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Help Save Sam Golubchuk’s Life!

sg.jpgWinnipeg, Canada – An 84-year-old Orthodox Jewish man is in danger of being euthanized by Grace Hospital in Winnipeg, despite protests from his family that the hospital’s decision violates their religion (as was reported on YWN).

Samuel Golubchuk, whose family has been waging a court battle to keep him alive since late last November, was hospitalized for pneumonia in October of 2007. Doctors have attempted to hasten his death by starvation and dehydration, tactics that have been barred by a temporary court order keeping Samuel alive.

Golubchuk’s family claims that he is recovering due to medical treatment, and although Golubchuk is awake and responsive, doctors refuse to acknowledge the fact to the courts. Goluchuk suffered some brain damage in a fall in 2003, but is still responsive and capable of communication.

Click HERE to sign an online petition to save the life of Samuel Golubchuk.

21 Responses

  1. If at all possible, it would probably be beneficial to put up a YouTube video demonstrating that he is indeed alert and responsive. It is very hard to obfuscate facts that can be verified by thousands of people!

  2. Please pass this on to all your friends, all your associates on your email list, etc. Let’s show them we are united in helping a fellow Jew.

  3. People in authority should consider two things. First what would be their position if it were their father/mother/loved one or even themselves whose life was hanging in the balance? Second, assuming they would be in favor of this termination of support even if it were their loved ones of themselves in question, people in authority should imagine what might happen if their worst personal enemy was the one to make the decision. People are never objective and never totally capable of acting dispassionately. Only G-d has that ability. This is not about punishing a criminal. This is about assessing the value of an individual life.

  4. Please double check, but the court case is still in effect even though Mr. Golubhuk is out of the hospital and Well B”H is what I have been told by a friend who was following this story closely.

  5. while I did sign this petition, I just want you all to be aware that online petitions is worth (as they say in Yiddish) “a zehtz in der ehrd”, which basically means it is valueless. If you do want to make a difference, letters sent directly to the hospital and/or doctors make more of an impact. You can check out SNOPES for their assessment of what on-line petitions really are – not much good.

  6. Kol hakovod lochem. Within minutes when I signed my name, There were at least 15 more signatures. There were at least 2 new signatures each time I refreshed my browser. If this helps save his live, we will all become shutfim in ma’aser b’reishis.V’hi bishurin melech… yachad shivtey yisroel!

  7. WOW! I just signed the petition, and saw that over 1,000 people signed today already! And its only 2 PM! Keep it up people!! If several more thousands of people sign today, hopefully the hospital will feel the heat and back off!

  8. socializes medicine has its pluses and minuses,but this is not one of them.All doctors are intereared in pulling the plug. We just have to step up to them and tell them NO!!!

  9. I just found this online:

    If you would like to make your voice heard in defence of Mr. Golubchuk (and his family’s wishes), send a note to Commissioner John Nelson, President & CEO, Salvation Army Grace General Hospital in Winnipeg, or Dr. Elizabeth Cowden, Chief Medical Officer at the hospital. Fax number for both is 1-204-831-0029.

    I’m happy to say you are right this time! Wow, the Hashpo’ah of the yishivishe oilam on YW must be getting to to you! 🙂

  11. Would there perhaps be a way to keep this article on the Home page for a while? This would be a great mitzvah as many more people would see this and sign up.

    May we hear good news.

  12. ploini, YW has nothing to do with. Watching my mother fight with hospital administrators, when I was 15, to allow my father to die on his own and not pull the plug, even though he had a flat EEG and we knew he would never wake up, had the hashpo’ah.

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