SPIRIT AIRLINES AGAIN: Orthodox Jewish Family Kicked Off Flight From Orlando – For TWO YEAR OLD EATING WITHOUT MASK [VIDEOS]


Once again, YWN is reporting a story involving Spirit Airlines and masks.

Today, it was an Orthodox Jewish family who was kicked off a Spirit Airlines flight from Orlando to NY, because their two-year-old child who was eating, wasn’t wearing a mask.

Video footage taken on the flight and provided to YWN, shows a two-year-old child sitting on her mothers lap eating a yogurt, as a flight attendant tells the Mom and Dad they need to exit the flight.

The father is heard telling the flight attendant that their other child is “special needs”. The Mom is seven months pregnant.

The entire flight was forced to deplane because of the child.

Around an hour after the flight was deplaned, the entire flight was allowed to board again – INVCLUDING the family with the child. Interestingly, the only person not allowed to board the flight again, was a flight attendant who allegedly caused this entire debacle.

YWN has published quite a few articles about Spirit Airlines.

Multiple Orthodox Jews told YWN they were banned from the airline for no reason at all. No reason was ever given.

But the couple today is in good company.

Just two weeks ago, YWN published a story about Spirit Airlines threw a 4-year-old autistic child WITH A DOCTORS NOTE off a flight for “no mask”. The child had a “medical note from his physician stating that he’s exempt from wearing masks because whenever he wears a mask he holds his breath or he starts freaking out and he will harm himself.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. They have had a year to train their kids to keep a mask on. I know a lot of kids who love wearing their funky masks because their parents have shown them the way. Why can’t that father keep his mask on – in the video he keeps removing it.

    Can’t wear a mask? Don’t fly.

    Many older and at-risk people have had to change their lives because of covid, maybe these people should have thought about that before scaring a plane lead of people and the airline workers.

  2. If Spirit airline would just place the Nazi emblem everywhere, no one would have any issues and each person could then make their own educated decision. It’s best to be transparent.

  3. I see in the last video that the police or security does not even have the mask covering her nose.

    Something is not kosher here.

  4. First the people kicked off (all of them) need to find a lawyer for a class action law suit.
    If that is not successful then…
    I am thinking out loud… not necessarily saying people should do what I am about to discuss without speaking with lawyer and a rav to find out implications. Make sure its 100% legal:
    I am wondering how badly people can legally mess with spirit by (for example) booking tons of seats under their cancel with refund covid policy and then cancelling day before the flight.
    Maybe keep one seat going so they have to fly the plane for one person and lose thousands.

    On side note every frum person needs to comply w the mask policies. Even in the videos posted here the guy kept taking off his mask to speak w flight attendant.

  5. I’m asking honestly, are you allowed to eat when the plane is supposed to be taking off? Aren’t you supposed to be sitting in your seat with trays stowed? The reason I’m asking is mah nafshach: if the child is over two then they need to be seated at their seat and wait for take off. If the child is younger then there is no requirement to wear a mask anyway, so the whole mask sugya is not nogeya…

  6. How long will this blatant craziness continue? Maybe its rather anti humanity? A plane full of Jews yet this family was singled out. Are they targeting Jews or are they just crazy bored witches???

  7. Very frightening that WE the sheeple have allowed some minimum wage, highschool drop-out pervert employees to lord over us. If the same person would pass you on the street and make a comment, would you even turn around? But now that he/she’s got a temporary job working for an airline, suddenly you cower in fear and turn into an obedient fool? It’s the same thing with the lowlife TSA employees. Does anyone today even know who the deranged weirdo, Richard Reid, is/was? But yet, like gullible sheep, everyone complies with some minority lowlife who commands you to take off your shoes. Yup. Wear a mask or 2 and take your vaccines. Some privileged WHITE elitist reprobate living in his ivory tower commanded you to do so, so off we go.
    So bottom line, WE brought this, and other stories like this, upon ourselves. Eric Holder is smiling now.

  8. Guess if that was cuz she was scared of corona, she was really loyal to her job requirements (slight chance of that by the look of it), or she was another liberal loser who wanted to feel good about herself

    (Side point, there was no need to blur their faces in the picture if you put an unblurred video right under..?)

  9. This spirit penny squeezing Airline is so unbelievably anti Semitic.
    Whoever this guy that they through off, you did a great job standing up for yourself.
    I’m sure you will win this win in court. IYH

  10. Alternatively, Jews aren’t being targeted. Rednecks, anti vaxxers, big government conspiracy crackpots, and anti mask Karen’s are also disrupt businesses and mangling other people’s vacations.

  11. Disgusting.
    I’m a staunch advocate for mask wearing but this is utterly ridiculous. Shame on those employees. I would be embarrassed if I were one of them. In their effort to keep humanity safe, they’ve lost their humanity.

  12. complete torture to parents, people on plane and the child. Germs only come from Jews? Seriously abusive and embarrassing. I find it cool when every one else can take off their mask to eat, there is no corona but only when a two year old JEW can’t mask corona spreads!!?!

  13. The process for gaining an ADA Medical Exemption is on Spirits website.

    I’ve posted a summary in the Coffee section, along with links to the website.

