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    America is a free country, let’s make sure we don’t lose it! Let’s not abuse it by wanting to have the cake and eat it – being recognized by the city and separate seating. each on it’s own is perfectly fine, just not together.

    Regardless, there’s a need for competition.

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    To be honest, there’s need for competition. I am a customer of theirs and don’t want to be a kafu tova, but my experience with a few of the drivers there were less than decent. Aggressive, abrupt, slamming doors in your face, screaming, ignoring inquiries – just to name a few. Not to “throw a stone after the fallen” I’m just suggesting honest competition…

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    19TH Ave, 54th St- 4 room apt, lots of windows. Great Block. Perfect for Chosson/Kallah. $1,300 per month. Call: 347-662-5054 lv msg

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    Why don’t you check the Weekend Hamodia Classifieds they should have what you’re looking for.

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    Attention seekers! Negative Attention Seekers to be precise. Nothing more and nothing less. Don’t give them the TLC they so strongly crave. And if it’s really bothering you, just tell them “you’re right”! These 2 words take all the air out of their sails! Don’t loose sleep over this, They’re not receiving preferential treatment by the Arabs, most of look less Jewish than them which makes them first target…! Guys, take it easy!

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    What is your opinion guys…? Who will win this fight?

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    V’zeh Hamitzva, al kal adam v’adam le’hov es kol yisrael. K’she’yisrael B’yachad az v’kabtzeinu yachad, am yisrael nig’alin k’shehain agudin…

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    I have one That’s called “Meshumar”, They have great phones under page plus/verizon service. I think they import it from Israel. You can even get a touch screen phone with popular jewish tunes for ring tones!


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    This question reminds me of a story that happened a while ago, by a Rebbe from a different community. A bochur came in with a question that he has a choice between two yeshivos which one he should choose. The Rebbe didn’t answer. A short while later he decided he’ll ask again, still no answer. He figured maybe the Gabbai (A holy man in his own right) would be able to help him. He asked him, tell me the truth when you entered the rebbe’s room, had you made up you’re mind already? The bochur said, Yes. I actually prefered one yeshiva over the other. The Gabbai said, That’s the reason you didn’t recieve an answer. If you want the Rebbe to guide you, you have to totally detach yourself from your what you want! The end of the story is that he asked again, and the Rebbe told him exactly what to do!

    Now pertaining to your story with the Skulener Rebbe, I personally don’t think that not shaving would be considered going against what the Rebbe said, Since it was a voluntary “Kabbalah”. But keep in mind that next time before you ask, you should be ready to Mekabel whatever the Rebbe sais, even if it means, going bald…!

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    If i were to be in your position, I would be in touch with my Rav and follow his psak halacha.

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    I want to thank all of you personally for the encouragement! It really helped me! Thanks to all of you!

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    Cute one, never thought of it!

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    Since I’m not familiar with the halachic aspect, I will not comment on that. But I want to point out that several Gedolim came out very strictly against ELAL in the past for considering to fly on Shabbos. Which makes me say that I would never fly ELAL if they desecrate Shabbos!

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    In my opinion it does not pay to buy a house in NYC in general and BP in particular. We just don’t have the same oppurtunity that our parents had. Twenty five years ago almost everyone was able to buy a house and a bungallow, and nowadays a young couple doesn’t even dream of it!

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    Expanding on the above: Their is no excuse for doing something inappropriate even on purim. Although we do find a discussion in halacha about monetary damage, if it has to be paid for. That in my opinion does not apply to “prikas ol”, acting in a “low” manner! What has happened to us? Are we like the mexicans? It’s a disgrace! I was also a teenager not to long ago, I know the blood boils and the hormones rage…. still no excuse! Can’t control yourself….? Check yourself into rehab…..!

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    I’m not even sure that this whole discussion is appropriate! But I want to add that in halacha we find “taanis bahab”. Which means that after Pesach and Sukkos the holy sages saw fit to to suggest a fast day to atone for sinfull acts that might have occured during Yom Tov! maybe Purim should qualify for the above!

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    You’ve got a lot of good tips here! I just wanted to add, that it all depends what the talk is about. If it makes you uncomfortable than you’re totally entitled to stop speaking with them! It doesn’t have to be done in a rude way, but it could be something like “yes”, “no”, thanks”, “bye”! Be prepared for “are you upset at us?” or “why are you in a bad mood?” Just give them a bizarre look, and that’ll be the end of it! Nothing to be scared of!

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    I commend you for taking the right step to raise the concern. The only problem is that if we’re holding in an advanced situation it might be a little late. Your child is turning to these distractions because of an underlying problem that has to be investigated. My advice, Sit down with your child, give her your full attention and show interest about what’s going on in her life – without criticism. Take her out to eat, only the two of you and show her unconditional love. I guarantee you in a short time you’ll see a big change for the better! Forget about punishments for now! Hatzlacha Rabbah!

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