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    User & AAQ -“It lessens the severity of the disease, which is a huge plus but not enough of a benefit to mandate vaccinations.”

    Now they have a new Variant.
    Just like Delta it will become the Worlds’ dominant Covid.
    So what will the World do?
    Vaccines have little to No effect.
    Oh I know, everyone Cower in their Houses.
    How about Okaying Ivermectin?!?
    Naw, it’s too Cheap and the Pharmaceutical companies can’t make Billions!

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2034562

    User176 -“Him coming out now as a supporter of BLM changes a lot about what we might have assumed were his motives”

    Maybe you shouldn’t comment when you know nothing about the case?!?
    His motives are irrelevant – why he was there.
    The Jury decided it was a case of Self defense.

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    Ubiq -“I am saying he could and might be sued.”

    “I’m not a lawyer, but I saw somewhere that he had a meeting with the kid who won millions with his lawsuit against the Media.”

    I wasn’t informed at the time I wrote that post.
    Sandmann originally sued for $250 million.
    Then the case was settled. The amount is confidential.
    So I saw a blog from some lawyer, that the amount couldn’t be
    more than 50 thousand.
    He wrote he has done defamation cases before.
    He’s a typical lawyer/LIAR.
    Even though I’m not a lawyer, I had a few cases.
    No one settles for that amount, when the original suit was for 250 mil.
    I figure he settled for at least one or a few million.
    I settled one of my cases, because I wanted out. I still got a few grand.
    These lawyers don’t know the meaning of the word “Truth”!

    in reply to: Arbery trial hoax #2034192

    AZ -“Point of information. I listened to some tapes of the shooters referring to the victim using the N word.”

    What’s the difference?
    They were found guilty – the system works in Republican States.
    Why doesn’t the system work in DemonCrat States, like NY & Oregon, where they let Rioters free w/o even being Charged?!?

    in reply to: Should Rittenhouse have been there. #2034188

    RE -“If you are at a wrong place at the wrong time, you are responsible for the consequences”

    Obviously the Jury doesn’t think like you.
    As a matter of fact, the only ones that still think he’s guilty, are the Far Left Liberals, like you!

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2034187

    Abba -“Health: If the media is quoting someone they are protected from libel as they are just reporting the facts. Even if the media libeled someone but retracted the claim prior to trial they can get away with it.”

    I’m not a lawyer, but I saw somewhere that he had a meeting with the kid who won millions with his lawsuit against the Media.
    Remember the Catholic Kid who was in DC demonstrating against Abortion and he met an Indian (Now called Indigenous people).
    Maybe he will help him get Top Lawyers?!?

    in reply to: Justice in the USA #2034095

    Ctlawyer -“I’m a Liberal Dem, but believe everyone who breaks the law, riots, loots, damages others property should be prosecuted no matter what race the perpetrator is”

    Does it bother you that many Democrat States dropped most of the Charges against the rioters?
    Whether they were Federal or Local Crimes?!?
    Maybe Congress should investigate those states because they aren’t applying Justice equally?!?

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2033521

    Abba -“Yes he can counter sue and as long as he shows that they were at fault he will win. But they have no money and he will have to pay his lawyer to defend him.”

    It’s an easy case.
    The jury already ruled that it was Self-defense.
    That means that the attackers were at fault.
    You can lose any case with Lousy Lawyers.
    I’ve lost many cases.

    “As far as the Lib Media is concerned it is very hard to prove libel since he was charged with a crime and there is freedom of the press”

    Again any labeling that the Media did – like quoting J. Biden can be sued for either Slander or Libel!

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2033457

    Abba -“His victims will sue him if he gets the money.”

    He’ll counter Sue.
    He probably will win some cases, especially that they called him a “White Supremacist”.
    He will get a lot of money because the Lib Media doesn’t believe in Innocent Until proven guilty, when it comes to White people!

    in reply to: Trump 2024? #2033041

    Bored -“DESANTIS”

    How about Trump as President & Desantis is as VP?
    So when they Impeach Trump, they’ll get a Straight Narrow Guy to stand up to these Loosers.

    in reply to: Should Rittenhouse have been there. #2033039

    NoMesorah -“As we know that back than almost all liberals were Republican”

    I’m talking about Nowadays.
    The reason that Judges don’t follow the Law is because they are Liberal DemonCrats.
    So who in this Liberal State is going to Stop them?!?

