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    If the coalition goes a certain way, you can be sure toeva marriages will be accepted in EY along with all other forms of civil marriage.

    Tel Aviv (Naye Sdoim) is a world toeva capital!

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    The yeshivish community in the deVimy area is a small, but influential one (Rav Hirschprung was the rosh yeshiva for many years). Real estate is cheaper, but not that much cheaper, than in US cities, but the price of kosher food is very high. Very reliable, non-profit local kashrus – considered mehadrin outside Montreal.

    Some problems with French extremists and Muslims, but still much safer than many other places. The French problem is one nut and one city legislator in the Chassidishe area, and Muslims who start up are dealt with very severely by law enforcement.

    Cold winters, snow starts melting around Pesach if you’re lucky.

    You CAN survive in the Yiddishe velt without French, but only if you stay exclusively within the community. To work outside it, you need French.

    Isn’t Rabbi Emanuel’s first name Shaul?

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    And this is why the army does NOT want charedim around. In particular, some of my Chabad friends who went through the draft process with the intention of serving whatever time they needed to serve ended up with the “profil 24” designation – not fit to serve, no reason given. Some of these guys could deck two pieces of NYC street scum with one hand.

    They’re not fit because they will attract frei soldiers to Yiddishkeit.

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    While I disagree with and am sometimes annoyed with YWN’s moderation policy on one point (allowing zerods whose hashkafah is clearly YCT-conservadox to post here), I can honestly say that YWN is the only Jewish news source that clearly does NOT use shill posters to generate debate.

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    Mr. Amsalem cares dramatically about Mr. Amsalem – but like all self-serving demagogues he fell into the trap he set for himself. He just wasn’t very smart, so his plans fell apart after only one try.

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    It becomes an aveirah when it is done for no reason at all, and you end up with a quota of patients you must visit in order to return to learning. It becomes a real aveirah when those patients don’t want to see you (it happened to me the last time I did organized bikur choilim because of a mistake on the Shabbos list the organizers gave us – that’s human error, but this would force patients to accept visitors.)

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    Where I daven and my hashkafah are not connected – I am not against Chabad, just no longer formally a part of the present organization that calls itself Chabad. If anything, I’m more in line with classic, authentic Chabad than today’s Chabad, Inc. is.

    One day I will open a Creedmoorer shtibl somewhere or another :).

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    They don’t want compromise. These parties would CEASE TO EXIST and their DEMAGOGUE leaders would be getting bituach leumi the moment charedim perform some sort of service.

    They need the charedi bogeyman to get ahead. They can’t fight Arabs, so they fight Jews. They know they have no real claim to the land, so they fight those who do.

    However, “danta es dinam, ravta es rivam…and you know the rest” will apply here just as it applied in the days of the misyovnim who created the situation that finished with the ness of Chanukah.

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    I don’t really think Amnon Itzhak took votes from any haredi party. I think he got protest votes, the way Aleh Yarok did.

    in reply to: Jews Resisting the Zionist Draft #939943

    Some yeshiva students, and especially koilel yingerleit, are already doing volunteer work. I saw some so-called “loafers” transporting a patient for Rav Firer on a flight that left at a time long before most Yidden daven Shacharis. That is quite typical, and it is also known that only charedim donate blood “stam” (with no reward and not for family members) in Y-m and even in TA, where men from the largely Gerrer community donate so often that the nurses assume every donor with a beard holds by the Gur strictures regarding tznius.

    The lefties just start street protests because the medina won’t pay for their fifteen years of graffiti courses and reward them with luxury apartments for doing squat all day. What’s more, the few who do “volunteer” do so with organizations that promote Arab terror.

    The medine is suicidal. It has to be. It is a loaf of bread on a Seder table, or a chozzer on the mizbeach.

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    E”Y does not belong to “all of us.” It has vomited out people who don’t treat it with kedusha in the past, and it is doing the same right now.

    Just look in your local (NYC, LA etc) pizza-falafel joint. A Golani veteran is probably tossing your dough.

