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VIDEO: Schumer Says No One Should Set Preconditions For Peace Agreement

U.S. Senator Schumer addressed a Jewish political function Sunday night, and discussed the Israeli / Palestinian conflict.

During his speech Schumer said the following:

“Whatever boundaries might have to be negotiated between Israel and the Palestinians, should be negotiated by those two parties alone – and no one should set any preconditions on those negotiations.

That is not just my position, that is the position of the United States Senate, our leader Harry Reid said that at the AIPAC dinner Monday night, and I think it is the position of the overwhelming majority of both democrats and republicans in the congress, and that is why Bibi Netanyahu got such a strong reception when he visited the Congress last week.”

See the video below:

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

11 Responses

  1. The State of Israel has already established preconditions…no return of East Jerusalem, no return of Jordan Valley, no return to 1967 lines, no return of refugees.. There is already nothing to negotiate about with Palestinians. The Zionists have already established what there is to discuss.

  2. Nicejew, so have the Palestinians.. they want ALL of it and with NO compromises.. The Israelis have already pulled out of Gaza only to get rockets in return. This time around you better believe that they are going to be sure that we don’t get rockets/missiles in return. Not to mention that what the Palestinians are asking for is illegal.The Palestinians never had any ownership over the land but the Jews have.

  3. Hey Frumimaof3. You must be a young teenager. Otherwise you would know that the conditions set by the Zionists that I described have been their position for 40 years!! It has nothing to do with Gaza because they never planned to keep Gaza with 1.5 million Arabs anyway. They don’t want control of the 3 million in the West Bank and would like to figure out a way to disconnect from the other 1 million in the Galilee and Negev, but guess what? They are STUCK with them all!

  4. It would be nice if YWN would give credit, where credit is due. This took place at the Agudath Israel of America dinner. This was not just any political function.

  5. Geshmockster, the Agudah is nothing less than a political function.

    Shelly Silver, Shoita Schumer, Anthonies Weiner, Skelos, Hikind, etc etc etc…

    These are the chayos that everyone was drooling all over last night.

    No one gives a hoot about Rav Dovid Feinstein, Rav Shmuel Kaminetsky….

    We know we know….no one at the Agudah makes a move without the moetzes…


    Political function all the way.

  6. Agudah is a political organization.

    The Torah part of it died when Rav Elya Svei was niftar.

    Now it’s a few baalei batim pandering around.

  7. Does anyone know why they honored Shely Silver last night? The biggest promotor of same gender marriage in New York?

    All in the name of TAP.

    The Agudah sold klal Yisroel out for a few meager shekels.

    Avada, the Gedolim were consulted. Avadah (not).

  8. Dear “NiceJew”,
    One thing is what you keep on forgetting. We won in the war that the Arabs started.
    That gives us the right to put preconditions.

  9. R’ Yehudah, although I respect your Shitah, as this was the Shitah of Hagon R’ Avigdor Miller Z”TAL amongst several other Gedolim, you fail to recognize “Eilu V’eilu”. You know very well that the Agudah consults with the Moetzes on every move specifically on the Toeva issue. Every word is followed to the T. To be Motzei Shem Rah and say that Avada the Gedolim were not consulted is plain & simple dishonest. Please continue your good work with the integrity it deserves.

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