POWERFUL Op-Ed By Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz, Calls Out Tischler As RODEF, Slams Protests In Boro Park


I was originally hesitant to write this letter however I decided that I can’t watch what’s currently taking place in religious neighborhoods and remain silent. If for no other reason at all, I’ll be able to say ”Yadai loi shufach es hadam hazeh”.

The Coronavirus is child’s play when compared to the potential devastation that is silently growing and metastasizing by the day. This new catastrophe cannot be cured by Remdesivir or any other legend drug. Furthermore the antidote would not be social distancing as from what I understand from 70+ years ago, there was no social distancing or masks in the gas chambers! It is irrelevant that President Trump moved the American embassy to Jerusalem and helped Jews in other ways, we Yidden are putting ourselves in a bigger Makom Sakana every day. I doubt that there is even one Goy who saw or read about our current vile behavior and did not instantly forge an innate hatred for the Jews. They’re not evil, it’s called natural. Just remind yourself about some of your inner thoughts while watching the fatalities during the BLM “peaceful protests”. The Goyim don’t necessarily have to care how many Jewish mortalities there will be in a specific shul, they are rightfully viewing this as a case where the Jews are being selfish, uncaring and above the law, which is causing an uptick in cases which will ultimately reach their own neighborhoods. “The Jews simply don’t care that we’re being killed”.

This is and will remain direct causation of unadulterated anti-Semitism. To stir up anti-Semitism takes a lot less than this. We’re breaking records now. This behavior has never occurred by Jews in America. We always knew our place. Pre World War 2, a lot of people could have escaped but never imagined in their wildest dreams what awaited them. Today, due to numerous reasons the world is on edge. People lost their jobs, people can’t pay for rent or food, people got or are scared of getting the coronavirus or perhaps they lost a loved one. People are extremely upset about inequalities across the spectrum. More people are taking phsychotropic drugs today than ever before. The world situation is fluid from day to day and one little spark can C’V cause the unimaginable. It also doesnt help that the Democratic Party as we knew it, no longer exists, as it’s been taken over by politicians who are trying to outdo each other in how “progressive” they can be. The root cause of our problem, the reason we feel so infallible is undoubtedly that we forgot WE ARE IN GOLUS!  This is not our Country. We are merely guests in America, where after more than a thousand years, we finally have the zechus to live in a Country without tight Jewish ghettos.

Unfortunately, Ltza’arenu harav, we have living amongst us a Behaima she’anenu tehora who is creating anarchy and chaos, which is being streamlined by the national media outlets. It shows indisputable proof that this self appointed, power hungry, inciter and demagogue Heshy Tischler who falsely claims that he represents us, is organizing demonstrations where we are to scream personal obscenities at the governmental authorities. “Dirty animals, Nazi’s, and Kapo’s” are just a few examples of this clowns overall limited vernacular. If this seems like I’m taking this personally, it’s because I am. He’s putting my family and your families at risk, and he knows it. But that’s not reason enough for him to surrender his candidacy in a race where his support won’t even hit double digits. What changed our mindset so suddenly? How did we collectively all forget that we’re being closely watched? Who is prepared to give a Din V’cheshbon on this colossal CHILLUL HASHEM? Did we learn this new behavior from the BLM movement? Is that who guides us today? Who are we, to decide which form of congregating is safe and which is not. The Medrash says: If you’re told that there’s Torah by the goyim, don’t believe it. But if you’re told there is wisdom by the Goyim, you can believe it.  We are in the midst of a never before seen coronavirus and naturally everyone is going to look to point fingers and place blame at the people who caused this. Half the Country thought it was President Trump. The other half believed it was the fault of China. This was finally the first calamity in history where the Jews were not being blamed. But not to worry. Some of our own people fixed that real quick. I am not an alarmist, but dare I say the immediate and long term consequences that are floating in my mind.

But technically this is all somewhat irrelevant. Because if with some magical wand we could theoretically prove to ourselves that our children and communities would be safe in schools, then the reality differs from the perception, and the latter rules.

Even if we are 100% right and are acting with logical reasoning, or we believe we can manage to not be seen without a mask, or we are convinced we’re being persecuted and singled out, or we realize that our children are not getting the best chinuch possible, unfortunately right and wrong are not at play here. We still cannot make up our own laws, and we are obligated per all the Rabbonim that I’ve heard opine to date, to follow the guidance of the health specialists. I have great faith in our Rabbonim that they will figure out an eitzah regarding the chinuch issues, and we’ll know it’s being done with Daas Torah. We must never forget that we are a nation of D’racheha darkei noam.

Yes, we live in a Democracy. And yes, we have a right to free speech, but Tischler’s hateful rants are not considered “speech”. We can always agree to disagree and there are judicial and political mediums that we can exhaust. We all have an obligation to be mishtatef in finding a resolution, but calling the Mayors wife a despicable name is dead wrong, defamatory and probably dangerous. This is not who we are. This is the antithesis of who we are! “A shining light (and sirens) unto the nations”. I personally watched  a video of Dr. Mitchell Katz (whom I’ve personally met several times) attempting to speak and help our communities in a much needed way only to be met with overdramatized false personal attacks on his charachter, to the point that he had to cancel the press briefing for fear of his physical safety. Forget the fact that he is revered and pursued throughout the Country and has established a reputation as being an apolitical figure who only takes into consideration what is best for the population’s health and well being, reasoning which should be beyond sufficient, but how are we so oblivious to the fact that these are the same people who make the regulations regarding Metzitzah, Shechita, foreign esrogim, the definition of death and when can they pull the plug, school curriculum, school funding, vaccinations and the list goes on and on?