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    It is very simple. The medine has lost its will to fight Arabs, because deep down it knows the Arabs are right and the tzioini experiment, which is failing, is a colonial imposition of a foreign culture in E”Y. Therefore, it fights those Jews who are not accepting of its foreign culture.

    It will be business as usual, muddle-through and malaise, until the next elections – and then more of the same until the world does the will of Hashem and removes the tzioini aberration from EY (as it already is doing with boycotts, sanctions and divestment). When the tzioini experiment comes to its end, countries will be issuing refugee visas to “Israelis.”

    And we, bnei Torah outside EY, will be the ones stuck with the burden of helping these refugees, just as many of the dregs of EY already show up on shul doorsteps throughout the world with sob stories (that are more often than not scam stories).

    I do not think the IDF will ever draft the Sheinkin Street lefties. Most are druggies who can’t pass a physical or psychometric exam, and they truly earn their ” profil 21″ psycho exemptions or “profil 24” unsuitable ratings. Then they go abroad, and throw themselves on the mercy of Chabad Houses throughout the world. (I am no longer officially Chabad for many reasons, and this is one of them – I feel helping these shticklach erev rav is misplaced chessed as they just take, take, take. You don’t want to hear my stories of how the dati leumi travelers behave either, believe me.)

    in reply to: Good Riddance Mr. Haim Amsallem #925463

    Gadol? I deal with gedoilim of his sort with a brush and some acid cleaner when my cleaning lady is off.

    in reply to: The Webberman Verdict #923099

    Weberman will be so lonely for the next century.

    He needs Mondrowitz to keep him company in his cell.

    in reply to: What's wrong with the draft? #924113

    Personally, I think many of the chareidim in Israel are not strong enough to withstand the temptations of life outside of the yeshiva. Much like the haskalah movement in Europe pre WWII.

    This may be the case with the bottom 10 percent. However, I think the medine is not and never will be ready to allow charedim to enter society, as the influence will be the other way around. The few moderate charedim who have entered society are not falling apart (although they are losing some of their rear flank) – they are attracting others. In these days of veheyshiv lev avois etc, I don’t even worry about the OTD, because any children they have will have grandparents, uncles, aunts, cousins etc.

    in reply to: Good Riddance Mr. Haim Amsallem #925455

    Even if some of his message made some sense, Mr Emile Amsellem, whose smicha is valid only after shkia, is indeed a back-stabber. He did indeed try to build himself on the back of Shas, and he just kept saying whatever people wanted to hear until they realized he was as phony as a nine-shekel note.

    in reply to: Israeli Elections 2013 – Let's Talk Politics #928045

    Lapid is not pro-Arab, but he is anti-Judaism, which makes him anti-Jewish. HaBayit Eino Yehudi is a secular party with a yarmulke. If it really advocated a bayit yehudi, it would not have won a single seat. As it is, its message is so mixed that I don’t understand why it isn’t down there with Kadima or below the threshold with the similarly murky Am Shilem.

    What is more, the moment there is alternative national service or a draft, Lapid’s whole raison d’etre is gone and he won’t ever see a Knesset seat again. He knows that, and he will therefore stay out just so he claims he is fighting for what he supposedly believes in. This way, he can delude himself into thinking he will get more seats next time.

    Finally, the medine knows that the moment charedim enter the workforce, it is the end of the ugly Charedi stereotype that the ruling clique wants to enforce. It will be the beginning of a wave of tshuva, and a guarantee that if the medine still exists as anything other than a binational state along the lines of Lebanon or Rwanda it will have a frum majority in 20-50 years.

    in reply to: What's wrong with the draft? #924111

    I was living in peace with my neighbor. I have little in common with him, but we greet each other when we see each other and otherwise mind our own business. My building has three empty apartments. All of a sudden, a drug gang takes over those three apartments. The gang, which, it turns out, is run by a distant relative of mine, terrorizes me, but I stay put. Then, they occupy the whole building, demand protection from me, and ask me to help them blow up my neighbor’s building so they can build a second drug den. My neighbor gets confused, and starts pelting me with rocks because I am distantly related to the drug dealers. The dealers give me a hard time because they say that my blood ties to their leader are more important than living a quiet, peaceful and moral life.

