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    Kahane was also far from being left-wing. His real legacy and impact are unclear, as is much of his life. However, he was killed al kiddush Hashem, and if the FBI had looked past his radicalism and really investigated what happened, at least the first attack on the WTC would never have come to be.

    He did not form the underground in any case; assuming the ShaBaK wasn’t in on that one too, it was the work of Gush Emunim activists.

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    Sholam Weiss will be released from his present Federal accommodations on 23 November 2754 (16th of Kislev, 6515). He was about 50 when he was provided with these accommodations, and I guess he has lived in them for about 10 years. I guess he can expect to live past age 800 especially because dina demalchusa dina and the same Federal government we can rely on for supervision of milk is the government that gave him a place to live for over 800 years (845 years was the original allotment.)

    When the Bear is back…Peerim is not far behind!

    in reply to: Inadvertently taking extra merchandise – halacha #918131

    Daniela – very simple – because it is a good idea to have halachic discussions on a board called The Yeshiva World.

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    Sam – I mean mamash A”Z as in Asian A”Z.

    Is there really an issur of buying from notzrim on a Sunday? If so, does it apply in the US or only in known Catholic countries like Italy or the Latin American countries? What about buying from a publicly owned supermarket in a Catholic country (that’s what would be open on a Sunday even when nothing else is).

    There is no likelihood of them realizing their error. This is the second time I bought these containers. The first time, I did not know they came with lids, and I did not want the lids, but the cashier insisted on my getting them. I am sure others bought them without lids, and other cashiers had no idea what they came with. They should have been packaged together, as the value of these containers is far too low to warrant an anti-theft tag on the lid.

    There are probably extra lids hanging around somewhere.

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    When R’ Sholom Klass was alive, the paper printed columns from R’ Meir Kahane HYD, as well as having serialized a book by one of the leaders of the old “Jewish Underground” that reduced the height of terror mayor Bassam Shakaa by a couple of feet…I mean a couple of legs.

    98% of the paper, however, is paid content.

    in reply to: Sherut Leumi… I don't know what to do #926089

    The reason I mentioned Michlala is that it has some sort of accreditation, so your tuition subsidy might work there. Perhaps there are other schools in the same category.

    in reply to: What would you love to see invented? #1014759

    An electric chair that is also yotze one or all of the arba misois beis din.

    in reply to: Social Security Disability/SSI #917420

    @walton157 – when did you quit?

    in reply to: Where to buy organic apples for a decent price in Brooklyn? #917453

    🙂 that is because organic in the US is not true organic. As I wrote above, organic in the US allows the use of many of the same products as non-organic does.

    I do not think you can use fresh organic fertilizer of horse or cow origin, which causes outbreaks and attracts insects, in the US.

    True organic would probably also include the old Gush Katif vegetables.

    in reply to: Another dating question??? #920388

    she probably wants to marry someone who is also really growth oriented as well.

    The OP is growing in a different direction – azoy vi a tzvibel, mit der kop in der erd. Break it off now, and find someone who is more flexible. She will eventually break it off later.

    in reply to: Social Security Disability/SSI #917418

    SSI fraud is very easy to get away with, and there is a whole subculture in the inner city that promotes this fraud. Social workers get bonuses based on efficiency, which means making sure as many possible recipients get benefits.

    The last stanza of the old Creedmoorer niggun:

    Foodshtemps, foodshtemps, nit nor far Yidden

    Foodshtemps mit velfare, iz shtark tzi freeden

    Foodshtemps, velfare mit ochet Section-Eight

    Far SSI darf tzi machen tzi drayt

    explains it all :).

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    If it were not for pesticides and fungicides, there would be a much larger “dead zone” consisting of hundreds of rows of gravestones of young and middle-aged people who fell prey to infections and even yenne machle caused by pests and fungus. I live in the developing world, and I know what real “organic” produce looks like. It is reminiscent of the euphemism “organic fertilizer,” which is what primitive farmers use and which attracts disease-causing organisms. I throw out half of what I buy, unless I go to a store that does the sorting for me.