But let me be clear. Heshy Tischler is not just a Zealot. HE IS A RODEF, yet it is us who will suffer the collateral damage! There is no Mesirah on a Rodef.

There is the view among many leaders that we should not bring up Heshy Tischler’s name because it will just give him the fame and publicity he seeks. This thought process is completely skewed. It would be useful in a scenario where someone is slowly building a following for the wrong reasons. You don’t give him the time of day, but here we are dealing with a completely different situation. Tischler is not under the radar. He and his vicious acts are known, recorded and in their face.


In my humble opinion,

  1. Our representative organizations need to immediately relay to the City and State Government that we are completely unaffiliated with him. He in no way represents us. To the contrary, we make a point of not accepting him into our circles.
  2. The only thing we have in common with him is that he wears a Yarmulke. Wearing a Yarmulke makes you religious just as standing in a garage makes you a car.
  3. Every organization needs to put out a letter strongly recommending that they don’t vote for him in any election, seeking any position.
  4. Representatives need to get interviewed by all mediums of media and be very clear that this prior felon is an impostor and may just have minimal support from other people who don’t have day jobs.
  5. As most of his “followers” are children, we need to speak to their parents or Grand Rabbis to prohibit them from getting near him, or any of his events.
  6. We need to announce and make clear that anyone who supports him is considered a co-conspirator (Co-Rodef) and will be shunned by all of our communities. Note: if you’re bored and want to check out his event, I recommend watching 20 minutes of a Holocaust documentary and then decide.
  7. He should not be touched, hurt or threatened. He should just be ignored.
  8. People make mistakes. All these restrictions can be lifted if he commits to put an end to any and all events, meetings, conversations, correspondences, that are in any way related to the coronavirus or any anti-government actions AND he sends a personal apology to any victims of his misplaced wrath.

While there might be a little extra work initially, in a relatively short period, we won’t have to act, react or defend ourselves to other people. They will then just view him as a very vocal vagrant with a few other friends who are just looking for attention.

Chasin kadosh b’rov tuv’cha nahel adasecha.

Shlomo Yehuda

NOTE: The views expressed here are those of the authors and do not necessarily represent or reflect the views of YWN.


(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)


  1. Rechnitz, No matter if you’re right or not , are you allowed to call another Yid Names ? you know what chazal tell us is the punishment for name calling ?? Be careful man.

  2. Most of us in the frum community have been saying these things. We have been wondering where our religious leadership has been hiding. We wonder why a community that prides itself on chessed and doing everyting for the “other” will not do anything to protect people from this deadly disease. Rechnitz is right in everything he’s saying. Too bad his words will be ignored.

  3. finally some common sense, thanks a million!
    this is worth more of any big donation you ever gave.
    we need more rabbanim and askanim to speak out like this.

  4. This guy is talking sense

    Fact is, the Rebbe is so right, I honestly don’t understand how yidisher people can behave like this, we’ve all seen, we all know of someone that has died from this Corona why are yiddisher people not caring, this thing is here, yes the government’s keep changing the goal posts because this is new to them as well, they’re not sure but what we do know is this thing can and does kill, so why are people being so stupid

  5. BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. When we are going to see “POWERFUL Op-Eds” by our “betters’ slamming blatant antisemitisms and double standards against our people?

  6. reb shlomo judah please even if tishler is a poshea (negliglent) we are not patur from the potential commandment of pidyon shvuyim which is his situation currently so even if you dont want to be mekayem this mitzvah of pidyon svuyim or you have the heter of oisek min hamitzvah patur min hamitzvah becuase your probably always oisek in mitzvos at least dont put him in a situation that could acclerate his incarceration, as the judge will see that the mainstream pulse of klal yisroel is calling him out he most certainly wont have mercy on him. that was irresponsible of you

  7. Very good shloime Yehuda I was always a big chossid of yours what we should do practically is probably something the rabbanim should tell us not you, of course there will be idiots on this blog who will immediately reply, there are no real rabbanim today I’m making my machoh against those people now already, but your post is very solid it’s a pachad pchadim

    The sad thing is instead of this article accomplishing it’s intended purpose it will probably just be used to increase more politics and loshon harah and entice the powers that be to continue doing whatever shinanigans they were doing till now even more, the best in my opinion is just to ignore it till it passes although we could benefit from a shmuz about how we’re still in golus

  8. Tischler would be less than a blip if so many weren’t ready to follow him into stupid, dangerous actions. What happened to our culture that made this possible? Whatever it is, rabbonim who understand it need to reestablish order and we need to cooperate.

  9. Just finished reading. If only these askanim put in the same efforts and energy to communicate with the people in regards to fighting for our rights.🙄

    The silence from leadership is why people like Tischler are able to get a platform. People are looking for leadership and direction. They want to know there is someone there to fight for their cause. Tweeting, statements and failed lawsuits from politicians and organizations don’t do it for us.