    They’ve made it impossible for me to work because they take protection from every business in my area and they’ve all been told not to hire me. They hit me up so hard for protection that I have no money left to do much on my own, so I take their leftovers just to stay alive.

    I cannot rise up against them because they have become too powerful, and they can turn off my electricity and water. Regardless, I know I have nothing in common with them, and that they basically stole my apartment and my peaceful life, so I cannot in good conscience join them to fight my innocent neighbor.

    I cannot give up either, because every inch of the building I live in really belongs to me and I have the deeds to prove it. The next-door building is probably legally mine, too, but I don’t need it and no one has lived in it for years. So long as the neighbor wants to live in peace, I have no interest whatsoever in proving he is a squatter.

    Now, the drug gangsters, who can’t even get along with each other, started a fight between me and him, when in reality we never had any problems. Because the new crowd is so bad, he started to claim that he had squatters’ rights to his home, just so he can get help getting rid of the gangsters – and he’s so fed up he’d just as soon get rid of me too. Meanwhile, the real squatters are the drug gangsters, who may indeed be my blood relatives but whose ways are so far from those of my family that they endanger me and everyone who was around me and lived in peace until they came along.

    The above is the situation regarding charedim and the medine.

    Charedim were living peacefully and quietly in EY before the tzioinim came along. It wasn’t the greatest life, but life wasn’t too good anywhere in those days. The Arabs were even willing to sell us land, as we made it clear we had no desire to do anything but make room for ourselves to live in peace as our numbers grew.

    The tzioinim not only started with the British and the Arabs, but they mocked us and, like the misyovnim of old, tried to tear us away from Torah. They were nothing but schnorrers, and they were getting money to buy land for illegal purposes.

    Now, they want us to join them in defending them against the neighbors with whom we lived in peace until they came along. (Hevron Tarpat -1929- was caused by tzioinim – zechor veal tishkach!)

    in reply to: Israeli Elections 2013 – Let's Talk Politics #928043

    Ein Atid aims to destroy kedushas ha’aretz and entrap Jews who are truly tinokois shenishbeu into severe averois through civil marriage etc.

    There are many yeshivos that operate without the help of the medine. The difference for such yeshivos would be a decline in their monthly electric bills when they switch to an Arab supplier.

    In any event, it is only the ridiculous system in EY that keeps avrechim who want to leave kollel from entering the work force. The medine does NOT want charedim in the work force, polluting the tzioinish enterprise and spearheading a wave of tshuva. They want them in the army to shmad them out – if they agreed to national service, it would truly be the end of the medine as they knew it and wanted it. The status quo is great for the medine too, as charedim are held in contempt for refusal to work when it is the tzioinish system that keeps them down.

    The medine cannot win a fight against Arabs, especially with Sugar Daddy America moving away from its side. Therefore, it fights Jews, in the way of the misyovnim and baryoinim of old whose skewed traditions it upholds.

    Gam ze yaavor.

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    Am Shavur (or Am Shilem) could have joined his friend Lipman and run on Lapid’s sinas chinam list. It does not look like Amnon Itzhak did too much damage to anyone.

    As for the medine, EY is too important to leave in the hands of the Israelis. Torah Jews the world over should join with real bnei Torah in EY and negotiate with Arabs in private, so we are guaranteed a small, autonomous Torah yishuv and rights to daven in the mekoimois hakedoishim when the medine falls.

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    When I saw the results across the board, with names included, I came to the conclusion that the medine needs to be under adult supervision.

    in reply to: Israeli Elections 2013 – Let's Talk Politics #928032

    More of the typical malaise and indecision – and hopefully an exodus, particularly of chilonim, as the left and the leftist American administration embolden the Arabs to make life in EY miserable and the medine come to its well-deserved end.

    Hashem Hu Malkenu.

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    I just started a koillel where yingeleit learn practical halacha.

