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    ybt, your problem is a real problem, even a sephardi has a problem understanding about lekach….

    Just interested why do his shabbos shoes pound, and his school shoes make a clickety clack? Surely it should be the opposite?

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    i’m really pleased that someone is actually putting their foot down to soemthing around here.

    Keep going, there is a lot more improvement needed.

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    Just interested, the chazoin Ish also halp that it is forbiiden to wear any sort of footwear on yom kippur, and that one must wear only socks. would thta explain why all shoes and slippers stores were closed on his hilula?

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    147, i do not think 17 years make that much difference when you are 82 years old.

    BTW, the wife of R’ tuvia weiss is also twenty years younger than him, as is the almana of the last vizhnitzer rebbe, as is the wife of r’ dovid solovaitchik.

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    Really pleased that this discussion came up, does anyone if a wife must polish her husband’s shoes?

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    Just interested, but how do you pronunce shoe? The English say the “shu” – as in pull, while americans say shoe as in boot. Who is really correct? Or is there a third pronounciation special for “oE”

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    No oofence mrs, katz, but if your children do not care to go outdoors without socks, then why don’t you want to move to gateshead and send them to school without their sneakers? Or just send them without their shoes in the first place?

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    Aurora, there was a very traumatising event in my childhood hwich i describe in the confiscating shoes thread, so it is very ironic that i ended up un in a shoe shop.

    I suggest you work in a shoe shop for two weeks, especially for frum teenagers, i assure you that will always notice what shoes everyone is wearing.

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    Next time you guys end a business meeting, [you ar advised to sign a contract first, or you might lose the customer], bend down, udo the fellow’s shoelaces, loosen the shoe, pull it oof, slide your hand around his foot, put it on a ruler, then fit him with four different pairs of shoes, taking off and putting on each on, feeling round the shoe and sock when he both stands and sits, …

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    What about a jewish cookbook. Traditional foods have gone a long way in bringing people back.

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    Thanks guys.

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    Aurora, i’d really love to run a survey on that maths questions in the other thread.

    I’m out to prove that children function better when they are not wearing their shoes!!!!!

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    soory oomis – i always thpought your name oonmis, a play on the french une ms. one lady!

    in reply to: My Mother in Law's complaints #901413

    Hey i missed out some of the best parts.

    1) the mil told her daughter in law that the children should wear their knew shabbos shoes all day, that they should be more comfortable by the chasuna, but they shouldn’t go to the park, or anywhere not to truin them.

    2) since the kids came in sneakers, which normally end higher and fit the foot tighter than regular shoes, i always wait a few minutes to give the feet a chance to relax and resume their natural shape before fitting them. so they really ran all over in their socks. hope they are not realated to your mil.

    in reply to: shomer nigia #901644

    Recaived a p’sak ages ago that i may fit shoes on a boy over bar mitzvah, or even remove the sheos he is wearing and measure his feet since ???? ??????? ????.

    Maybe that helps also in a business that requires shaking hands?

    [please do not rely on my p’sak – ask your own rav before you measure anyone’s feet!]

    in reply to: My Mother in Law's complaints #901412

    And i asked her if the kids school has ever told her kids to remove their shoes. By this stage she was really amazed, however she explained that Israeli schools have concrete floors in the classrooms, and you wouldn’t want your kids using their bathrooms unshod.

    So, mrs. katz, i have some real good ideas if you want your kids to keep their shoes on….

    in reply to: My Mother in Law's complaints #901411

    Hey guys, i had a real live koillel girl form israel in my store today whose mil told her to buy five boys shabbos shoes beforer her sister in law’s wedding tomorrow, and she even sent in the shoe that she had bought for all her other grandchildren. how does that go for divine providence?

    anyway, when her kids were busy running around the shop in their black socks, having left their black sneakers all over the place (BTW, they didn’t look all that cheap) i asked if she resents her ma-in-law telling her to buy sheos. she was amazed at the question and didn’t understand what to resent. (And her mil has offered them financial incentives to return to the gold ole US)

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    Could i have “boki but not a lamdan”


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    really pleased to see that you guys have recovered.

    Venahapoich hu, amen to all your brochos, on this post and everywhere else. Mat Hashem answer all your tefillois.

    in reply to: what's the big issue #900391

    ZD, i always thought that EVERYONE ALWAYS listens to rabbis, whatever they say/

    if your rov told you not to wear sneakers on shabbos would you not listen?

    in reply to: what's the big issue #900390

    If it is largely a matter of expressing opinions, then it would be really good for israle to have a chief rabbi who beleives in israel not giving up land, or fighting it’s enemies or whatever. most rabbis in israel are satmar aligned, so it would be really good to have a “mizrachi2 rabbi.

    in reply to: Confiscating Shoes #994353

    I have been doing an informal survey on my customers to see whether their children have ever had to remove their shoes in school.

    a) every child has been asked to remove their shoes as part of “regular” activities, i.e. soft play, ball ponds, doctors or nurses doing checkups, various sport activities done without footwear.

    b) Most schools do not allow children to come in crocs, and some do not allow sneakers too. Many schools ignore it if the children come in once or twice, but eventually warn the children the first time, and then either send them home, or confiscate the footwear.

    Some also insist on sneakers for sport activites, and at least one boy said that if they forget their sneakers at home two weeks running they have to forfeit their shoes for AN ENTIRE DAY.

    And now some interesting ones.

    C) a maths teacher who told all the childrfen to remove their shoes and then showed them how to measure all the feet, and taught the chidlren how to make graphs.

    d) a rebbi who if he sends a boy out of class first confiscates his shoes, he says he doesn’t want the boys playing soccer in the yard when he sent them out of class!!!!

    e) one school take off both the shoes and socks and CLIMB ROPES BAREFOOT!!!

    f) a rebbi who runs a quiz, where if you don’t know a question you take off your shoe. if you lose both shoes you’re out.

    g) a sports teacher who tells the boys to do head stands and tumble overs in stocking feet.