  10. Mr Rechnitz may not realize this but the community has had it with democratic askonim telling us how to behave. The days of us following the Askonim like a herd of sheep are over. We are fed up and will continue to express our voices whether you like it or not!!

  11. At first i was like, who cares what Rechnits has to say, but that I realized that not one rov or level-headed askan in boro park had the guts to condemn this atrocity

  12. another beauty from the only person to ever slam the lkwd machine which has murdered hundreds of neshamos for not taking their children into yeshivas. search youtube for the amazing drasha. he is the only one with the guts to say it as it is. is it becamse he has money? maybe. but so what. no one else opens their mouth.

    enough is enough

  13. It is truly shocking that there aren’t any Rabbonim in Boro Park who condemn what has taken place. Children yelling Nazi at news reporters? What happened to us being in Galus? Disgusting.

  14. First come and live in boro park then talk
    I didnt notice you condemning any moiser that makes a bigger chillul hashem by bringing the media every day to schools and shuls

  15. “BLAH, BLAH, BLAH. When we are going to see “POWERFUL Op-Eds” by our “betters’ slamming blatant antisemitisms and double standards against our people?”

    this is an irrelevant comment.

    “Tischler is not accountable to Rechnitz. End of this entire article.”

    is this really enough to drain common sense? who spoke of anyone being accountable to anyone? are you jealous that he is rich?

  16. Guaranteed Tischler calls Rechnitz a Nazi in his next video:

    Hi this is Heshy Tischler, I read the op-ed on YWN by Mr Rechnitz. He is a filthy liar Nazi capo. He should shut his mouth and stay home, that filthy animal. (all quotes from Tischler).



  17. Agree 100%
    As a BP resident I told my friends in shul that when the gates to the park are pried opened during under the cover of darkness I can understand. But when you have in broad daylight, council men and the likes with the media and this Tishler lunatic cutting them open then we have a problem on our hands!

  18. Maybe the askanim should try to think a little and come up with a reason why does tischler have such a big fan base. Is he perhaps supplying something to the community that the leaders have been neglecting?
    Maybe his method is different but people are clearly fed up with establishment, and until the establishment figures that out and figures out how to win back the support of the people and does it, he will win.

  19. it started with this maniac breaking locks on city parks. who cares what the reason for keeping the parks locked was. is this how a yid acts? public breaking of city property? this is a role model for our children? this rodef should be run out of town

  20. Jews should not talk badly about other jews publicly. if Shlomo has something smart to say call Rabbis and get the inside people to make this guy heshy stop. You are 100% wrong! You are just letting out anger. You are both a disaster to the jews

  21. Just wait until everyone finds out that not only is he a Rodef, but also a Moser. He calls Kornbluh a Moser, but he did the same when testifying about an illegal Shul. That was back when Tischler opened a filthy disgusting prusta Mexican bar in Boro Park.

    Don’t worry. The goods will come out.

  22. Remember when Tischler told a police officer “you’re taking pictures of me? Take a picture of my naked body!” and lifted his shirt and nearly exposed himself.

    What a role model. Tzadik mammish.

  23. yjl October 15, 2020 11:50 am at 11:50 am
    Without getting into the actual subject (and without reading the op-ed). ווער האט עם גיפרעגט?

    what are you suggesting? who asked hershy tischler? who asks anything from anyone?
    anyone who can get an op-ed published should write this.

  24. CHAZAK VYAMEITZ RABBI RECHNITZ! Hope it will make people think a little clearer.
    You are our RABBI! Non had the courage to do this!
    I was censured by YWN for my Galus comments. THANK YOU! And may we right the wrong while we’re still able to.

  25. With all due respect: Mr. R., do you manage hashems books too? you have no right calling someone a name and of course not posting it in public. Not giving anyone right for doing things that some people don’t agree. However, who exactly do you think you are? Hamalbin pnei chaveiroi brabim…. Money can’t excuse that.
    You should delete this article (however it got on) and ask him for an apology in public!
    It doesn’t PAS for a big baal tzedakah & chesed to do something like this.

  26. Mr Rechnitz,im not American im from europe and i agree 100% with you.
    You the only one that took the courage,to write the meanings of 1000 of People.Tishler makes the biggest Chilul hashem,and the so called chassidim
    applaud him,because they do not follows the regulations and the laws.
    Dine de malchusco dine

  27. Mr rechnitz
    Please read some history about the judenrat in the gettohs and who were the RABONIM that supported the warsau uprising you will be surprised that you are totally wrong
    Would we have a state of Israel with your approach

  28. “the community has had it with democratic askonim telling us how to behave. The days of us following the Askonim like a herd of sheep are over. We are fed up and will continue to express our voices whether you like it or not!!”

    Moshiach is surely close! Pnei hador, kipnei hakelev, the dog runs ahead of its master and does what it wants every so often looking back to see if mastrer is following, so does the dor, they run ahead of the manhigim, doing what they want, and checking every so often that the manhigim are back there.

