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FINALLY: Cuomo Says ‘Red-Zone’ Schools Can Reopen If All Students, Staff Are Tested For COVID-19

Schools in New York state’s “red zones” and “orange zones” will be allowed to resume in-person learning if they test all students and faculty members for COVID-19 first, Gov. Andrew Cuomo said Friday.

Cuomo on Oct. 6 announced that schools in areas deemed red zone “clusters” or orange zone “warning zones” would have to shift to remote learning for at least two weeks.

In a teleconference Friday afternoon, the governor said the state has been working with schools in those zones to “try to find ways to keep people safe, but allow children to go to school.”

“Basic rule is, before you open a school, all the people who go into the school, students or teachers, will be tested,” he said. “And only those who test negative are allowed to go back into the school.”

“So if somebody’s positive, obviously, they’re not allowed in the school,” he explained. “All the students, all the teachers will know that everybody was tested, and they’re all negative.”

The state will be able to contact trace back to students’ families if their test results do come back positive, he said.

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  1. “The state will be able to contact trace back to students’ families if their test results do come back positive…”

    And therein lies the rub.

  2. I will not say thank you. You’re an evil man, you already killed 1,000’s of seniors. Now to save face
    and to show the world you are somehow doing something you closed the jewish schools and are killing thousands of jewish families by forcing them to close their businesses for absolutely no good reason. How do you explain that a store is closed but you can go to the next block where another store is open. You make a red zone but the schools in the other zones have children coming from the red zones. The children that can’t go to school are stuck at home to play with their friends a neighbors so how are you helping anything by closing schools? You’re policy is totally insane. Of course Mr. Evil Democrat you’ll say “but I closed the catholic schools too. I closed the non jewish stores too. ” But you sent your goon squads to harass only the jewish stores and to ticket even schools that were closed. I hope Trump wins so that he can make sure your punished for your ineptness and mishandling of this situation. So no, I will not say thank you for opening the jewish schools when they shouldn’t have been closed in the first place. Now just do the correct thing and open the stores.

  3. All of staten island is about to go red-zone, Cuomo realizes his anti-Semitic policies won’t fly in the rest of the city, so he changed it. That’s all this is.

  4. The data from all the frum testing that has happened in the past 2 weeks are showing 1% or less running to avos ubanim will try to post real data later

  5. The greatest trap ever! First it’s a forced test, invade people’s life’s and then comes the forced dangerous untested fast tracked Vax!
    Watch it coming! We are playing in their hands!

  6. A gitte voch.
    Can anyone pls explain what prompted Cuomo to do this a day before the elections? Something is VERY ODD. Are they seeing what Im seeing? The enthusiasm for Trump in NY and people nauseous with these lockdowns and Cuomo is afraid of being blamed?!!
    Common sense.

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