The 1000th MK Expected To Enter The 21st Knesset


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946 Members of Knesset have served since the establishment of the State of Israel. A bit of an explanations…

It is true that we are entering the 21st Knesset, and in a simple calculation of 21X120 we receive the result of 2,520 MKs, but to remember that in every new Knesset there are quite a few Knesset members from the previous Knesset, and certainly not all those entering the Israeli parliament are new MKs.

According to a Ladaat News report, in the first Knesset there were 130 MKs. True, although the Knesset contains only 120 MKs, there was an exchange of MKs who resigned or died during their term in office. In the second Knesset, 48 new MKs joined. In the third Knesset, the number was already 33 and in the fourth Knesset the number was almost identical and stood at 32.

The fifth Knesset was the Knesset with the least number of new MKs, with only 12 MKs joining. In the Sixth Knesset, the numbers have returned to the same level as before, when 36 Knesset members joined. In the Seventh Knesset 44 new MKs entered the Knesset, 48 in the Eighth Knesset, 54 in the Ninth Knesset, 46 in the tenth, and 34 new MKs in the 11th Knesset. In the 12th Knesset, 42 new MKs entered the Knesset, 45 in the 13th Knesset, 45 in the 14th Knesset, 51 in the 15th Knesset, 46 in the 16th Knesset, 50 in the 17th Knesset, and in the 18th Knesset 40 new MKs. 51 new MKs in the 19th Knesset, and in the 20th Knesset a record of 59 new MKs was broken, if of course we don’t calculate the first Knesset with all its new MKs.

Summing up the numbers from the Knesset to the 21st Knesset, the number stands at 946 MKs over all, indicating that in the 21st Knesset the 54th new MK will be the 1000th Knesset member since the establishment of the State.

Now when you look at the new names joining the Knesset you can see at least 47 new faces, waiting to see what will happen on the New Right party, which has been informed it will not be entering Knesset, but a recount has been demanded as the party is short only 1,400 votes. In any case, the number will not reach 54, but it is still possible to say with certainty that in the 21st Knesset, we will still see the 1000th MK, and this will happen because of the Norwegian law that will apply to ministers who resign to permit other persons on their party lists to enter as MKs in their place.

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)