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    each one brings you closer to your bashert. may it come speedily without any more pain!! May the girl that is destined for you be far greater in everyway than any other girl you have ever dated, BEKOROV!!! May you be zoiche to build a solid life time BNB!! AMEN!! with much health, wealth, and prosperity.

    Wishing you much hatzlocha and brocha in EVERYTHING that comes your way!!

    I know it’s hard to say this when things aren’t going 100% the way you WANT them to go, however hashem is always there waiting for you to call out to Him. Have TRUE bitchen, do your hishtadlus and leave the rest up to hashem, trust me, it works!

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    Nothing halachicly incorrect in this matter as far as I’m concerned.. It’s just more or less become an accepted practice within the jewish relm as well as outside. As wearing a ring on the left is a symbol stating that your “taken”. It sort of like forks on the left, knives on the right type of thing..

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    feif the matziv



    what’s that got to do with the price of tea in china..(no pun

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    It may be cheaper for you to buy a house out of town and rent your house out in the city.. the prices in the city are much more expensive and will pay off the morgage in no time at all…on top of that you may earn an additional income once that’s achieved… the banks sometimes consider assets to be better off over instant cash..

    You mentioned though that you have jobs in the city, so move to an outta town area that’s not too far from the city but close enough..


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    Always Runs:it’s great since it prevents you from Josephing…lol

    I missed gefen’s point, so I’m wondering how good of a point it was for it to disapear…lol

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    YT: what’s hard reboot??? never heard the term before..

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    always runs with scissors fast

    irons with spray starch

    I’ve never seen you before, are you new here??

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    “cheque – not check”

    -Wrong, those two ways are gramatically acceptable both in Canada and the United Kingdom. Since they both have different meanings.

    the definition of the spelling cheque, refers to a slip of paper where writted a sum of money. where as the spelling ‘check’ means to investigate, -alternative can be used in the verse, “check that out”…

    “metro, were you raised in Canada? If so, where did you grow up? Soon we will be playing Jewish geography and find out that we are first cousins.”

    -please also note that in the coffee room stalking behaviourism is refered to as ‘Josephing’, please refer to the many threads that go into this topic indepth, so that you will know what to mention and what not to mention in your posts.

    this is an anonymous forum.

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    Also the one in Baltimore is refered to as Ner Israel where as the one in Toronto is refered to Ner Yisrael… Does that say much about the two place comparitavely speaking…

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    at the end of the day 2 is better than one… face it.. and dance with the music… or rather we should say, face the music…

    (while it’s still on…)

    Hatzlocha with it all.. may you be Zoiche to split the sea bekorov!!!

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    jpd: “BCK: a big red apple with 2 cherries on the top. lol”

    How about a small RED cherry with 2 BIG green apples at the;)!!!!!! or in the centre…lol

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    most probably kibud av veaim especially for a boy-(under bar mitzvah), outwieghs this chiyuv…

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    Gum Ball, nice to have you back!! 😉

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    Australian: that’s the point, I’ve changed the song around a shtickle to afew of MY FAVOURATE things, since I don’t wanna;)

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    can we tend to the OP first??? I think it’s only fare….

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    I heard the one in Toronto is more to the right, is that true?

    which one has more of the yeshivishe crowd??

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    just make sure she calls apple and NOT cherry… lol;) tell her to take the pink case off and replace it with the blue one. remember it’s nice cause it’s ugly…lol;)

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    “Gumball is really Mod 80!!!!!!!!!! :)))) “

    LOL…out of all things I find that MOST impossible to believe!!

    in reply to: Where is Gumball?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! #936727


    Missing You:(

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    minyan girl;- I was just gonna ask the same sortta question, Does the ‘british posters’ also apply to the British North Americans…;)?????

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    Hilarious to note that this thread was started 3 days ago and has approx 65 posts!!! LOL:)That reason alone should be why single guys and girls shouldn’t be eating at the same meal together…

    even if it’s just popcorn…hmmm is that too random to go well with coffee???lol.

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    any polite posts/theads posted after a certain time of day, have the accent…

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