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    Zushy, thenks for the clarification.

    Jewish feminist, wrong mosholim can be very misleading, and are often a way of making a really off the mark point.

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    Dr Uri Bakay


    Don’t you know what frum stands for?

    F: food stamps

    R: rent subsidies

    U: unemployment

    M: Medicaid

    Posted 7 hours ago

    Dr. your comparison is unreasonable and unfair.

    The various governtment programs are virtually unlimited, which tzedoko money isn’t, additionally much tzedoko has been given by people who are themselves tight. It’s unfair that when a person who doesn’t buy himself or his family luxuries gives money to tzedoko it goes towards someone else’s luxuries.

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    147, I could have written those same words myself.

    Netanyahu has proven himself very shrewd in the past, and is one of the few Israeli politicians who has kept going this long.

    I suspeact that he feels that if lapids gets away with it then good for him, if not netanyahu feels that he has not burnt his own bridges with teh frum parties.

    he is interested in distancing himself from any failures of lapid too, in order to win future elections.

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    I think I explained clearly that the boys already have a GOOD pair of schoolshoes not payless or anything else. Anyone who works in shoes realises the importance of a good pair of shoes.

    I also explained clearly that vouchers were not originally given for shabboss shoes, the impression given was that the family cannot afford shoes, period.

    No one debates the halachos of tzedaka, ?? ?????? ??? ???? ?? nor does anyone debate today’s standard of living, the only point being, that as limited funds are available for tzedoko, perhaps the first priority should be essentials.

    If anyone here “gets it” it is goldersgreener’s first post.

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    A mother came to the store and usd credit vouchers that the store gives to a local tzedoko organization to DISTRIBUTE not sell.

    Syog, i’m really happy that you serve as a gabbaui tzeddoko, the merits are tremendous, and i really accept that every gabbai tzedooko has the discrepancy to choose the best way to allocate funds.

    However, i still feel that the idea of the vouchers was for parents who cannot afford shoes, not for extras.

    To my mind shabbos shoes are a luxury, no one heard of them until twenty years ago, and they are still not standard in england or eretz yisroel. there have been threads here about ti before, one was called shabbos shoes, and one was called my mother in law’s complaints. hatzlocho in finding them.

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    Gefen +1.

    I think R’ chayim shmulevitz beleived that there was no necesuty for histadlus AT ALL in shidduchim, explaining that it is the last area in which yad Hashem is still clear.

    I think that he also explained the famous gemoro of ???? ???? ??? ?????, ???? ???? ????? that since those two were concerning a shidduch, it was simply impossible to mess up.

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    R’ berkovitz is an actve rov in e”y, and is absolutlely unconnected to politics.

    His number is + 972 2 581 3847.

    Do not know his times, but i am sure that they can tell you them on the phone.


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    Gavra at work, the gedoilim, will give exact instructions as necassary, and until they invite you to join them on the moi’etzes, I assume that they can manage.

    Gedoilim who have reffered to this as gezeiras shmad also include r’ yisroel of vizhnitz, the rebbe of Sanz in e”y, and R’ Dovid of brisk.

    BEWARE, starting with gedoilim can be very dangerous.

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    A chasidishe bochur went to a store to buy a TV, he chsoehwich model he wanted and asked the salesamn to sell it to him.

    The salesman said I cannot sell a TV to a hassidic boy like you.

    The boy reutrned home, ane changed his clothingm returned and asked the salesman again for the TV.

    The salesman said I cannot sell a TV to a hassidic boy like you.

    The bochur returned home another time, and trimmed his beard, put his peyot behind his ears, and retuned to the store.

    I’m sorry, The salesman said I cannot sell a TV to a hassidic boy like you.

    The boy returned agian, this time dresssed like a nonreligious perosn and tried again.

    The salesman said I cannot sell a TV to ahassidic boy like you.

    But what makes you think i am hassidic? asked the boy

    Only a hassidic boy chooses a microwave and asks for a TV.

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    What about the clueless shadchan who just met you 5 minutes ago and is convinced that they know the “perfect” girl for you? I had way too many of those. It never ceases to annoy me. Do you really think you know someone from seeing them for 5 minutes?!


    Guys, you would be amazed what random peole can reveal to me during a simple shoe fitting. I assure that if a shadchan would work in my shop she would know what every bochur and girl wants after less than five minutes. I’ve heard similar sentiments from hairdressers… etc..

    Remember good shadchaniyot normally are good judges of character, know a lot of background information about families, shuls, etc.., and yes, many can help you after just a few minutes.