    The topic for this zman is the Arba Misois Byse Din.

    in reply to: Coffee Room Mechitza #920842

    The mechitza must be at least 17867 pixels high by 3698 pixels wide. (Hilchos Internet: Pninei Creedmoor: Simen 80:90)

    All I know is that I wish I could spend Peerim in Antwerp this year. I would like to try the local half-baked fruitcake with loads of nuts (the same way R’ Yehuda Meshi-Zahav tried it in Lizhensk).

    in reply to: Giving Tzedkah for Private Jets #920736

    There are Satmar businessmen who own or rent private jets. What’s more, you can buy a jet, lease it out, and it comes out almost free for your own use. I know several people who do just that, and if I did not fear flying in non-commercial airliners I’d probably look into this as a business venture myself.

    Rest assured that none of the pennies you throw in a Satmar Bikur Choilim pushka, if those still exist, will go to pay for a private jet or use thereof. That is assuming the private jet story is even true. If it is, a private donor will pay for the jet.

    in reply to: Some notes about what it means to be truly poor… #1001108

    It may be too late to help us with this Shabbos, but remember that there will still be one after that and then after THAT.

    In other words, you have no intention to better your lot and no emunah that Hashem could make it better. You’d rather make us feel guilty about our tzedoko choices than do something so you don’t need to resort to schnorring.

    This is the attitude that shines through all of your posts. No one owes you anything. In my case, I have to worry about aniyei ircho kodem and aniyei E”Y long before I even think about giving to an individual who is physically able to support himself and who lives in a place where there is a safety net.

    You need more money? Sweep floors, take out garbage and save merchants in your area the shame and risk of hiring illegal aliens.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918185

    There is a persistent troll poster who has wrecked this and many other threads. He looks for negative attention much like a certain gentleman in Antwerp, yet he is allowed free rein to post his illiterate and pointless nonsense, which is often kefira, on this board.

    Go I must, until you add an Ignore feature. Right click – pull down menu….add to filter…Saygec Arosz, Bacsi!

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918184

    Thank you for the reform position on how to deal with avoido zoro. Many people looked up to Lenin, Stalin, Khomeini, Chmelnicki and Hitler – yemach shemam every one of them. If the Dolly Lemel has caused ONE Jew to become an oved a’z, and I know with 100 percent certainty that he has, he is a mashmid, and he should have a hysse gehennom. Buddhu is a getschke, and Jews sadly worship that getschke. Actually there is very little official tolerance for religion (except Judaism, as we don’t missionize, no natives practice it, foreign, largely frum, Jews create jobs here, and foreigners are free to do as they please) where I am, so Buddhu represents what the government under which I live thinks of the getschke too.

    Sadly, I cannot participate on any board which purports to be for frum Jews but allows clear kefira to be posted again and again. I don’t care if some oved AZ reads the board. I care that one less new age Jew or confused OTDer won’t end up completely gone over to AZ.

    I will not even be participating here for Peerim.

    Close my account; I am placing this site in my filter once and for all. I guess you feel you need these trolls (as opposed to a handful of posters who articulately espouse an educated MO viewpoint here – I disagree with them, but they are not trolls) to generate debate, and I sort of understand that. Nevertheless, I don’t want to be a part of it.

    The moment there is an Ignore feature here, I will return.

    I don’t know what comments you are referring to. If you must go, then go.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918177

    Joseph? LOLOLOLOLOL.

    in reply to: Do you plan on attending the parnassah expo? #917807

    You could have an exhibitor present classes for a GED, when in reality that exhibitor is an organization that supports and encourages people who fry out.

    In some communities, a letter from a rav is necessary to collect tzedaka.

    Fweeky Fweedy – the man who put the twerp in Antwerp!

    The school Fweeky forced his sons into is run by Belz.

    The tzioinish/modern school in Antwerp also refused his children admission, so he is about to sue the chassidish boys’ school to get his girls into that school rather than into the girls’ school.

    Any school has the right to have admissions standards. Some kids are not allowed into regular public schools either, and they must attend special schools or reform school, depending upon the circumstances. One of the boys supposedly told his melamdim back in Vienna that he wanted to grow up to be a suicide bomber, which, along with schar limud debts, is why he was expelled from that school back then.

