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    “think” they convincingly look and sound not chassidish

    LOL. He is showing that Chassidim are human and fun and friendly by exaggerating his levush, singing in Yiddish, and stressing his tzebrochin Aynglish no matter where he performs. (If he is taking college courses in English it is so he can sing or even write lyrics in English and know what rhymes and what doesn’t – for instance, he could sing my “Food Shtemps far Alle Yidden” knowing he has to pronounce Tzu Drayt like a Litvak to get it to rhyme with Section 8 :)).

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    “You’ve been blocked. If you think a mistake has been made, contact this site’s administrator.

    Back to YWN Coffee Room.”

    I have no problem with Firefox on any IP/VPN combo. This keeps happening with Chrome.

    I would not doubt that one of my ISP numbers has been used for dubious purposes in the past (not connected to me or to this site) and could therefore be blacklisted by Akismet or a similar anti-spam program – that is the way it is with a VPN.

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    Brisket – I think there are plenty of Schneur Zalman ben Shlomos and Shlomo ben Schneur Zalmans out there.

    Tzvi Hirsch, Arye Leib, Zeev Volf etc came from a time when only Yiddish was spoken and when loshon hakodesh names were meant only for shul etc.

    Shaya and Shea are nicknames, although there is one Shaya I know of whose official name is not Yeshaya(hu). His name is spelled shin-yud-yud-aleph and it is roshei tyvois Shygetz Aross!

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    That’s the halacha. Aser te’aser, and nothing over chomesh.

    Showing off is not the Jewish way either, but when I see administrators of tzedoko funds driving cars I’d never waste money on and yes, they and their wives wearing watches I’d never waste money to wear, I’d rather reinvest every cent I don’t need after maaser into my business than into the organized tzedoko business. You don’t get back what you give to these crooks, because there is no brocho in keeping their shtick going from father to son to grandson. Far too many schnorrerlach (now called Directors of Development) keep 50%, and there are other expenses down the line before a moisad or a legitimate oni or choileh sees a penny.

    I would much rather buy myself a 40,000$ watch, especially if it is an investment (which I doubt) than contribute one penny to buy a fundraiser a 60,000$ Lexus.

    When I see third-generation welfare families in klal Yisroel, I don’t want to support them anymore than I want to support their non-Jewish counterparts (well, that’s why I am not in the US anymore, but that’s beside the point). When people think collecting from honest working people and businessmen to pay for defending convicted felons is tzedoko, I fully understand where, chalila, reform and their misinterpretations of the neviim came from. I also think of phrases like “parois Bashan” when I see how the wives and daughters of those who live on donated funds dress and conduct themselves.

    When I have money to spare over maaser that I don’t need to expand my business, put away for retirement, or yes, enjoy an occasional bottle of $200 whisky or wine and a nice yearly vacation, it will go to support medical research and not professional schnorrers. I have seen too much, and I don’t even know sometimes why I bother staying frum with all the corruption I’ve seen. I know of only one tzedoko in all of EY – Ezra laMarpeh – that is 100% trustworthy, not paying administrators for nonsense, and leshem Shamayim. (A few others do a good job, but they have too many salaries to pay and/or are known to not be above laundering money.)

    I have a feeling that some posters here don’t know what it is to start and run a business from scratch, and they, like many tzedoko administrators, have no problem demanding that those who do succeed share the wealth at disproportionate rates. I have always had problems with well-meaning bochurim who volunteer for tzedokos, but do not understand that I can’t give them $2 for every $1 I earn. I once volunteered alongside a group like this, and I quickly found out some of the problem was that they were falling for ludicrous and untrue sob stories from professional abusers and not checking with legitimate recipients to see what they really needed, so of course they ran out of funds fast.

    Those who really succeed honestly tend to be the ones who are careful in giving as well as not showy. Those who are jealous of them call them kamtzanim and all kinds of other names. I will be proud when someone refers to me as a kamtzan and tells his fellow schnorrerlach not to waste their time with me.

