TERROR IN BNEI BRAK: Palestinian Opens Fire – Five Victims R”L Killed


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Five people have been confirmed killed after a terrorist opened fire in Bnei Brak on Tuesday evening. Four were pronounced dead on the scene. A fifth victim was rushed to Beilinson Medical Center in grave condition, but tragically succumbed to their wounds a short while later.

The shootings took place on multiple streets including Bialik, HaShnaim and Hertzl Streets.

Amateur video footage aired on Israeli television appeared to show the gunman in a black shirt armed with an assault rifle stopping a moving vehicle and shooting the driver. Another showed him chasing a cyclist, with the gun appearing to jam as he tried to fire.

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Israel Defense Minister Benny Gantz wrote on Twitter that the security forces “will work with all means to return security to Israeli streets and the feeling of security to civilians.”

Israeli media reported that the suspected gunman was a 27-year-old Palestinian man from the northern West Bank town of Yabad.

The shooter was neutralized.

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No Palestinian terror organizations immediately claimed responsibility for the attack. The Islamist militant group Hamas praised the “heroic operation,” but stopped short of claiming responsibility. Mosques in the Hamas-ruled Gaza Strip blared with “God is Great” cries celebrating the attack.

Prime Minister Naftali Bennett, this evening released the following statement: “Israel is facing a wave of murderous Arab terrorism.

My heart is with the families who have lost their loved ones this evening. I am praying for the recovery of the wounded.

The security forces are at work. We will fight terrorism with persistence, diligence and an iron fist.

They will not move us from here. We will prevail.”

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United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Motti Noiman who was one of the first responders at the scene relayed: ” I treated a single individual who sustained gunshot wounds, he was in serious condition. The Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit of the organization was dispatched to deal with several people who suffered from shock as a result of witnessing the shooting.”

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Avi Fishman who was also one of the first responders at the scene relayed, “Together with other EMS personnel, I treated one person who suffered from gunshot wounds and was taken to the hospital in critical condition. Unfortunately, four people were pronounced dead at the scene. Our Psychotrauma and Crisis Response Unit was active at the scene treating multiple people for emotional shock as a result of the shooting incidents.”

United Hatzalah volunteer EMT Akiva Kauffman who was another first responder at the scene relayed: “While I was riding my emergency e-bike I heard gunshots. I rushed over to the scene and began treating one person in critical condition who was then taken to the hospital.”

Overall, there were four people killed, one in critical condition, and several others suffering from shock.

MDA EMT Lipa Hirsh who treated the victims tells YWN: “we heard the shots at the MDA station and immediately went in the direction of the shots. On Herzl Street we came across a man in his 30s lying unresponsive. He was not breathing, didn’t have a pulse and had suffered gunshot wounds. We performed medical checks and found we had no choice but to pronounce him deceased. Approximately 100 meters from him, further down the street, we came across a 40 year old man, lying unresponsive with gunshots to his body. An additional MDA team which arrived to the scene provided him with medical treatment and conveyed him to Beilinson Hospital in critical condition. With my team, I continued to the scene at Hashneim Street at the corner of Bialik Street where we found 3 victims, 1 in a car and 2 lying on the sidewalk, all unresponsive. We performed medical checks and had no choice but to pronounce them deceased.”


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  1. Reb Chaim may his memory be blessed, while he was with us, there was a tremendous amount of protection showered on Klal Yisroel.
    Maybe if we try to increase our Torah learning and also trying our best that our learning should be in the direction of Torah
    לשם שמים
    and also to stop all the inside fighting amongst us, in that merit Hashem will surely help us as soon as possible.

  2. Oy vey, a week after the levaya of Moron Sar HaTorah zt”l. See what a loss, see how his Kedusha and Torah protected the city! יתומים היינו ואין אב

  3. Shortly before the racist attack, (29.3.22) Nehemia Shtrasler wrote in Haaretz against the ultra orthodox Haredim that don’t serve in the army and asked what would have happened if there were Yeshiva students instead of soldiers at the terror scenes…

  4. Unfortunately we are seeing a drastic rise in terror attacks around Israel in the past few weeks why its happening we don’t know but as Jews there’s only one place to turn to in time of need and that’s G-d everything is in his hands perhaps he’s trying to send us a message that he wants us back reach out to him he’s waiting..

  5. Goel Vaknin (@GoelVaknin)Tweeted:

    Say Nehemiah Sthrasler [Haaretz], an attack with four dead in the ultra-Orthodox city of Bnei Brak is enough or do we need something in Mea Shearim as well?’

  6. HaRav Povarsky Weeps: “When HaRav Chaim, Z’tl, Was Here, We Didn’t Worry About Bombs In Bnei Brak”
    Yesterday’s headline on the Yeshiva World. (About 20 articles below this one.)