  29. Although I completely disagree with Heshy Tischler, we do have to realize that the NY Politicians are in a all out war against Yiddeshkeit. We do have to fight for our torah and mitzvos and contrary to R Rechnitz’s opinion, there are many Rabbanim who believe this is the fight of our lives and we must continue our Torah and Teffilah. We cannot just bow our heads to this Gezairas Shmad.
    I want to reiterate that doing it the way it is being done now is not correct. But what Rechnitz did not address is the Mesirrah which has become rampant and accepted by many.
    BP has an element of self haters posing as Frume Yidden that must be condemned. I believe this situation is bringing out this issue in the open and is exacerbating the COVID issue.

  30. Thank you for being a voice for all of us who are thinking this but don’t have a way to share it with the klal. May the Eibishter continue to bless you with abundance!

  31. Everyone should wear masks and keep social distancing. Go to any street in nyc and you’ll find folks wearing masks and folks not wearing masks. Yet the mayor and govonor are only targeting Jews.

  32. I wish Rabbi Rechnitz would write a letter to the YIDDISHER DOCTORS who are NOT helping our community in fact we had high levels of death because of their ignorance.

    I know R’Rechnitz agrees with this as he pointed it out in his Ami interview.

    Giving Hydroxychloroquine + Zinc in the first 24-36 of COVID symptoms (even before test results come back) Will bring down the severity of COVID and its death rate.

    Time to SAVE LIVES!

    Our lowlife Governor and mayor wouldn’t have a leg to stand on, if our communities would have had lower death rates.

    Taking Vitamin D 5000iu significantly reduces your chances of getting COVID, did you hear that from your doctor? NO!
    Because they are ignorant

  33. Dear Mr. Rechnintz
    Stick to what your Good at,
    When you move to the East Coast and personally experience the Daily struggles our community puts up with, only then will we contemplate your Advise,
    Until then ,We Will continue to Support and Love Our Dear Heshy , He’s Our True Hero .
    Side Note , just Because someone is Rich and Wealthy , Does not mean They’re Smarter or more intelligent.

  34. I usually agree with Rechnitz on most issues. However, I think he is out of his league and out of his place. He doesn’t live on the east coast and has no idea how fed up we are with both the government and our so called askonim. I don’t see him writing any op-eds about demonstrations that take place constantly in Eretz Yisroel especially now during lockdowns. Whether you like or dislike Hershy, he has a platform because the way the people feel.
    You say that the boys should be spoken too, you made a great fiery speech about how Lakewood is destroying the young generation. I’m just wondering why is it ok to have the leaders in Brooklyn throw away their kids with their own two hands?

  35. When you have a lack of leadership, as we certainly do, often you have a grandstander like Tischler who step into the breech and take advantage of a terrible situation of open and blatant anti-Semitism from the mayor and now the governor.

  36. I haven’t commented on YWN in years but I reactivated my account to say THANK YOU R ‘Rechnitz for speaking TRUTH! Its about time that we expose this evil clown Harold Tischler for to what he is; a liar and master manipulator. How dare he scream at the NYPD and random members of the media “Nazis”??!!!. The millions of victims of the Holocaust are rolling in their graves at the thought that this clown dare compare our amazing country to nazi Germany. He is an evil person who must be called out by every leader and lay person in the community. Tischler needs to publicly apologize for the harm that he has done and then go away for good. Thank you YWN for publishing R’ Rechnitz’ article.

  37. I fully support R Rechnitz’s opinion. there are clear mikoros that call someone who acts in a way that will likely cause violent reactions by the goyim a rodef.
    Let’s not forget our history people, the goyim have not changed from their grandparents who did pogroms cv.
    The modern day bar kochba. I know boro park but this is NOT the answer. Thank you for this artocxle

  38. And we Recognize You very Clearly. We heard this Before:

    “I have Ties to top officials, if we Comply Quietly with this, for our Safety, then they will let us Do other things we want”

    “Just Wear the Stars, it’s not so hard, and we will all be safe”

    “Just go Quietly into the Ghetto, The Officials we have Good Relationships with Promises We’ll all be Safe There”

    “The Officials we have good relationship with Says if we all just don’t go to Shul and yeshivas it will be Temporary, it’s for our Safety”






    Notice they say “Test positive“ Without Saying the Kids Have NONE, or MILD SYMPTOMS.

    FACT: CDC admitted that PCR test Yields up to 90% FALSE POSITIVES because the test is too sensitive and responds to OLD Virus fragments in the Nose.

    FACT: To Spread fear, they OMIT THE FACT that after getting a mild case, The child can stay home for 1 week, they then have ANTIBODIES and should freely be able to return To School.

    In their Mad power grab, These Corrupt Officials refuse to acknowledge and give proper access to THE MYRIAD OF TREATMENTS We now have, HCQ, AZITHROMYCIN, STEROIDS, REMDESIVIR, PASSIVE OXYGEN.

    “TEST POSITIVES” is NOT “cases” ! Notice they say “Test positive“ Without Saying the Kids Have NONE, or MILD SYMPTOMS.

    – “FLATTENING THE CURVE” Extreme Restrictions in April meant MORE PEOPLE, OVER LONGER TIME, would get Virus. So Upticks were EXPECTED. People can catch the Virus anytime at Home and while masked. The Corrupt Health Bureaucrats and Politicians Know that!

