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    R’ Druckman’s allies in America are Rabbi Marc Angel and the International Rabbinic Fellowship, Rabbi Manny Vinas, Rabbi Aharon Ziegler, and in Israel, Rabbi Haim Amsalem, Rabbi Shlomo Riskin, and Rabbi Yisrael Rosen.


    Al eileh ani boichiyo….why isn’t Avi Weiss on that list??

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    I am not Satmar.

    I am post-Gush Katif kanoi, simply because I see that the medine is a failed experiment. My present views are in line with true NK – Reb Amram Bloy ZYA. He also saw things the way they were – he saw he could buy and sell the Arabs out from under them and get as much land as he wanted for bnei Torah – until the tzioinim got in the way.

    EY is now the most dangerous place in the world begu”r for Jews.

    However, I see one ironic way out of the situation:

    Full draft for charedim – charedim then undermine the tzioinim the true Torah way, by bringing the people they serve alongside closer to Yiddishkeit.

    Then, the ineffectual UTJ and the well-meaning, but corrupt Shas will also be done with, and some new charedi leader, not a sellout like Amselem or Lipman but a bona fide charedi leader like Rav Grossman, starts a new party that becomes the huge upset 2 elections from now.

    Shabbos will become law, the gerus question will be settled once and for all, and EY will become lehavdil like Turkey under Erdogan – do what you want, but the country is a Torah country.

    This means 500% VAT on treyf meat outside of historical notzri areas and for all purchasers who are not notzrim, 1000% VAT on imported treyf wine (and 250% for kosher for all I care if it makes sense that EY should protect its own wine industry), toll for use of the roads on Shabbos, three years in jail for Anat Hoffman and company etc, etc. It also means cleaning up present issues in the frum world that I believe arose because of the need for us to “vehivdilanu min hatoim.”

    This is a more positive scenario than the strict NK one, but I believe the world will impose the NK scenario, or one state, one man, one vote, on the medine.

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    Please draft charedim into the army. Those who want to serve, or to do national service, are the ones who will have a huge hashpooh on their fellow soldiers and citizens. That will lead to a wave of tshuva – and sof hamedina as the followers of Herzl and Weizmann and Ben Gurion, all of less than blessed memory, envisioned it.

    The chilonim will soon see how the dos will become the boss. If that happens, I’ll retire there in a couple of decades and bring my Shabbos shoes to Yair Lapid for polishing (or throw him a few agorot in front of the tachana hamerkazit).

    A draft of charedim = national suicide, and I do not think it will happen. That is too bad, because it could lead to rebuilding of the medine.

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    KD was owned by a family that has many other successful business interests, and they let their restaurants slowly fall apart. It had a great run; someone else will start something new.

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    Complete moral, social, financial and security failure of the medine. Abandonment of the medine by its citizens and by Jews throughout the world who are tired of facing danger because of the incompetence of the medine and its misleaders.

    Dismantlement of the present medine by the UN, with US, EU and Russian assistance.

    A Jewish autonomous region for shomrei mitzvos within an Arab state. Freedom of access to all parts of EY (except Har HaBayis) as tourists for anyone from anywhere.

    Bnei Torah throughout the world welcoming and assisting largely chiloni refugees from the medine.

    A return to Torah, followed very quickly by Moshiach and the establishment of a real “Jewish state” in all of Eretz Yisroel.

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    My father had this type of persistent nausea when he was in his 60s. He had every test known to man (defensive doctoring) and they found nothing. I wasn’t at home anymore, but I guess he found the problem himself eventually by figuring out that it was caused by something he ate or an odor in his home or office.

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    Yes, China and India will surpass the US in two generations. America is now a land of government handouts – and this would never have happened had FDR yemach shmo allowed Jews to enter the US before WW2. The influx of industrious, intelligent immigrants would have caused an economic boom, which their descendants would have continued to manage. The only reason EY is no longer a third world country is because of the Soviet influx – EY outsmarted America as most of the Jews who left the Soviet Union would have preferred America, but deals were made to get them to EY.

    Now, you have smart Jews getting junk manufactured in the Far East to sell to poorer and poorer Americans who can no longer afford goods made in America or Europe.

    Even my new Vise-Grip plier, which is so much an American invention that it is called plier amerikai in Ivrit, is made in China. I knew it wasn’t the same quality as the ones I bought a couple of decades ago.

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    I don’t have much time to post here now, but I want to make it very clear that the Jewish homeland was NOT supposed to be under self-rule. Direct British rule was what was called for, at least at the beginning.

