Dina Powell Tells Trump She Doesn’t Want UN Job


Former deputy national security adviser Dina Powell has told the White House that she is not interesting in serving as President Donald Trump’s next U.N. ambassador.

That’s according to a person familiar with the conversation but not authorized to speak publicly about private discussions.

Nikki Haley took many by surprise this week when she announced she plans to resign the post at year’s end.

Trump had told reporters that Powell, a Goldman Sachs executive, was on his shortlist of about five replacement candidates.

But Powell spoke to the president on Thursday and asked that her name be removed from consideration.

The person familiar with the conversation told The Associated Press that Powell indicated she was honored to be discussed but felt it was not the right time for her family.



  1. Smart lady. Like Mrs. Haley, she’ll also sit on the sidelines until the Republican Party returns to its ideological roots and comparative sanity.

  2. rt, the funniest thing of it all is you wouldn’t have the intellectual or mental capacity or be offered or attain success with any of those positions. Since you keep saying “degenerate lying adulterer” like a broken record, maybe you’ll get your wish one day with a president who fights to preserve and strengthen platforms abortions, LGBT, “women’s rights” to choose what they want with their bodies, raise taxes, reinstate full funding for the Palestinian Authorities, reinstates the Iranian Agreement, and roll out more regulations to fit according to the “Paris Climate Accord”. Hey, but at least he/she won’t be a “degenerate lying adulterer”- right???

  3. Trump is having a hard time finding qualified people to work in his administration. I would consider taking the UN ambassadorship, but I am probably not qualified, and I don’t even say nice things about Trump (which is the primary qualification in the Trump administration).

  4. The US is backing Israel to an unprecedented degree. The US is finally getting respect restored around the world, and bad deals are being fixed. Apparently those who offer comments on YWN do not pay attention to details.

    (Ah, so why wouldn’t someone want it? You have no idea! You’re sitting behind a computer writing comments! Maybe being the voice for REASON at the UN is an unfathomably difficult job, and people aren’t up to it!)