Levaya Information For Peretz Sontag, Missing For Past Week [UPDATED]



YWN regrets to inform you of the passing of Peretz Sontag Z”L, who was found unresponsive on Sunday afternoon. Thousands of dedicated volunteers from Hatzolah, Chaveirim, Shomrim, as well as members of the Ramapo Police, New York State Police and other agencies had been searching for him for more than a week.

YWN first published the information on Purim morning, after being contacted by Rockland Hatzolah as well as family members. As the days past, more and more people joined the search.

Unfortunately, he was found unresponsive by members of law enforcement on Sunday afternoon.

UPDATE: The Levaya for Peretz Yehuda ben Menachem Mendel will be today (Monday) at 2:30PM, at Helmans Chapel, 15 State Street, Spring Valley, NY. The Kevura will be in Eretz Yisroel, in Beit Shemesh.

Boruch Dayan Ha’Emmes.


  1. BDE

    I cry with tears as I write this upon the loss of another yid & a father of 9 all mourning their loss:

    Why did this have to happen? why didn’t we start a zman for teshuva when he got lost & start saying tehillim for him? will this be that last tragedy to fall upon klal yisroel? how much more tzaros do we need C”V in order for us to face Hashem & admit that we all need to start doing teshuva? TEARS are rolling down my cheek as I write this.

    the situation will only get worse R”L if Haashem sees that a)bad economy b)gedolim being niftar every week R”L C)Israeli draft etc… can’t wake us up & bring us to teshuva as a nation….

    May his Neshama have an aliya & may his family be menachem among klal yisroel


  2. Reply to #1 – while u are very much entitled to your opinion. But try to look back and remind yourself that just 2 weeks ago there were 50,000 Jews from ALL different communities in the streets of Manhattan ATZERES TFILAH United As One! And the same thing was in Israel with near 1000,000 Jews United As One! That’s something which didn’t happen yet in decades. I do agree about doing tshuva but It’s Not For You to question Hashem’s resons of doing things.

  3. BD”E

    Peretz you will be missed, not only by your family and friends in Monsey but also by Klall Yisroel world wide, the Tzedokos and tremendous Chasodim you have done in this world are accompanying your Neshomah on it’s way up to Shomayim, they should be an everlasting Zechus for you and your family!

    You will be missed by all!!!