    I do not want to live in EY under the rule of a bunch of baryoinim whose city, Tel Aviv, is literally a new Sdoim, a capital of M”Z, organized crime, and many other social ills. If I do live there, or even am not careful when visiting, I end up financially supporting this abomination, so that living in EY is a mitzvah sheba beavaira.

    I am sure Nachum Segal and other Jewish radio hosts broadcast the times of shiurim in the US when their organizers pass on the information. Meanwhile, the radio stations that broadcast such info in EY are hounded by the communications authority of the medine.

    The medine is like a chozzer – you see its kosher feet, but the rest of it is chozzer treyf and a complete abomination as it is doing its best to negate the kedusha of EY and turn Jews into a nation like any other. It will fail economically, socially and morally as Hashem’s messengers, the nations of the world, turn against it with the BDS movement that will soon spread so large stores and government entities upon whom the medine’s industries depend will stop dealing with them. That will force the best scientists and entrepreneurs to leave (as many are doing quietly anyway), and the huge real estate bubble in EY will burst, so you’ll see plenty of Hebrew University graduates flipping pizza on 13th Ave, faking frumkeit to get even the most menial job from Yidden who hire them out of sympathy.

    And why? Because that state is a loaf of bread on a Seder table, or a chozzer on the mizbeach. If Jews lived in EY bekedusha ubetehora, even autonomously, the world would respect us.

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    What a difference between those menuvelach and the Chabad BT doctor in CH who gave me a free flu shot based on my word that I carried a particular insurance (I did not have my card yet) – he was so overworked he could not even accept me as a patient and I don’t even remember how I ended up giving his receptionist proof of insurance so he could get reimbursed (I think she called the company to verify my coverage).

    I have heard that Terem is a slight glimmer of light in the dark tunnel of EY medical care.

    The real glimmers of light in medinas Sdoim, where curable patients die because proven lifesaving medications are not included in “the basket,” are Ezra laMarpeh (Rav Firer), Ezer meTzion etc – but chas vesholom anyone should need their assistance in obtaining care outside of EY. My friend and neighbor in CH used to collect money to obtain lifesaving medications in the US and send them to critical care patients whose plights were made known to him by his relatives in EY.

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    The actions of a band of RZ baryoinim at the Kosel is what caused the riots in 1929. That decent sheikh and some of the decent Arabs who had lived in peace with the Old Yishuv yidden in Chevron could not control the hordes who were already confused by the tzioinim and chose to follow radicals rather than moderates. They were misled to believe that the tzionim had designs on the mosque, and they reacted accordingly.

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    I think Jews would have been much safer had the idea of an independent state, as opposed to a homeland, not came about. If the Balfour Declaration would have been interpreted that way, something could have been worked out with the Arabs, who really did not mind Jews until the tzioinim came along and decided that land they bought gave them sovereign rights.

    While I think Jacob de Haan HY”D was a strange fellow who was not capable of doing very much, the tzioinim so feared the possibility of someone negotiating for a peaceful Jewish enclave under foreign rule that they killed him.

    That being said, I favor national service for charedim, in a charedi framework that is open to all.

    We will be the worst nightmare for the tzioinim once we truly enter their society and become as productive as we are in chutz la’aretz. (Sorry, Zdad – we are not all on welfare, and some of us employ plenty of less frum Jews including veterans of the IDF who left the tzioini paradise for the US and Canada.) Since the real extremists will not enter, they’ll be marginalized and the medine, if it lasts much longer, will see a huge wave of chazara betshuva as those who are not leftists learn what Torah is really about.

    Then, it will either be medina ke’halacha (NOT medinat halacha as that is for Moshiach) – or halcha hamedina. Halcha hamedina could mean a binational one-man, one-vote state where the remaining chilonim would pack up and leave, as most Jews would care about living in Eretz Yisroel rather than pretending to run medinat “Israel.”

    And this is why I expect the status quo to continue, until Moshiach comes or Reb Yoilish’s prediction of a peaceful dismantlement comes to pass.

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    I’m 46, and I would be happy to buy a kever now – in fact, more than one kever – for starters, one for Chavez, one for Ahmadinejad, one for Haniyeh, one for Nasrkaka, one for Ahmed Tibi, one for Noam Chomsky, and even one for George Tzuris, who can afford his own.

    Seriously, it is a segulah for long life to prepare a tzavooh. A good idea would be to specify your desired place of burial and to allot funds for its purchase. A statement like “my neshomo will know no rest if my request is not fulfilled” might be appropriate if you know you have relatives who might not follow your directions.

