VIDEOS: Williamsburg And Boro Park Residents Protest The NYC Sheriff Dept After Shutting Down Stores


As YWN reported on Sunday morning, hundreds of stores and small-businesses opened their doors on Sunday in defiance of the executive order. As was expected, the NYC Sheriff Department visited multiple stores in Williamsburg and Boro Park to issue summonses and order the closure of the stores.

In Williamsburg and Boro Park crowds gathered to protest the closure of stores on Wallabout Street and on 13th Avenue. In Boro Park the scene turned ugly with people screaming at the Deputies, and passersby encouraging the protesters to hold their ground and not disperse.

Naturally, social media exploded with viral videos and many are claiming that the city is targeting the Jewish neighborhoods.

While YWN thinks it is outrageous for the city to allow Target, Costco and every other major store to be opened, while they are destroying every small business by forcing them to remain closed, YWN can confirm and has seen evidence that the Sheriff DID visit other areas in the city today. They were in Manhattan, the Bronx and multiple locations in Brooklyn – that are not populated by Orthodox Jews. Those store-owners were issued a summons and the authorities left. Only in Boro Park did a crowd resist the Sheriff and protest their presence. Yes, there are photos of long lines – with zero social distancing – outside businesses in Bushwick and other areas, but apparently, there were no 311 complaints made.

YWN has confirmed that the Sheriff specifically visited locations that complaints were made to 311.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Whoever thinks this is ok should think again. We are memleches Kohanim-this is not our way. You have an issue-take it up with the mayor. However, to openly fight with the police and have your kids defy them is outrageously wrong. It’s wrong morally and wrong politically.

  2. why does this coward deblaziio send the police to do his dirty work. let him face the merchants himself. let him offer them tax breaks .

  3. With all due respect YWN
    I am on a daily basis in the Bronx
    I do not see any enforcement giving out summonses or closing stores
    all the while the stores are open for the past month or so
    How about the .99 cents stores on Ditmas & Cortelyou Ave’s being open without any police closing them
    schools are closed since March why are there crossing gaurds every morning & afternoon out there CROSSING absolutely nobody?????????

  4. The rationale was that the so called “big box” stores have the resources and personnel to enforce rules governing social distancing and masks. I went to a Costco last week and they were ruthless in terms of insisting on allowing only limited numbers in the stores, make everyone wear a mask, and had lane markers and spacing markers by the cashiers. At many of the smaller shops and markets with just several employees (whether yiddeshe or goiyeshe) its more difficult to enforce the rules in terms of having someone standing by the door monitoring the numbers etc. This may be a false assumption and unwarranted distinction but that was the rationale.

  5. Great job at making a chillul hashem keep it up doesn’t matter they discriminate against Jews the above videos are disgusting especially the one where someone screams the cops are like Germans

  6. Although I wasn’t there and i cannot be jdujemental but what I see in these videos are the NYC sherrifs acting extremely decent and professional with tremendous amount of patients and a bunch of arrogant people (with hats and jackets) antagonizing them. What a chilul Hashem

  7. I really don’t understand these chassidim on the street. yelling at the cops that they should go back to germany etc. Do they not understand that they’re creating a massive chillul hashem every time they do this, or open a carnival booth in williamsburg, or have a shul with hundreds of people without social distancing? also, there’s this theory out there that Corona is history in BP & Williamsburg… at the end of the day, there are laws currently about social distancing and masks, and by blantantly disregarding these regualtions, by no masks and big crowds, this undermines their efforts of being taken seriously and creates a massive chillul hashem. this also creates this image for the rest of the orthodox & chassidishe world that actually do social distance & wear masks, that we don’t care abou the law , we’re above the law, which is not at all true & creates a great sinah amongst the goyim. Please Please stop this foolishness!!!

  8. It’s almost like this was set up by YWN. You publicized the movement and now have news to publish. Can’t you take a stand and encourage other, legal ways for our community to support our small businesses?

