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    RE -“He fires every good advisor because he knows better than anyone else.”
    Where did you get that from? Your Lib friends? Your clueless when it comes to Trump. He’s a CEO, Not a politician. CEO’S get rid of incompetent people. That’s why he still has Jay Sekulow!

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    RE -“He really has an inferiority complex with a narcisistic personal disorder.”

    Are you a psychologist & examined Trump?!? Or are you just another Liberal Hack that resorts to Rank outs because you/they have No logical Rebuttal?!?

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    Jackk -“Trump has not delivered.
    The only thing he has been successful in is his “mannerisms” .(Nice euphemism for not having a shred of being a decent human.) Also successful in dividing and disenfranchising over half the country.”

    STOP With the Liberal Lies!

    From the
    Trump Administration Accomplishments:

    “Almost 4 million jobs created since election.
    More Americans are now employed than ever recorded before in our history.
    We have created more than 400,000 manufacturing jobs since my election.
    Manufacturing jobs growing at the fastest rate in more than THREE DECADES.
    Economic growth last quarter hit 4.2 percent.
    New unemployment claims recently hit a 49-year low.
    Median household income has hit highest level ever recorded.
    African-American unemployment has recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.
    Hispanic-American unemployment is at the lowest rate ever recorded.
    Asian-American unemployment recently achieved the lowest rate ever recorded.
    Women’s unemployment recently reached the lowest rate in 65 years.
    Youth unemployment has recently hit the lowest rate in nearly half a century.
    Lowest unemployment rate ever recorded for Americans without a high school diploma.
    Under my Administration, veterans’ unemployment recently reached its lowest rate in nearly 20 years.
    Almost 3.9 million Americans have been lifted off food stamps since the election.
    The Pledge to America’s Workers has resulted in employers committing to train more than 4 million Americans. We are committed to VOCATIONAL education.
    95 percent of U.S. manufacturers are optimistic about the future—the highest ever.
    Retail sales surged last month, up another 6 percent over last year.
    Signed the biggest package of tax cuts and reforms in history. After tax cuts, over $300 billion poured back in to the U.S. in the first quarter alone.
    As a result of our tax bill, small businesses will have the lowest top marginal tax rate in more than 80 years.
    Helped win U.S. bid for the 2028 Summer Olympics in Los Angeles.
    Helped win U.S.-Mexico-Canada’s united bid for 2026 World Cup.
    Opened ANWR and approved Keystone XL and Dakota Access Pipelines.
    Record number of regulations eliminated.
    Enacted regulatory relief for community banks and credit unions.
    Obamacare individual mandate penalty GONE.
    My Administration is providing more affordable healthcare options for Americans through association health plans and short-term duration plans.
    Last month, the FDA approved more affordable generic drugs than ever before in history. And thanks to our efforts, many drug companies are freezing or reversing planned price increases.
    We reformed the Medicare program to stop hospitals from overcharging low-income seniors on their drugs—saving seniors hundreds of millions of dollars this year alone.
    Signed Right-To-Try legislation.
    Secured $6 billion in NEW funding to fight the opioid epidemic.
    We have reduced high-dose opioid prescriptions by 16 percent during my first year in office.
    Signed VA Choice Act and VA Accountability Act, expanded VA telehealth services, walk-in-clinics, and same-day urgent primary and mental health care.
    Increased our coal exports by 60 percent; U.S. oil production recently reached all-time high.
    United States is a net natural gas exporter for the first time since 1957.
    Withdrew the United States from the job-killing Paris Climate Accord.
    Cancelled the illegal, anti-coal, so-called Clean Power Plan.
    Secured record $700 billion in military funding; $716 billion next year.
    NATO allies are spending $69 billion more on defense since 2016.
    Process has begun to make the Space Force the 6th branch of the Armed Forces.
    Confirmed more circuit court judges than any other new administration.
    Confirmed Supreme Court Justice Neil Gorsuch and nominated Judge Brett Kavanaugh.
    Withdrew from the horrible, one-sided Iran Deal.
    Moved U.S. Embassy to Jerusalem.
    Protecting Americans from terrorists with the Travel Ban, upheld by Supreme Court.
    Issued Executive Order to keep open Guantanamo Bay.
    Concluded a historic U.S.-Mexico Trade Deal to replace NAFTA. And negotiations with Canada are underway as we speak.
    Reached a breakthrough agreement with the E.U. to increase U.S. exports.
    Imposed tariffs on foreign steel and aluminum to protect our national security.
    Imposed tariffs on China in response to China’s forced technology transfer, intellectual property theft, and their chronically abusive trade practices.
    Net exports are on track to increase by $59 billion this year.
    Improved vetting and screening for refugees, and switched focus to overseas resettlement.
    We have begun BUILDING THE WALL. Republicans want STRONG BORDERS and NO CRIME. Democrats want OPEN BORDERS which equals MASSIVE CRIME.”