    There were quite a few more, each stranger than the next, including art – draw round your barefoot, or draw your shoe! science activities, plays… you name it.

    in reply to: OUR GREAT PLEASURE #899900

    Thamks everyone

    in reply to: Confiscating Shoes #994351

    Venahpoich, did ypur rebbis teachers and parents not care? Mine ttooki it really seriously.

    in reply to: Confiscating Shoes #994350

    Venahapoich Hu, it didn’t disturb me that much at the time, althoguh i obviously would have preferred for it not to have happened. She did it occasionally to other children, and i don’t think anyone considered it humiliating in any way.

    in reply to: R' Belsky and R' Yosef #899687

    Shortly after Rabbi yosef was diagnosed, a cure was discovered, a most remarkable neis for disease that was until recently virtually untreatable, and a sure sign that Hashem is listening to our tefillos.

    His father made a mi shebeirach for him by pesichat ha’Aron on simchat tora, so he obviously feels it is still included in mat’riyin afillu be’shabbat.

    in reply to: My Mother in Law's complaints #901382

    Oomnis 1105, there are numerous benefits to the feet walking around in stocking feet too. It enables the feet to breathe and sweat easier, retain their natural shape – specially important for growing feet, puts more weight on the toes than shoes do and less on the arch – all in all it is quite a good idea.

    Virtually all the marital arts insist on not wearing shoes.

    in reply to: Confiscating Shoes #994347

    I actually have an admission to make, I suffered a very traumatic event in my childhood.

    I only bought My first pair of lace ups in the middle of fourth grade, and of course I went to school without knowing how to tie a lace. Our teacher then was an older ennglish lady told me a few times to tie my sheolaces, and eventually made me take off my shoes. To add to my trauma, she actaully chose a day on which we had sports/ (which we did in the school lunch room).

    Of course i wore my old shoes to school for the next few days, until my mother realised, and then i had to start asking my friends to tie my laces during recess. In all honesty i don’t think it really bothered me that much.

    Someone told me in the store recently that their son always removes his shoes in school and the rebbi eventually confiscated them, but I think that it is a bit different if the child takes them off himself.

    in reply to: Shabbos Shoes #1134501

    The more sensible question is what is the source for the colors. why do most people go for black?

    What abouit sock color? Does it depend on your grandfather’s hair? black, gray or white?

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    Anyway, isn’t it geneiva?

    in reply to: C'mon. Bein Hazmanim is Just About Over #899561

    Just one question, why all the fathers bring their children shopping at the end of the afternoon on the last day of bein hazemanim?

    in reply to: Perfect mate #899828

    I’m looking for someone with shoe fever. Perhaps YWN can give me some of their email addresses? [they should first make that their mothers will allow me to buy our children shabbos shoes.]

    in reply to: One More Shoe Question #911421

    I’m not a very big lamdan, but I am a big boki in shoe issues – check out all my other posts to see.

    If all these people seem to think that shoes are not clothes, then i suppose Odom Harishoin wore shoes.

    Zeeskite, it probably was not embarrasing if he was supposed to be disrobed.

    Anyway, at leaone good thing came from his transgassion (maybe) it helped me find a job.

    in reply to: Shabbos Shoes #1134500

    shabos shoes are like shtreimels, you don’t need a source, it’s just soemthing that everyone you know does.

    in reply to: My Mother in Law's complaints #901377

    By the way, tell your mother in law, that all the studies agree that it is much healthier to wlk around – even outdoors – without shoes.

    Whiteberry, i never advise putting shoes on children in a way that they cannot take them off, it is not a good idea.

    in reply to: Confiscating Shoes #994342

    You guys really have shoe fever.

    Confiscating shoes is not a fair punishment for a very simple reason, some kids will probably be traumatised – like twisted, while others would love it. [Parents are always telling me that their children’s teachers complain that they kick their shoes under their desks and what should they do.

    in reply to: My Mother in Law's complaints #901376

    Hello, you guys seem to have shoe fever. It normally happens before the new school year or before yomim toivim, but i guess better late than never. I am still trying to work on a vaccine.

    Your case is interesting, because I’ve had loads of koillel yungerleit coming in the day before their siblings weddings and saying that their mothers insist that they buy their children Shabbos shoes, and yes i’ve even had the ones who live in Israel with all their boys in sneakers and sandals.

    Regarding your children taking their shoes off at home, I always tell parents that if they want their chidlren to actually wear their shoes, they should buy them the most comfortable pair, and keep away from shoes that are too stiff or heavy – and definitley do not buy shoes that your children are ashamed of.

    Regarding taking off shoes indoors as a minhag aveilus, it’s interesting, some people seem entirely unbothered, – they’ll even let their children run to buy a coke in the shop next door in their socks, while others seem to take it really seriously, and will make their children put their shoes even to take a couple of steps in the store. One mother told me recently that her children will not say kaddish or walk around in socks as long as she is alive. [the store owner once asked a rov, and he said that in the store it is 100% OK, it’s like a place where everyone walks without shoes, such the security in the airport etc…]

    It might just disturb your mother in law if your children have loads of holes in their socks with dirty toe nails poking through – it defintley disturbs me.

    Regarding shabbos shoes, it’s definitely the norm, and i don’t know if it is a good idea not to buy older children shabbos shoes if all their friends have.

    Anyway, it’s lovely to see that all you guys have shoe fever, and viva la shoes!!!!

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