    I’d appreciate it if the author of this article would state definitely whether the family in question had received an exemption.

  14. If a person is working for the TSA, they are working, and that is respectable. If a person has a high school education, then they have intelligence and can choose to further their education. If a person is from a minority population, then they’re from a minority population. It means nothing. How we speak of others should not reflect upon their level of education, their religious or ethnic background or how much they earn. The way we treat others should be independent of any such things and we should be able to expect the same in return. This is the very basis for the argument against maltreating someone for their differences.
    Please refrain from inappropriate comments that bash people’s backgrounds.

  15. I have staunchly refused to fly with Spirit Airlines for years. I wish enough others would do the same. It’s one thing to be a Cheapo airline. It’s quite another to make the failing attempt at boosting an image by such shenanigans.

  16. @mommamia22 “In their effort to keep humanity safe, they’ve lost their humanity.”
    Spot on! The world has gone crazy. The mother’s pregnant, they’re with a special-need child, and the kid is eating, for crying out loud. At very, very least, come and speak privately and civilly with the family first, if you believe they aren’t complying with your rules, before escalating to what should be the ultimate last resort of deplaning the entire flight and calling the police!

    Check your yichus.
    And so too to the other scum like you who constantly ‘dan l’kaf chovah’. And you who run to brandish and hide behind your bureaucratic rules, despite common decency and common sense.

    Where are all the hypocrites who jump to demonize the ‘Peleg’ group when they demonstrate in the street, demanding the worst punitive measures for having delayed traffic, yet here have no problem with the fact the the entire flight was deplaned?

    The world has gone crazy.

  17. Not sure of the circumstances of this particular story but it behooves us yidden to be makpid about derech Eretz in public and obeying rules in public accommodations and mass transportation. We stand out by our dress and need (along with even our young children) to act in a way that makes us beyond reproach with zero possibility of blame. I have personally witnessed a few Frum Jews who do not understand this.

  18. I just try to imagine what would happen if if were blacks this was happening to on a constant basis. Oh, but it would never happen to blacks….because of what would happen. And because we are all so occupied with being a less racist America. Less racist, or merely >shifting our racist bias onto other minority groups??

  19. SHAINDEL: I hate to break it to you but all kids are not the same and you really don’t know what efforts the parents have made. Still, the kid was eating and I don’t know about you, but it is really hard for an adult to eat with a mask on, let alone a kid. BTW, have you heard a kid that doesn’t want to wear a yarmulke no matter how hard parents try? I think an airline can you use better discretion than to inconvenience an entire plan load of people for something as stupid as a kid not wearing a mask

  20. “Can’t wear a mask? Don’t fly”. What an evil comment. Please stop masquerading as a compassionate person – you’re really terrible at it.

  21. everytime this issue of frum religious jews being thrown off a plane comes up and is hyped all over the frum sites i wonder why cant we band together as the colored people= BLM or the pro pali movment against israel=BDS

    Why cant religious jews BOYCOTT those airlines who are “openly anti Semitic and choose religious jews as the scapegoat to enforce their unfair policies arbitrarily? why dont we spend our money where its appreciated ?
    is saving a few bucks all that counts so we travel spirit “bus service”
    why not spend a little more use an airline that appreciates your business ? if airlines are aware they are blacklisted and a certain segment of the population chooses not to fly with them things may change
    hey you want change? be proactive if you spend 15,000K on a home in orlando for pesach you can spend 100.-200 more per ticket and fly on an airline that isnt (at least openly) ANTI SEMITIC

  22. Amazing… I came across the original article and this post from a non-Jewish international news site. That site posted only one frame from the video where the father put his mask down. The “news article” writes something to the extent “Jewish new website Yeshiva World News turns mask non-compliance into a an issue for antisemitism”. It goes on to explain about how YWN spurred the entire community to condone refusal to wear masks and then begins the classic truly antisemitic lies about how Jews manipulate the system with claims of antisemitism complaining about the child when the father himself was not wearing a mask (in that one frame mind you-why did he take it off??). My problem… this is normally a more conservative website which is parve to our community and this post brought 380,000 likes within a day compared with the other articles on that site which are far less popular.

    I would say we brought the antisemitism to ourselves with this rage. We’re in Golus. Period. It’s a Kappara, isn’t it? Tremendous zchus to be embarrassed and not react, no? Or do you only believe in G-d when it doesn’t hurt.

  23. S6 – Clearly you know nothing about children, special needs, nor anti-Semitism. Today’s lesson #1: sometimes people have to fly with special needs children who have to eat. Lesson #2: there’s a concept called compassion…

  24. to: shaindel 6: oh really the parents had enough time to train their child! Let me ask you a question, do you have a toddler at home? I do and you don’t understand how hard it is to keep a mask on her. a few weeks ago when she kept her mask on, I literally would have danced for joy, but I was in a store. the way you speak, you obviously don’t have a toddler at home. so STOP criticizing them. do you have a special needs brother? is your mother 7 months pregnant? do you have a toddler at home? if not STOP criticizing other people with burdens you don’t understand!!!!!!