UPDATED 3:32PM EST: Child R”L Killed After Being Bitten By Dog


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sol.jpg(UPDATES BELOW) 2:50PM EST: Chesed Shel Emmes has just informed Yeshivaworld that an 8 month-old infant was just bitten by a dog (doberman) at 71 Ocean Parkway and Caton Avenue – leaving the infant in traumatic arrest. The infant was transported to Kings County Trauma Center by FDNY with a police escort.

3:32PM EST: The infant, identified as Andrew Stein has R”L been pronounced dead at Kings County Trauma Center. The dog was the famies dog.



  1. 6: but we don’t often hear stories of, say, golden retrievers attacking and/or killing children. It should be just as difficult to obtain a license to own a Doberman pinscher, pitbull, etc. as it is to get a license to own a machine gun.

  2. Don’t get me wrong, there are obviously circumstances like this terrible terrible tragedy that show us that any animal can be dangerous – all I meant to say was that it was unfair to lay blame on an animal that has no concept of right or wrong. By all means, put the dog down – it is plainly dangerous. We don’t hear of golden retrievers doing such things because it is true that some breeds are more easy-going than others. It’s just that no domesticated dog is born vicious. They have to learn that.

  3. An 8-month-old Brooklyn boy is dead after being mauled by his family’s dog Thursday afternoon.

    Police and Emergency Medical Services say they were called to the family’s home around 2 p.m. and rushed Andrew Stein to King’s County Hospital. The boy was pronounced dead about an hour later.

    Stein touched the dog’s paw and it bit the boy on the head, police said.

    Police say no one has been charged in the killing. They say they’re investigating and the Doberman pinscher was taken to the Center for Animal Care and Control.

  4. I really would like to know the rest of the story. Why was an 8 month old infant left alone with a dog that weighs over 100lbs. Doberman-Pincher can an are sweet, loyal, loving, smart and intelligent dogs who have a bad rap as they can look mean and and there high intelligence makes them easy to train as watch and attack dogs, However, they are also use for the blind, for therapy of all kinds, including children through seniors. I can teach a Tea Cup Chihuahuas to attack if I want but a 2lbs attack dog really doesn’t frighten anyone. Sometimes when a new baby is introduced into a home the dog must be gotten rid of because of the dogs uncontrollable jealousy. Without knowing the whole story I would guess that there is definitely more to the story and I am guessing that one of the parents or parental neglect had something to do with it.

  5. Folks, please do not condemn the child’s family for this. Many, Many families own large dogs, including Dobermans who have experienced those dogs saving their kids’ lives. More Dobermans and other large does, save lives, as compared to the very infrequent times they take them.

    This was a tragedy that is likely no one’s fault. It may simply be that the dog was trying to pick the infant up and take him off himself, and did not understand how fragile a human infant was.
    Sometimes the adult dog owners horse around with large dogs, allowing them to bite their hands/arms gently, while they play tug-of-war with the dog. This accidentally teaches the dog that humans like this, and that it is okay. But the dog has limited intelligence. This one dog may have not intended to hurt the child.

    And, though Chareidim in NY area are usually not prone to have dogs, and since this has been like that for the past half century, we tend to not understand why other Jews have dogs. But… many Chassidim and Yeshivish people owned dogs in Europe.

    Please do not find fault with the kid’s family. They are feeling enough pain now.

  6. 28,

    Its not a ONE WAY STREET. That saying is Bichlal not accepted by us Frum Jews!

    The name ‘kalba Savuo’, the father in law of Reb Akiva was called so for a reason!!