    Organic certification is worth the same as the bogus hechsherim that crop up now in EY among lefties who want to protest the rabbanut and fool customers at the same time. Both an organic apple tree and a regular one are often treated with the same sulfur-based chemicals. They come from the ground (der erd) and they wash off easily, so smart farmers who use sulfur pesticides get away with calling their fruit organic – and the organic associations accept it as same. Same deal with other organic pest controls – everyone uses beneficial bacteria to control agricultural pests now.

    in reply to: What does Bill de Blasio do? #1019012

    If he knew what he did. he’d tell us. AFAIK he occupies a very expensive and comfortable chair in a city office building.

    in reply to: What did the dirty diaper-throwing individuals hope to accomplish? #917400

    That being said, we do NOT fight the medine with dirty diapers. We ignore their provocations, and remember that Hashem will take care of those who need to be taken care of. Former police chief Nisso Shaham, whose grube pomim is that of a descendant of the infamous Jewish stevedores who ran mafia theft and extortion rings at Ottoman ports to the detriment of Jewish merchants, fell fast and hard after making charedi lives miserable in Y-m for a few weeks. Even Yoilish Krauss (to say nothing of responsible askonim like my friend who sang to the shababnikim) is having his last laugh at Shaham’s expense.

    in reply to: The Troll Slaying Brigade #917381

    And don’t forget, both trock music and troll music, as well as trock-and-troll music are ossur lemehadrin and subject to cherem chamor.

    Now, all my wonderful friends, my dear holy trollers, the sweetest of the sweet, the holiest of the holy, the trolliest of the trolly…

    I’m really on a troll these days….(or am I also a troll?)

    in reply to: The Troll Slaying Brigade #917378

    Troll House chips are available from Mageifa, a special line put out by a joint venture between Mehadrin and Gefen and certified kosher by Moussa al-Dib Beck of Ir haKoidesh Monsey NK.


    Mix 1 bag of Troll House chips with lots of nuts. Half-bake in an oven that is missing a lot of screws. Serve to inebriated guests on Peerim, or give to shababniks to throw at passing cars every Shabbos.

    in reply to: What did the dirty diaper-throwing individuals hope to accomplish? #917399

    viciously anti-religious elites

    Please write “elites” in quotes. The tzioini “elites” were the lowest of losers from the worst families in Europe. They betrayed their betters during the churban as a way to get revenge and build their new Moishe Kapoyer society, with them on top leading supposedly spartan lives but in reality siphoning away plenty, and with those who should have been on top, like refugees who had been successful in Iraq and Morocco before the tzioini agitation drove them out, landing on the bottom.

    They also created the ugly situation that causes charedi extremism. The old Yishuv did not need an army because it got along fine with the Arabs, and even managed to buy land for expansion from the Arabs. Along came these lowlife baryoinim with ideas of a state, and they have the chutzpah to force bnei Torah into the army that they need to fight the wars that THEY started.

    A “national homeland” in the old Mandate did not mean a state. The tzioinim themselves caused the limits on immigration during the war with their agitation for a state.

    Now, we all suffer because of this miserable entity, a secular state on holy soil, as kosher as a loaf of bread on a seder plate.

    ???? ?????? ??? ???? ????? ?? ?? ???? ????? ??’ ??????

    in reply to: Sherut Leumi… I don't know what to do #926084

    Once you obtain a teudat oleh, I believe you are eligible for Kupat Cholim coverage, which covers pre-existing conditions. (The quality of care is another story – choose your kupat cholim carefully.) You probably would also get assistance for shana bet in a place like Michlala, which might suit your needs.