  7. I humbly beleive that if we do mitzvos and give tzdkoh leiluy nishmas reb Chaim, he will still be here with us . I was told so by Reb Yitzchok Sheiner זצוק”ל when my best friend was nifter (age 42)

  8. Oy vey, a week after the levaya of Moron Sar HaTorah …

    I assume your honorific spelling was unintentional. Sadly, there have been a series of terrorist attacks in the past few weeks, and especially in the past several days so the linkage is unclear but not sure it matters. The government will have to take strong and immediate action because these terrorist actions build on one another and have to be stopped with whatever force it takes.

  9. Oh wait I have an idea. How about instead of getting lives and actually trying to fill the void of zechusim in the world, everyone can just go on YWN and post inane things like “OY! WE NEED MASHIACH!”

  10. The protection of Torah is so clear, this is the FIRST terror attack EVER in the city of Torah- Bnei Brak!!!
    During Operation Pillar of Defense in 2012, when Gazan terror groups launched hundreds of rockets into Israel, HaRav Chaim, z’tl, promised Bnei Brak residents that “no rockets will fall in Bnei Brak.”
    HaRav Chaim, z’tl quoted the Chazon Ish who said in his time that there would never be any explosions in his city of Bnei Brak.
    Additionally, as is well known, HaRav Chaim, z’tl, promised in 1991 that no Scud missiles fired by Iraq will fall in Bnei Brak. HaRav Chaim’s promise was fulfilled despite the fact that 38 Iraqi Scud missiles were launched into Israel, mainly hitting the neighboring Tel Aviv area. Ramat Gan, which shares a border with Bnei Brak was the worst-hit area – 1,162 buildings were damaged, including over 3,700 apartments!
    The first and second Intifadas passed without a single attack in the Holy Bnei Brak!
    But now, just after R’ chaim zt”l has left, there is a severe attack.
    רבותי, what could be more obvious! let us all be mechazek in תורה, עבודה, וגמילות חסדים!

  11. At the end of the day, Limmud Hatorah is our biggest שמירה. What if we all …every one of us – found a way to increase Limmud Hatorah both in substance איכות and in amount כמות, it would bring such a נחת רוח to HKBH and that would bring our biggest ישועה. Rabbosai – let’s do it. I took off ours today and sat and learned BH. Let’s do it. We can make all the difference!!

  12. It’s about time litvacks start screaming the motto for the lubavitcher rebbe who just 40 years ago was shamed and demeaned by a few litvishe gedolim for this.

    Baruch Hashem at least now people are waking up!

  13. I really hope YWN has the guts to post this comment, wasn’t going to say anything but it has to be said. I understand the extent to which the need for clicks drives this website. Sensationalist headlines and all-caps “SHOCKING:” Tzedaka requests with crying children are par for the course here. But here’s something that has happened multiple times already and needs to stop. The posting of videos of tragedies, especially ones like these where our brothers and sisters are getting killed needs to stop. I get it, many more people click and you sell more ads, I understand the temptation. But there’s “Newsworthy” and then there’s this message by YWN “Follow YWN group now…for longer videos from the shooting in Benei Berak” HAVE YOU NO SHAME????! IS THERE ANY HEART BEATING IN YOUR CHEST??? Three signs of Kllal Yisroel, Baishanim, Rachmanim, Gomlei Chasadim. You have woefully failed at the Rachmanim part. Your cynical desire for wealth and your absurd morbid curiosity to see tragedy (of others, of course, footage of your child being shot, run over by a bus, etc would never be on these pages) has led you to abandon the essential part of what makes you a mentchlich human. This needs to stop now

  14. To TS Baum:
    I have heard from extremely reliable sources, that it never ever happened, no Gadol (Litvish or Chassidish) they never ever made fun of the Rebbe from Lubavitch. What you are saying is “Fake news” and you need to stop your misinformation campaign.
    To skripka:
    I agree with you 100000 percent.

  15. Just look at the coffee room. You won’t find it recently, but a while ago some chochomels started up about rav shach saying this, about the rebbe rav shach saying that, even though there were many gedolim who supported the rebbe. They tried showing how some gedolim said the rebbe “is nothing special” or “not even a gadol”. So to these people, rav shach must be right. And he shamed and degraded the rebbe in some of his fiery speeches and did so in the same manner as he did to secularists, considering it the same. I wish they wouldn’t say this but this is their opinion, so how could I change that?

    I was saying that the rebbe was very into this, but a litvishe gadol who it seems like everyone claims is right in his claim against the rebbe said he is wrong, so I’m surprised the same people are now contradicting themselves by saying that we DO need Moshaich now!
    Maybe I shouldn’t have posted my comment before but It was such a contradiction I was wondering what they say.