    If there is an organization similar to Ohel in Antwerp, it is very necessary for this organization to intervene and take responsibility for the innocent children. They are the victims of a cruel, sociopathic father and a mother who is also a victim.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918175

    One can discuss a practical case to learn halacha and become familiar with sources. Had it not been taken off course, some interesting information could have been shared.

    As I said, If I wanted a peanut gallery response, I’d ask the jar of peanut butter in my fridge.

    I guess they tolerate certain posters here because every village needs what Antwerp has in the form of Fweeky Fweedy.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918171

    Zdad, kindly take your own advice.

    Fweeky Fweedy will do anything for attention.

    He is also desperate for money. He is hoping that the girls’ school will give him some gelt so he will withdraw his children.

    He is a classic sociopath, who even uses his own children in a quest for the attention he never got in yeshiva ktana.

    The kehilla should have taken his kids into the school, to help them lead normal lives. However, it must be noted that Antwerp is in a financial crunch, and Fweeky Fweedy is not only unable to pay tuition, but he is a known cheat and fraudster. It may not have been possible for the school to take a chance on these nebach kids.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918169

    In fact, it is even a mitzvah for us to tell A”Z worshippers that there is only one G-d. Remember Avraham Avinu? (Doing that would be illegal here.)

    In any case, unless anyone has some more real information to share, perhaps someone else would like to start a new thread about a real or hypothetical instance where practical halacha could be discussed.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918167

    Zdad, you are walking into a forum called The Yeshiva World and spitting all over those of us who are here because it is called The Yeshiva World. If you do not like the tone of the discussion, don’t participate.

    It is clear to me that you just come here for attention.

    I purposely posted this so we could have halachic discussions here, because I thought this is of interest to people who are part of the community here. I made it clear that I made my decision, so no one would have to feel he is paskening for me or has any responsibility. There is something in halacha called avoda zoro. There are certain halachas that pertain to those who practice it.

    There is a miserable failed blogger who may quote posts from here. I know him. Years ago in EY, he harassed me in person because he needed a sounding board for a pile of LH and MSR against people who were helping him financially.

    He is of those for whom the brocho Velamalshenim was written. We don’t worry about him.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918166

    YAWN. Defining A”Z is germane to the case at hand. It has nothing to do with what my feelings are toward this A”Z (it is not missionizing and therefore harmless – it has nothing to do with the strain of A”Z that entraps Jews) or whether I want to live among those who practice it.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918162

    Then I am proud of the fact that I made it very clear that Buddhuism is A”Z and that it is entrapping Jews.

    The Dolly Lemel is a favorite A”Z guru of Jewish leftists as well.

    This side discussion is a distraction and has nothing to do with the question at hand. I made it clear we are talking about A”Z, and that is all that matters.

    Please do not make any more troll house cookies.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918158

    neenee, what you saw was out and out geneiva. Nobody contests that such behavior is not a C”H, and I would have yelled “Shiksa Aross” or something similar to embarrass the woman and get her away from the merchandise.

    Daas Yochid is responding to an incorrect post by someone else.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918156

    Yes, every Buddhuist reads The Yeshiva World to learn halacha. Most Buddhuists cannot even read the alphabet we are using here, let alone know what A”Z is. Those who can are probably Jewish themselves, and they should be very ashamed.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918154

    Mediziner is correct. Besides everything else, A”Z is a definition, and we have to establish that definition before we can go any further. If you are uncomfortable with that, remember you are not being forced to participate on this thread or in this forum.

    Budhuism happens to be an A”Z that entraps Jews, particularly tourists from EY and “New Age” types from the US (although not because of missionaries – because Jews who know no better seek it out).

    The US is a majority notzri country but it is fully secular. Even though 25 December is a legal holiday, no one is penalized for not keeping it in public.

    I did not shoplift the lid. That is patently ridiculous. I can buy 100 containers a week, with lids, and it would hardly dent my budget. Hours after I came back with my purchase, I noticed something odd between two of the stacked containers, and I saw it was a lid. I did not put it there, and it was the store’s responsibility to keep things organized so this does not happen. (I just realized there may be no containers of the smaller size left as I did not see any on display. If there are, I want a half-dozen or so and I will take 6 containers and 5 lids to the cash).

