The Story Of Pesach Children’s Haggadah


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Pesach is a Yom Tov especially geared to children. There’s the Mah Nishtanah for them to recite, the afikoman for them to hide, treats for them to receive at the Seder in order to keep them up … and The Story of Pesach children’s haggadah for them to enjoy.
Written by Sarah Leon, The Story of Pesach offers a magnificent rendition of the story of our Exodus from Egypt, complete with many mefarshim, and written straight to the heart of a child. In it, we meet Eli, who lived through the Exodus and now wants to tell us all about it. Through his eyes we see how terrible it was to do backbreaking work for Pharaoh, and how much the Jewish People suffered from Pharaoh’s evil decrees. Along with Eli, we witness the miracles and wonders that Hashem performed for our Nation, after we raised our voices in prayer to Him. We are with Eli when Hashem splits the Sea, and we are with him when everyone sings songs of praise and gratitude to Hashem.
The Story of Pesach tells the story of Pesach in a simple, yet beautifully poignant way. Everything is based on the Chumash with Rashi and other classic commentaries, with a full list of sources provided.  Beautifully illustrated by Tova Katz, this oversized book, sturdy enough to withstand many hours of kids poring over it, will keep your children enthralled with both its superbly written text and its finely detailed pictures. (Both text and pictures can be trusted to portray events with accuracy.)
The story part of the book is followed by the actual Haggadah, which, besides for being illustrated and formatted in an extremely eye-pleasing manner, provides English instructions, so that even kids who are beginner readers will know exactly what to do at the Seder.
If you are looking for a wonderful and meaningful gift for your child, as well as a way to keep him or her actively involved at your Seder, then The Story of Pesach is for you.

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