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    Yeshivish lite (Chassidish lite, tuna beigel) refers to someone who holds onto the ideology and the social norms of the community as best as possible, while bending either due to weakness or a mistaken feeling that he needs to bend to get ahead begashmius. Much of the bending has to do with external appearance, and many of those who bend later snap back or at least hope their children snap back.

    A bum or an oisvorf is another story altogether – these unfortunates don’t believe and don’t want to keep the mitzvos or even lead productive lives, but they want to retain the benefits of community membership along with a certain superior attitude (really fear and a deep inferiority complex) that makes them want to rub their OTD status into everyone’s faces and take others down with them. These unfortunates need help, but really they can’t get help without being removed from our dalet amois so they do not continue to create a destructive subculture within our world. (Not all OTD are bums and oisvorfen either.)

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    They say that R’ Ovadia Yosef once met r’ dovid, and asked him if he says “yismach yisroel be’aisov!!!” (chOlam or chOYlam)

    We are discussing two gedoilei oilam…

    It would be a good idea if no one posted or repeated anything remotely controversial said by one of our gedoilim, Rebbeim or choshuver rabbonim UNLESS he or she has a CLEAR RECORDING to back it up (particularly in the case of Rav Ovadia Yosef shlit”a who is constantly tormented by frei journalists that twist his words and take them out of context – we don’t need to contribute to this bizayoin talmidei chachomim.)

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    It should also be noted that the ad for the watch is not there davka to get people to spend that kind of money on a watch. If the advertiser is the one I think it is, that store is upscale, but has plenty of items that are affordable for special occasions (ie chassune, vort).

    First of all, the watch manufacturer picks up some of the cost of that ad, saving the owner of the store money. Then, the watch creates an image for the store by letting potential customers know that the store is respected enough to carry such watches.

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    Poverty was not “glorified by the rabbonim.” It was considered a test just as today’s wealth is a test. You get your knowledge of Jewish history from Fiddler on the Roof.

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    Once you have given maaser, your money is yours to do as you wish. It says a lot for the prosperity of our communities if advertisers look to our publications to advertise such luxurious items.

    We all know that sadly, there are moisdos and “poor” who just waste tzedoko money or really have no right whatsoever to collect it. Better to spend $150 for a bottle of whisky for Shabbos than to give even 15 cents to someone who is basically picking others’ pockets to line his own pocket.

    Half the parnosso crisis in the community is a matter of half the people who cry about wanting parnosso being too lazy or hidebound to do anything about it. Three times I “gave someone a break” – three times it left me almost broke because the three heiliger Yidden acted as if they were entitled to money without working.

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941700

    TuM and TIDE are completely different. The remaining followers of R’Hirsch (KAJ) are very charedi.

    R’ Soloveichik invented an ideology to match the watered-down “Orthodoxy” of pre-war America, and in so doing, he indeed brought it up several levels. It really does go back to Young Israel, which at the time was far different from what it is now.

    in reply to: Chief Rabbi #916392

    a feminine form of the word chief:

    yachne, cholere, machsheifa…

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    No one who has a smartphone is less than smart enough to refer to it as smart phone.

    The Teeroller Chassidim are out in full force today. I guess they think there won’t be anywhere to troll tomorrow. Believing that is only a little less krum than what some Teerollers do profess to believe.

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941695

    Some people may realize that medical school tuition is a waste now.

    The only way you can get ahead in medicine is through blatant or subtle insurance fraud. The problem is that in the end, you get caught. Otisville Medical Group is not a very profitable concern, and you can even end up in a facility where your chavrusa is a real Dwek.

    in reply to: Chief Rabbi #916391

    Yes, I also think he is an excellent choice for the post – but expect him to have to deal with “interfaith” because of what the UK has become.