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    No offense anyone – especially not the little i know, but rashi clearly transalates ?????? as ?????? ????. There may be different shitot, but rasji definitely remains the simple explanation.

    in reply to: Who Wants to Marry a Tzadeikes Like Esther? #1141364

    Is she related to the brisker Rabbi myerson? Then there would be beauty and yichus too!!!

    in reply to: Israeli Army Is Not Short on ManpoweróWhy Draft the Bnei Torah? #931439

    Even if everyone serves the full three years, the free labor could be used for numerous other things, including paving roads, hospital services …

    Ehud Barak made this argument years ago.

    If much of the government expenses are covered by chariedi workers it can save the government a fortune in terms of transport, health, and education.

    As GG, i am not coming to justify lapid, or even to ignore that much of their rhetoric is simply anti chareidi, i am just answering the op’s question.

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    Goldersgreener ran a few more steps when suddenly, the boys realised, to their dismay, that they were only a few steps from the bottom.

    It took them only a short while to realise that if they were wearing shoes then popa’s magic would cause that for however long they run they would get nowhere. Reluctanlty they took their shoes off again and restarted running the 24 floors of cold steep stone stairs in their socks.

    (to be continued)

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    Both generalizations and statistics have one very limited problem, in that even if they can tell you information about the here and now, they say nothing about the future, for there are simply too many variables.

    For instance, using a moshol on this very thread, you may prove which yeshiva is likely to have a boy of higher intelligence, now, but you will never prove where next year’s boys are likely to be. Yet statitistictions do this the whole time, and then turn round and tell us that next year, or by the year 2050 x will happen…

    Let’s give a simple example. Every shoe store will sell more weekday shoes than shabbos shoes, for the simple reason that not every body wears shabbos shoes. [let’s talk about children’s sizes where a main reason to buy new shoes is the growth of the foot, rather than wear.] Then let’s say we take into account that the shabbos shoe buyers have gone by 4% in the past year. That will then tell us to stock up on 4% more shabbos shoes. Such a figure however does not take into account, that the next year there may be finiancial difficulties leading people to stop spending money on extras.

    Basically, statisticions have made numerous predictions about the world, yet new patterns will always keep emerging and eventually proving them wrong.

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    This england sounds like an interesting place. I’m wondering what happens if there is a class trip to a palace on the same day as a sports lesson. Do the boys come in shoes or slippers? What happens if they come late to school also???

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    So it was changed. I found it strange that i made the same mistake twice.

    Mods what do you have against me and my threads? I’m an innocent person.

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    Thanks ybt. I’m working on getting them sneakers.

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    Interjection, it’s simple really. Every israeli must go to isralei army – a mandatory darft. If you are leaning then you are potur. If however you want to go to work thne you must serve your draft.

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    Gavra at work – R’ dovid does not just say extreme positions to keep himself popular.

    I would not advise people to start with any godol, period. it is DANGEROUS. Especailly since this a subject in which every godoil agrees.

    If anyone here learns as many hours in two days as R’ dovid – or r’ steinman or r’ Ovadia do in one day, maybe you can start thinking about commenting.

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    Bitachoin does not allow to ignore the effects of what we do in terms of health.

    I think – don’t qoute me – that may rabbonim are opposed to inducing birth for no reason, although hashem decides when everyone should be born, because it is not our jos to get involved in such things.

    [in the original post – which seems to havebeen deleted – someone expressedthe same sentiment far better]

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    I saw a brilliant costume, although it wasn’t original in as of itself,

    a guy dressed up in a clown costume a couple sizes too big, and closed the neck over his head, with a massive hook poking out the top.

    Then he held a wighead with a full clown’s head, hat etc…

    It was done reallly really well, and looked amazing.

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    there is a viznitz chasuna tomorrow where the chosson and kalla, are … hold your breath…. first second and third couisns!!!

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    in reply to: Israeli Supreme Court #929258

    Yichusdik, you are missing one very cruical point. Indeed all over the world the government appoints the judges – with the exception of israel, where the judges are responsible for the appointment of further judges, and have the sole right to extend their terms themselves.

    In terms of emanuel, the sefardi and ashkenazi gedoilim were equally behind the chinuch atma’i school of emanuel, including both the rabbonim of the eida hachareidis and Chacham Ovadia shlit”a.

    in reply to: Guilty Pleasures #929883

    Says me


    in reply to: Waking Up Your Kids #993727

    I have also mentioned the idea, but I don’t think that it is either suitable or practical …

    This thread should have been named PRACTICAL ideas to wake up kids

    in reply to: Your Favorite Liqueur #928228

    Golders greener, i think you mean to say that thay do NOT go to the factore on a yoitzei ve’nichnas for approved products.