    It is as though the Covid fear has spread a strange amnesia, where a child sneezing or “test positive“ will close a school, the same school where last year kids and adults had Pneumonias, Flus, Stomach flu, STAPH, Strep, Mono, Bronchitis, Enterovirus, Cancers, etc, etc, yet never even considered closing. And even the fact that Kids get Covid so mildly and then get Antibodies, does not stop the irrational quarantines, closures.

    If we are going to allow only one child to test positive to close a school, then open, then one child to test positive, then close, and on and on only letting one child at a time get antibodies, we could be doing this for the next 10 years.

  39. Reb Shlomo Yehudo. Kudos to you for speaking out. So well presented, Its a masterpiece but albeit it will unfortunately fall on deaf ears. For most of this week I have attempted to defuse the anarchical and lawlessness situation being played out in the Streets of Borough Park, but what I got was more than what I bargained for in attempting to defend or for a better word explain my son Jacob’s actions during the height of the “Mageifoh”. Abusive name calling, Curses, Obscenities and vulgarity. We in the UK are not used to such obnoxious behaviour within our community. These protests which are being beamed across the globe and incited by one individual will only fuel more hatred. I was sickened to watch youngsters chanting Heshy! Heshy! as if he is their role model. To call a cop Nazi is undermining our Kedoishim. This crazy intimidating incitement has to be brought to a halt. Reb Shlomoh you are a LEGEND. You have the potential and ability to persuade the Borough Park Leadership whoever they may be to put an end to this disgusting and offensive phenomenon.

  40. Unfortunately Tischler’s language is the only language politicians understand. All the democracy stuff gets you no where. All you need is a liberal judge and that’s the end of your democracy. That being said he has stop with the nazi stuff. And rechnitz also shouldn’t bring up gas chambers. Both wrong. It’s 100 yrs ago

  41. Rechnitz is sitting in his big palace in LA and lecturing us in Brooklyn with a house full of kids with small houses how to react on a shutdown that was not created because the the governor worries on our health
    You can ask that every of our leaders and elected officials, the way how the mayor and governor treated them
    And instead of pointing the finger on the real moisrem the ones that called the mayor and the media, he is pointing on tischler

  42. As a community member in Borough Park, Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz doesn’t represent us Yidden in Borough Park, no matter how much money he has!

    Yaakov Korbluh went around from media station to media station bashing Tischler, and he is the only person to blame!

    I don’t think that Tischler is right for name calling the Mayor and Governor, but he is the only one bringing to the attention of the Mayor and Governor and the media our frustration of the unfair lockdown and the BLAMING OF THE JEWS!!!

  43. Can everyone please calm down.

    We all know what the implications of calling someone a Rodef are. Yehoreg, v’aal ya’avor. This kind of language is intemperate, it leads to more violence, more ignorance, more Coronavirus, more Trump, and more Tischler.

    Tischler might have been a Rodef when he was whipping up a mob inches from his intended victim, but he isn’t a Rodef now. He is certainly a meitzar es harabbim, but absolutely no Rav in the world is going to authorise his execution in cold blood. So why use this language?

    We need to treat each other with more respect. I know it’s hard in such a divided country, with such crazy pressures on everyone, when relatives are seriously ill or worse, with the politicians and other racial groups are screaming at each other, when parnassah is so tough, when the governors are being provocative, when the teenaged kids are all bored, v’ein lonu al mi l’hishoen ello al Avinu shebashamayim.

    Even now, in the current matzav, maintaining civility is a priority. We need to keep talking to each other, not screaming at each other.

    I do not support the lockdowns – especially of schools – even though I see no clear evidence that it was motivated by anything other than a concern for people’s health.

  44. I was thinking the same thing. Where are the rabbanim?
    This isn’t befitting character for frum Jews. We should not be protesting. This makes goyim hate us. If you need some action, go to Meah shearim.

  45. @Rava – There will always be a reactionary ‘Street’ which will follow whoever shouts the loudest or promises them things that are appealing but overall detrimental. You can see this in the Arab world. You can see this with liberals in the US & with BLM. The street (mostly 8-10 year old kids) now has their candy and is getting their sugar high. That’s what he is ‘Supplying’. I’m not an establishment type of guy but Rechnitz is 100% correct that we have nurtured a cancerous sense of belonging/deserving/owning here in the US and have no idea how quickly things can change. We are in Galus. It doesn’t matter how much money we have or how many local politicians we can elect or that the president is friendly to us. Being in Galus doesn’t mean we should lay down and accept a beating. But it does mean that we should carefully choose our battles and it certainly means that we shouldn’t champion extreme positions regarding Corona, masking, and lockdowns. That is the epitome of immaturity.

  46. Some ppl have commented “why are the Rabbonim silent, and not condemning the protests and/or ‘him'”. I just want to say that there are many many Rabbonim that are condemning it in very strong terms, you just might not hear about it because they are not in the business of writing op-eds on YWN. They are speaking to their kehillos and paskening what their kehillos should do, both about covid-19 and in regards to the protests.

  47. While he may have some good point, the vast majority of this op-ed is totally non-scenes, Inconsistent with reality, and writing this without knowledge what really goes on.