    Be VERY careful before committing to citizenship in the state of Israel. Know your rights, and know your responsibilities.

    in reply to: The Troll Slaying Brigade #917375

    There are two posters here who are de facto trolls, as their posts are not within the boundaries of “The Yeshiva World.” One is just a farbissener, whereas the other looks for attention. Neither is entertaining in the least, whereas Schmendrick did have a couple of humorous threads to his credit.

    in reply to: What did the dirty diaper-throwing individuals hope to accomplish? #917396

    Shababniks are OTD youth who are recruited and egged on by police and ShaBaK shtinkers in charedi dress who themselves are OTD and want to make the whole community look bad. Another term used for them is “plitei hayeshivot” – refugees from the yeshivas. They do not listen to any rabbonim, unless you consider Yoilish Krauss, an obvious shtinker, to be a rov. (He is a rav, but his title is in effect only after shkia.)

    I saw the same types that Popa saw in the same area. When I saw them one Friday night years ago, I was walking with a friend, who today is a city councilman for Aguda/UTJ, and who is an amateur chazzan. He started to sing: “Shabbos hee melizoik…” to the shababnikim (and we know what follows that phrase). The kids were bothering more frum Yiden with their noise than they were doing anything to close a street that hardly gets any traffic anyway on Shabbos.

    in reply to: Social Security Disability/SSI #917414

    Where are you? Is there a COJO type organization in your area that helps you fill out forms?

    The OP sounds honest. What Flyer describes is fraud, and it would be a chilul Hashem except that the authorities ENCOURAGE this in the new Obama America.

    in reply to: how does Hashem want girls with good voices to use them? #917102

    She should become the next Malky Giniger or Chanale Fellig. Women do not have nearly the choice we do (and that is a major understatement) when it comes to music. Hatzlocho.

    in reply to: What did the dirty diaper-throwing individuals hope to accomplish? #917388

    They can be stopped when the police want to stop using them to make all of us look bad.

    in reply to: Some notes about what it means to be truly poor… #1001069

    I am the 600 Kilo Bear, and I agree with Schmendrick – Edited. It is very difficult to agree with an unedited Schmendrick.

    Once again, someone needs to look into this situation and provide the proper help.

    in reply to: Should A Pauper Be Thrown Out of Town? #916517

    The point is moot. How can “we” throw anyone out of town?

    in reply to: Jews protesting against a job fair! How low will they fall? #915861

    There are people, including some who wear a certain type of kippa, who benefit from nuts like these making the rest of us look bad.

    Some of them pay these nuts or otherwise egg them on, and others go to the press or spend inordinate amounts of time discussing these nuts, giving them the attention they want and that they are paid to get.

    They are nut kases, and their cause is strictly to get attention. One of their ilk outside EY left NK and decided to get back into the news by forcing a girls’ school (of the Chassidish Beis Yaakov sort) in Antwerp to accept his SONS!

    Ignoring them will make them go away. Even having them arrested will only encourage their mishegoss. They will never be punished for what they do as long as certain parties benefit from using them to tar all charedim with the same brush.

    in reply to: Shang Chai #916587

    Chaval al haoivdin…it goes back at least two decades IIRC.

    in reply to: Terminating welfare #916357

    What would happen is that a significant part of the Democrat voter base would be alienated.

    In addition, the Otisviller Beis Medrash would overflow with yingeleit.

    in reply to: Some notes about what it means to be truly poor… #1001055

    I never thought I would agree with Schmendrick, but this time around, I most certainly do.

    in reply to: Some notes about what it means to be truly poor… #1001044

    “Just as I expect to be given tzedaka with kindness”

    You dig your hole deeper and deeper.

    Someone please check this guy out and get him some real help.

    in reply to: Some notes about what it means to be truly poor… #1001038

    Suffice it to say that I flinched at:

    “2. Look, I know you mean well, but PLEASE try to give more than 75 cents or a dollar.”

    What I don’t know, because I am far, far away, is whether this is a sign of an emotional problem, or whether this is a troll post.

    What I forgot is that someone, somewhere must know who this is and can check the situation.

    in reply to: Some notes about what it means to be truly poor… #1001036

    Frankly, there is a problem with this story. It may be a troll seeing how we respond, or OP may need some help with mental or social issues.

    Can someone check this out? If he needs help of any sort, there are those who can give him help. If he is trolling, I have no words for him except those I cannot post here.

