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First Arab Recognized as Righteous Among Nations

In a special ceremony that took place today (Thursday) in Berlin, descendants of Dr. Mohammed Helmy received the certificate recognizing him as a Righteous Gentile for having saved Jews during the Holocaust.

The Dr. is the first ever Arab to receive the honor. The honor was given posthumously as Dr. Helmy had passed away in 1982. His descendants received a certificate and medal awarded to him for his efforts to save European Jews during Europe’s darkest hour.

Dr. Helmy’s efforts were recognized more than four years ago. However, his family had until now refused to cooperate with receiving the award since the ceremony and the award are both connected to the State of Israel.

The ceremony took place today thanks to the continued efforts of an Israeli filmmaker and director who succeeded in convincing the family to agree to the ceremony and receive the award on Dr. Helmy’s behalf.

The story of his heroic efforts to save Jews inspired the Director, Talia Finkel, who has recently undertaken the creation of a movie telling his story.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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