STARTING TODAY – Thousands Headed To Catskills Expected To Utilize Sloatsburg Rest Area


Once again, travelers making their way up to the Catskills on Thursday nights will be able to stop for Mincha and Maariv minyanim as of Thursday, June 27th at the Sloatsburg Rest Area, located on the northbound Thruway between exits 15A and 16. The Tefilos Mordche Mincha Area is named in memory of Rabbi Morton Friedman who re-established the Mincha Area 12 years ago and will be open from 5 to 11 PM each Thursday night throughout the summer travel season.

Earlier last week, the New York State Thruway Authority and the New York State Police met with Rabbi Abe Friedman, Rabbi Joel Friedman and Rabbi Bernard Freilich, who will continue to oversee the Mincha area, to discuss important rules and regulations for the rest stop. Travelers are advised to:

  • Park only on the upper level of the parking lot, the most private part of the rest area which creates the least disturbance to other travelers, making it the ideal location for minyanim.
  • Refrain from parking in handicapped restricted areas unless they have the proper permits.
  • Pray only in the designated Mincha area and not in any other locations in the parking lot.
  • Refrain from selling any food or merchandise or conducting any tzedaka solicitations at the Mincha area which is designated for davening only. A Thruway representative will be present at all times to enforce this rule.
  • Supervise children of all ages at all times, who should never be left unattended in any vehicle, even for just a moment.
  • Obey all speed limits and drive with extreme caution when approaching the upper parking lot.
  • Yield to all pedestrians when driving or parking.

Vending machines on the upper level parking lot will be stocked with kosher food for the convenience of Orthodox Jewish travelers.

Organizers are urging everyone utilizing the Mincha Area to follow the above rules in order to benefit all Catskills-bound travelers.

“We are extremely grateful to the Thruway personnel and the New York State Police for working with us to accommodate the needs of the many travelers who will be heading to the country every Thursday night,” said Rabbi Abe Friedman. “We count on everyone for their continued cooperation, so that we can continue providing this vital service for many years to come.”

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Year after year, this is such a great example of a simple, cooperative effort between yidden and public sector and first responders that is achieved efficiently and with little commotion (except in the rare instances where some jerk refuses to follow the rules). Kol hakovod to the Friedmans and others whose hard work makes this process a reality.

  2. next week the 4th f July will be on Thursday so most people will be traveling on Wednesday will the mincha mariv area be open on Wednesday

  3. אַלע זאָל פאָר מיט מזל און ברכה און נישט באַקומען אַ טיקעט פון די שטייט פּאָליצ.

  4. there are many who have the nisayon to just drive by ” & deal w/ mincha…some other way” this summer become a regular at the mincha area , youn will be inspired as you look around at the minyan ” they are regular guys like me and you!! mi keamcha yisroel . i feel the same way when i shlep myself out to a midnight maariv at shomer shabbos i ask myself ? WHAT MADE THESE YIDDEN COME OUT FOR MINYAN ?