    Given the ownership structure of this store, I can honestly say that it is majority owned by people who are very much into their A”Z.

    There are two identifiable Jews where I am. The other one doesn’t shop at this store because there is another branch closer to his home and our shul. There is no kiddush Hashem by returning it – there would be if it were a small, private shop, but whoever processes my return here would be:

    1) wasting more time than the item is worth

    2) possibly firing a subordinate for not stacking things right

    3) someone I probably would never see again

    By the way, the title I used for this thread is wrong. Can it be corrected to “Inadvertently RECEIVING extra merchandise?” I didn’t take anything – the lid was wedged between two containers in a stack.

    in reply to: Do you plan on attending the parnassah expo? #917802

    Since lesser forms of tsedaka don’t require a “haskomo,” why should this superior form?

    1) A haskomo is often needed for tzedoko – we don’t know who is who anymore with all of the competing organizations out there.

    2) It is not inconceivable that an organization like the one that steps on feet could sponsor an innocuous-sounding “parnosso fair” when its real goal is chas vesholom to promote kefira.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918144

    I don’t speak the local language yet. I would probably not even be able to explain what happened, and I would therefore get nowhere trying to return the lid. None of the lids has a separate UPC code so the store has no idea how many lids it has. My guess, which is a very educated guess as I know quite a bit about retail tracking systems and inventory, is that I am not the first or the last customer who either has an extra lid or doesn’t have any lids.

    Also, the local new year is coming up. People will buy these containers, with or without lids, and with or without looking for a lid, during the rush buying season.

    in reply to: Do you plan on attending the parnassah expo? #917799

    This expo has proper haskomos. What goes on in Beit Shimush should stay in the beit shimush, as the events there have little to do with anything similar elsewhere – indeed there are all kinds of agitators there looking to make trouble.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918141

    As for my benefit by buying one without a lid to make up for it – once I saw the lid I realized I can use a container of that size as well :). I do not need any extra lids for any containers – I rarely use lids.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918138

    Sam2 – so this is only for EY?

    Daniela – the rav here says that what they believe is really superstition because it isn’t standard Budhiusim (I don’t write the names of getschkes – budhu is a yukel in Hindi or Bengali). The store is too big for me to get any benefit from returning the lid; even though it is hard not to recognize me, I don’t shop at any particular time on any particular day, and I don’t shop in the non-food part of the store very often.

    in reply to: The Jewish Press #917965

    The rabbonim definitely, and rightly, opposed R’ Kahane HYD’s radical actions for Soviet Jewry when he was in the US. The JDL started out with noble intentions, but rumors had it that its original activists (including Dov Hikind) matured and were replaced by mindless thugs who engaged in extortion.

    Once he started Kach in EY, and if his plan was indeed to pay yishmoelim to leave EY, then I don’t see how anyone opposed it.

    As for his kiddush Hashem, a friend of mine who did not think much of him davka went to his levaya. My friend and I agreed that at the time of his death, he was mostly a loud, and possibly unbalanced, squawk box with little substance. Nevertheless, he was killed for being a Jew. I regretted not being able to go with him.

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918135

    I am presently in Asia. I know full well who owns this store, and while there are notzrim here this particular store is owned by an entity that is dominated by aku”m mamash. The minority notzrim are Catholics who in any case truly practice A”Z as it is a version of Catholicism similar to that in Latin America in which yoshke, his proste prutza mother, and the ‘saints’ (zol zan lig’n in der erd) are substituted for local getschkes.

    I want to see people who really know halacha discuss this, because this way more useful info is presented. The facts are exactly as I presented them. If I wanted a peanut gallery response, I’d ask the jar of peanut butter in my fridge.

    The services of the Business Halacha Institute are best reserved for far weightier matters, like finding heterim to bring those who follow Choshen Mishpat d’Chassidei Creedmoor to arkaois :).

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