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2033036

    Oh Jackk, -“The prosecution did a terrible job.” “This is a politically motivated slant”

    The only Politically Slant came from the Woke Government.
    I just watched a YouTube video from a Black Guy who’s sells guns or is into promoting them.
    He said the Prosecutor lied to portray Rittenhouse as a Killer, to influence the Jury!
    He played a clip of the Prosecutor asking what type of bullets he used.
    He made it sound that if you use the Hollow Point, you’re out for maximum damage.

    The Black expert said the Real reason to use Hollow Points is because the other type of bullet can go through the guy & possibly do collateral damage, even Killing innocent bystanders!

    in reply to: Should Rittenhouse have been there. #2032889

    NoMesorah -“The high divorce rate is because divorce is legal. Why is everything always about liberals to you? Liberals are not even relevant in the present day.”

    Actually it’s Not, in every case. I got divorced in NJ.
    The law states, even here, that there must be irreconcilable differences.
    It’s already the Norm, especially in the Lib States, that one party files for divorce, the Judge okays it.
    They don’t even bother to see if it’s Mutual Consent, let alone if there is irreconcilable differences!

    This is because the State & it’s Judiciary is very Liberal!
    So wake up & Realize what Damage Liberals have done to this Country.
    Look at Rittenhouse – Where was his Parents? You need both to grow them up Properly!

    Also – Where were the Cops or National Guard to protect these cities & towns?!?

    in reply to: Should Rittenhouse have been there. #2032760

    Yesr -“What I absolutely do not want is some random teenager waving around an assault rifle and telling me he’s here to help.”

    Of course he shouldn’t have been there. But that what happens in the Good Ole US of A where they think that you don’t need 2 parents to raise a child.
    It’s you Libs that have created this Absurdity, with Rampant Divorce, for No Good reason!

    Also why doesn’t it bother you – where were the Cops or National Guard to protect these cities & towns?!?

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2032752

    Oh Jackk, -“There is a wonderful feeling that I have that on the same thread per Syag I am “exhibit number 2” and also defended for things I never wrote.”

    Not true!
    Me & MDG responded to your quote.
    So why don’t you have an answer to us?
    You libs are always so Smug with your Nonsense!

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2032490

    Oh Jackk, -“The facts are that the first person killed had no deadly weapon – not even the extremely deadly weapon called a skateboard.”

    That’s right. What a miscarriage of justice.
    You can’t kill anybody w/o a gun.
    The Guys in Wakshua are Not dead!
    It’s just a Bunch of White Racists that claim a Black killed people in a parade!

    in reply to: WAUKESHA #2032488

    Ubiq -“OJ told you the reasons, the perp in Waukesha is not guilty? what were the reasons OJ gave?”

    If the glove fits he’s innocent.
    Same here – it wasn’t a black driving – must a been a White Supremacist.
    Let’s just ask Joe B. – what the biggest problem in the US is –
    Not Inner City crime, just White Supremacy!

    in reply to: WAUKESHA #2032334

    GH – So you’re saying that if you kill with an AR- 15, you’re Guilty.
    But if you kill with a Vehicle – you’re Innocent!
    Does this also apply to White people or just to Non-white guys?!?

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2032020

    Oh Jackk, -“Don’t even have to shoot him in the arm. Go figure”

    Since you Libs want to take away the Interpretation of 2nd amendment, you probably never learnt how to Shoot a Gun.
    They only teach you to shoot on the Upper Body or the Head.
    So to defend himself – did the right thing.

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2032035

    Oh Jackk, -“Is it possible that Kyle went to a situation where he needs a rifle because he wanted to use it and he found the perfect opportunity? ”

    Who cares what his intentions were?
    You want this Country to be like Nazi Germany or Commy Russia!
    We have a country based on Laws – too Bad that there wasn’t Justice for the Cop in Milwaukee.
    At least in this case, some people are rejecting making this Country a bastion of Far Leftism!!!

    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2032016

    ENS -“So whether Rittenhouse is technically innocent or not, the idea that people here are supportive of a 17 year old kid with an AR15 at such a protest is pretty disturbing to me.”

    So we are Not supporting kids to do police work, but if the Jury acquitted him – was it Just?!?
    So, why don’t you find it Disturbing that when a group feels discriminated against, that they just make a Demonstration, but instead they Riot & Burn?!?

    “Imagine Jewish people were protesting something and a kid with swastikas showed up with an AR15 or maybe some kids with Hama flags with AR15s.”

    That’s the Problem with you Libs – you want laws based on Emotion.
    The Non- guilty verdict is based on our Laws, Not what you believe in!

