MEASLES SCARE: JetBlue Flight Quarantined at JFK Airport Over Suspected Measles-Infected Orthodox Jewish Passengers


A Jet Blue flight at JFK Airport was temporarily placed into quarantine on Sunday night, after crew members feared passengers having the highly contagious measles virus.

Sources tell YWN that JetBlue Flight 410 from Santo Domingo Republic was carrying dozens of Orthodox Jewish passengers who were returning from a Pesach program.

The flight landed at JFK at around 9:00PM, and was immediately placed into quarantine, after two children showed signs of having a rash.

Jewish community activists immediately contacted the family’s pediatricians and doctors, and produced records showing that the entire family had been immunized. It appears that the suspicious rash on the children was instead some type of bites from bugs.

YWN has confirmed that the Port Authority Police allowed passengers to exit the aircraft about an hour after it was placed in quarantine.

“After reports of a potential medical concern onboard, flight 410 from Santo Domingo to JFK, was requested to hold for medical services out of an abundance of caution so a customer could be examined,” a JetBlue spokesperson said. “All customers have been cleared and the flight will deplane normally.”


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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Were these chassidim of the Santerdominger Rebbe, shlita coming home after spending yom tov with their rebbe? Next year, go to Orlando for a trouble free yom tov at Disney World, or even better STAY HOME for the sedorim. While such a quarantine situation could have happened on any flight, it just seems that yidden are getting fairly transparent simonim from Himmel that yetzias mitzraim doesn’t have to be commemorated by yitizias Willy, BP or Flatbush to Caribbean resorts etc.

  2. Jewish community activists immediately contacted the pediatricians and doctors Retain a copy of all vaccination certifications along with passports, and take along, on all travels.

  3. Good news that it was a false alarm and they were able to release the plane and passengers quickly. Even better news that either the flight crew or a passenger was alert to a potential threat and acted accordingly but I wonder how many other airlines are that attentive.

    However, 147 raises a really important point but for many of us a bit older, how do you verify a measles vaccination from 30, 40 or 50 years ago??

  4. If the children with symptoms had been Hispanic gentiles, would they have been concerned and temporarily quarantined until medical records were secured?

  5. I think that YWN needs to put a thumbs up or like button, or a thumbs down button… because I really liked GadolHadorah’s comment. I know that it’s off topic, but the lengths people have started to go to for Pesach, seems as thought everyone is trying to outdo the other. When did it become popular to spend tens of thousands of dollars to kasher and entire house, and then take an entire family (which in many cases are large) to a resort for the yom tov.

    Personally, I always thought that people who flaunt their ability to either go into serious debt, increase their serious debt, or who are lucky enough to have wealth, for which they should thank the (ribono shel olam) should spend the time with family, in a community, and celebrate the holiday in the spirit to which it was intended.

    For those of you that have a tendency to jump on me after I post something, you may now have the floor. I won’t respond to any negative, sarcastic, or nasty posts.


  6. Are flights from West Africa placed in quarantine after some African American passengers were seen coughing and the responsible flight crew want to be sure tuberculosis wont be spread in NY.
    This is ridiculous.
    Antisemitism at its glory.
    The writing is on the wall.

  7. Gadolhadorah “However, 147 raises a really important point but for many of us a bit older, how do you verify a measles vaccination from 30, 40 or 50 years ago??”

    Good question Answer is you dont. My wife and are are over 60 and before we travelled recently we had a booster vaccination and that is computerised.

  8. Checking past vaccination records is quite lame for ruling out a suspected measles exposure. It has been proven over and over that fully vaccinated people are still susceptible to being infected by viruses they are vaccinated against. ( The risk is lower but it still remains). The only way to 100% confirm measles exposure is to identify IgM measles antibodies via blood draw.
    Didn’t seem like the flight crew wanted to have too much of a tircha… simply promoting themselves as the good-doers
    and responsible ones on the expense of the contaminated orthodox Jews seemed to suffice for them.

  9. This is so so sad. Thank you antivaxers that are perpetuating a horrible Chillul Hashem. I am sure the intentions of the flight attendants were good. I also can not fault them for being scared around the chasidishe world. The media has vilified us, and they found a perfect way of doing so that is not a pc problem. I know and most of you know that the antivaxx movement is small but outspoken in the chassidishe community. I also know that because people live so close to each other there have been hundreds of cases of measles in the chasidishe community. I am certainly pro-vax, and I feel bad for those on the plane that had to deal with this, but I understand why it happened. It is just a horrible shame that we can be our own worst enemies. The minute the schools and SHULS say you can not come in without a vaccination, this garbage will stop. If it doesnt, at least the antivaxxers can stay with each other, and not infect the rest of us.

  10. GadolHatorah: You can get blood work to see if youre immune. I’m planning to do that before I go to the bungalow colony this summer, which is swarming with anti vax idiots :-\ Also, this was Shulem Lemmer aas you can easily see in the video, he had been hired as a singer from pesach

    I know a family who was there for pesach. Many many kids had bug bites from their stay. Only the Lemmers got singled out bc they were the only chasidishe family on the flight.

    Thank you anti vax idiots for increasing anti semitism. Ugh.

  11. Heimeshe Frau and Jam; Thank you for the useful suggestion to have a blood test to confirm measles immunity. I assume my parents had me vaccinated but can’t hurt to verify.

    As to those screaming anti-Semitism with respect to focusing on a flight full of frum yidden where they was some visual evidence of possible measles. I recall some of the same screamers were the ones pushing for racial profiling of Muslims on possible terrorist linkls since they were the epicenter of violent attacks. Well, for better or worse, yidden from frum communities have been the epicenter of measles outbreaks and it makes sense to “racially profile” them if there is some credible evidence of a possible case as there was here.