VIDEO: Greenfield On Council Floor Demands Officers Be Held Accountable In J-Walking Incident


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NYC Councilman David Greenfield made a public call for the NYPD to hold the officers involved in last week’s incident accountable for their actions, which violated Rabbi Emert’s rights and religious freedom. “I am calling today on the NYPD, who I am a big fan of…to hold these officers fully accountable for this shocking breach of a New Yorker’s civil rights,” concluded Greenfield.
Greenfield previously called for a full investigation into this incident by the NYPD, and that investigation is currently underway. Councilman Greenfield felt that using this high-profile forum, on the floor of the City Council Chamber in front of his 50 Council colleagues, would send an urgent message to NYPD officials at the highest levels to not only hold these officers accountable, but to ensure that incidents like this never happen again.

(YWN Desk – NYC)


  1. btw…

    I know technically jaywalking IS asur, BUT…
    when is the last time anyone heard of ANYONE ever getting a jaywalking summons in Brooklyn????

    I never have.

  2. the comments I been reading from goyim on other sites about this is that if he had no id on him, they are required to bring him in to the precienct. Unfortunately, even though his is an ehrlich yid, they have no idea who he is and for their safety can not go to his home to verify his id. While the police seems to yidden to be insenstive to the yids sabbath observence, the goyim have no idea of our religon and to them, not writing on the sabbath sounds crazy. basically they are saying he broke the law and there are rules and conseqences. This is just another painful remainder we are in Golus. My advice to the police department, if you going to give a summons to jaywalkers, go to the city, you’ll make alot more money there.

  3. Mazal77 — Have you been following this story? They did not say they would bring him to the precinct for not having ID – they said they would bring him if he refused to write down his name and address. If they accepted him writing his name and address without it being necessary to see his ID or bring him in (which is what happened in the end), they can just as easily accept him dictating his name and address to them, and they could write it down!! Whether it sounds crazy or not to avoid writing on Shabbos, there is no objective reason why such a request should be refused. Then again, as you very accurately concluded — we are in Golus!

  4. The police here are wrong period. They have sensitive training to be a police officer. It is too long to wait for investigation. It should have been completed by now.

  5. It is absolutely shocking that New York City police officers (whose salaries are, in no small part, paid with tax dollars from members of our community) would not be sensitive to Shabbos observance. There’s no logical reason why the officers could not have written down the information themselves.

    By the way, refusing to sign was not a viable option, because spending a night in jail is (at least) a Safek Sakanah.