    1. If you want to say Tischler is a Rodef, fine, do so, but please say which Dayen supports this.
    2. If true, why are people in NY not talking like you.
    3. Why is there no elected official or Rabbi who calls out Tischler? there is a valid reason for that.
    4. what is he different from what Dov Hikind is doing and what he did in the past.
    5. Tischler is very familiar on what the Jewish people in New York city went through the last two years and Rechnitz is not.
    6. By you saying Tischler made a Chillel you’re totally misinformed by what really went on there. Tischler only came to keep calm the protester.
    7. There was a Jewish reporter that needed attention and fabricated a story that he was assaulted, which BTW was confirmed by the DA as a lie. where is your outrage about the real Chillel hashem?

    Having said that, clearly confirms that the vast majority of this op-ed is totally non-scenes, Inconsistent with reality, and writing this without knowledge what really goes on.

  48. There is no Mesira on a Rodeph. But there is Mesirah on an entire group of Jews of whom the VAST MAJORITY have been following guidelines and are already facing an ASTRONOMICAL number of hate crimes. Identifiably religious Jews are facing unprecedented PHYSICAL THREAT TO OUR LIVES. We’re not talking swastikas painted on buildings by thuggish teens, but random attacks on men who have the audacity to exist while dressed with a yarmulka and tzitzis. We cannot just blame one side while neglecting to acknowledge that another person is responsible for calling the governments attention to a community of hundreds of thousands of people, MOST of whom ARE wearing masks. This, in turn, caused continuous negative media coverage and spread a false narrative that we’re all flouting the guidelines.

    It’s frustrating that you place blame on one, but ignore the other who directly impacted the victimization of all of us.

    Loudmouths are not welcome representatives of our community. Neither of them.

  49. BS”D
    It is my view that Mr. Shlomo Yehuda Rechnitz will receive a tremendous reward in Shomayim because he spoke out against Lakewood schools for rejecting children, even after Rabbi Shteinman told them that schools may not open until every child has a place.

    If whether a person’s behavior is a kiddush or chilul HaShem is in the eyes of the Gentile beholder, read the comments to Jennifer Millman’s article, “Unmasked Heckler Wrecks Havoc….”

  50. Heshy is doing a great service to all cowards, maybe we should close our shuls indefinitely or stop sending kids to yeshiva when you have a state assembly that chooses not to work or vote on anything and give one man power Absolutely. This is a democracy and people have rights!! This is becoming more of a dictatorship and need to stop.
    Heshy needs also to think before he speaks. We also need community leader that have a backbone not just puppets.

  51. Being in galud does not mean that we have less rights than any other American. It means we live amongst people who hate us and that includes our elected officials halacha esuv sonia yaakov. We have to keep that fact inmind and consider the consequences of attention.

  52. This op-ed was a big mitzvah. All everyone is talking about now is Tischler. Mission accomplished. Get rid of him and get some real leadership under control in Boro Park.

    Once again, Rechnitz knocks it out of the park.

  53. rechnitz gives millions to chassidish mosdos. facts. why doesn’t he just pick up the phone and say it’s over people. condemn this man. condemn this chillul hashem, or your checks will never again be sent.

  54. I have never before left a comment on YWN. In fact I especially made an account for this very worthy cause!

    I have to commend R’ Shlomo Yehuda for his outstanding work berabim, and for sticking his neck out like this for Hashems sake.
    I read every word of the above well written letter and as I read it my face lit up more and more to see that someone was writing seichel and wording the thoughts in so many of our minds.
    I then scrolled down to the comments where I was expecting to see a lot of kochs and to my pleasant surprise I was so happy to see that almost every single comment was in full support of you, R’ Shloime Yehuda!!!
    Kol hakavod! If only there were more people in klal Yisroel who would stick up for the ratzon Hashem berabim in the way that R’ Shloime Yehuda did, we would definitely be in a better place and this would never have happened!

  55. Tishler is not the problem. He is the symptom of it.

    To be clear to all the Jewish and non-Jewish anti-Semites reading this with such relish. The problem does not emanate from within the frum community.

    I’ll focus on one point of Mr.Rechnitz.

    4. Representatives need to get interviewed by all mediums of media and be very clear that this prior felon is an impostor and may just have minimal support from other people who don’t have day jobs.

    Huh? Since when are all mediums of media talking to rather against us that we can make things clear to them? Since when were they interested in our viewpoint? The only time I see them reporting is when they are looking for find excuses to speak against us. The only “representatives” of ours who they speak to are either renegades of better yet people who can be trusted to bad mouth us while still claiming to be “Orthodox”.

    As far as people not having day jobs… Um… when you close the schools and shuls and recreation areas down you are going to have a lot of bored angry people in the streets. Not all of them will act the way you want…

    Martin Luther King famously said “A riot is the voice of the unheard”

    Rarely have his words been truer than the protests is Boro Park recently.

    You have to at least acknowledge the problem to get rid of symptoms like Tishler’s behavior.

  56. If in Yeshivas the students studied history, nobody would be such a fool and incite the goyim.

    Our history repeats itself. We get kicked out of a country that we were doing well in, we are welcomed in another country, we get comfortable, we think this time it’s different, but it’s not.