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    jackk – “That they can turn against a Jewish American Purple heart recipient (Vindman) and a celebrated Vietnam war hero (McCain) in favor of a draft dodging lying impeached president makes me wonder if they are patriotic Americans.”

    Let’s be clear about Politics nowadays!
    It all started with the Clintons. Billy Boy was impeached, not because like Trump he obstructed Congress, but by Perjury. This by the way is a Crime! Of course the Dems didn’t remove him from office.
    In our day and age – KY wrote -“Only a mean uncouth guy like trump can get past the radical left. He doesn’t let their words stop him, their words embolden him.”
    JACKK – STOP with the Hypocrisy!

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    GH -“and not that ignorant of basic virology diagnostics and vaccine development, let me make it simple”
    Stop showing off that you know nothing about Viruses!
    With AIDS they don’t have a vaccine because of it’s ability to mutate. The drugs work on enzymes that the virus needs to replicate.
    They could have done the same thing with the Corona viruses years ago, but the Gov. didn’t care!

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    GH – If they put in the effort that the world put in for the gays, when AIDS came out, they would already have a cure! They could have had cure for the common cold years ago. This virus is just a cold for a snake. But why haven’t any authority worked on this? Because it wasn’t PC.

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    Romney doesn’t keep the 7 Mitzvos. There are a lot of Shittos that hold things that are logical, a Goy has to keep. He embarrassed the President. He’s a Kofoy Tov. And the list goes on & on!

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    My point isn’t that people shouldn’t daven even when told it’s useless. My point is that either the family or the news outlets, start asking people to Daven at the last minute! If there is a possibilty that it would beneficial for e/o to Daven, then ask ASAP, Not at the last Minute!

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    Funny; I was just thinking the same thing about the last case.
    How about having articles that prolong life – instead of asking Hashem for a Nais? Eg. – the dangers of Smoking & Vaping!

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    If chiropractors aren’t successful, there are places that do minor surgery on the back. Much better outcomes, than major surgery.

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    Redleg – speaking about the Spanish flu – here’s the ditty:
    “I had a little bird, it’s name was Enza
    I opened up the window and in flew Enza.”

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    After listening to CNN interview with Dershovitz, it proves that this is only Political game. They claimed that you can’t interpret the constitution only the way they do! Dershovitz must be Republican, not a Demoncrat, because he thinks Trump didn’t violate the Constitution!

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    c&k -“I think each community should take kaballos upon themselves-like limiting internet use, tznius for the women, lashon hara, so much more we can find to work on if we want to!”

    I find that Sinas Chinum is very rampant – this causes a lot of LH!

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    drmom – “Mercury which isnt safe in any amount in the blood.”

    Do you mean Thermoseal? And Btw, it was never proven dangerous. The gov. took it out because they were scared of the Health Nuts constant screaming about Mercury.

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    LB -“Please post here when you get your flu shot so we can build CR herd immunity”

    I got mine yesterday.

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    Justme22 -“Psychologists know very little about this and no answer To the issue is perfect.”

    A lot of them know a lot about it, but they avoid it because of the PC.

    “There was an organization helping people convert in the community and they were force to close down with no frum organizations coming out in their support .”

    The Frum org. that closed down was because they care about Lawsuits, not the correct Torah way!

    “Many states are making such treatments illegal and we don’t hear the agudah or anyone saying much about it.”
    They only made it Illegal for minors. But just now, the Gay president of the NYC Council is passing a revision on the Reparation Therapy Law that they passed 2 years ago. The reason for this is because of Lawsuits in Federal Court.

    “Some psychologists believe you can’t cure it but you can get married first and work with ur spouse in therapy on making it work and that is frightening for many singles to go into the unknown.”

    Baloney! You need therapy first. There are many therapists that still practice Reparation Therapy, but they maybe hard to find because the Gay people have made tremendous inroads in American Society.

    Go to Dr. Nicolosi’s website – From there:
    “In 1992, Dr. Nicolosi and two psychiatrists organized a professional association called the National Association for Research and Therapy of Homosexuality (NARTH). Today, NARTH has over 1000 members around the world.”

