up and I was standing next to my car and the agent came up from behind me and scanned my sticker. By the way a few years ago I broke down in that area of the Pallisades. The first officer who came to assist me was a menech, very helpful, everything you would expect from a police officer. After he left a second police officer was sent. This guy was aloof, rigid not someone you would want when your stuck on the side of a highway.

  11. ah yid: He is not a “moron”. He is enforcing the law. That’s his job. Maybe if the they wouldn’t have put up a big bright light drawing attention to what they were doing the cop would have overlooked it. In addition, we don’t know what was said before the video began. Again, just as you indicated about your car with the traffic agent. Should they have given you a ticket? Probably not…but there is no exception to the double parking rule for a disabled vehicle. My wife once received a double parking ticket. I fought the ticket an it was dismissed. As for the police man who helped you on the Palisades……you were lucky. He could have called a tow truck and let you wait.

  12. I personally know the family that was on the receiving end of chaverims help in this incident. There were no “bright lights put up”.the big light u see is street light in parking area of gas station.the only thing chaverim guy had was amber lights which u can hear him providing permit for. And he put his car at an angle for headlights to shine at tire.while the officer might be right according to law please be in mind this happened in parking area of gas station not on side of not sure if officer thought they were getting paid for services but he did use term “permit to assist” and “contract to service” quite interchangeable. Did anyone find out if its illegal to be good Samaritan?
    Incidentally a guy in pick up truck inquired if he can be of help but since chaverim were on their way they waved him on, wonder if the incident would have played out differently had he been the one “assisting/servicing”? And btw chavirm already help the police on the pip so then they get no ticket because….!
    Yes guys we are in golus,lets not forget that!

  13. No he’s not this is not a company or organization but a good semaritan helping some one. And there is a law protecting that. These guys have a kangaroo court that helps them
    They report to no one but make a fortune in fines.

  14. #12 and 13: The NJ Good Samaritan law has to do with medical assistance at the scene of an accident not assisting a fellow motorist fix a car. I have watched the video and listened to the audio and I stand corrected about the lights. He clearly said the “amber” light. I thought he said “bright” light the first time I listened to it. However, the officer asked if he had a permit for the amber light which I cannot tell if he provided it or not (the person shooting the video switched positions).

    As you say it was in the “parking area” of the gas station. However, that is still legally considered part of the highway as far as a “disabled vehicle” is concerned. Bottom line is that Chaveirim is right to help…..but the office is also right and should not be degraded or demeaned for doing his job.

  15. Although the officer is just doing his job, I feel some here are missing the point. The PIP is a useless and abusive police force who’s main objective is to collect $$$ for their little town. If you’re speeding then you deserve to get pulled over but theyre infamous for over-patrolling a small stretch of highway, harassing motorists for minor and nonsense laws that no honorable department would bother enforcing. The license plate frame that your dealer put is ‘Obstruction of License Plate’ and that hanging air freshener is ‘Obstruction of View’…so on. Just a reason to pull you over and hand you a ticket. Sure, theyre laws and illegal but so is cow-tipping in Wisconsin but you don’t see the Wisconsin Highway Patrol heavily enforcing it.
    While the NYPD is there to serve and protect, the PIP is there to ticket and collect.