    If you meant something else pleasse explain.

    Popa, i can only rely on what i see over here and have heard from other european sources, but as i far as i have understood, the approved label, or lists, in europe, does not necassarily mean that they feel that it does not need hashgacha, but simply that according to the basic information they have they cannot see a problem. I am unaware if and when they actually visit a factory, but i found it hard to beleive that every hasahgacha has sent their own people to every factory on the list. Perhaps they rely on each other.

    The reason for this is that the kosher consumer market is simply not big enough in europe to encourage any major producer – such as drambuiee – to agree to full certifiacation.

    I am unaware of the requirements os shulchan Oruch, and what is needed.

    Numerous people have assured me that they no self respecting hechsher uses complicated ingredients from their lists for fully supervised products, with the exception of sugars etc..

    No offence meant, but to suggest otherwise is being ???? ??? on many choshuve european poskim – including R’ Chanoich ehrentrau shlit”a, and R’ heinoich Padwa zatza”l.

    I have also been told that many of these rabbonim themselves do not rely on their lists, in fact apparently R’ Ehrentrau does not even carry in his own eiruv,

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    Mosholim are a classic way to bring out a point, but as they say ?? ?????? ?????? so i guess that they are not for everyone.

    in reply to: Your Favorite Liqueur #928207

    popa, i am not sure if to take you seriously, but just in case you really didn’t understand, i will explain in very simple terms.

    You wrote that as far as you are concerned kosher is kosher, to which i responded that to categorise eveerything as kosher, independent of the standard of kashrut is equivalent to catergorizing all shoes together, or even all blood pressure medication as one, and insist that you know of no difference between them.

    Mpsholim are a classic way to bring out a point, but as ahtey say ?? ?????? ?????? so i guess that thye are not for everyone.

    in reply to: Your Favorite Liqueur #928198

    sorry popa,i actually think your comparison is like comparing two blood pressure pills without knowing whether they are supposed to raise or lower the pressure.

    Anyone with yiras shomayim understands the importance of accurate information in kashrus.

    Best bubby, perhaps the factoies Rabbi conway so dramatically describes are the factories that he supervises rather than those that they simply approve??????

    in reply to: Your Favorite Liqueur #928197

    Hey, Popa, I didn’t realsie that you that sensitive.

    To label the distinction between approved and superivised british poloitics is the equivalent of a brit saying that the differenced between florsheim and nike is stupid politics, and they are both shoes.

    Additionally many hashgachot rely on approved lists for basic raw ingredients, such as ground coffee, honey, fruit juices etc…, however that does not mean that they would use more complicated things.

    147, the london is undoubtedly impeccable, so are the OU, and many other hechsherim, however they are still entitled to issue different levels of supervision.

    Goldeers greener thanks for the info. i’m slowly building up a picture of euripean hechsherim.

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    Popa, it sounds a little stupid to rely on a hachsher if they the,selves only give it an approved status, not a full one. That’s not politics, it’s simply closing your eyes. (i’m not sure whose on which side, but carrying in the london eiruv might be “politics”.)

    Goldersgreener, thanks for the info. i have always wondered what the difference is between their hebrew hechsher, and english “house” KLBD logo.

    in reply to: Who Is Really On Welfare? Basic Hashkafa! #927864

    Gateshead kollel was opened by a talmid of the chofatzchayim, a r’ dovid dryan, at latest in the 1920’s.

    It was later headed by haga’on R’ dessler zatza”l

    in reply to: Who Is Really On Welfare? Basic Hashkafa! #927860

    Thanks for all the support guys.

    Just a couple of points.

    I didn’t plan this to turn into another zionist bashing blog, I just wanted to remind you guys basic hashkapha, which is true and undetabale, and agreed on by gedoilim from all circles, that toiora learning protects and enriches more than any physical histadlus,

    If anyone needs any further proofs, what about kol haoilam niozn bishvil chanina beni?

    BTW, kollel learning existed way before 1970, for example both R’ elchono Wasserman and the ponevezher rov leanrt in the chofetz chayim famous kodshim koillel. In one of r’ matisyohu’s sefrim he proves that even during the days of the gemoro kollel earning was normal. [the big difference is in the proportion of earners to earners,but it is untrue to say it never existed.]