    I would like to be buried next to Sholam Weiss. If we hold that dina demalchusa dina, that guarantees me over seven centuries of life.

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    I was robbed and shaken down during his time. I have every right to remember him for the lousy mayor that he was. I also have every right to mention how he treated the true leaders of our people.

    In his time, I feared walking the streets of Crown Heights at night. I was shaken down in the subway when coming back to Manhattan from simchas beis hashoeva in 1988, and that is my most lasting memory of those years. When I last lived in Crown Heights (which I avoided doing in the Koch and Dinkins years, much as I wanted to) during Bloomberg’s time, the denizens of once off-limits Nostrand Ave were afraid of me during the day, and I was addressed as “boss” at 1 AM one summer’s night by local toughs who realized I was right behind them when they were openly breaking drug laws. In 1988, I’d have ended up with a knife in my back for seeing that.

    He basically tried to shame the Lubavitcher Rebbe ZYA, who never endorsed any candidate for any office in the US, but gave all who asked brochos for success, into giving him an endorsement. The Rebbe of course refused politely and still gave him a brocho. This is on video, and it shows the real Ed Koch – a sleazy politician who pit everyone against everyone else for his own gain. For revenge, he turned properties that the Jewish community should have had over to a “church” group that put a criminal element in the buildings.

    He did the same to Satmar because he did not get the Williamsburgh vote.

    I can’t remember if it was Yehuda Levin or someone else who got my protest vote the year I could have voted for Koch. I was too tired to find out how to write in Bernhard Hugo Goetz.

    Once he was out, he said whatever would get him the press coverage that he so loved. He was really the same as a certain MAF personality-wise, but he was brighter so he achieved more. I do think, however, that 9-11 was a wakeup call for him, and that his most recent proclamations were sincere.

    Still, I will always remember: “Ed Koch was not a happy man. Ed Koch was a (word for m”z that rhymes with hay) man.” (attributed to R’ Meir Kahane HYD but not confirmed – certainly not my original slogan.)

    after the necessary time Ed Koch will be there too.

    Yes, like most every Jew who does not get kooreis. That amount of time is 11 months. Unlike Eliezer ben Dordai, who could buy oilam haba in a moment, Ed Koch caused real damage to many Jews, and he did not ask for mechila in their lifetimes.

    For now, he is enjoying the company of a few crack dealers whose businesses he never shut down.

    As for the date coincidence, he and Daniel Pearl only expressed their Judaism when it was too late. That is why the coincidence is the secular date!

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    Oh, and yes, the porkys did use the term frei with pride – they had newspapers with names like Der Morgen Freiheit (ironic – that one was practically a Communist paper, from the Lower East Side).

    in reply to: Medicine Gemachs #926900

    I am BH able to afford the clinic in Wolfson (especially back then when prices weren’t what they are now – I also carry worldwide insurance that would cover real care in Wolfson), and when I asked for a referral I told the referring doctor I was willing to pay for good work. If I wanted care in EY, I would not hesitate to try that clinic again for another specialty.

    However, I earn my money the old-fashioned way. I do not like to be cheated, especially by medical personnel who judge me by my charedi dress and don’t realize that I understand everything they tell me and then some.

    There was no real corrective operation for the scar on my hand, and the doctor knew this. (There may be one now thanks to medical lasers, but I could care less to have it corrected.) He also knew that my minor complaint of dirt accumulating in it would resolve with time, and it did. He could have told me that over the phone. Instead, this creep, an American who was probably frustrated at making aliyah (or perhaps was running from a malpractice suit or a board disciplinary action) tried to sell me a useless procedure, which would have been OK if he had not charged me for the privilege. He should have charged me a symbolic fee and told me the truth, which was that I had a problem that was not worth taking care of. This was not a matter of a real condition that needed top-notch care.

    His (lacking) ethics are pretty much in line with what I experienced from many RZ/MO “professionals” in EY, whether olim or locals. They think charedim are captive patients and clients because we’d rather have shomrei Shabbos professionals. I happen found out that he and his wife, also an MD, practice and advocate a dangerous alternative diet. Had I known that back then, I would not have gone to him on moral grounds.

    In the US, I would not have even asked a rov for a heter – I would have contacted the licensing board. I don’t have a heter to expose him online, and I doubt it would do me any good to do so given his particular specialty. If he wants to make money doing nose jobs on rich kallahs from the US, let him do so.

    This is the clinic in Wolfson Towers, and at least back then it was very fancy but it did accept at least one kupat cholim. It was so fancy that when I was there, the receptionist threw out a frum askan who brought two poor people in need of help and for whom he was willing to cover all charges. I should have walked out then as I was thinking of doing – I don’t need to get care at Mirpaat Sdom veAmorah.