    I also believe Dayan Ehrentreu retired. He has always stood up for what is right, whether it is this issue at present, the eruv…or avoiding unnecessary chumras regarding scotch.

    in reply to: Frum Communities #967429

    Schmendrick is obviously joking or tee-rolling (or treading a fine line between the two).

    Schmendrick is the name of a loser character in a Yiddish play, and it entered Yinglish (the old language of the Lower East Side more than today’s yeshivisher raid or Chassidish Aynglish-Lipa loshon) as yet another term for an incompetent jerk.

    I have a friend and a former business associate whose names are the same, both beginning with a Sh. As my associate was, well, a schmendrick, I changed said associate’s first name to Schmendrick in my cell phone book so I would not inadvertently take his calls or pass up on my friend’s calls. (I still had to call him a couple of times to collect past due monies that he was holding before I changed my number and moved on.)

    I also refer to a certain failed blogger as Schmendrick, even fooling people into believing that in Chernovitz, where my roots are, Schmendrick was the common nickname for Shmarya (vehamayvin yavin as to who I mean).

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    There was never any real draw of knowledge. There was an era in American history when everyone felt they had to become more “American,” not realizing that the American “melting pot” ideal never could work out, especially for people like us who have a way of life that is far older and far richer than that of the “Americans.”

    Many Jews, even those who wanted deep down to retain Yiddishkeit, succumbed to that ideology. There was never any attempt by anyone other than Rav Soloveichik and R’ Bernard Revel to use madda as a tool for Yiddishkeit. For most, it was just a tool to keep Yiddishkeit palatable enough during an era of assimilation for the sake of conformity.

    The one YU rabbi I know who fell for the madda trap preached to deaf ears – and rightfully so. He faded away and sold out for an easy position after starting off as a vocal advocate for Jewish issues. No one of any integrity wanted to listen to what he had to say.

    I have suffered far more for wont of a good plumber or electrician than I have from not having access to a good doctor. I can figure out the results of a blood test, or even get online and figure out what I have, and get hold of medication on my own. I cannot fix even a simple leak without spending time that I don’t have and money on tools I’ll use once and then lose track of. With Obamacare looming, and engineering jobs (another formerly good field for frum Yidden) moving to India, I think some people ought to use their minds for learning at night and their hands for working during the day. What’s more, with surgery becoming more automated, I have no problem with Ramesh from Mumbai operating on me (I am now in Asia and I plan to have minor elective surgery done here by a local doctor because it’s something a mohel or even a cosmetician can handle), but if I were building or renovating a home, I’d prefer that the complex plumbing and heating systems of today be installed by a Yid with a Yiddishe kop.

    in reply to: The Power of a Gadol #914407

    Learn a bit of history. There was nowhere to go during or prior to the war. A handful of visas were available here and there, some due to the work of heroes like Sugihara and Wallenberg (HY”D). The US did not even raise its quotas during the war and those quotas went unfulfilled. The whole argument is moot; the Shoah was a gezera and part of that gezera is that no one wanted to stop it by providing a refuge for Jews.

    (And no, our lesson is not that we need a medine. There is only ONE place in the world where a maniac can kill millions of Jews again – and a regime of maniacs in Teheran is developing a way to do just that in one fell swoop. I suspect that before such a thing happens, the US will turn its back on the medine to save itself and save its access to Gulf oil, and that will bring about Reb Yoilish’s prediction of a peaceful end to the failed experiment that has cost so many lives, physically and spiritually.)

    As for the calumny about the leadership saving itself – just think what Yiddishkeit would look like had a handful of leaders, some of whom were actually in the concentration camps, not made it to the free world. It was only one rov who could be accused of saving himself or being saved by reshoim in any event, and the accusation is not true at all. His escape was paid for with funds from the Torah-true community and not by those who ran the train.

    Hashem has His ways. The churban is something we will never understand.

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    Delivery was probably postponed to make sure there is still a world tomorrow :)))))))))))).

