WATCH: Fake News Floods Social Media


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  1. The far Left has started a new campaign to shut down conservative sites. Don’t fall for the garbage. It’s the new form is censorship. Research your stories and information, then decide for yourself, true or not true.

  2. Lamestream media propaganda news, ABC, CNN, NBC, FOX, CBS, AP, MSNBC, NY Times and the likes consistently lie to the people and constantly report distorted phony and bogus stuff to gullible Americans.

    These liars who are b”H losing millions of listeners/readers and ads daily are now out to do anything to shut these real factual news.

    Recent example: Who were the ones telling the American public the truth about the polls that Trump is winning in a landslide?
    And who were the ones receiving bribery for lying to the public with their bogus polls they they’re within 1-2 points of each other?

    FYI, yes, it is true that Hillary the Devil sold weapons to ISIS. In their 10 years, WikiLeaks had never revealed anything that wasn’t true.

  3. How can President Obama complain about lying in the media when he did it openly for years with health care insurance and the attack in Ben Gasi???
    They just learned it from him for their own agenda.

  4. More Mainstream Media lies. Whom are you still trying to fool, Mr. Kurtz, when the NY Times openly admitted lying to the public with bogus distorted reports.

    MSMP have lost all credibility because once a liar, always a liar.