    That’s why the Libs want CRT taught, because the Theory claims the laws are based on Discrimination!
    That’s why the Voters in Virginia rejected the DemonCrats, after many years of Voting them in.
    And they aren’t White Supremacists!


    in reply to: Kyle Rittenhouse #2031505

    Avira -“but he’s a pretty bad role model and not someone we should praise”

    And I thought you were a conservative?!?
    I guess not.
    Why do you Believe the Lying MNM?!?
    He’s a guy that Meant Well.
    He went out to help innocent people defending their Property.
    He helped people that were injured.

    I have a question for you.
    Where was all the Gov. Agencies to Stop all the Looting & Rioting?!?
    They must have learned from Dinkins & DeBlasio -“Let the Woke Mob Vent”!

    in reply to: Unvaccinated Lockdowns #2031504

    Pekak -“The purpose of any vaccine is to prevent infection, not minimize symptoms or make it “less likely” to kill those who get vaccinated.”

    So since it doesn’t work that way, one has to wonder why this Government hasn’t Allowed Repurposed Drugs for Covid 19?!?
    And don’t tell me they just approved Brand new drugs for Covid.
    Because the avg. guy can’t afford them!

    in reply to: Trump 2024? #2031438

    SN -“No one likes Elizabeth Warren, but you’re not contributing to the conversation. You should know better”

    That also applies to Biden.
    Just look at his Ratings.
    Yet some people claim he won the 2020 election?!?

    in reply to: I have COVID #2031162

    ujm -“Health: Your argument then means people must keep taking booster shots indefinitely, forever.”

    That’s ridiculous.
    Obviously you never had any vaccinations.
    Most require BOOSTERS!
    It’s just how often you need them.

    in reply to: Trump 2024? #2030884

    Yesr -“If the Rosh Yeshivos said to vote for Biden, would you still vote for Trump or sit the election out?”

    It shows how far some people are Removed from Real Yiddiskeit!

    IDK who that could be.
    Maybe you could find some that call themselves RY’s.
    I’m not going to tell you who my RY is, but when it comes to voting – I’d follow what R’ Avigdor Miller would say.
    He said that you can’t vote for Toaiva.
    That means that you can’t Vote DemonCrat!

    in reply to: I have COVID #2030893

    UJM -“If you had Covid in the past, you do not need to vaccinate”

    That’s Absurd.
    Even if the amount of Covid that you had generated sufficient Antibodies, there will come a time when those Antibodies won’t protect you anymore!
    Then you will need a Vaccine.

    in reply to: I have COVID #2030637

    Syag -“And since my covid I have had at least 3 really bad virus/flu bouts (I normally have none).”

    Even if you’re not interested in getting Vaxxed against Covid, you can still get Vaxxed against the Flu.

    in reply to: I have COVID #2030194

    KY -“There is no point for you to have gotten shot, other than control. State control.”

    So what are you going to do about it?
    The first thing is No One should vote DemonCrat anymore.
    They started this – because Fauci was the first Mechutzov against
    But what happened in the last Election (2021)?
    So many Frum people Voted DemonCrat!
    Why? Do they get Shoichad from these DemonCrats?!?
    Second – our leaders, that we Voted in, that need the Frum
    vote, should demand that the government allows Repurposed Medicines for the Treatment of Covid!

    in reply to: I have COVID #2030129

    LS -“I tested positive for COVID a few days ago and was vaccinated”

    That’s why they recommend a Booster.
    Immunity from the Vaxx doesn’t last forever.
    It lasts around 8 months.
    Take Zinc & Quercetin to help you fight the Covid.

    in reply to: Ivermectin…? Proofs, risks? #2029668

    RE – If you read the article you’d see if the hospital gave the dose that the family wanted, maybe the person would be alive!
    Another case where the Government let a person die from Covid.
    All those who Voted for this government have blood on their hands!

    in reply to: Republicans are cool now #2029464

    Oh Jackk, -“Bannon, who was just charged with criminal contempt of congress, is going to jail.”

    How in the world do you know that?
    You must Not believe in the Constitution.
    Did you ever hear of a Right to a Trial by a Jury of your peers?!?
    Unless you DemonCrats know the Endgame – if we let you DemonCrats rule this country.
    I think you’re saying if we don’t Stop you DemonCrats – we’ll be Worse than Commy Russia or Nazi Germany!
    This is why the DemonCrats are trying to remove Legal Gun ownership.
    We know your game and it won’t Work!

    in reply to: Ivermectin…? Proofs, risks? #2029038

    AAQ -“You are saying that you deal with these Jewish patients and you have some ideas that lead to frustration only and no action.”

