HATE: NYC Bus Driver Makes Anti-Semitic ‘Measles’ Remark Towards Hasidic Man in Williamsburg


An MTA bus driver allegedly made anti-Semitic remarks towards a Hasidic man, regarding the measles outbreak in the community.

The United Jewish Organizations of Williamsburg said the incident happened last week on a B57 bus.

The clearly Hasidic man, in his 40s, was waiting for the bus at the corner of Flushing and Franklin Avenues when the bus allegedly passed by without stopping.

The man ran to the bus, which was stopped at the next corner, and knocked on the door hoping to board the bus.

That’s when the bus driver allegedly covered her face with her sweater and turned away from him towards the window.

The man tried handing the driver a transfer, but she allegedly responded, shouting: “Measles! Go in!”

NYC Mayor Bill DeBlasio and the city’s bus department took to Twitter to condemn the incident and promised an investigation.

The incident comes amidst a measles outbreak that has sickened nearly 300 people in New York City, the majority in the Orthodox Jewish communities. The city has responded by threatening to fine parents who do not vaccinate their children, and to close Yeshivas that allow unvaccinated children to attend.

“There’s verbal harassment on the streets,” Rabbi David Niederman od the UJO told BrooklynPaper.com “People shouting, ‘Jews,’ and ‘measles,’ that type of stuff.”

(Nat Golden – YWN)




  1. They bus driver is right ,apologies should be made by the Anti Vaccine cult that give interviews to the media that the Torah Hk’ doesn’t allow it what a Chilul Hshem using the Torah and all us Yidden for your own agenda

  2. Unfortunately, this IS an excuse for expressing anti-Semitism. At least by those who already harbor resentment. The anti-vax meshugenas brought this on us. They should all be put in cherem.

  3. As a frum Jew myself ,i really can’t blame the bus driver for having these feelings,just think for a moment,if it would have been blacks or spanish or chinese that would have caused this unnecessary epidemic,wouldn’t we feel the exact same animosity towards them

  4. Agreed. Not antisemitism. After reading story after story of how the “orthodox/Hasidic” Jews are full of measles why would anyone want to let them into a closed air circulating vehicle

  5. This isn’t Antisemitism! It’s a case where all Jews end up looking bad.
    Even if the Antivaxxers were right, the Torah would require Vaccination to stop the Sinah from the Goyim.