Ukraine: Kever Of Rav Nachman M’Breslov To Stay In Uman


breslov2.jpgThe Ukrainian Foreign Ministry conducted no negotiations with Israel on moving the Kever of Rav Nachman M’Breslov from the town of Uman to Yerushalayim, Interfax reports.

In early January, foreign mass media reported that the office of Prime Minister Ehud Olmert was conducting negotiations with Ukraine to move the Kever – and Israel was ready to offer a generous financial compensation of the Ukrainian party.

At a press-conference today in Kiev, the head of the press said that the executive officers of the Ukrainian Foreign Ministry and Israel representatives held several meetings but they never mentioned the moving of the Kever, only discussed the Kever’s improvement and maintenance.

(Source: Interfax)


  1. r’ nachman wanted to be buried in uman because years before he was nifter thousands of jews were killed al kiddush hashem so he said its a holy place and thats where he wants to be. so I dont know how can anyone think of removing his kever,I would be scared to mess around with such a holy person.

  2. Taking into consideration the following: The economic boost to the anti semitic ppl in ouman, family heads ABADONING their families during yamim noraim, the blackmail and corruption of the gov officials and the fact that mashiah is around the corner… IT is my belief that the holy reb wish he can be moved to Eretz Yisrael… PS im not breslev…

  3. the tzion of breslover tzadik is arrah to erezt yisroel. it should not be touched, especially that the russians are protecting and maintaining its kedusha, with tolerance and permission for thousands of chasidim to visit every would be another
    story , if chas v’sholom they were going to disturb the site.

  4. Rabbenu actually said that he would like to be buried in E”Y but nobody would come to visit him. He was surely the tzadik but was not a navi – how could he know that today so many of our people would dwell in our land?

    That said, it is a decision for the Gedolim of Breslov to make – not for the governments of Israel and Ukraine.