    Zdad and Schmendrick are responding as usual. One clearly is on the fringes of the dalet amois of Torah, and the other one is a joker looking for attention.

    in reply to: Rabbi Michel Twerski #915741

    Probably from Reb Michel shlita’s shul/kehilla- search for Beth Jehuda Milwaukee. Otherwise, try Avremi G.

    in reply to: Jews protesting against a job fair! How low will they fall? #915854

    The medine cares more about dusky hued American street thugs than it does Jewish kids.

    It is about to extradite a Jewish patrol volunteer for defending Jews against a street thug. The volunteer did not even inflict much damage upon the thug.

    It will not give up Avremel Mondrowitz ShR”Y (and don’t go blaming it on the Gerrer Rebbe either – I remember the whole case going way back), a monster who molested scores of Jewish kids.

    (Of course, it begs with its boss the US to give up Pollard, a miserable traitor and lowlife who should exit prison only feet first, veyaffe shaah achas kodem.)

    The only reason I don’t burn the flag of the koifrim on Purim and Yom HaAtzamois is that I don’t even want to touch a stick attached to that flag (let alone waste good kerosene on it).

    Al shlosha pish’ei Yisroel….

    in reply to: Arak #915675

    The last couple of times I had it, I had Elite from EY. It has far more sugar than I remember it having years ago.

    Phenix from France is far better (used to be made in EY under license as well, and now it is imported into EY instead).

    Did anyone try Zachlawi from the US? It was not bad, but not really arak either, years ago when I had it. I think it has been reformulated.

    in reply to: Jews protesting against a job fair! How low will they fall? #915853

    Paris is a beautiful city with a great Jewish community. Tel Aviv is an ugly mixture of copies of Manhattan architecture and nondescript apartment houses, with the old slum of Hatikva thrown in for good measure.

    Last time I heard, people got sick by falling off a bridge into the polluted Yarkon, not the Seine.

    If an Arab kills a Jew in EY, he sits in a luxury prison until a lopsided prisoner exchange takes place.

    The medine was a mistake, and the world is sick of it. Reb Yoilish’s prediction will come true in due time – an orderly dismantlement of the state. Its sugar daddy, the US, has had better days too and is now ruled by a President and Senate who represent the malcontents of American society. Those malcontents are anti-Semites as well, and there will be intense pressure on the medine to basically commit suicide.

    Those of us who do speak Ivrit can give shiurim, as well as English lessons to the hordes of refugees from the medine who will be flocking to our shuls for meals as well as for help becoming adjusted to the new world.

    in reply to: Jews protesting against a job fair! How low will they fall? #915835

    entire group of people that, not for reasons of poverty (although admittedly they are very poor), but for reasons of ideology, do not contribute to the government while still receiving its benefits.

    They pay VAT. Reb Amram Bloy ZYA is no longer here to issue his alternative currency, and even when he did, it did not cover everything. Even with that, VAT was paid somewhere along the line as I doubt Reb Amram ZYA could rely only on underground suppliers.

    I try my best not to pay VAT when I visit EY. I cannot avoid it, nor do I get a full refund at the airport. My new policy is that I will not visit EY under “shilton hakoifrim” unless I can leave there with more money than I come in with.

    I am planning to go shopping for things I cannot get where I am in Paris, so I can help the beleaguered Jews there. They suffer largely because of the medine and its failure to either win a decisive victory or make lasting peace. Meanwhile, some of them are foolishly jumping from the frying pan into the fire (and shoving their kids into the frei-ing pan) by making “aliya.”

    I would also rather give business to my friends back in the US (which I do via online order) who are suffering economically due to the Obama regime than contribute one penny to the coffers of the koifers.

    in reply to: Jews protesting against a job fair! How low will they fall? #915794

    LOLOLOLOLOLOL! Even I can’t come up with a line like that! Come on, he’s having fun at your expense if you take him seriously.

    in reply to: Jews protesting against a job fair! How low will they fall? #915766

    Where do they come from?