    Many families for a large check from the government. Why not encourage whoever still has a salary to use it to help their neighbors, legally!?

    Moderators Response: Yup. Total setup by YWN. How did you know?

  9. Yes, there are photos of long lines – with zero social distancing – outside businesses in Bushwick and other areas, but apparently, there were no 311 complaints made. YWN has confirmed that the Sheriff specifically visited locations that complaints were made to 311.

    So the question is who were the mosrim. Meharsayich Umachrivayich Meimeich Yeitzei’u.

  10. 1. ALL STORES should immediately start selling a. Food Items b. Toiletries c. A couple of Houseware items. This way you are an essential store and then you share the same status as Target, Costco, Walmart, Amazon, etc.

  11. Here are the facts.
    The democRATs are looking to destroy the economy so that they can defeat Trump. This is the bottom line. Me and my friends are sending this video clips to all the other States that hold protests to open up as well. Let them see real Jews not the secular anti Trump types.

  12. I have to say, I agree with the store owners. Target & Walmart sell everything under one roof so of course they are “essential businesses,” So if it’s going to be an equal retail playing field, have these huge conglomerates ONLY sell essential products: food, toiletries , toilet paper. No jewelry, cell phones, luggage or baby baths (hold the baby in the sink like your altere bubby did!)

    As for the protests: I was impressed at the polite way the protesters stood their ground. They didn’t attack, they just made a lot of noise. And NOBODY said Go Back To Germany. What was actually said was, “Welcome to Germany.”

    My only complaint: no masks, no social distancing. But I feel for these business owners & since the President is now saying open schools, I’d appeal to him to do what he can; however, I’m not sure what he can do against an antisemitic Mayor and a Governor who painted himself into a corner. I’m guessing the negative comments above come from people who have no or very loose connections to small business and who don’t care that these owners still have to pay for rent, insurance, inventory etc. When they go out of business, will you help them start over?

  13. “YWN has confirmed that the Sheriff specifically visited locations that complaints were made to 311”

    Who would maaser on a fellow Yid?!

  14. To all those commenting chilul hashem, there are people who have their lives invested in their business, in some cases, businesses that were built up over generations. They may have taken out mortgages to build up their busness and their homes are on the line. considering what is at stake, people have been more than accommodating by shutting down for over 2 months.

    How would all of those who are so judgemental feel if it was their life on the line (Ani Chishuv C’meis) that is no exaggeration. Appearently, the mayor does not care. the only thing that may change his mind is public pressure.

    As far as Big Box stores, I was in one today, it was jam packed with no social distancing. Whoever walked in that store was exposed to far more people, and potential carrirers, than in any small mom and pop store

  15. The law enforcement are just DeBlasios puppets but we have crossed a fine line. Disrespect should be ostracized. What a tremendous chilul Hashem A Jew should know better than call cops by names. Im in the neighborhood for years and never encountered such erratic behavior. The more we scream antisemitism the more we’ll pay for it.
    True that business owners are suffering but to unleash a mob is absolutely a gevaldige chilul hashem. Im haunted!

  16. The law enforcement are just DeBlasios puppets but we have crossed a fine line. Disrespect should be ostracized. What a tremendous chilul Hashem A Jew should know better than call cops by names. Im in the neighborhood for years and never encountered such erratic behavior. The more we scream antisemitism the more we’ll pay for it.
    True that business owners are suffering but to unleash a mob is absolutely a gevaldige chilul hashem. Im haunted! Btw, its a shande that YWN posted it. They thrive on bringing us down. Was absolutely abhorrent but best kept under the rug. how shameful!

  17. After The City and State Directly Caused So many Heimishe deaths in the hospital, the Olam is fed up already and crying out in pain against the authorities who are directly responsible for so many deaths of our people.

    It is No Chilul Hashem Whatsoever, It is a cry of NEVER AGAIN!