    The doctor actually hinted to me that if I made aliyah, he’d pull some shtick with Makabi and give me a good deal as if the surgery were medically indicated. A real tzaddik, gematriya 80:90.

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    porkei ol..and of course this phrase is why chozzer fleisch is called pork.

    in reply to: A Complaint About The Terms 'Frei' & 'Shiksa' #1049052

    Truth is, I prefer pay tzadik (not the actual word, but said as written) to shygetz, and pritza or zayin-vav-nun-hay to shiksa :). I think the only time I use the word Shygetz is together with the word Aross (or as part of my blogger name, Der Shygetz, a parody of Der Yid, the title of the Zalmanite Satmar newspaper) :).

    I also use “shtick dreck” to describe lowlives of any origin.

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    Mazel tov to Moishe Aryeh Friedman, valiant fighter for integration of girls’ schools in Antwerp, to Anat Hoffman, valiant fighter for desecration of the Koisel.

    As Friedman already has one wife, he will be married to Hoffman under sharia law, by Ayatollah Khameini himself.

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    What is going on here? I cannot skip to the last post – I get only a reply box.

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    A Tzu drayter, who was a very mediocre mayor. I hope Rav Meir Kahane HY”D, the Berach Moishe ZY”A and the Lubavitcher Rebbe ZYA are his dayanim in the yeshiva shel maala. Anyone who read his book or remembers certain things knows what I mean :).

    BDE. mit an emmes.

    in reply to: A Complaint About The Terms 'Frei' & 'Shiksa' #1049039

    Frei really makes no sense – but like that word for happy, that is what it now means, and so be it.

    I actually use shygetz (purposely pronounced that way as in Shygetz Aross, which clearly refers to lowlifes of Jewish origin) and shiksa as synonyms for hooligan and pritza – to describe Jews who have fallen to the point that they are abominations. “Er iz a rosho, a shygetz..” is how I describe, say, Moishe Aryeh Friedman.

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    Do medicine gemachs have medicinal marijuana?

    Contact the Aleh Yarok gemach, which is on Rechov Zohar Argov, off of Sheinkin in Tel Aviv. There may be a couple in Nachlaot and Tzfas that can help you as well :)))).

    in reply to: Good Riddance Mr. Haim Amsallem #925534

    The person involved has no neemonus. The rav involved was duped by a streetwise conman with some very serious issues. Gerus is not for amateurs, and that is why we don’t want the Amsalems and the Druckmans of this world to handle it.

    If this one was told that he would become a new person without his old physical tayvos, that is as if a 300 pound ger tzedek goes down to 175 pounds the day he completes his gerus.

    Dan lekaf zechus for this one is like dan lekaf zechus for molestors. I am tired of the left throwing out phrases like dan lekaf zechus, dina demalchusa dina and bein odom lechaveiro the way the non-Torah movements throw around “tikkun olam” – ie with no idea of what the phrases mean or when they apply.

    Judaism is not the old American folk religion of matzo balls, UJA and state of Israel bonds. It is also not a Carlebach lovefest. It is a way of life based on a set of rules. You don’t follow the rules – you’re mechutz lamachane. You try to bend the rules – you’ll be pretty bent out of shape for 11 months after you leave this world.

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    Prilosec is omeprazole. If it isn’t OTC in EY, it is because of the scam Kupat Cholim system that keeps many drugs RX to perpetuate the socialist insurance system.

    There was a pharmacy in the Machane Yehuda market where the pharmacist broke the rules, at least for people who clearly came from abroad. I don’t know if it is still there or if the pharmacist can still do what she once did.

    The doctors in Wolfson charge ridiculous prices. I paid NIS 200 just for a surgeon to give me a price quote on needless cosmetic surgery, and that was in 1996. The surgeon should have just taken one look and told me not to bother with what I was considering.

    in reply to: Who Is Really On Welfare? Basic Hashkafa! #927845

    The only reason Arabs would happily gas “us” is because of the medine.

    The tzioinim and their terrorism is what caused the British to restrict entry into EY during the churban – they could not manage Arab anger against the tzioinim. The British and the Arabs were more than willing to grant Jews a national home – but not a state.

    I cannot buy up land in Bronx slums, set insurance fires, use the insurance money to build a KJ-type settlement, and then secede from the US. I’d end up in Oytisville if I did it for profit, or Pilgrim State if I did it for “ideological” reasons.

