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Trump Meets Petraeus as Secretary of State Sweepstakes Heat Up

PetraeusRetired Gen. David Petraeus says he had a “very good conversation” with President-elect Donald Trump.

The former CIA director met with Trump at Trump Tower in New York City Monday afternoon. He says the two spoke for about an hour and says Trump “showed a great grasp of a variety of the challenges that are out there.”

Petraeus, who could be in line for a Cabinet nomination, says the two will “see where it goes from here.” He did not respond to questions about whether Trump had offered him a job in the new administration.

Trump tweeted that he was “very impressed” with Petraeus following their meeting.

Petraeus was President Barack Obama’s CIA director in 2011-12 before resigning amid the disclosure that he had an inappropriate relasiinship with his biographer and shared highly classified information with her.


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  1. This must be troubling news for all the Trumpees who think that their hero will magically turn into the great savior of Israel. Generals Patreus and Mattis two of Trumps top contenders for state and defense are both outspoken in their opinion that Israel is a strategic burden for the US. Though for his followers Trump can do no wrong, having these two Arabists leading up the foreign policy team should give thinking people the jitters.

  2. #1,
    I’m a Trump voter, not his Trumpee or anyone else’s eeee or Kool Aid slurper.
    I commented on Mattis on another thread and voiced my concern. Petraeus is also troubling, though he supposedly walked back some of his anti-Israeli comments. He hasn’t picked any of these 2 yet, let’s see what happens.
    Difference between Trumpers and Killary’ites is that we’re prepared to hold his feet to the fire. Korrupt Killary did everything wrong and not even one Dem has called her out on anything.

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