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    #why, Thank you for noticing! 🙂

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    #I honestly did not get a clear picture of what you were trying to get at, besides for the fact that you were frustrated with your single status and with how the people around you are treating you.

    So, therefore, I’m sorry that your going through a hard time, and I hope it all works out for you really soon.

    And I hope just the fact that you wrote it and shared this helps you feel a bit better!

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    #When I read the title, I was like, “wow! this is probably a topic that I am interested in.” As opposed to drunk threads, zion threads….

    But lo and behold, Popa you poppad my bubble!

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    #Thanks y’all!

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    #To all you posters out there who wrote that no matter what, you must respect your parents, I disagree with you. There are circumstances where children of abuse have received a psak that counters what you have said, such as no requirement for sitting shiva…. please research your answers before posting especially with such sensitive topics…

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    #I don’t know if this is the right place to address this question.

    I’m assuming there are hours worth of explanation behind your short question.

    My two answers to you are

    1) Find someone you trust in a halachic perspective

    2)find a therapist to speak to about your relationship

    best of luck!

    Hang in there…

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    #I would give examples, but there is a slight chance he is reading this, and I don’t want to hurt anyone. He was sweet, but clearly not your typical, and I hope he finds someone really nice, and meant for him…

    But, now I am a bit scarred…

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    #DY, That is a possibility, but I have gone out with guys who were clearly nervous, but this was VERY different… He also had a obvious medical issue that I wasn’t told about, and I asked…

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    #Curious yenta, I think that the fact that you are only 15 and thinking about your future, shows intelligence…. SO maybe you are smart enough 🙂

    there’s no such thing as not smart enough for college…

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    #normal is relative, not mine.

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    #I noticed that as well, There are no topics lately that push my buttons… I used to post and then keep coming back to see replies… Lately, I don’t even click on the coffee room.

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    #no, But I know of a babysitter for you 🙂

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    #Bh, I got a $11,000 break from my seminary, as an academic scholarship.

    I got about $6000 from Fafsa

    $2000 from Masa..

    And there you go…

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    #I went to seminary for a total of about $4,000, including airfare…

    it’s about breaks and scholarships…

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    #Mods!!!!! you are the best!

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    #Rabbi Zecharya Wallerstein gives an excellent answer in his youtube video of Shomer Nehgiah..

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    #(I have a half a mind to answer you in latin, but poor mods…)

    It isn’y close minded of you, It’s a matter of hashkafic standpoints…

    I remember last year, I was in my teacher’s lounge, and one teacher was telling the other about someone redt to her son, and how she was checking her facebook pictures. I remember then thinking how different it is for me, (that was when I just started dating…)

    But, unfortunately I feel like so many more people have facebook today for so many different reasons. Be it work, discounts… (I dated one guy who told me he only has facebook for candy crush lives…)

    It used to be very important to me that the guy I marry should not have social media such as facebook, instagram, snapchat…. It still is, but, I find it much harder to say no to a guy because it is so prevalent and needed in so many ways…

    It may be similar to texting… I remember when I got texting in 9th grade, I was the bum of the school… Now who makes a deal about it?

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    #LOL ! Vestri ‘ non ut mala ! 🙂 Et de me nescio , sed suus ‘ ius … …. magnus es tu videns intelligent idividuals sicut hic circa … ibi sunt tempora, quod vos mos adepto a cerebro shortages sunt videre

    #I totally forgot to include my hashtag in the thread title, and my frist post… 🙁

    Mods, can you fix it for me? my reputation… 🙂

    And, I was so nice to request it in English:)

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    #The Ketoros have eleven spices, ten sweet-smelling spices plus the chelb’na, a foul-smelling ingredient. The 1o spices represent the Jewish community, symbolized by the number ten, the minimum microcosm of an eida, a representative community. The chelb’na represents the wicked who have temporarily divorced themselves from the community but must be included since they too must and will return to the fold. The offering of the ketores represents in a sense, the offering of K’nesses Yisrael, the totality of the Jewish people to HKB”H. The great love of HKB”H for his nation and even the wicked among them is thus actively demonstrated twice daily and once a year in the inner chamber, in the presence of the keruvim representing this love.

    I feel like this guy is in the same category as the chelb’na… being that he has a “bad smell”, something that is bothering others. But if they were to bring the ketoros without that one bad smelling spice it wasn’t kosher. It may be very hard to bear this with patience, but he is one of Hahsem’s beloveds, and you never know who’s zchus is holding up who.

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    #Those three are all acceptable in an out of town society.

    I have students who come to school in crocs, and noone would even notice that there should be something odd about it..

    Bc it isn’t..

    To each their own, whatever floats their boat!

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    #The other day I was redt to a guy with a nice Jewish name.

    I got his resume with no picture. So, I googled him with the place he lives, and got a picture of the most handsome guy I ever saw.

    He had a few things hashkafically that I didn’t like, but I kept giving excuses for him, without even consciously realizing why…

    L’maaseh, the shadchan sent me a pic the next day, and suffice it to say, it was a far cry…

    And, I said no 🙂

    We people are shallow, and looks do count for girls and guys!