    That is exactly what the tzioinim did – they bought land, which was just fine – but the sellers and the recognized government of that time expected them to live in peace and respect others (as the old Yishuv did, which is why Reb Amram Bloy ZYA was able to acquire plenty of land from Arabs to create room for decent bnei Torah to live). Instead of using insurance money as my putative Creedmoorer did, the tzioinim used schnorred money from the Rothschilds and others to create their chilul Hashem in Eretz haKoidesh.

    The same people who protest when some yeshiva kids are accused of making noise and keep neighbors up are the same people who condone and glorify the actions of an illegitimate state that truly antagonizes its legitimate neighbors. The “Israelis” and their secular culture are no more legitimate than the “Palestinians” are. If the “Palestinians” ever lay down their arms, they will conquer the medine without a shot by demanding one state/one person/one vote.

    When that happens, I will move to EY and vote Aguda, which, along with Shas, will have the majority of Jewish seats in the new state’s parliament. I would much rather live under Salem Fayyad than under Yair Lapid or even Bungling Bibi.

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182870

    Now, we are back to nature vs nurture – why are different people programmed to see things differently?

    There definitely is a genetic component – never mind the erev rav, almost all of us, especially among the Ashkenazim, are saddled with genes that were enforced on us by our tormentors during the worst of times. How much that has to do with present behavior, I have no idea.

    The problem is with the lack of authority and supervision on the Internet. This is probably the best of the forums as far as moderation is concerned. Still, it is a forum, and some people who have little knowledge and less emunah love to post pat answers that basically have the message “Torah is not everything – go enjoy the secular world.” I understand that without debate, this board would just become a community bulletin board of the “Where do I find Paskesz Moldy Green Licorice Bites with Aspartame” variety. However, something needs to be done to squelch the shrill voices of those who are shluchei d’yetzer horo on frum platforms. Kids think that a low level of observance, combined with interest in garbage like alternative rock or grunge music, is cool – they call it “chilled” now. It isn’t cool and it isn’t “chilled” – it’s one step closer to the OTD abyss, and deep down, the troublesome OTDs know their lives are wasted and empty.

    The Internet should be used to create an image of OTD as what it really is – sitting in the grimy railroad station beis kisse, smoking and drinking cheap beer, while watching the train whiz by even though you know full well you have a first-class ticket for the most direct and fastest route on that train.

    in reply to: Yair Lapid to Chareidim- you won #927428

    What if the frei stop the money-flow? They could be in for a rude awakening.

    Jews the world over will take up the slack for those who truly want to learn. The rest will join the workforce and start a huge wave of kiruv that would completely change the face of the medine – which is why, in the end, little or nothing will happen. Lapid needs his charedi bogeyman to get in again.

    What if the US turns off the spigot and stops supporting the medine?

    Answer: the frei would run to America (or to the countries that issue them EU passports based on their origins) as dejected refugees, and a core of charedim would remain and find some way to live in peace among the Arabs as they did in Ottoman and British times – probably running their own economy of small and not-so-small businesses and bettering their lot as well.

    in reply to: Who Is Really On Welfare? Basic Hashkafa! #927810

    The medine is the largest recipient of U.S. welfare. It is the ultimate loser, the ultimate golus Jew, the shlepper innkeeper or tailor who doesn’t dare offend the poritz.

    in reply to: Good Riddance Mr. Haim Amsallem #925517

    You are ignoring my argument and the halacha. Yes, if it was clear AT THAT TIME that person didn’t mean it when they verbally accepted ol malchus shomayim, then it is not a good geirus. However, if it was so clear we can assume an Orthodox Rabbi would not have done the geirus.

    It is as clear as a bell that these people are phony. However, rabbis are human. Some are “shudders” corrupt, and will sell geirus, but in most cases the improper gerus comes about because people who grew up in a system where you conned everyone and everyone conned you end up conning a well-meaning rav who grew up in the US or EY or London or Antwerp, in a normal home and normal environment.

    That rapper was not sincere from day 1. He was masking a tayva for MZ.

    A true ger tzedek does not convert because being Jewish is “cool,” or because of marriage to a Jew. I remember the gerim of old, back in the days before it was “cool” and easy to obtain conversion. They are nothing like the people I know today – the BEST of whom just buys treyf in full view of community members in a store that sells plenty of kosher and raises her children in a certain “movement” that begins with a con – (perhaps because the real rabbonim where she now lives know her kids are not Jewish and don’t want to take them in).

