WATCH: Will Hillary Clinton Run For New York Mayor?



  1. Hillary doesn’t meet eligibility requirement for several reasons:- 1) She is not a resident in NYC and couldn’t have 1 year’s residency by 2017 election. 2)Cannot have debts. 3) Cannot be a criminal. 4) Must be of sound mind.

  2. That famous “Run Hillary, Run” bumper sticker, which every Democrat faithfully had in the back of his car….
    And which the Republicans glued to their front bumpers.

  3. To 147:
    You are forgetting, the Clintons are above the law. Rules/laws are just for the average dumb stupid taxpaying peasants.

    If she did decide to run, she would win in a landslide of epic purportions as Deblabla would step aside to let the smartest woman in the world become the first female Mayor of NYC. The Dems would put up some loser to run against her just to make it look fair. The entire corrupt media would be gushing over her highness. Neiderman would come and bow down in front of her. Friedlander would shake her hand for the picture. Even the Hamodia/Yated would allow a picture of her in their heilige papers right next to their editorial endorsements of her. It just shows how filthy and corrupt Democrat politics are, here in NYC. The Republican party is dead, so they’re not nogia.