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Trump Hotel in Scotland to Be Kashered for Pesach

A Chareidi man from London has rented out a Trump hotel in Scotland and is turning it Kosher for Pesach, Bichadrei Chareidim is reporting. Aryeh Wagner, a Mir Yerushalayim alumnus, is the person in charge of Kosher catering for all royal functions that take place in any of the royal buildings in England, as well as meals taking place in the residence of the Prime Minister that have Jews in attendance.

The hotel is located near the coast and is approximately one hour’s drive away from the capital city of Glasgow. President Donald Trump purchased it a few years back and invested 200 million dollars refurbishing it and building an elite level golf course on the grounds nearby.

The hotel will undergo a complete overhaul and be kashered for Pesach, Wagner told Bichadrei Charedim. Wagner said that the prices “will be appropriate to the high quality of the hotel”.

When asked if Trump’s Daughter and Son-in-Law Ivanka and Jared Kushner will be attending, Wagner said: “I am not at liberty to discuss the guest list, and that won’t change whether Ivanka Trump comes or if someone from Bnei Brak attends. We will be keeping all of our guest list information confidential and remain discreet in this regard.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)

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