    I have no frustration.
    I don’t hesitate to tell patients my ideas.
    I don’t pressure or annoy them!
    They have free will – so a lot of times they won’t listen to me.

    “I am trying to help you figure out a positive way to channel your research”

    No one asked for your help.
    Thanks, but no thanks.

    in reply to: Thanks Biden #2028775

    AAQ -“Because the OP is a Demoncrat.”
    “Still does not answer the question. I wish people here explain what their sources are, it will help us understand what is going on.”
    That was my quote.
    Actually I did answer the question.
    You just didn’t read or post my whole paragraph.
    I’ll repeat it for you:
    “That’s the MO of Demoncrats nowadays.
    If you can get away with Lying – So why not Lie?!?”

    in reply to: Thanks Biden #2028599

    Participant -“don’t agree w/ the op on anything but the infrastructure package. It’s much needed and should stimulate the economy.”

    Well it’s needed in the Overpopulated states.
    Why should the rest of the US pay for it, especially so much money in the Bill!
    Also those States are mainly DemonCrat.
    Also this is a State issue, Not Federal!

    A federal issue is Stopping Illegals from entering, the Vast influx of Illegal drugs, etc.

    in reply to: which jewish community to live in #2028596

    BO -“I am looking for a peaceful lovely spacious young community (coming from toms river) and not too central.”

    I know of 3 that are looking to expand the Jewish community.
    1. Rochester, NY.
    2. Bensalem, PA.
    3. Cherry Hill, NJ

    in reply to: which jewish community to live in #2028584

    UJM – You didn’t answer the question.
    Read it again!

    in reply to: Giving Your Child an English Name #2028476

    FC -“i bedafka dont have an english name because of how hard it is to prounouce my name.”

    From your SN – I guess your name is Farbissin.
    I’m sure anyone can pronounce this!

    in reply to: Ivermectin…? Proofs, risks? #2028457

    AAQ -“I am saying certain behaviors by some yidden is questionable and you should somehow let them know. You are saying – I know, but other people behave badly also. How is that a Jewish attitude?”

    You sound like we should all live in Utopia.
    It’s not my business to correct all the things that are wrong with this World.
    You do what you can.
    When is the last time that you did something good, besides Standing on your Soap box and telling e/o else what they should do?!?

    in reply to: Ivermectin…? Proofs, risks? #2028313

    AAQ -“From personal (Jewish) perspective, it would be an equal aveira to indulge in any other unhealthy behavios and then expect society to pay for your costs”

    Thanks for the Mussar.
    My question to you – is anybody Listening?!?

    “ACA allows for insurance companies to charge smokers up to 50% more, etc.
    Starting in November, Delta Airlines will charge unvaccinated employees an extra $200 a month for the company health plan, citing the high cost of COVID hospitalizations…”

    That’s legally fine, if they charge AIDS pts. and others also for the increased costs.
    It’s all or nothing.
    Somehow – I doubt that they charge them more.
    So the companies that play that game, – should be taken to Court.

    in reply to: Ivermectin…? Proofs, risks? #2027886

    AAQ -“You are still obligated to put up a fence to protect privacy of your neighbor even if building code does not require it”

    So what? A PCP is Not a Rabbi.
    Don’t confuse the two!

    “I think some insurances start charging non-vaxxed people more.”

    If they do, they will lose in court.
    Just like you can’t charge Obese patients more money.
    And the same with AIDS & STDs.
    Also the same with Smokers.
    This isn’t a New problem – that people don’t take care of themselves!
    What world are you living in?!?

    in reply to: Ivermectin…? Proofs, risks? #2027551

    AAQ -“Health, do your patients have access to insurance or Medicaid?”

    Don’t talk about me.
    Talk about the General Pop.
    Most people aren’t eligible for Medicaid.
    Most elderly have Medicare.
    Medicare only covers 80% of costs of out-hospital.
    So in this country – Medical & Drug costs are a Big Issue!

    “I presume these drugs will be well covered. I don’t know what the halacha is when someone ends up consuming 1000s of dollars of medicine instead of using $40 of vaccine. Should such person refuse insurance payment or at least make a donation to, say, cover others like him?”