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941688

    There is a big difference between going OTD and what Rav Soloveichik himself said his reasons for creating MO were. The epidemic of formerly frum Yidden working on Shabbos stopped gradually because of the post WW2 influx of “yeshivish and Chassidish people.” Those who arrived before WW2, except for a small group that was based around Torah voDaas (then in Williamsburgh), were lost. No one identified as “chassidish” before WW2 except the Malochim.

    anon1m0us, you are just regurgitating the worst stereotypes of the Torah-true world. I am stating facts, based on what the major figure of MO himself stated. He felt he had to bend Yiddishkeit to the times. The European refugees who kept their emunah in Hitler’s or Stalin’s gehennom weren’t about to bend in America, and what’s more, they worked hard and built up a financial infrastructure of their own. Even some who compromised in the early days upon arrival in America were able to pull themselves back up because the social and financial infrastructure were there for them. Sadly, welfare became too readily available, and it enticed some characters to “learn all day” who should have been working, but that is another story altogether. Reb Yoilish ZYA told his followers to go out and work, and work they did, so it was no longer necessary to even change your dress to get ahead.

    DaMoshe, you do not realize that serious MO and the yeshiva world are converging on each other. I remember what MO was in 1984, when it did serve as a step up for me (albeit a forced one – I preceded Chabad on my college campus, Aish was much smaller than it was today, and the MO community was all I had – I outgrew it in about a year). I was pleasantly shocked to see how much higher standards were in 2005-7 when I was last in the US. The Five Towns were pure MO, kippa off for work style, in 1984. Now, yeshiva leit and even Chassidim live in Cedarhurst and Woodmere, and they’ve strengthened the old MO community.

    MO can serve as a kiruv stage for those coming from secular backgrounds, but not as a haven for dropouts. Dropouts of the type the great tolerant MO here call “bums” want to remain a part of their old social world, even as the objects of derision. (That goes for the MO dropouts I knew in college too – they wanted to be with their old friends from high school and their year in EY, but they also wanted to date non-Jews, and the latter won out.) Those who leave for (pseudo-)intellectual reasons don’t want any part of Judaism, and if they want spirituality, they find it in places we don’t want to mention here.

    MO was a horaas shaah that certainly did save some people, mostly descendants of Americans who came before WW2. However, having quite nobly served its purpose, it is quietly fading away as its constituents realize that in a free society, you do not have to bend in any way, or accept kefiradige thought (aka Western philosophy) in any way to succeed.

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    “The owners are religious christians and are not allowed to own chometz over easter week.”

    LOL. There is no idea of chometz in notzrus – the only possibility here is that the owner belongs to a “messianic” cult congregation.

    in reply to: Chief Rabbi #916385

    Read Rav Mirvis’s history regarding “interfaith” and especially his contacts with imams and mosques before you get excited. Lord Sacks raised the stature of Judaism in the eyes of the goyim, and he knew to back down after he took a false intellectual premise related to “interfaith” and inadvertently ended up swimming in the cesspool of kfira. He was far from perfect, but most of the time he created only kiddush Hashem. Same for Lord Jacobowitz AH, especially during the time of Margaret Thatcher, who looked to him rather than to notzri clergy for moral leadership.

    Today, with the Muslim mafia in control of most of Londonistan, Khan Manchester and many other parts of the United Caliphate, it is impossible for someone in this position to avoid “interfaith” unless he’d rather face death threats.

    This is a “rav mi-taam” position in any case, and as Gatesheader points out, it is immaterial for the Torah-true world. The dayanim of the London Beis Din tend to be reliable talmidei chachomim (I do not know if Rav Ehrentreu is still the av beis din), and they are quite independent of the “Chief Rabbi.”

    in reply to: Cholov Yisroel Greek Yogurt #988976

    Normans iz tahka a Yiddishe name? I am telling you, whoever touches this stuff is fin de Misyoovnim!