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    My father would go over to a smoker and tell him it wasn’t a good idea! Sometimes there were others around. He wasn’t doing it to embarrass the the guy, but sometimes they took it that way.

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    I use Chemed. But years ago, I used the Bresslers. There are quite a few decent ones, not like medical docs.

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    Haimy -“Why the need to “Fire” him & demean him?”
    What you don’t understand & all the other Trump haters on this site, it wasn’t Trump against Bolton. He got a consensus from his cabinet, and it was the right time to let him go!

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    Ubiq -“certainly can’t be used to PROVE that armed uprisings work”

    I’m not advocating that people should follow this example. But in this case it worked – From Above:
    “Twice last year, Las Vegas juries acquitted or deadlocked on felony charges against Bundy supporters. Then Ammon and Ryan Bundy each beat federal felony charges in a case stemming from a 41-day standoff in 2016 at an Oregon wildlife preserve.”

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    Ubiq -“His gun didnt help hi win at all, Te courts did”

    If they didn’t have the stand off, no court would have sided with them. Believe it or not,
    Courts are influenced by Public Opinion!

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    Ubiq -“Sooooo they didnt win with guns. got it.
    Their guns didnt help them, they were arrested taken to jail (“….stared down government agents in an armed standoff outside their Nevada ranch. The Bundys dared the federal government to arrest them. The government did,
    The court helped them”

    The guns helped them. They only went to jail prior to court date(s).
    Not one court found them guilty.
    GOT IT?!?

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    Ubiq -“how did he win?”

    From the LA Times:
    “Reporting from Las Vegas — It started four years ago, when Cliven Bundy and his sons refused to pay federal grazing fees and stared down government agents in an armed standoff outside their Nevada ranch.
    The Bundys dared the federal government to arrest them. The government did, charging them with a range of felonies.
    On Monday, a federal judge in Las Vegas set them free.
    The decision left federal prosecutors swallowing another defeat at the hands of a family whose defiance has become a rallying cry for Westerners who believe the federal government has no business managing public land. Four times now — in high-profile cases in Nevada and Oregon — the Bundy family and its allies have beaten the federal government in court.
    At least 100 Bundy backers filled the courtroom Monday. Some wore shirts with American flag motifs. Others carried pocket Constitutions in their button-down shirts. More than a few wore cowboy boots.
    Their heroes sat looking up at U.S. District Judge Gloria Navarro. Cliven Bundy, 71, wore a jailhouse jumpsuit. His son Ryan, 44, who led a large group of supporters in prayer before entering the courtroom, removed his cowboy hat. Another son, Ammon, 42, and a militia member, Ryan Payne, barely moved.
    It was their moment.
    Mistrial declared in Nevada rancher’s standoff with federal government
    Mistrial declared in Nevada rancher’s standoff with federal government (John Locher / Associated Press)
    Mistrial declared in Nevada rancher’s standoff with federal government
    Mistrial declared in Nevada rancher’s standoff with federal government (John Locher / Associated Press)
    Navarro rebuked federal prosecutors — using the words “flagrant” and “reckless” to describe how they withheld evidence from the defense — before saying “that the universal sense of justice has been violated” and dismissing the charges.
    Supporters dabbed their eyes with tissues. Outside in the hall, there were cheers.
    The four defendants were charged with threatening a federal officer, carrying and using a firearm, and engaging in conspiracy. The case had once looked like a slam-dunk to some.
    The images that had made the Bundys heroes to some — armed supporters facing down federal agents as contractors with the U.S. Bureau of Land Management tried to seize cattle — seemed to be compelling evidence.
    Monday’s dismissal was hinted at last month when Navarro ordered a mistrial. But she offered prosecutors a chance to make their case for why she should grant another trial.
    Assistant U.S. Atty. Steven Myhre wrote in his brief that the government had shared 1.5 terabytes of information with defendants and noted that it was “by far the largest review and disclosure operation in this [U.S. attorney’s office] history.”
    Myrhe also argued the government needed to protect some witnesses from leaks that might lead to threats, so it “culled the database with witness protection in mind.”
    “Unprecedented database volume and witness concerns aside, the government never let these obstacles stand in the way of diligently working to fulfill its discovery obligations,” he wrote.
    Navarro didn’t buy it and shredded the government for a “reckless disregard for Constitutional obligations.” She said she was troubled by the prosecution’s tardiness in delivering information about the government’s placing of surveillance cameras and snipers outside the ranch.
    “I’m not used to being free, put it that way,” he said. “I’ve been a political prisoner for right at 700 days today. I come into this courtroom an innocent man and I’m going to leave as an innocent man.”
    He also seemed ready to resume his role as a leader on the issue of local control of federal land. It’s a decades-long fight for Bundy, who first tussled with the Bureau of Land Management in the 1990s by refusing to pay grazing fees for his cattle using federal land.
    “Federal prosecutors clearly bungled this case and let the Bundys get away with breaking the law,” Kieran Suckling, executive director of the Center for Biological Diversity, said in a statement. “The Bundys rallied a militia to mount an armed insurrection against the government. The failure of this case will only embolden this violent and racist anti-government movement that wants to take over our public lands.”
    Twice last year, Las Vegas juries acquitted or deadlocked on felony charges against Bundy supporters. Then Ammon and Ryan Bundy each beat federal felony charges in a case stemming from a 41-day standoff in 2016 at an Oregon wildlife preserve.”