    I have no idea which koillel is the longest around, but the gateshead koillel in england has definitely passed a century.

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    ” When the Rabbanut fails to meet the medina’s needs, especially in areas of marriage and conversion, change is needed. Remember that in Israel, the Rabbanut is also the marriage clerk and fills a civil role as well as a religious “

    Reread – when the halachois, [especailly kashrus, giyur, and kiddushin] fail to meet the generation’s needs, change is needed. After all har sinai was supposed to fil a role in every generation, so let’s change the toira.

    Reb doniel – do amsallem’s ideas make more sense than our eternal toira? Does he have more sense than our generation’s gedoilim?

    And never forget, it is the b’nei toira who support the governmant, not the other way round. Oimdois hoyu ragleinu – bizchus she’orayich yerushalayim. (or does that also not meet today’s demands.)

    in reply to: Shabbos Shoes #1134517

    The briskers do not wear glasses or spectacles or “brillen” on shabbos

    in reply to: The Most UNDERrated Things in Life #924872

    Also guys, don’t forget glasses – or is it spectacles to the english???

    in reply to: The Most UNDERrated Things in Life #924871

    Come on guys, shoes…

    [don’t you feel bad for all those kids in gateshead running around in socks?)

    in reply to: Good Riddance Mr. Haim Amsallem #925470

    Trust me, amsallem is no gadol, and i do not think that any self respecting person considers him to be one.

    At the best he is an askan, who used to listen to da’as tora, saw many problems in the chareidi communtiy, and tried to fix them.

    At worse, he is ….

    Either way, he failed to realise that change can only come from within, and forcing change, especaially on such a massive numbers, in such a crazy way, will be counter prodictive.

    in reply to: What's wrong with the draft? #924107

    R’ yisroel of vitznitz has quoted that the brisker rov zatza”l was reluctant to sign on the protest against giyus banot, saying that not only is giyus banot ossur, so is giyus banim.

    In terms of who the gedoilim are, one has to rely on hashgacha elyonah that hashem gives every generation the right people, so if one sees that chahcam ovadia is treated as manhig by the sefardim, R’ steiman, r’ karelitz, r’ kanievsky and r’ aeurbach by the ashkenazim, and the rabbanim of the eida hachareidit and satmar by the kania’im, alongside the respective rebbes of belz, gur, and viznitz, one can rely on their da’at tora for our generation, even if r’ aron lichtenstein feels differently.

    When the chazoin ish was asked for the source that giyus banot is forbidden, he opened his shirt and pointed to his heart. One does not need to see the sources, when one sees a person who has learnt torah passionately for many years – such as chacham Ovadia, – one can rely on their pure hearts a a source.

    in reply to: Shabbos Shoes #1134515

    My husband tells me that all the halachois only refer to clothes but shoes are not included

    Please ask your husband, if spectacles are also excluded from this Halocho?

    Spectacles are probably not a levush, i think some people do not even wear them on shabbos.

    in reply to: Shabbos Shoes #1134508

    Any shoe store sells more shoes in smaller sizes, simply because children’s feet grow much faster at a younger age, they spend less time in a classroom and more time running around, and younger parents are more likely to buy their chioldren extra pairs – i.e. shabbos shoes, summer sandals, etc…

    in reply to: Gateshead #935685

    Rabbi katz is literraly an odom gadol, he is both a talmid chacham and has a real base in hashkapha, as well as being an amazing speaker. For halocho they have one of the prominent gateshead poskim, called rabbi elozor leiberman – i think he is the the local beis din, as well as helping out for the london kedassia – the extra machmir hechsher in england originally headed by R’ Padwa zatza”l

    in reply to: How do I stop my wife spending??! #1177119

    How do you stop your wife spending…?

    Simple …. just hide her shoes !!!!!

    in reply to: Shabbos Shoes #1134506

    Just one more thread ….

    in reply to: Confiscating Shoes #994362

    Hi, i’m back, just thought i would revive an old thread

    in reply to: Cousins Marrying #930425

    Supposedly the steipler was opposed to cousins marrying.

    in reply to: Seminary for french girl in uk ? #908526

    Why aren’t you in touch with Rabbi Katz of paris? He is a mechutan with some of the big english rabbanim, and quite involved. His son Harav Yudah lived in gateshead for many years and was considerd one of the choshuve talmidei chachomim over there.

    He is very helpful, and is mekarev people, and he has conections.

    Hatzlacha Rabba.

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