    The fringes of the underbelly of the most extreme Charedi faction. Same place Srool-Doovid Weiss, Billy Mo Weberman (not the one who recently made the news), Moishe Aryeh Friedman who went from NK to getting his boys into a Belzer girls school, and other professional protestors without a cause come from.

    Difference here is that ShaBaK shtinkers tell the Ramat Beit Shimush hooligans what to do and where to strike. Remember, elections are coming up.

    in reply to: Shiduch List #915067

    LOL Nechomah – someone got my double entendre there!


    in reply to: Can Batsheva Name her child Elisheva? #915227

    “There are several, such as Noah.”

    I never bothered to learn to spell properly and hope I am right in saying Noa, the feminine name, has an ayin and hay at the end. Noach is spelled differently – two letters – nun ches. One thing I do know, the feminine name Noa has no ches at the end.

    in reply to: A bit bothered by some advertisements in frum publications #1009267

    By the way, few owners of 40,000 dollar watches, other than gangsters for whom every day they put on their watch can be their last with an arm to wear it on and eyes to see the dial, wear them every day to show them off.

    Some collect watches, and only take that watch out for a very special occasion. Some of those watches appreciate in value years down the road, so they make a nice yerusha and yes, even can be sold or donated for resale for tzedoko or borrowed against to support a learning child. (I don’t think they’re worth it as a plain investment unless someone truly enjoys having such a watch.)

    in reply to: Dreaming About Food – Whaf Are You Eating To Break Taanis? #915030

    🙂 some of us are way ahead – I had watermelon and a piece of cake in shul, and salmon, sea bass, and fried duck eggs at home.

    in reply to: Shiduch List #915065

    (BTW translate the Yiddish for us non-speakers. All I could figure out is “Do you want a shidduch or ______)

    ..a piece of wood.

    Only a 2 by 4 (and a very small number of women, most of whom come from hot countries where people are smaller) can wear a size zero past their early teen years. Then again, there is now “size deflation” for women, where an 8 of old is now a 4, and “size inflation” for men, where someone like me who wore XL for extra room can only wear an XXL (in athletic clothing – numbered men’s sizes are based on actual inch or CM measurements whereas women’s wear manufacturers have more leeway with numbered sizes).

    in reply to: Shiduch List #915064

    A good wife knows how to run the house when you get four years for making six figures the old fashioned way!

    in reply to: Can Batsheva Name her child Elisheva? #915223

    Can Tzvi name his son Hirsch? Aryeh name his son Leib? Tzipora name her daughter Faiga?

    Ask a shyla by a vilde chaye or a birdbrain! (or is a deer a behema?)

    (My friend’s wife’s name is Tzipora bas Chaya, which sounds very funny when translated!)

    in reply to: Shiduch List #915062

    Come on: A size zero is pushing it a bit – di vilst a shidduch oder a shtick holtz?

    4 – maximum dress size :). (Why do you want a girl who went to college? She’ll have krume ideas!)

    in reply to: Can Batsheva Name her child Elisheva? #915222

    NO! If a Batsheva names a child Elisheva or vice versa, the repeated sheva will bring about a gezera that will prevent mother and child from getting Section 8!

    in reply to: Discrimination Against Baalei Teshuva #1035490

    What is wrong with invei hagefen veinvei hagefen? There are some BTs who could never marry FFBs because they retain much of their old culture – and these are often davka the ones who complain they can’t find someone when there are tens of mates for them who are also BT and haven’t given up their yoga, or their Grateful Deceased, or their nonconformist dress etc. And there are some old-fashioned families who want to marry into families they knew in the alte heim – so be it (until it gets to the point that there are genetic problems LA from a small gene pool, but Dor Yeshorim helps with that).

    Some BTs kvetch about everything in their new world too, and think they are the ones who should make changes before they even know alef beis. FFBs are only right to see BTs as unstable when week after week, these types (dis)grace their Shabbos table before they drop out anyway. Believe me, it is no fun to have your Shabbos disturbed by wannabes who call you racist, fascist, misogynist etc because they don’t like the answers to their pointed questions.

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