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    Ubiq -“1) how does this work.? I view the government as tyranical, I pay way to much taxes, when the IRS shows up to confiscate my property do you support my right to defend my property from what I view as a tyranical government”

    You gotta start reading the news, besides YWN.
    Ever hear of Cliven Bundy? He basically won against the US government!

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    Ubiq -“People love saying how we are “the best country in the world” (number one in mass shootings! whohoo USA USA USA!)”

    All I know that people are running here from South America, Illegally.
    WHY? They should sent them right back! It’s for their Good!

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    Jackk -“I am referring to the countries that actually had mass shootings and enacted laws to prevent them. Australia, New Zealand,Finland.”
    What about Norway? They had the most stringent gun laws and they also had the worst Mass Shooting in the World!

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    RebEli -“bur assault weapons with magazines that are acquired only for domestic terror”

    Any terrorist can acquire them on the Black Market, if they outlaw them.
    I know s/o who has an AK for defense.
    So that’s the prob with Liberal Policies – they only want Terrorists to have them, Not Law-abiding citizens!

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    mw13 -“went into the water just waist high with his brother-in-law and suddenly a wave struck them and he was pulled into the deep water.”

    Let me explain Ocean currents:
    Even in a few inches. The waves go to the shore, but it doesn’t stop there. It goes back to the sea.
    It’s a semi-circle. So if the wave is strong, on the way back it could knock you off your feet!

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    Sam Klein -“Anyone ready yet to wake up and face reality, admitting directly and openly to Hashem from our hearts that we accept his message and wake up call for teshuva?”
    I’ll tell one thing that a lot of people need to work on:
    Safety – Not just around water, but all year round.
    Wear seatbelts, don’t speed.
    I could go on and on, but a lot of guys don’t think it’s part of Yiddishkeit!

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    Ubiq -“when was Malik Obama presdient? was your supreme court case during his administration.”

    Who’s talking about Malik?
    I was talking about Barack HUSSAIN Obama!

    “Just becasue a solution solves one problem and not another doesnt make it a bad solution
    This is a variant of the mistake you made in the op where you indinicated that if it doesn’t stop something completely it isnt worth doing at all.”

    The last line makes sense. The prob I have is all the Libs (Media & politicians), only talk about Mass Murders. What about all the killings that go on in the US?
    I think simply that their theories on deterring CRIME Doesn’t work & it hasn’t worked in at least 30 years!

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    Ubiq -“– a murder problem
    – lack of guaranteed healthcare problem
    – mass shooting problem
    – drug problem”

    Why is having an imbecile as Pres. a prob.?
    You didn’t complain about Obama (Imbecile from Kenya).

    A murder prob – can be solved with stricter punishments. (Eg. All murderers – DEATH Penality.)

    Healthcare was #1 in the World, until Clinton & Obama came along!

    Drug prob – If the US had a strong border – alot of the Illegal drugs would go away!

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    Ubiq -“what percentage of mass shootings were done by people who were “Law-abiding” until they started shooting .”

    Your point would be applicable – if the US Murder Problem was mainly Mass shootings.
    But it isn’t!
    If you listen to the Media & the Lib politicans, you’d think that the US doesn’t have a Murder Prob; only with Mass Shootings.

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    interjection -“They already are.”

    TY for conforming my point.
    Gun control doesn’t stop Murders. Except in the Liberal Mind!

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    Ubiq -“Of course not, but no reason to make it weasier for them”

    The only thing that Gun Control does – is making it harder for Law-abiding guys to get guns!
    Guns for criminals will be sold on the street like abused Drugs.