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941683

    As for MO, until about a generation ago it was a diving board from which the sons and daughters of its stalwart members, especially those who wanted to enter the pulpit rabbinate, jumped down to the conman movement and even lower. Its members were similar to those who call themselves traditional in EY – baseline kashrus, shul in the morning, shopping in the afternoon.

    Then, when the going became a bit easier for shomrei Shabbos in the workplace after the civil rights movement and, more importantly, when the Torah-true world was more firmly established in the 60s and 70s, MO had already dropped its “shvachers.” The remaining MO, who were more Torah-committed but tended to be of second-or-third generation American stock rather than immigrants and first-generation Americans like those who rebuilt yeshivos and Chassidus, began to move to the right. They started to look to the rabbonim and even the Rebbeim from Europe for leadership, as they realized their rabbonim lacked in scholarship and did not represent Torah values.

    Now, it is only a matter of time before the right wing of MO (most of those who are committed to MO), most of the yeshiva world, and Chassidim who want to enter the modern world mostly to be able to raise families with dignity, converge. Gone will be welfare dependency on the one hand, but more important, “Torah uMada” will be buried with dignity, in favor of intensive Torah learning combined with secular studies for parnosso only. Even 25 years ago, I knew of no serious YU student who wasted his life studying philosophy or anthropology – most leveraged their year in EY to finish YU in three years or transfer to Columbia engineering school before going on for a law degree or MBA.

    Left out will be the left wing MO, who will jump down to YCT (a malignancy that cannot last but a generation) and then to “renewal” or who knows what, and those who choose or are socially pressured to choose an isolationist way of life. The former will sadly join the secular Jewish malaise, and the latter will find it difficult to cope and eventually become a small minority.

    Regardless of the above, the dropout rate among people who truly follow MO, as opposed to those who just go to MO shuls, cannot be 50%. Calling the crowd that was never observant “MO” is like calling the Israelis who come every Shabbos to eat at a Chabad House in Thailand or India “Lubavitchers.” It indeed WAS about 50% in the 50s and early 60s.

    in reply to: is health gone forever #914293

    Brius is not gone BH, but by the time the 2016 elections roll around, parnosse may be gone!

    in reply to: What 3 wishes would you wish? #921362

    OK then:

    1) Chavez should be put out of his misery

    2) Ahmadinejad should join him in der erd

    3) Obama should be replaced by the Admou”r meCreedmoor

    in reply to: Lipa's new Chanuka video…So, so sad… #914994

    Years ago, people said the same thing about MBD and Yidden, Yidden. This, too, shall pass.

    Lipa never claimed to be anything but a commercial singer who is in it for GELT. This video wasn’t great, but he’s not going oisvorf and he’s not the next Matisyahu.

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    It was the present Rav Ralba”g’s father, who set up his hechsher as a business venture that was aimed at those who just wanted to keep the very baseline standard of kashrus, who accepted gelatin at one time.

    I knew Rav Y.C Ralba”g AH and I don’t think he would have eaten some of the things he supervised himself. He was not even competing with the OU but looking to find ways that traditional people who kept kashrus, of whom there were many at the time, could have more choices.

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941679

    anon1m0us, your grammar and your information are on the exact same level. Rav Soloveichik HIMSELF is my source. He did not see a future for “Orthodoxy” unless it was watered down. The gedolim of the time made a fool of him time and time again, especially with his views on the medine and on cooperation with koifrim gemurim.

    He was proven wrong. MO was a holding tank that worked for a generation or two until the Torah-true world rebuilt itself in the US. YCT is the new YU, and YCT is just a fringe group which will die out when Weiss is gone.

    Bums (oisvorfen) are one thing and the kind of people I am talking about are another. Bums are dropouts who do nothing; the people I am talking about are often very successful but reluctantly compromised on some standards.

    in reply to: Lipa's new Chanuka video…So, so sad… #914991

    The producer happens to be affiliated with Chabad, so he filmed it in Crown Heights.