  19. chilul hashem ??? we are an am kshei oref…. we don’t take baloneys from our friends who offer us tough love like de b lazio or cuomo. if the beaches are open then what are they tellin us that schools are not safe? what a chilul hashem to accept that. Rebbi Akiva also broke the ‘law’ and learned Torah

  20. Stop using the words “chilul Hashem” it’s no chilul hashem you don’t even know the definition. It’s a legal protest and freedom of speech. They can absolutely defy the law. A law is equal to everyone. Here it’s only against the small stores.
    RYT26 I think you should do it. You have a problem with it you’r just looking for a way out.

  21. So many with no masks. I just drove through a “minority” neighborhood and saw amost total compliance withthe order to wear face masks.

  22. First of all I agree that there is no Heter to make a Chilul H-Shem. However I think if YWN would be Melamed Zchus for Yidden AT LEAST AS MUCH as you always defend the Politicians and Goyim MOSHIACH WOULD HAVE BEEN HERE ALREADY

  23. These small business owners should be protesting the govts lack of support for their economic well being. The administration made sure that their donors billion dollar companies got economic support rather than the small business that the funds were supposed to go to.

  24. The Police were doing the residents a huge favor by trying to keep them apart safely. Those that acted disrespectfully did a big favor to the Police. They’re not happy to have to go between people who might transmit the Virus. They have family’s too. The Seforim, Halacah and many doctors and experts warn about following All the safety rules in a plague ie. מגיפה. It’s clear from the video’s shown (here), that a lot of bochurim and people in BP have no Clue as to the סכנות נפשות they’re putting themselves and others. Close to 500,000 people around the world just lost their lives from the Corona Virus.

  25. Joke going around:

    The police arrest someone on his way into shul. “but I’m not Jewish” he protests “I’m only looking to steal the puska and pickpocket a few people inside”

    “Oh! We’re so terribly sorry” apologize the police and immediately let him go,,,

  26. Dear moderator, wow. You actually published my comment. Thank you.
    In response, where are the articles from leaders, gedolim or others supporting our community in following the rule of law? Why is so much of your content sharing all those pushing for opening without a balance?
    Want to do good for the community? Provide a platform for those that can encourage all of our brothers and sisters to remain respectful and lawful! Doing otherwise can cause terrible repercussions.
    Yes. The small business owners need help. Let’s rally together and help them! Buy gift certificates, order online. Order by phone. I even shopped on video chat. The store owner showed me the merchandise and I picked up without any contact.
    This is serious times. Allowing the minority of our community to make all of us look bad is DANGEROUS!

    Moderators Note: Actually, the first article clearly called for people to be respectful. You missed that part. But that’s ok. Besides, since when do Yidden need to be told to stop calling police who protect us in the greatest country ever in history to Jews “Nazis”? Do Yidden need to be TOLD not to tell police officers “go back to Nazi Germany”? Seriously?

  27. I’m sickened by all you people claiming chillul hashem. This is the worst possible action a yid can possibly do. Accusing another yid so callously of the worst possible action possible is much worse for the underlying action itself, and much worse for clal yisroel as a whole. Sometimes when you can feed your family, emotions get out of hand. Can you be so sure you would have acted better in such a circumstance to sit in judgment?

  28. As much we are upset with government closing our schools and local stores i dont think that by organizing a total of 200 merchants and hiring a lawyer was the smartest move. Every store owner can open on his own and arranging compliance with the social distancing and just do it on the quiet. The worst is getting a ticket which probably will be dismissed if you contact your local council or assemblyman office. The organizing against the State and City is definite not the way to go, it only makes chilil hashem and getting our enforcement agencies angry and instilling in them more hate towards the yiddishe communities.
    We need more of of our politicians to cry out to Albany and Gracie Mansion pleading for help removing all those restrictions on our business community and Mosdos Hatorah.

  29. Ditto to RebYossel’s comment. Now that we all got our feelings off our chest, is there something practical our community can do to address the needs of our business owners without sacrificing our good name?