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    TLIK -“That is why it is common practice to use a beis din (either a sitting BD, Zabl”a, or the get BD I described”
    Your SN is correct! You don’t know alot.
    I gave my wife a Get after the civil divorce.

    “A Get requires neither a rabbi nor a Beis Din. All a Get requires is a Sofer and two eidim.”
    Joe is right. And that’s what I did.

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    Ubiq – “I ask you again, should unrestricted heroin be legal?
    for that matter should drunk driving? murder?”

    You can’t get it. Legality doesn’t make any difference.
    So what will? Did you ever hear of Saudi Arabia?!?

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    Yidd23 -“Ubiquitin, it’s not comparable because there is no acceptable use for heroin,”

    That’s Not True! Stop believing the US Gov.!

    From Wikipedia:
    “Under the generic name diamorphine, heroin is prescribed as a strong pain medication in the United Kingdom, where it is administered via subcutaneous, intramuscular, intrathecal or intravenous routes. It may be prescribed for the treatment of acute pain, such as in severe physical trauma, myocardial infarction, post-surgical pain and chronic pain, including end-stage terminal illnesses.”

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    Ubiq -“So are you arguing that because people abuse heroin anyway, we should make it regularly available no questions asked?”

    What people, mainly Libs, fail to understand, that making something illegal doesn’t Stop it’s usage.
    So what is the Solution? I have a solution that would stop Mass Shootings & all types of Murders!
    But you can go first – What’s yours’?

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    I think Joe started this topic because nowadays the Frum media tends to portray alot of it’s Headlines – “Kiddush Hashem”. And when you read the article – it’s Not a “Kiddush Hashem”!

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    TLIK – “‘For that reason, I am rather untrusting of the average non-psychiatrist physician regarding prescribing many of the medications intended to treat a mental health condition.”

    You’re correct!

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    bk613 -“Syag, this discussion is not about the type of kids you mentioned. It’s about kids in mainstream yeshivas who are having medication thrown at them because they are not the top of their class and the school has no clue how to handle or properly educate them.”

    I Don’t believe your comment! Name one Yeshiva who throws Meds at a kid – that hasn’t been diagnosed by a professional.

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    TLIK – You are missing her point! Misty & the OP are living in Utopia. They believe that there is No need to medicate anyone with ADHD. Time for them to get out of the Middle Ages.

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    Yidd23 -“even if it has the same effect.”

    The point is – if you self medicate, almost always it won’t work!

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    YR -“In the yeshiva system, we currently medicate one out fo every 3-5 boys. Considering its dagers, isn’t it time we reconsider?”

    You are severely misinformed!
    From a website called ADDmedication:
    From their MD:
    “Stimulant treatment of ADHD appears to result in reduced alcohol and drug problems, not increased substance abuse.
    Some ADHD youth and adults self medicate with substances to treat their ADHD and self esteem problems. Treating ADHD with medication may reduce this phenomenon.”

    in reply to: Suicide #1756640


    I read that Ann Landers (a Jew) wrote: Suicide is a permanent solution for a temporary problem!

    in reply to: Is Israel part of galus? #1743507


    manitou -“meanwhile it is a thriving success in every metric”

    Yes, especially the Gays! Did you hear that they had 250K at their parade in Tel Aviv?!?

    in reply to: Worst US Presidents #1730198


    Ubiq -“Lol! The deal was abandoned by the current President, any war that may result is because the deal was abandoned”

    You so believe the Liberal propaganda – you won’t understand the points!
    The main thing is – not to let Iran do whatever it feels like. They are heading to World Conquest.
    Of course having Nukes will help them. The US has to Stop them. There once was a Western World, but
    their Liberal Mentality has destroyed or about to destroy them!
    I’m sure the Great Trump knows this. He’ll first try Stopping iran with Sanctions.
    If this doesn’t work, he’ll destroy them, before they get Nukes!

    in reply to: Worst US Presidents #1730114


    Laskern – Your statement is delusional! Do you remember the PM of Israel getting up and telling the world that they have proof that Iran is well on the way to acquirinig Nuclear weapons?

    in reply to: Worst US Presidents #1729797


    Joe -“I’d put Carter as much worse than Obama.”

    Carter only became Pro-muslim after he left office.

    The reason Obama is the worse, is not because of Jews, but because of the Iran deal!
    This deal will very soon lead the World into WWIII. And it will be a nuclear war.
    Now I’m waiting for all the deniers.

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    There will be No 2020 election. Trump will cancel it; due to war with Iran!

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