    It only takes a few months for things to change. Did anyone think a year ago that half of the country would be ok with defunding the police?

    If NYC has another lockdown because cases spiral out of control, we know where the anger will be directed at.

    It is already a tense time, imagine a lockdown and cases piling up plus Trump wins, it is no secret most of us support him, now what? How bad will they hate? It’s already no law and order.

    Study out history, we go from being treated well to being kicked out and unwelcomed in a short time, and everytime we think that now we are in control, God shows us otherwise.

    Very glad he wrote this letter, people do listen to him because he does talk sense and hopefully it has a good impact.

  57. Why is Hershy Tishler the topic??? when Governor Cuomo is spewing hate openly and targeting Orthodox Jews, WHERE IS THE POWERFUL OP-ED about that

    We are not suffering from Corona, we suffer from liberal democrat politicians, that are drunk with power and trample our first amendment rights on a daily bases, with no regard to human rights or human suffering, mental nor financial, and all in the name of public health, Andrew Coumo and bill de Blasio will be judged and condemned mercilessly by historians, One day in the near future there we will some semblance of an honest media that will call out these politicians (low life’s) for their incompetence and double standards,

  58. While I don’t agree with everything said, I do think that there is something mentally off with Mr. Tischler. So we gotta be nice and treat him as such. Nebach!

  59. I’m trying to figure out where I rodof comes into this ?
    Ywn shame on you for posting this your making hatred worst. Why doesn’t he call him and discuss it I’m sure he has reasons for everything and don’t believe till I hear it from his mouth

  60. B’H we have a Manhig Hdor , with all respect to Great man , But still think B H there are many Daas Torah in our socitey , Nobody but Nobody has right to say his thoughts (esspeclly in Public ) in these matters- If they are quiet looks like
    MA NOEMER IMA NDABER , HASHEM !!!!!!!! HELP HELP !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  61. The government is waging a war on yidishkiet to every jewish democrat u are the cause of this don’t ever vote for another democrat again if u believe in judiasm

  62. It was the leftist jews that decided pesach time to go around and bully every rov that dared to leave his shul open or even unlocked that turned this into a fight of us v. them, and this is the consequences of that. The rabbanim and leaders didn’t take control of the situation then (and giving in is not called taking control) and the situation is still out of control.

  63. Although I believe that Rechnitz is merely a businessman and should thus not dictate to K’lal Yisrael how to behave, he happens to be right on this one.
    I am a strong right leaning individual and strong supporter of the Republican party. But, Tischler’s inflammatory approach is extremely dangerous especially in such volatile times.
    Yeah, keep your kids home. Don’t go to shul. Do whatever you are told. We are in galus hosted by a graceful government. If at all, fight it quietly and legally.
    Also, don’t have 10 kids if you are too lazy to raise them. No one is forcing you to live in crammed apartments in Brooklyn.
    While we’re at it, no one is at fault that you are an uneducated dolt and can’t eke out a decent living. Many of our frustrations stem from our irresponsible lifestyles which leads to lack of פרנסה and lack of חכמה. Both are the ingredients for disaster.

  64. Talk about disconnected elites. Come to New York and see what we are experiencing on a daily basis before opening your mouth. Moshe Rabbenu participated in the suffering of his people. You would have lectured us about how we are not following the Mitzri regulations and damaging our “relationship” with Pharoah.

  65. The chutzpah of a mindset that thinks that local daas Torah, whether in Brooklyn, Lakewood, or even E”Y is unable to deal with local issues and somehow only his daas hedyot is able to save the day. But they need his money so they keep quiet.

  66. @ Rava – Responding to both of your comments:

    “Being in galud does not mean that we have less rights than any other American.” – We are not any other American. We are temporary guests in this land. Just like a guest should be more careful not to make a mess when visiting someone’s house, we need to be extra careful, both out of respect and out of fear for being asked to leave. Of course we need to fight for our rights, but we need to respect the law like the vast majority of “other Americans” do.

    “Why are goyim in the comments on fox more sympathetic to the jews in boropark protesting injustice then the jews in the comments on ywn?” – I wondered the same thing. The answer is that most of them have no clue that this uptick was primarily a result of our ignoring the rules. They believed us when we claimed we were being unfairly targeted. They would find it hard to believe that the Am Hanivchar who does so much to preserve and protect life would so blatantly act to its own detriment. Is there a reason that nearly every one of the uptick neighborhoods have the top frum populations in the city? This is not an ‘injustice”. It is common sense. Your logic and self-victimization reminds me very much of the Democrats.

  67. Shkoiach! Chassidic Grand Rabbi of Karlin-Stolin is with you:
    “It astonishes me that it is specifically in the ultra-Orthodox community where there is such contempt for the lives of others, what has happened to us?
    There are important people whose eyes for some reason have become blind to simple Jewish laws of prohibition on harming others. How is it there are people for whom simple Jewish laws like saving life which is foundation of Judaism have disappeared?
    How have we got here? For Gods sake, there is no room to be lax with anything [re: health regulations], this is not a game, this is life threatening of the first order.
    I cannot understand how we have got to a situation where specifically among us [Charedim] we behave with such contempt for such an important foundational principle in Jewish life, a principle which we always knew how to observe.”