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182865

    Genetic makeup…could be the case…after all, the terrible genes of the erev rav have penetrated all of us and we never know when and how they will manifest. In some cases, they manifest as m.zochor, or abuse, and in other cases as OTD.

    It is in the cases of illness and divorce that someone needs to reach out and make sure kids don’t find the wrong answers to “Ribboinoi shel Oilam, why.”

    The bad seed – sorry, but only the Shygetz Aross approach works to determine who just has a ruach shtus or bad influences overwhelming them and who just is so far gone that they’re best off mechutz lamachane where they can’t influence others or destroy what others build.

    in reply to: Good Riddance Mr. Haim Amsallem #925513

    Pure garbage. Since when do we accept someone who converts for marriage with NO intention of keeping ANYTHING? See what I posted – that is who I am talking about, not the mere handful of converts who became truly interested in Judaism through marriage or impending marriage to a Jew.

    That is your typical giyores from the FSU erev rav in EY, the US and back in the ex-USSR – the kochavit hagiyur commercial is 100% accurate.

    The resurgence of Judaism in the former Soviet Union has also attracted some fine male erev rav, who undergo worthless giyur by conning well-meaning rabbonim – the stories I know about some of these creeps would make a Weberman supporter (R”L) cringe.

    In any case, what the medine does for citizenship is its business. Said citizenship does not confer Judaism, and that citizenship is a financial and social burden (and a threat to one’s safety) in any event.

    And no, not Shyne. I hardly know who he is but the name sounds vaguely familiar.

    Hint: Y-mach Shmo. (which will be the name of my YouTube act for Peerim this year, but in this case I am referring to a real troublemaker and M”Z-nik who somehow convinced an ehrlicher rov that he was sincere.)

    in reply to: Royal Jordanian Airlines #925307

    I know many people who use Royal Jordanian – even citizens of the state of Israel are welcome on board. I flew Emirates myself and even walked around Dubai – I intend to do it again if the need arises.

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182863

    1) There are some who unfortunately need to leave, because we can’t help them and they cause more problems than we can handle. G-d indeed loves Barney Franks – and He gives them 11 months after they leave this world to do tshuva (in cases where He, for whatever His reasons, does not wipe them off the earth before the age of koreis ends). “Shygetz Aross” does have a place, and we need to be mekayem “ubearto hara bekirbecho.” I always said that if Chabad would say “Shygetz Aross” (meaning clean its house of meshichisten, as well as of those that came in for a free ride because the door was too wide open), and kanoim would say “We Want Moshiach Now,” Moshiach would come.

    2) Kids go off because of mixed messages, like the ones that come from certain posters here. In some cases, the problem is one set of messages at home and another in school. In other cases, it is because confused kids turn to the Internet to find answers they like rather than the right ones.

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182850

    What’s more, if you truly believed in what you learned instead of just feeling comfortable in a certain lifestyle, you would not practice anything preceded by “Modern,” or at the very least you would treat those who are above you in every way with respect, knowing where you stand.

    in reply to: Going off the Derech #1182846

    Danny: (I refuse to call you Reb Doniel – that method of address is reserved for the elders and leaders in my world and I don’t even let kids address me that way):

    Who are you to tell us what needs to be done? You are but a newcomer, and you think you can give the gedolei ha-dor orders? This is an attitude I have seen many times on the part of questionable gerim and BTs who later leave the fold after taking far more than they give – and then they turn on us, screaming into the wind of cyberspace where only fellow malcontents listen to them.

    As for historical revisionism, I have a degree in history from one of the finest universities in the USA, if not the world. What I was taught makes Artscroll children’s books pale in comparison when it comes to historical revisionism.

    Humanism and Judaism are diametrically opposed. I understand studying useful subjects (and that includes plumbing as much as it does law) for parnosso, and if someone who is strong in his emunah likes to read Western literature in the beis hakisse, I understand that too. However, Western philosophy is not medicine or law or engineering – it is not chochmas hagoyim, but raw kefira.

    in reply to: Good Riddance Mr. Haim Amsallem #925507

    I believe in shleimus ha’am – and that means keeping erev rav and goyim mechutz lamachaneh. Insincere converts convert for their own gain, and they do not contribute a thing to am Yisroel. We have enough problems as it is – we don’t need new ones who are descended from Cossacks and Eastern European peasants who tormented our ancestors.

    I lived among these con artists. I have provable stories of their post-geirus behavior that involve issurei skila and worse. (They are not fit to discuss here.)

