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CHILLING UPDATE: Jersey City Terrorists Were Planning On Killing 50 Jewish Children In Yeshiva Next Door

Just one door away from the JC Kosher Supermarket, the scene of the Jersey City terror attack, is the local Cheder with approximately 50 children. Many were speculating that the terrorists had more than enough ammunition to kill a few people in a supermarket, and feared that the intended target was the school.

This fear seems to be turning into a confirmation on Friday morning, as Jersey City mayor Fulop tweeted the following moments ago:

“My opinion is that as more info comes out it’ll become increasingly clear that the target was the 50 children at the Yeshiva attached to that store. We will never know 100% but the doorway to the yeshiva was 3 feet away + it seems he goes in that direction 1st.

This is a horrible tragedy but even in so much darkness with lives lost there is some light in that without question had the bravery/quick response of the police not trapped them in the store this could have been much much worse.”

Watch the videos below, where you can see the security camera footage of the terrorists running towards the supermarket.

[Jersey City Shooting Victim Yeshiva Bochur Moshe Hersh Deutsch HY”D]

[Jersey City Shooting Victim Mrs Leah Mindel Ferencz HY”D, Mother Of 5, Founder of New Community]

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[FBI Raids “Black Hebrew Israelites” Church In Harlem Following Jersey City Shooting Attack]

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

25 Responses

  1. It has been reported that the killer was inspired by Louis Farrakhan videos. Obama, his buddy Louis Farrakhan, Keith Ellison, Women’s March and Congregational Black Coccus, Nancy Pelosii, Ilhan Omar all have Jewish blood on their hands. Why all these demagogues who blame Trump on Pittsburgh and San Diego shooting keep suddenly quite on this forum?

  2. The Ribbono Shel Olam watches over his children and guided these vicious animals to first go into the store. Hy’d, Klal Yisroel should know of no more pain.

  3. clearly the black supremacist terrorist for whatever reason changed the direction at the last milsecond, this is why we need to fund the Felder bill to have armed guards in all yeshivas something the liberals with their ny times papers and park slope dogs hate because they don’t experience terror.

  4. Even as we are in pain and can’t understand why, we have to give Shevach v’hodoya on the Rachamim of the RBS”O that their plans were stopped
    May Klal Yisroel only hear Besurois toivos

  5. Sigh. Why is YWN so attracted to click-bait headlines? The mayor himself notes that he is only theorizing. “We will never know 100% ….” The actual scene was bad enough. Do we have to give ourselves more nightmares without any confirmation? One thing it does do – it puts even the smallest of chadarim and yeshivos motivation to put stricter security in place. Even this malchus shel chesed has its share of crazies with guns.

  6. To MoisheInGalus: The little babies are hiding in their cribs with their pacifiers. Actually they are even more babyish then I or you can even imagine.

    jewish source: That is part of the miracle, the cops were on a foot patrol and that is why they came very fast. Perhaps 30 seconds or a minute, I dont know but it was fast!

    Uncle Mo: The Ribono Shel Olam has everything so calculated every second. What a Nes! May we know of no more sorrow.

    Mopomy21: Hashem is Shomer Yisroel!

    Mopomy21: Its clear – chillingly clear – that with that amount of ammunition and a pipe bomb they planned to do a lot more.

    karlbenmarx: Isn’t that something?! You know when a Rasha plans to do a bad thing, that person comes up with all kinds of schemes how to more terrible things, one terrible thing topping the other thing. So ultimately what happens is they lose sight of the initial thing and they convince themselves to first do something else before the initial plan. But then it hits home (this is where Hashem humbles the sinner). After they cant seem to go to plan A. It’s just a crazy thing.

    They are not liberals they are depressed Zombies. Wait the liberals will get petch soon enough.

    bobbydaboy: Can’t agree more!

    Azoiy: we need to keep on davening, learning, saying Tehillim, doing maasim Tobin and staying away from prohibited talk.

    Midwest2: You’re right on! I don’t know what’s worse Theorizing or Sarcasm.. they are both dark and confusing. This story has been excruciating to say the least, so scattered, and honestly I don’t know if the real real story has been spilled just yet. I do think Yeshivas should be prepared for the worst case scenario and they should cancel all classes for two weeks and prepare prepare and do more preparing for the just in case theoretical scenarios!