    1) The vaccines Don’t work 100%.
    2) Acc. to Halacha, Dina DeMalchus Dina.
    There is no Law that if you aren’t Vaxxed – you aren’t entitled to Medical Care.
    They could make such a law or the Insurance won’t pay for care.
    But acc. to Law, right now, the insurance has to cover Non-Vaxxed patients!

    in reply to: Thanks Biden #2027545

    AAQ -“So why would someone post sheker? ”

    Because the OP is a Demoncrat.
    That’s the MO of Demoncrats nowadays.
    If you can get away with Lying – So why not Lie?!?

    They started with the Lying tactics because the Stupid Americans believe anything.
    Eg. 3 years of claiming Trump Collusion with Russia.

    “If only Trump and Republicans had invested in infrastructure while in power perhaps our ports wouldn’t be backlogged and unable to unload goods purchased by Americans in our booming economy.”

    This is another Lie!
    He’s wants e/o to think that the lack of getting Consumer Goods is Trump’s Fault.
    The NYT, a very Lib paper, wrote the problem isn’t only the Ports, but Mainly a Lack of Truckers.
    Why all of a Sudden this occurred?
    Trucking is a Well-paying Job.
    Perhaps it was the DemonCrats throwing out Unemployment Checks, like there’s No Tomorrow!
    So who wants to Work anymore?!?
    Thanks Biden!

    in reply to: Thanks Biden #2027123

    CK – From YWN: “THANKS, BIDEN: Crushing Inflation Hit 30-Year High In October.”

    Also the DemonCrat cities are Flowing with Crime.

    “Real estate values at all-time highs.”

    That’s called Inflation.
    So Poor & Middle Class people can’t Afford Housing!

    in reply to: “Harry” #2027125

    Syag -“Health – sorry, you are totally off on this one.”

    You don’t have to agree with All my posts.

    One thing for sure – Who ever created these names & those that use them – they are Rank outs.
    It’s an Aveira, even if you think it’s Just Funny!

    in reply to: “Harry” #2026975

    Avra – You missed my point.
    Only Litvish are called Harrys.
    Chaddisidim are called Tuna Bagels.

    Either one when called that name, can either be OTD or just Modern.

    in reply to: Ivermectin…? Proofs, risks? #2026966

    AAQ -“And, practically speaking, we seem now to have drugs that are both easy to use, proven by normative trials, and almost accepted by the establishment, so please start giving them out in addition to whatever possible other drugs you advocate.”

    They might be developing new drugs, but a lot of patients can’t afford them.
    That’s why it’s essential to Allow repurposed drugs for the treatment of Covid 19.
    It’s funny, the democrats were the ones that cared for the poor & middle classes.
    That was a long time ago; Now they live in their Ivory Towers!

    in reply to: Ivermectin…? Proofs, risks? #2026893

    AAQ -“The only factual reference there is that there is indeed increase in reported Ivermectin poison cases, 2000 in 2021, or 400 per month recently, but only 1% of those had serious consequences”

    Again you didn’t do the research!
    Go to and look at all the Studies that say Ivermectin is effective and safe.
    Your comment that it’s only 3rd world countries that are doing studies, (IDK about other first World countries, like Canada), but the reason the US isn’t investigating Ivermectin, is because Studies cost a lot of money.
    So who invests in Studies – usually Pharmaceutical companies.
    Because they are relying on getting it back when they discover a New Drug.
    This isn’t the case with Repurposed Drugs!

    “but the guy in the story who is blaming medical establishment for his father’s death can only claim this if he did his hishtadlus – vaccine, mask, SD.”

    That wasn’t the point that I wanted for e/o to take out!
    The point is that almost no hospital or Group Doctors are allowing Ivermectin for Covid 19.
    Why not?
    Because the Government never approved it.
    They are all too scared to try it.
    This is Proof that the Deniers of the Theory of Slippery Slope are Wrong!
    They claim if you Allow Abortions it doesn’t Affect other Cases.
    So you see that there is something called Slippery Slope.
    Because the Government never said that you can’t give Ivermectin for Covid19, just these professionals took upon themselves to deny Access to the Medicine!

    in reply to: “Harry” #2026888

    Avra, ujm, mw, -“Health, that’s not accurate, etc.”

    Let me explain something – these names are Slang, not dictionary words.
    So you are all correct, but so am I.

    So a “Harry” can be a Litvak – s/o OTD or just a Modern Guy.
    A Tuna Bagel is a Chaddishe guy, which can be s/o OTD or just a ModerrNa.

    in reply to: “Harry” #2026728

    Donno -“What exactly is a “harry”??”

    It’s the Litvish version of Tuna Bagel, which is Chaddish.

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