    We don’t need this kind of trash in our midst, or in our gene pool.

    in reply to: Israeli Chareidim moving to chutz la'Aretz? #942168

    “I find it ironic that there are religious jews who are publicaly anti-israel, the country that today represents jews to the whole world, and cause a huge public chilul haShem – something that could perhaps be considered ya’harog val yavor.”

    The state does NOT represent Jews – it has usurped that right and made a mess of things so that it ENDANGERS Jews. It is a chilul Hashem, and those who oppose it and the misyovnim who run it are the Makabim of today.

    It will not last, and in the end what will be left is a “Jewish Autonomous Zone” made up almost entirely of charedim.

    in reply to: Good Riddance Mr. Haim Amsallem #925491

    Having lived in Russia and Ukraine, I know just how important it is to inspect all records and to reject insincere gerim.

    A gerus for marriage is invalid, period. I saw with my own eyes how one Vashti in the guise of Ruth bought treyf food with her husband every time I saw her in the supermarket. They returned to the US, and they send their kids to a non-frum kindergarten. Tell me, please, what that gerus is worth.

    She was the best of the bunch – other stories are not fit for this audience. Even non-religious Jews I knew would not do that in front of me, because they respect those who keep Yiddishkeit.

    That being said, there is no reason we should respect the religious authority of the medine in any way, and it really can only decide “who is an Israeli citizen.” We must keep our own sifrei yochsin, and in one generation we will need them even to know who can get an aliya in shul (believe me, the non-kosher gerim will show up either to make trouble or for the Kiddush).

    in reply to: Yair Lapid to Chareidim- you won #927397

    For your information, Zdad, one of the largest roads in EY was built by a charedi entrepreneur. I don’t remember if it is still a toll road and if his firm still collects the tolls, as it was probably a Build-Operate-Transfer project.

    And for Lapid’s information, the Haredi charities help more seculars than they do haredim. If national service includes real work for these organizations, then so be it. This will bring about a wave of tshuva, when people see that the haredim who they hated are better at organizing things they need than the medine is. They already see it when they run to the local Beis Chabad instead of to the consulate or embassy of the medine when they’re in trouble abroad.

    As for foreign passports, it is the seculars who will need and get them soon. Why do you think Belgium suddenly apologized for its treachery during the Churban? Very simple – it wants to separate Jews from Zionists. It also wants to take in refugees when the medine collapses or becomes so miserable because, instead of fighting Iran (a battle it could win), the medine is busy fighting Charedim (a battle it will lose).

    The only type of leader who will save EY is a Jewish Erdogan – a non-isolationist charedi who will make it clear that EY must be Jewish. That means you can do what you want at home, but in the public sphere, there are no avoidable halachic violations. Pork – sure – 500% VAT outside of a zone in Natzeret where no one can buy with an ID card that says Jewish. Treyfe wine or liquor – 1000% VAT because EY produces plenty of good kosher stuff. Operate your factory on Shabbos with no pikuach nefesh reason to do so – sure – only in a zone somewhere in the Galil that is mainly Druze and only with non-Jewish workers – and with a license that is quite costly. Drive on Shabbos – sure – with a permit that costs at least 1000 NIS per month. Weekend – begins Thursday night and ends Sunday morning etc, etc, etc. Toeva – parades are banned, clubs are closed, do what you want in private. Meanwhile, we’ll see what causes this illness and use taxpayer funds to find a cure so we can be laor goyim and put an end to toeva once and for all. Non-Jews posing ss Jews – a sum that is enough to start a new life back where they came from and a one-way ticket for all who want to leave.

    Foreign relations – we have a nuke and if that’s what it takes you to understand that Hashem and not the UN gave us this land, that’s what you’re getting.

    This leader’s name is probably Moshiach ben Dovid.

    in reply to: Are things wrong cause they're wrong, or because people go OTD? #924325

    Hitting? You mean melamdim hitting talmidim or the class oisvorf beating up the melamed (a level which we have probably reached by now)?

    in reply to: "A Jewish Star"�Not Very Jewish #957769

    Avraham Fried will not be a judge this year. He just happens to live in the same neighborhood as the organizers, so they asked him to get involved and he obliged. Even if he was paid for it, whatever he got is nothing compared to what he can make for one performance, and he was also subjected to mockery for his decisions.

    It says quite a lot that Lipa is the one who is replacing him.

    Pellin will also not be judging this year.

    The site is a commercial venture by a marketing firm, with which Pellin has no connection at all. Pellin, for all his shtick, is, like Fried, a frum Yid. The organizers appeal to a modern audience. An erlicher singer with talent has no hope of winning, and those who have won have not even made it as wedding singers.

