WATCH: Nice Save! Bus Driver Grabs Student Stepping Into Car’s Path


A fast-acting school bus driver is being lauded for grabbing a student by the back of his jacket as he was about to step out into the path of a car.

An inside-the-bus surveillance video posted on the Norwich City School District’s Facebook page shows driver Samantha Call suddenly grabbing a student descending the stairs as a car speeds past on the shoulder.

Another student says “that was a good grab” after Call lays on the horn.

The upstate New York district said the video was taken April 26 on a state route about 40 miles north of the Pennsylvania state line.

The district says that the bus’ red lights were flashing and that Call did an “outstanding” job.



  1. Though this grab was not exactly a save it made a good point! The bus door had not even opened yet and the boy had more steps to go down before he exited. The point though was well made and happens all the time but is not caught on video.

  2. I hate to say it, but could very well be she didnt have her Stop lights on. The culprit is obviously still at wrong for passing on the shoulder! Too many times have I seen bus drivers just quickly stop and open the doors without responsibly giving prior lighting signals that they are stopping.