HATE DOCTOR: Social Media Messages From Muslim Anti-Semitic Doctor Go Viral; Fired From Cleveland Clinic


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Some pretty disturbing social media comments from a “Dr Lara Kollab” have gone viral on social media in the past 24 hours. Along with the screenshots of the hate messages, there was a call for people to demand she be fired from the “Cleveland Clinic” in Cleveland, Ohio.

YWN spoke to employees at the Clinic, and in fact, she has long been fired from her job at the Clinic. She started at the Clinic on July 1 2018 and when this was discovered in September she was immediately fired.

Kollab was an Internal Medicine Resident at the Clinic for a short period of time until her hate messages were brought to the attention of her bosses who quickly canned her.

Among her highly-disturbing messages she posted years ago on social media reads:

On January 2, 2012, Kollab tweeted: “hahha ewww.. ill purposely give all the yahood [Jews] the wrong meds…”

A full list of her hate can be seen here.

The following is a statement given to YWN on Monday:

December 31, 2018

“This individual was employed as a supervised resident at our hospital from July to September 2018. She is no longer working at Cleveland Clinic. In no way do these beliefs reflect those of our organization. We fully embrace diversity, inclusion and a culture of safety and respect across our entire health system.”

Abby L Spencer MD, MS, FACP
Director – Internal Medicine Residency Program Vice Chair of Education – Medicine Institute
Associate Professor of Medicine, CCLCM
Cleveland Clinic | 9500 Euclid Ave. | Cleveland, OH 44195

All her messages have since been deleted from Social media after she was exposed.

It should be noted that this is (one) of the only major Internal medical programs in the United States that will formally allow Frum residents be Shomer Shabbos, and there is no trace of Anti-Semitism whatsoever in the Clinic. There are multiple Frum employees who have nothing bad to say in anyway of their work environment. In fact, they are openly recruiting additional Frum Doctors.

(Yossi Taub – YWN)


  1. She should be prosecuted not only fired from her job !! This is not a joke … it happened to bewe were just discussing that in ‏עבודה זרה About doctors prescribing a wrong medication !!! This is amazing …

  2. I find it odd and disconcerting that this evil witch doctor was only fired from her position and not fully sanctioned by the law as well as permanently barred from ever reciving a license to practice medicine anywhere in the United States.

  3. 1. She’s not really anti semitic, she just doesn’t like zionists and occupationists.
    2. She’s mentally unstable.
    3. Her comments were taken out of context.

    How many more comments can YOU add to defend her like all these other remnants of human debris?

  4. Either she has a very low IQ or her hate for us is such that she was ready to throw away her years of schooling to become a doctor. Did she really think her posts wouldn’t be found out?

  5. yosis, prosecuted for what? What crime did she commit?

    Mrs D, the same question to you: on what grounds could she be “fully sanctioned by the law”, or lose her license, let alone be barred from receiving another one?

    Yapchik, first of all what makes you think she’s an alien? In all likelihood she’s just as American as you are, so she can’t be deported. But even if she were an alien, how could she be deported just for speaking her hateful mind? She’s got the freedom of speech, just like anyone else. The first amendment protects everyone under US jurisdiction, not just citizens.

    avi732, she’ll find a position somewhere. Someone who doesn’t mind her antisemitism will hire her. Maybe a Moslem hospital somewhere.

  6. galicianer what does it matter? this isn’t just any comment it’s life and death,
    how many people have died from wrong meds? how many doctors were procecuted for killing patients with meds.
    why wait untill she actually does what she said she would? she should be deported/prisoned/sanctioned and definitly stripped of her licence so she should not have the ability to carry out her plan.

  7. The comment by voseppes inspired me to to so a search. Another web site claims that the “doctor” in question had a web site hosted by “WIX” – which is Israeli. I found a interview she did with her own father, and (hypocritically enough”) she closes it with statements like: “This is why my father firmly believes that the path to peace is dependent upon the ability of each side to see the other as human” And another source states her license was “issued in Cuyahoga County in July 2018, it is valid until June 2021.”

  8. Millhouse, here’s some financial advice: you can go to law school and make money defending these terrorists. You claim there’s no law against speaking one’s mind. Wow. I mean clearly there’s criminal intent here and you claim it’s just words…In other words, you are defending her supposed rights to her words that clearly state she will commit criminal/terrorist acts.

