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    Anyway, Gateshead has a whole va’ad to decide who can live there. They might not welcome someone who is so megusham that he wants Shabbos shoes (and whose mother is a chashash apikoires.)!!!!

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    Sorry golders Greener, but why should he move to gateshead, according to you he can move to Golders Green for the same price. (unless he doesn’t want to have to walk around in socks every time he forgets his sneakers.)

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    I think that their a real sheid in some of their schools who take away children’s shoes.

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    Happy birthday from me too.

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    Do martians wear clothes and shoes? With shoelaces?

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    Sorry, ybrooklyn teacher, no offence meant. (But while you are at it, check Goldersgreener’s posts here and in “a thought experiment” and you may understand my name.)

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    GoldersGreener, I hate the punishment, but can’t you let a child enjoy life?

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    Holy Moe, sorry, but i think your point is actually a machloikes, the Eida Hachareidis in E”Y and R’ landau are makpid, but R’ Avraham Rubin of Rechovot and R’ Shammai Gross of belz are meikil, and R’ Rubin has a long teshuva about it.

    In E”Y more and more milk companies are moving over to Rabbi Rubin or Belz. (i. e. Strauss)

    The Eida also stopped the shechita in Uruguay becuase of this problem.

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    live and let live was said about women learning daf hayoimi!

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    BTW why is this post decaffinated coffee? it bothers me a lot, in fact i only regiseterd because of it, and it should be caffeinated!

    Is there no title on cruelty to kids?

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    let’s say that one side has gone out before and the other side is just getting their feet wet. is thta fair to get a boys os girls hope up, and then just use them like a disposable paper plate?

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    there are specific things it says in Halocho one maynot do ??? ????? ?? ???? ????? ??? that others shouldn’t say that his children are not his (i.e.)

    i think thta sending your children to a school that makes them hop around the yard or climb ropes without their shoes is one of them.

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    I think that Shabbos shoes were a relatively recent invention.

    I feel sometimes that the people who buy their kids Shabbos shoes are doing it for the wrong reasons, and so are those who don’t.

    BTW SAM2, where does your minhag come from? i’ve been doing a boy’s pirchim group for years, and loads of kids still don’t have them.

    i really registered to complain about the teachers with the shoes, but I think that on this post too i’m one of the only normal people.

    P.S. WIY is also ganz normal

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    I really think that i am the ONLY NORMAL PERSON AROUND.

    i have to share with you a memory. a couple of years ago, after bringing one of my children late to school, i was leaving the building, and i saw a child standing by the door to the yard, with a black bag in hand, in a thin pair of socks, with tears pouring down his cheeks, after the principal had confiscated his shoes and told him to pick up all the garbage in the yard. he was standing there just rubbing one foot against the other,unable to bring himself to go outside without shoes. come on, be normal, the nazis did things like this.

    if there is anyone here who was thinking of doing such a thing, just think of this poor kid, crying pathetically.

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