Baltimore Gets Their First Shomer Shabbos Police Officer [VIDEO & PHOTOS]


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The NYPD has dozens, Lakewood got one a few weeks ago, and now Baltimore has a “Jew in Blue”.

Officer Kalman Finkelstein was sworn in on Friday, along with 28 other Officers as members of the Baltimore Police Department. They graduated from the city’s police academy after 27 weeks of training.

Kalman Finkelstein, 48, is a business owner and now a city police officer.

“I want to pursue my childhood dream that I never lost,”  Finkelstein told Fox Baltimore.

Sources told YWN that a Kiddush was held in his honor at Shul on Shabbos morning.

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(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)



  1. It is very telling that Yeshivah World News will not publish any negative comments on this story.

    Moderators Note: Of course not. Unless you sign your name. Have you spoken to the officer? Or are you just spewing your vile hatred an hour before the Yom Hadion? WHich one is it?