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(Photos of Protest): Sharpton to Meet with Governor Paterson

YW-Sharpton Bell Protest-0063.jpg[Click HERE for photos – taken by YWN photographer Raphael Grynsztajn at yesterday’s protest.]

Al Sharpton, and relatives of Sean Bell who was killed by undercover detectives in a 50-bullet barrage, were scheduled to meet privately with New York Gov. David Paterson on Thursday afternoon to talk about the case.

The meeting comes a day after Sharpton and more than 200 demonstrators were arrested during citywide protests against the acquittals of the officers on state charges.

Hundreds rallied in Lower Manhattan, Harlem, Midtown, Brooklyn, and across several bridges.
Some were arrested for blocking traffic during the generally peaceful protests.

Sharpton was arrested, along with Sean Bell’s fiancée, Nicole Paultre Bell, during protests near the Brooklyn Bridge. Joseph Guzman and Trent Benefield, who were both wounded in the shooting, were also taken into custody.

Police said 216 people were arrested.

(Source: CBS2 HD / NY1)

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  1. Curious how a person arrested yesterday could meet with a governor right after… is that in jail? Is there a trial and he is out on bail?

    By what mechanism did the fiancee take on the same last name as the deceased?

  2. what! these are pictures of gedilim? i never saw them on my gedolim (baseball type) card set? i gotta buy a new set. i’ll go down to the store and ask ahmed to buy a new set.

  3. To Chavrusa O Mesusa:

    No for something like blocking
    traffic they can’t hold you for long…
    He probably paid his fine and went free
    within hours of the arrest.

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