    It is a commercial video, not an outreach film.

    in reply to: The Power of a Gadol #914387

    Zdad, please stop your LH and MSR. I remember the case, and I know exactly what the issues were. It was not even clear who killed the kid. Suffice it to say the mother was not physically strong enough to have done what she was accused of, and the father would not have been fit to stand trial.

    The story about any Rebbe and any brochos was not even publicized in the worst trash paper, and at the time I read Ponim Chalashois as well as the Village Voice (the first for a good laugh and the latter for professional reasons, in my office beis kisse) so I knew what was in the worst trash paper.

    I guess you subscribed to Der Stuermer back then, because that is the only paper that would carry such lies.

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941672

    The difference between that & the other case is that YU will probably cooperate,

    It took a lot to get NCSY to cooperate during the Lanner case.

    Frankly, Rav Shtarker’s Beis Din is the only one qualified to handle these cases.

    in reply to: List of all confirmed joseph ids : -) #914219








    Tzafnas Paneach

    I am in contact with him from time to time. I really think he has moved on.

    in reply to: Funny Shidduch Questions Asked About a Boy/Girl/Family #914115

    Actually, when someone mentions that a bochur spends most of his spare time doing chessed, I ask which judge sentenced him to how many hours of community service for what.

    in reply to: What 3 wishes would you wish? #921337

    Moshiach, Moshiach, Moshiach!

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941669

    I’m still just so mad about the whole thing, to maintain Omerta and prefer that the abuser continues abusing (to the point where bribes are offered & threats are made), rather than making a Cheshbon Hanefesh and fixing what is wrong.

    Is this YU? Leave the threats out, and it sure sounds like some recent revelations about the goings-on at YU, where offenders were shipped off, free to assume chinuch positions elsewhere.

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941668

    You should think of MO has the Jewish Safety Net which is the last step before people go completely off.

    It’s not. What really happens is that those who don’t want to go completely off live at the fringes of their communities and keep just enough of their community’s minhagim to maintain a level of social acceptance. They become Chassidish-lite or Yeshivish-lite, and in some cases they do so for personal reasons and keep their kids in charedi chinuch in the hope their kids will not fall as they did.

    Those who want out leave, plain and simple. They’re more apt to become self-hating Jews than even deformed or preservative, let alone MO.

    in reply to: Double Standard in the Coffee Room #914536

    This is The YESHIVA World. It should be geared to hashkafos that match the title of the site.

    If anything, I am surprised at how much leeway posters who consistently post borderline apikorsus and out-and-out malicious leytzanus are given here.

    One tzadik gomur even posted about boycotting stores that carry certain mehadrin products and he was not censored. If that is not tolerance, I don’t know what is.

    in reply to: A Mitzvah Completely Ruined #913898

    There are better ways to look for attention online. Return to your lair, or get mauled by the Bear!

    in reply to: Shocking Study of Modern Orthodox OTD Rate #941665

    The reason why MO has a higher OTD rate then other groups is because all the yeshivish, litvish and chassidish boys and girls who are frustrated with the insular way of life they are forced to lead got fed up and found a more enlightening derech to Hashem.

    Absolutely INCORRECT. That is not the history of MO – MO was started as a way to keep pre-WW2 Americans who wanted to retain some standard of shmiras hamitzvos from falling off altogether. Rav Soloveichik was a pessimist who felt Yiddishkeit had to be diluted to meet the demands of American life. (The Satmar Rov ZYA was a pessimist in the other direction – he felt that isolation was the way to preserve Judaism “on tryfe soil.”)

    That being said, a 50% dropout rate sounds very high – in fact I’d guess it is 2.5 times the correct figure. Does that include those who leave MO to grow in Yiddishkeit? 🙂 Even so, the figure makes no sense.

    in reply to: Cholov Yisroel Greek Yogurt #988974

    If you make it yourself, you risk becoming a misyovon. The misyovnim were not Greeks. They were “Greek-style” Jews!

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