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Yahoo Again Tops Google In US Web Visitors In Sept

yahooFor the third month in a row, more Americans visited Yahoo’s websites than Google’s, according to comScore Inc.‘s Internet traffic data for September.

The research firm said Monday that Yahoo Inc.‘s websites had 197.8 million unique U.S. visitors last month, while Google’s had 191.4 million. Yahoo was ahead of Google in July and August, too. The last time that Yahoo was ahead of Google before that was in May 2011.

That said, Yahoo is still far behind Google in making money from the people who visit its websites. Research firm eMarketer estimates that Google will generate $38.83 billion in worldwide digital ad revenue this year, more than any other company. Facebook Inc. is at No. 2 with an estimated $5.89 billion, while Yahoo is No. 3 with $3.63 billion expected.


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  1. for what?

    for search, google has all but eradicated yahoo. for news? google does not offer second hand news reporting rather google has a portal page of first hand news sources.

    what else?

    yahoo has begun to slip globally in revenues and is supported by alibaba their chineese purchase (close to half of their revenues are generated by alibaba) and google is extremely profitable.

    reflections on the past few years: too bad we did not buy google stock; so sorry for those who bought yahoo stock.

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