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    Speeches coming out of the Internet Asifa says the internet is ASSUR.

    Those who convince themselves that YWN and other sites filled with Torah are OK, are only giving into their Yenta Harrah…

    Will YWN follow the advice of the Gedolim and go offline for good?


    my question to you is if youre such a big talker then even if ywn cr doesnt shut down i would hope that you cancel your account immeadiately im shocked you were even on the internet to start this thread.


    Actually, the speeches of the asifa (I was there and I understand Yiddish) said that anyone who needs it for panossa may have it, but only with a filter set as strongly as possible for their particular needs, and in consultation with his Rav. Anyone that doesn’t need it shouldn’t have it. YWN is on my whitelist. It’s not a perfect site, but it’s closer than most.


    Mikehall- the ONLY internet solution is to open MORE kosher, Yiddish sites.

    Face it: internet is here to stay FOREVER.

    The only thing that will keep us away from non Jewish outlets, is to have good Jewish sites to oppose them.

    If YWN or other Heimish news sites go down, hundreds of Yidden will again search their news on ABC, Fox or the likes.

    Now we need some more Kosher blogs, Kosher/moderated chats, and more Kosher entertainment online to save our generation. And some good Kosher movies wouldn’t hurt us either.


    I’m just trying to point out how silly the whole thing is.

    To say the whole Internet is assur, well I don’t buy it. How is loging on to a site like and listening to the vast amount of shuirs wrong? How is it wrong to check out the OU’s site for updates on kashrus assur?

    I’m not one who believes that banning is the answer. Educate, use filters, keep your computer in a public room and monitor Internet activity…

    That is the answer

    But those at citi field will say trying to justify it is only my yetza harrah talking

    Which it is not, or maybe it is, no its not, well….


    Years ago it was possible to look for employment using newspapers only. Today, most job searching is online. Is it really possible to look for employment without using the internet? I guess the search itself would be in the category of necessary for parnassah.


    Obviously, YWN does not need to shut down since the editor uses it for work, which was a bpheirush heter.

    Also, most posters also surf during work (it appears), so they are also ok.

    Popa surfs from his blackberry, which is not really internet because it goes through the telephone system and has a din of “phone arichta”.

    Sent from my verizon wireless blackberry.


    Years ago it was possible to look for employment using newspapers only. Today, most job searching is online. Is it really possible to look for employment without using the internet? I guess the search itself would be in the category of necessary for parnassah.

    Its not needed to search for a job, You are supposed to learn in Kollel



    From now on it’s only the Coffee Room!! (where WE make the news, we sure do!)

    Feif Un

    YW Editor needs it for his parnassah, but the people who visit the site don’t. They should leave, at which point YW Editor won’t be making any money off the site anymore.


    Feif Un…so by visiting this site, I am contributing to the parnassah of the staff of YWN…

    Helping someone be self sufficient (by supporting their work) is the highest form of tzedakah according to the RAMBAM…

    Thus by visiting sites that people earn a living from, I am helping them be self sufficient

    Hence, using the internet is a noble thing to do and a big Mitzvah…

    Yes, No, Maybe?


    To look for a job? Oy Vey!

    Feif Un

    mikehall12382: It’s ok for parnassah, not for tzedakah!


    Instead of assering everything, people should be teaching children how to use the internet responsibly. We cannot go back to the Dark Ages. Telephones and cars can be used for evil and shmutzedig purposes too. Should ALL technology be banned?


    Agreed, oomis. I actually wrote up a two page essay regarding this concept, though I didn’t post it in the CR, partly because I don’t think it would have any effect on anyone (after all, who am I?), and partly because I’m not interested in having people yell at me for “going against the Gedolim”.

    Loyal Jew

    Zahavasdad: “Its not needed to search for a job, You are supposed to learn in Kollel.” So are you and so am I. For a start, I’m willing to unsubscribe. How is it done?


    forget the internet what about bittul zman writing stupid comments all day


    and only men should be allowed to post for tznius reasons


    R: What’s un-Tznius about a woman posting?

    ☕️coffee addict

    For sure trolls should be assur for using the internet they don’t serve any tachlis whatsoever


    Wait a minute – YWN’s owners are in the clear, b/c they need YWN for… business. But wait, their business consists of leading people astray on the internet. But wait, by leading people astray on the internet, YWN makes money so it’s a business! But wait – what about when your business clashes with the idea that the internet is terrible? But wait – doesnt…

    Whew, my head hurts. Cognitive dissonance is painful.

    Loyal Jew

    Sam2: Where bachurim can “talk” with eshes ish, to give one example, something really is untznius.


    Loyal Jew: Even if you want to go as far as R’ Moshe in his famous T’shuvah, none of those concerns should apply over the internet.


    What on earth does “Even if you want to go as far as R’ Moshe”, mean? Rav Moshe was describing a very pashut halachic fact! (And a d’oraysa, at that.) You make it sound as if Rav Moshe was some kind of extremist machmir in the seperation of the genders!


    Avhaben: I never implied an extremist. Rav Moshe is the most Machmir mainstream Shittah in this. He is also the person who K’lal Yisroel in America generally holds by (except by Shabbos clocks and some Eruvin). I was saying that even according to him an anonymous CR shouldn’t be an Issur of talking to women. There’s no Kirvah whatsoever.


    Oh, please. Name me one shitta you can point to that is more “meikel” than Rav Moshe, on this. (I’m not including MO rabbis.) Mekor? You simply won’t find any.

    (I’m not discussing online discussions, which may be different than Rav Moshe’s teshuva. I’m discussing Rav Moshe’s teshuva itself.)

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