    And I was so relieved after I said no, because Deep down, I knew it wasn’t for em but was blinded by his looks..

    So maybe we shouldn’t google them..

    But, maybe we should, what if they have a criminal record…

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    #Sasha Here’s Lior’s answer to ur question…

    #What is that supposed to mean.

    When asked to categorize myself, for shidduchim, i never know what to answer,

    I’m an open-minded BY type of girl, BUt I wouln’t consider myself yeshivish, hashkafically.

    And then, what does Modern orthodox machmir mean?




    To be blunt, the first one is referring to someone who became less frum while the latter one is referring to someone who became more frum. Note the first one may be frummer than the latter, but importantly they are moving in opposite directions; one for the worse and one for the better.


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    #so why?

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    #I had a great thread, but was blocked again

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    #Awesome! PAA!

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    #I’m an out of town girl, BH I don’t have a problem getting dates. It’s about going out of your comfort zone, and calling people, emialing people, joining shadchan websites…

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    #mods, What up with -1 Years???????

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    #Yw mod-29, I would love to meet you in person, Each time you post, you show such a kind side of you..

    Thank you for all your efforts and service!

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    #I wonder if we are from that same small town…

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    #Trust, and everyone out there,

    Thank you so much for your support.

    So here’s my update, upon the advice of a good friend of mine, I called a specific torah Gadol. For days I was trying to get through to him, and then he scheduled a phone meeting with me for a certain hour. I called him then and did not get through for another 40 min.

    When I did get through, He told me to speak my heart out. So i started telling him the situation and details and examples. Then he asked me who I was talking about, so I told him, and his answer, which still brings tears to my eyes, was “he’s a chashuve person, he means it as a joke, man up and hatzlacha.”

    So i answered him, even if he isn’t joking, but he didn’t let me speak, and wished me well.

    I am not easily made to cry, I hung up the phone and just cried and cried.

    What has this world come to?

    Just because he is “chashuv???!”

    DO they know him on a personal level?!

    I really understand victims of abuse who are not believed. bec one of the things that my Rabbi did tell me was that noone would believe me if I would day…

    He’s 100 percent right!

    I thank Hashem and my years of toughening up due to hardships, that my yiddishkeit is strong, because at that moment, I soo understood people who go off the derech.

    Baruch Hashem my daddy in heaven watches over me, and directed me through a friend of mine to her brother who heard me out, completely validated my feelings, and gave me the strength to wake up this morning.

    My message is, Please believe people when they have pain, and don’t ever tell them to man up, specifically if you don’t know their life challenges. I was given very concrete advice on how to handle it from a man that doesn’t have semicha, but truly cared.

    Please don’t allow us to lose our faith in humanity.

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    #Little froggie, I love your posts!

    in reply to: What would you answer? #1045067

    #Tough stuff!

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    #Yw mod-29 That was a different post 🙂

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    #Eek, I just realized what you meant!

    Wow! you’re good!

    in reply to: Whats worse? #1045314

    #the reason I bumped it was, because i was redt to someone who smoked… but I didn’t want to start a whole new thread about it..

    Thanks randomex

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    #LOL! I can still be in the club, we can call it the leaning club, do you have one way in which you are leaning towards?

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    #I actually saw recently a good term, and I think I am adopting it.

    I am yeshivish-leaning!

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    #Eek, I need someone who can guide me in this very complicated situation that I find myself in, with my boss, who used to be my rabbi, and would answer my questions, and point out ways for me. But over the course of time that I have worked for him, He has verbally abused me, and degraded me in so many ways, using the info that he knew about me. (specifically my lack of a father.)

    And now, every day is another struggle, and more heartbreak, and, I have many shidduchim questions, and hashkafa questions with no one who can to direct them to…

    So it boils down to, the fact that I need a moreh derech, who is reachable and knowledgeable who can make me feel secure in what I do in many areas.

    Forgive me for rambling on…

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    #thank you mod-29, I appreciate that…

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    #If I’m not Yeshivish, can I still ask?

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    #oops I know you said from here on, But it was two days ago..

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    #Great topic!

    I got moderated for a Post I wanted to start…. Although I don’t know why..

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    #Do we believe that?


    in reply to: Whats worse? #1045296


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    #I guess so! yay!

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    #I agree with you daas yochid, I don’t see any rudeness either, I think chochom you are right, and thank you PAA!

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    #PAA, ??

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    #PAA, To answer you, I went to a BY school, But, I am more open-minded in areas of music, hashkafos…. It’s hard to explain… I am an out of town BY girl…

    #DY, I am not looking for a learner, I listen to non-jewish music, but am working on stopping…, these little nuances..

    Lior, I agree with you, I feel that yeshivish modern, sounds a bit like I am a bum… But I am not, But also not modern orthodox at all..

    Any suggestions for a new term?

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    #in a good way though… 🙂

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