  9. planning to harm your patients is contrary to the hippocratic oath, the moral contract made upon becoming a licensed medical doctor. Evidence of such intent should be clear grounds for the AMA to be petitioned to revoke her license. It is not in their interest to have such a person certified by their organization. However, without evidence of action taken based on her beliefs, her post may fall into the category of free speech which allows her to say what she will and is not punishable by law. However, she clearly does not understand the free market,which allows all of us to choose not to use her for medical care.

  10. > Milhouse and holy1

    I don’t see how what she said is any different than someone boasting on social media that they would shoot (name a target group) when given the chance. So sell that person a license and gun? Or even more, hire them as a police officer? A medical license is literally a license to kill, and the murder is infinitely more difficult to detect than a corpse with a bullet hole.

  11. philosopher, here’s some advice for you: read the first amendment. Then read any of the hundreds of basic legal texts on the amendment, which list the very few and narrow exceptions the Supreme Court has defined; you will immediately see that there is no exception for declarations of criminal intent. (There is an exception for “true threats”; this is not one.)

    holy1, the hippocratic oath is not a contract, has no legal status, and in fact most doctors don’t take it, especially since it promises not to commit abortion and euthenasia. And the AMA has no connection to medical licensing. It’s just a union that many doctors choose to join, but none have to.

  12. Intimidation  is intentional behavior that “would cause a person of ordinary sensibilities” to fear injury or harm. … Threat, criminalthreatening (or threatening behavior) is the crime of intentionally or knowingly putting another person in fear of bodily injury. It is a criminal offence for anyone to threaten to…
    kill or cause bodily harm to any persondamage, destroy or burn propertykill, poison or injure any person’s animal or bird
    The maximum penalty for threatening death or bodily harm is five years imprisonment. The maximum penalty for uttering threats to damage property or kill or injure animals is two years.

  13. > Milhouse

    Violating the code of ethics of the AMA is grounds for revoking the medical license. Aside from that, imagine the lawsuits if any of her patients suffers from her treatments, or dies – in the U.S. where awards can total hundreds of millions of dollars. Who would be stupid enough to insure her?

  14. georgeg, “boasting on social media that one would shoot (name a target group) when given the chance” is protected speech. It isn’t and can’t be a crime. Any law purporting to make it a crime would automatically be invalid. And since a gun license is a right, not a privilege, no government agency could deny such a person a license just to punish them for exercising their freedom of speech.

    No, you would certainly not hire such a person as a policeman, and guess what, this doctor was fired; but someone who doesn’t care about her antisemitism can still hire her, and there are enough such people

    philosopher, it is not my take on the law, it is the law. That you don’t like it is irrelevant. You are not entitled to your own facts.

    Mommy10, she did not intimidate or threaten anyone. Merely bragging of intent to commit a crime is neither of these things and can’t be, because the constitution forbids legislatures from making it a crime. Only “true threats” are excepted, and this does not fit the very narrow definition.

  15. georgeg again, violating the self-defined “code of ethics” of some union is certainly not grounds for revoking a government license. The AMA could declare it “unethical” to compete with another doctor; do you think any government attempt to enforce that would stand?! Denying someone a license as punishment for exercising her constitutional rights would be blatantly unconstitutional.

    Insurance companies could certainly refuse to insure her, and that would make it difficult for anyone to hire her, but there are enough antisemites out there who would do it. Which is why I suggested a Moslem hospital.

  16. Millhouse, sorry about using the wrong semantics here, I’m not that versed in law to know what the law actually is. But what is your point in touting the fact that the law is on her side ( provided that that is indeed the case) when whether the law is on her side or is irrelevant?

    The law is not the last word in the USA. If she would talk like about blacks you can be sure she would lose her license. If she would be sued by Jewish rights groups there would a huge chance that she would lose her license. The FBI didn’t exactly follow legal protocols with Hillary Clinton and neither do they follow the exact written laws nor do judges follow the exact rules, it is used as discrestionary guidelines which are only followed to a certain degree. You can protest that fact, but that is the fact of life in the “courts of justice” in the USA.

    Threatening to commit terrorist acts is without a doubt a crime and discrimination is a crime. With the right lawyers you can cobble together a case against her which would have a chance of winning in court despite the first amendment. There are amendments to amendments btw.

    The fact that you are defending her legal “rights” from many angles would make you a perfect lawyer for such a criminal.