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VIDEO & PHOTOS: Fire In Satmar Shul In Kiryas Joel

A fire broke out at approximately 1:30AM in the Kiryas Yoel main Shul located at 9 Garfield, spewing heavy smoke into the street.

Moses Witriol, the Kiryas Joel Public Safety Director tells YWN that the fire originated in a room next to the Mikva, which was used to store towels and laundry. “Thanks to the quick response of the Kiryas Joel FD, the fire was contained to that one room only, and damage was minimal,” Witriol said.

The cause of the fire is unknown – but may have possibly originated in a dryer.

As of this morning, the Mikva was back in operation, and the only reminder of a fire is a odor of smoke in parts of the building, which is currently being vented.

Boruch Hashem, there was no one injured.

Click HERE for photos.

Have you checked out YWN Radio yet? Click HERE to listen!

(Yehuda Drudgestein – YWN)

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  1. Periodically you should also get in a duct cleaning company to clean the dryer vent with their special equipment – and while they are there, get the ducts cleaned as well. It is amazing at how much shmutz accumulates in hidden locations and becomes a fire hazard.

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