    We need the police to respect us and help us when we need them. Disrespecting them is going to hurt us if it doesn’t stop soon.

    Ideas? Anyone?

  30. Kidush Hashem or Chilel Hashem?

    Why not look back to our ancestors? When they wanted something from their government, they begged with humility… never in our history (except for the zionist) will you find us “demanding” anything from the government.. we “pleaded” we “begged” we “cried”, we didn’t demand or scream ANTISEMITISM!!!

  31. Yosself, I would not chas vshalom do it, I am just so disgusted in how the chasidishe people have acted during this whole pandemic.
    I know they dont represent chasidus.

  32. The government represents the public, they don’t own the people. This is nowhere how anything to do with kilul hashem. Corona in NYC is over, Let there be a vote if small businesses can open. All the major bigbox stores are open and jammed selling unessential merchandise.

  33. For all the debate about Chillul Hashem, does anyone know how to define Chillul Hashem?
    Chillul Hashem is not necessarily someone expressing themselves in a way which is not culturally acceptable in your circles/not your style. Chillul Hashem means TO DESICRATE GODS NAME!
    IF YOU DRESS IMMODESTLY OR IF YOU WATCH A MOVIE WHICH IS IMMODEST (FORBIDDEN; SEE EVEN HAEZER 21:1) YOU ARE ALSO MAKING THE SAME CHILLUL HASHEM! THIS IS HALACHICLY DEFINED. In addition, If the Torah tell us to act publicly in a way that the local population doesn’t approve of, it isn’t necessarily a Chillul Hashem, but it may be Misgarer Biumos which is also serious. Many people in the videos shouldn’t have acted that way (although peaceful protest should be ok), but know the definitions before throwing around such a serious term.

  34. “RYT26” You might as well just cut off your beard and peyos and be done with dealing with the nuances associated with yiddishkeit such as davening with minyan (when the government allows) and shopping in your local community (if you still live a jewish community!

  35. Rebyossel, appealing to politicians hasn’t worked. I have no doubt that the frum representatives have tried. So now it’s time for the public to take to the streets. It may be viewed as civil disobedience, but how much worse can it get for these store owners and their employees?

    But remember this when you vote for Governor & Mayor. Do you want a deBlasio clone (yes, I did spell it correctly, although clown also works.) Do you want a Cuomo regime for ever? He who just gave himself a $71,000 RAISE when you are trying to find milk money.

    Having said that, I’m a realist. Nothing will change because at the end of the day, when things are more back to normal, you just don’t care. You either won’t vote, or you’ll do what you’re told by “community leaders” who will conveniently forget these past few months when they are extolling Cuomo’s virtues and “friendship” to the frum veldt, or you’ll trudge to the polls and vote mindlessly for the same losers because you can’t be bothered to think.

    I’m afraid unless some grass roots changes happen, you will face decades of the same. Good luck!

    PS Here in Israel it’s even worse, so be grateful for what you are dealing with. We have the added problem of a PM on trial! Now beat that!

  36. All those screaming chillul H, wake up.
    It was a massive kiddush H.
    Jews standing up for other Jews in trouble.
    Poor store keepers having to give up their livelihood while fat cat cuomo and Blasio would not take a cut on their pay checks. I salute the yeshiva boys in standing up and fighting for Jewish values. These modern Orthodox sissies commenting here are the chillul H.
    When six million were gassed these are the types who acted like sheep and said we need to march in quietly to our deaths. Today everyone hang around13 ave and be ready. Monday was Memorial Day and sheriff was in off.

  37. I meant thank you Yeshiva world news. Having the courage to stand up for our frum community on great reporting. Keep up the good work. Everyone out there when you see sherrifs start filming. We want to show every jewish community up in arms to the cities liberal fascist leadership. May all you young people be blessed in the merit of standing up for your brothers and sisters. Thank you YWN. The biggest and the best. Hatzlacha