    However, a ban will only increase the popularity of this shanda among those to whom it appeals. Let them have their fun; the contest will burn out on its own in due time.

    in reply to: "A Jewish Star"�Not Very Jewish #957753

    The kind of “music” it promotes and the singers who win are always from the fringes of the community. None of the singers who have won have gone on to real success.

    in reply to: Good Riddance Mr. Haim Amsallem #925467

    Did you hear what Rav Ovadia shlit”a had to say about Amsellem? My comments are quite MILD compared to his – and I stand by them 100 percent.

    He wanted to be a court Jew because he had no real position or name in Shas. There is no inyan of loshon horo against one like Mr Emile Amsellem, who I cannot call Haim as he only takes away from “ki hem chayenu.”

    I would have had a modicum of respect for him had he joined the Ein Atid list as his equally odious former buddy Lipman did.

    That being said, technically I do not think he cost Shas a seat. I think he got RZ voters who found Bayit haYehudi too nationalistic.

    in reply to: Tzahal Sweatshirts #946675

    It should be worn as a “schmatte” – for cleaning the house, taking out the garbage, shopping in a dirty outdoor market, painting, arts and crafts, messy cooking etc. It can also be worn on Peerim, if your legs are slim enough to fit in its arms and you wear something equally absurd but tznius over it.

    in reply to: Jews Resisting the Zionist Draft #939968

    I do not live in, and presently cannot enter, North Korea. Later in the civil year, I will be able to obtain a passport that will allow me to enter. If I decide to visit, which I am told is not worth my while, I am sure I will be treated with respect (and curiosity, which is fine with me).

    I also expect nothing but spitballs and catcalls if I do visit EY again and need to pass through Sheinkin. Ditto for what I expect if I ever shop in Malha mall or quietly walk along King George or Ben Yehuda again.

    in reply to: Jews Resisting the Zionist Draft #939967

    Incorrect info – sorry – Rabbis Uri Lupoliansky, Chaim Miller and Mordechai Maklev, who then were the main frum representatives on the Y-m city council, assisted the unlamented leftist Yekutieli OLBM through a frum healthcare referral tzedoko, and the organ in question was a heart.

    Yekutieli OLBM was born with a defective heart, in every sense of the word. He died in the US, outside of the city and country that he desecrated, at an age that suggests koreis.

    in reply to: Jews Resisting the Zionist Draft #939965

    Sadly, close to 90 percent of Jews resist the Jewish draft and do not serve as soldiers in Hashem’s army.

    This includes the bulk of soldiers in the tzioinish army. The tzioinish army does not hesitate to use force to deal with those who put Hashem’s law above its laws of kefira, while it risks the lives of innocent Jews to avoid inflicting more damage than its master, the US (and world opinion), will tolerate, on dangerous terrorists and those who harbor them. I am not convinced that this terrorism would ever had occurred if that ideology did not take hold and try to create a secular state in holy land, and I am not convinced that the Balfour Declaration ever meant for Jews to have more than autonomy under non-Jewish rule. (After all, can I buy slum land, build a yeshiva and community, and then declare my block independent of the US? I’d end up in Oytisville if I did it for tax purposes, or in Pilgrim State if I really convinced myself that I was building a haven for Jews on land that I liberated!)

    I will not serve in that army or live under the jurisdiction of the illegitimate government and corrupt ideology that has created a need for that army. I do not even feel any great need to visit the mekoimos hakedoishim that it has defiled by its very presence, because my interactions with the state and the sad people that it has spawned left me homesick and disappointed each time I visited in the past. The state and the ideology it represents are an expression of how far Jews fall when they abandon Torah.

    in reply to: Great Business Idea #924122

    LOL. As a big gulper, I can tell you that the whole reason for a Big Gulp is to gulp it down within 10 minutes on a hot day or after spicy food. There is no point to it if you have to drive or take the PATH/train/bus across state borders to get one.

    in reply to: Jews Resisting the Zionist Draft #939964

    defending the borders of Eretz Yisrael fulfills the mitzvah of pikuach nefesh as ruled by the Lubavitcher Rebbe based on the Shulchan Aruch

    The Lubavitcher Rebbe ZYA made it very clear that those studying Torah were NOT to serve in the military under any condition.

    in reply to: Jews Resisting the Zionist Draft #939961

    When Meir Dagan needed surgery he turned to a Chareidi Medical Refferal.

    As did the late and very unlamented left-wing Y-m city councilor Ornan Yekutieli OLB”M. R’ Menachem Porush A”H, with whom he fought incessantly, was instrumental in getting him a kidney transplant.

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