  7. This article and the headline are based on uninformed speculation and is not helpful. Let the investigation go forward and run its course, but do not report the speculations of a mayor with no particular information about what the story reports. The crime was horrific and needs to be solved, not blown up with idle speculation.

  8. I think by next election we should keep in mind how much blood is in Donald Trump’s hands for not supporting the common sense gun laws.

  9. Is it just me? or does anyone else think you can see a little jewish boy first run towards the cheder/store, and then flee with the others as the shooting started?

  10. Be grateful to Hashem that He spared the children in Jersey City. Do you honestly think such events occur outside HIs control? We need to look inwards and see what WE need to do to fix what is wrong in our communities. I have seen widows in Lakewood, Monsey and elsewhere treated with disdain and contempt. Last week before the horrible event in Jersey City I read on a business site of a widow of a rebbe of children almost being killed from the actions of a prominent hasidic builder known for his wickedness. Perhaps in the zchus of years of devotion to children by the widow’s late husband they were spared but because Hashem warns of His wrath when a widow is mistreated He turned His face away so this chasidic group would feel the group-wide pain like we read about in Tanach. Are we going to keep crying how anti-semitic the world is or will we root out the eveil from within our midst so Hashem will protect us from the anti-semites as he protected the children from them in Jersey City?

  11. Stevenn, are you being facetious or you are so dumb to write such brain dead comment? With comments like yours you will not be even admitted to the Village Idiot Club on this forum.

  12. > Stevenn

    Laws are passed by Congress, not by the President. Had the Democrats spent their resources doing legislation instead of wasting EVERYONE’s resources on phony investigations and impeachment and fighting the President on every tiny inch for partisan political reasons, then maybe there woulds such laws for the President to sign.

  13. This is all speculation due to the huge amount of ammunition and the common sense of it. But theres NO indication of the murderer going to the school other than a tiny swerve in the direction.
    We absolutely witnessed huge miracles and its sensible to think that their intended targets weren’t just a “few Jews”.
    As incredibly sad as it is and we’re all in deep mourning after the two Kedoshim, yes, it cldve been a hell lot more but its not more than speculation.
    Mr Lax and the little boy running for life, are a chilling reminder of Mi Yichye Imi Yomis. They escaped with mere milliseconds.
    May Hashem fill His cup with all the tears and send Mashiach fast.

  14. As far as the reply to my argument that laws being passed by Congress, after all the massacres there was a lot of pressure on Mitch Meconell to bring up the common sense gun laws bill. He responded that he’s only going to put up a bill that Trump will support. So you can see how the buck stops at Trump and that’s why his hands are full of blood. So by next election it will be worth considering that whatever good he may have accomplished it doesn’t come close to the negative of how much murder he’s responsible of.

  15. Stevenn, Trump and the GOP support common sense laws. The laws you want are not only unconstitutional, they are very far from common sense.

    If you want to trash our liberties in order to make us safer, why don’t you support banning all antisemitic expression? Jail everyone who says a bad word about Jews. Also ban the publication of mass shooters’ names. Surely that will save some lives.

    Then we could get rid of the need for search warrants, and fair trials. How many murderers must walk free just because there isn’t enough evidence to convict them properly? Let’s allow the state to lock up anyone it thinks is a criminal; you can’t deny that that would prevent many crimes and save many lives.

    But of course you don’t support any of that because you understand, as do we all, that our liberties, for which our founders fought and killed and died, are worth more than human lives. Liberty is not free; it costs lives, and we must be willing to pay that price, because to live in safety but as slaves is disgraceful.

    So why are you so willing to restrict just this one of those liberties? You hypocrite.

  16. There’s plenty of common sense gun laws that are constitutional and weren’t passed. Due to the mountain pressure on Trump because of all the massacres, he told fox news that he doesn’t believe crazy people should have guns and he’s working on a bill. He’s full of it, working on it while people are dying deadly. There’s nothing unconstitutional stopping certain risky people of having guns. (He’s not doing anything for freedom reasons. He would love to have the power and honor of a king. It’s all about his base. And therefore he’s responsible for a huuuge amount of blood.

  17. Trump’s red cap is very apropo. I’m actually thinking that a good way to pressure Trump would be to name and shame him. Like they should make some red type of gloves symbolising the blood on his hands, that everyone should wear. If anyone that’s reading this has a large following on social media please post it and hopefully someone will pick up the idea.

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