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VIDEOS: FBI Arrests U.S. Capitol Rioter In Flatbush

The FBI was in Flatbush on Tuesday morning, as they arrested a suspect in the U.S. Capitol riots last week.

Video footage shows FBI Agents carrying out what appears to be a costume that the suspect was allegedly wearing during the violent riot.

Numerous people have so far been arrested, and sources tell YWN that the FBI plans on making many additional arrests.

The NYPD assisted the FBI in the Tuesday morning arrest.



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14 Responses

  1. I see police is pretty quick in making arrests and look how nicely federal, state & NYPD police work with each other when they hunt after Pro-Trump people. When federal agencies request state & NYPD police to give out illegal immigrants criminals who pose a danger, and actually kill people (unlike Trump supporters, I know some of you would name the cop who died, but as you see the info is very secret and not so simple, otherwise the killer would be on the front page of NYT, as I am sure cops have cameras and could identify the killer fast). Double standards as usual! And where is Biden hiding? Looks like Pelosi is running America these days and get all the media time!!!

  2. The rioters who looted and burnt stores are not being picked up by the FBI. Anyway once Biden and his gang take over half of these cops and FBI will be defunded and join the rest of the Americans on bread lines. Sooner than you think.

  3. Attacking the Congress is significantly more serious than destroying private property. For starters, it is a federal offense (and since one policeman was killed defending the Capitol, the rioters could all be charged for felony murder). Threatening members of Congress is also a serious matter. Until relatively recently, it was the sort of thing for which you were drawn and quartered, rather than humanely executed or sentenced to transportation to the wilderness (which is, BTW, how many founders of America and Australia got to founders of a new country).

    While the Democrat endorsed riots set the state, and encourage both the Capitol attack and the police’s “hands off” approach, attaching the Capitol to prevent the Congress from functioning is unprecdented.

  4. I dont think some of the arrests are the people who started things….they probably just followed and went along with the crowd. While it is wrong to riot, the extreme leftists dont think twice about what they are doing with peaceful protests. The left has caused this and this is just a reaction from a few people on the right. The extreme leftists incited this violence and should be impeached and held accountable, NOT Trump.

  5. And what about the federal court house burnt down by the leftist democRATs. Where was the FBI.
    Deep state. Communist America.

  6. Rats…: Attempting (without a serious likelihood of success) to burn a court house is a nuisance, attempting to seize the Capitol building and used force to coerce members of Congress to elect someone as president in spite of the fact that person had lost the election is probably treason (a capital offense). The fact that the rioters had no coherent plan to seize the government is a mitigating factor (e.g. they made no attempt to get the military behind them, and even if Congress was coerced to electing Trump it would not have been valid since it was under duress). The at least one policeman was killed by the rioters may turn the whole matter into “felony murder”. While I can understand why Trump feels cheated (had there been no absentee voting he might have won), I would hate to be the lawyer defending someone facing the death penalty and my case depends on proving that Trump really won the election.

  7. I am not sure how unarmed protesters can be seen as trying to overthrow the government. True an officer was hit by a fire extingisher and died but unarmed protesters were also shot dead. How is this different than George Floyd other then there were a higher ratio of cops.
    Everyone knew there was going to be a demonstration, why were the cops not prepared? Liberals have been calling for the execution of Us Presidents since Bush but no one has ever been charged. Here too after this dies down all these charges are going to be dropped or pleaded down. This was no revolution but if it’s allowed to fester it may lead to a civil war.

  8. Not all, that’s a generalization.

    I’m a celebrity, make way mentality.

    Let’s prosecute the weak and unfortunate. That will not be tolerated, out with the nypd and Fbi, disgrace to the community.

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