  68. I respect Shlomo Yehuda Rechnit for all the good he does for Klal Yisroel. However, his attitude in this article is that of american Jewry in the late 30’s and early 40’s. Dont rock the boat because it will cause antisemitism. Meanwhile America kept its doors shut, didn’t bomb the rail tracks leading to Auschwitz and 6,000,000 of our people were chocked to death in the gas chambers. But at least american Jewry didn’t rock the boat.
    There is a coordinated attack going on right now against the frum jewish community, its being lead by the state and its time to fight back with civil disobedience, at the minimum.
    Having said this, i do not believe that Mr. Tishler is our best spokesman.

  69. “Also, don’t have 10 kids if you are too lazy to raise them…. No one is forcing you to live in crammed apartments in Brooklyn…. no one is at fault that you are an uneducated dolt and can’t eke out a decent living….

    These are fairly strong words but given the circumstances, I can understand how the mindless actions of a small segment of the frum tzibur in Crown Heights and BP have become the public face the media is presenting to the WORLD of frum yidden. Millions of Americans have been managing with their kids at home and enduring on/off business closures for the past 6 months and somehow are managing w/o engaging in these kinds of demonstrations and attacks on police and other law-enforcement personnel just doing their job. Yes, there have been occasional protests in other state capitals but I don’t recall any where the “open-up” demonstrators attacked police. We read non-stop thread about the rioting in Portland and Seattle, so now we can add Brooklyn.

  70. Why doesn’t he come to NY and see what we put up with, I don’t understand some jews.
    We finally have someone who is willing to fight for us and we go out and bash him?

  71. @ letsgetthisright
    We do not need to respect laws that specifically and unfairly target Jews, guest or no guest. We were not required to submit to Egyptian “law” during that galus even though we were guests in that land. yet the Torah writes “Lo sesaev mitzri ki ger hayisa beartzo”. Apples and Oranges.

  72. Personal comment to Mr. Rechnitz who I’m assuming is reading this.

    I’m sure you meant well writing the letter but read the comments and see how much fighting and hate you caused. And all for the sake of what? Whose opinion did you change?

    Now you know why Rabbonim don’t speak up on issues like this.

  73. SY Rechinitz sees things how it is. And he did a tremendous chesed to klal yisroel by putting his name to this article Hopefully, our “leaders” will finally rise up and stop the insanity and order compliance.

  74. If you saw Tischler responded in a video complaining that Rechnitz called him a “rodef, a bad man”. So one second Tishface, you can accost a person a call him a Moser and pig and that is ok? you can call the mayors wife a vile word? You can tell a health commiossoner he is a filthy liar and a nzai capo omn national tv and that is ok? You can call the mayor and governor nazis and that is ok?

    It’s high time we run Tischler, the moser himself – do your own reserach – the videos of his open testimony against Boro park Shuls is public information – out of town.

    Put this felon back in prison and do us all a favor.

    And yes, he IS rodef.

  75. First time I have ever commented. I am not one who mixes in, but this is the second time that rechnitz wow’d me. The first time was in lakewood. It’s about time we have a person with guts opening up their mouths and taking the side of the little guy.

    Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

  76. Yenta:
    If you really MUST know his reason, you can ask him.
    But I’d conjecture, maybe it’s because actions by the Mayor and Governor emulate those of the nazis and other antisemites. And this country gives him a right to express himself in such a manner without being prosecuted for it. The aforementioned Mayor and Governor understandably didn’t like it. So they used the strong-arm terror tactics available to them to wack him into place. Also reminiscent of nazis.
    Get it?
    Tishler aside, probably not the way to do stuff, why no mention of Kornbluh and what he did to put Jews into the spotlight?

  77. People are frustrated and rightfully so! If any of our advocates would actually do something constructive that shows the people of the community that they feel their pain and are fighting for them there would be no need for heshy tischler! But right now we are like sheep without a shephard. Our advocates and askanim are sleeping. There is no reason why we need to accept the disgraceful double standards and blatant anti semitic remarks from our government officials without making a boo! People in this community are hurting! Stores are shut, our parnassa is on the line, there are inspectors all over the streets, our children are traumatized, we keep getting threats from the governor, we dont know what each new day will bring… then we have ppl in our own community turning against us and reporting us to the media and mayors office. There is real deep anger here. As someone else mentioned it is very easy to sit in your large house on the east coast and state your opinion. I respect you highly R’ Rechnitz but in this case i think you are deeply wrong. Perhaps these protests weren’t done the perfect way. But when there is deep anger people eventually need to lash out. We have accepted this unfairness quietly for too long. Btw I have seen many non jews praising the actions of our protests. They are thrilled we are not bowing down to the power hungry governor and I’m actually surprised you didnt once mention that we are being treated unfairly! Because we certainly are! Please dont bash ppl in our community that are actually trying to help us. If its being done in ways you dont agree with that doesnt warrant you to call him the names you did.

  78. Shkoach to Reb Shlomo Yehuda for your letter
    I don’t think Tischler is a Rodef but a big buboon His deeds are not as bad as his stupid foul mouth. Nothing wrong with the demonstrations, but if he had any leadership qualities, he would have turned to the chassidishe bochurim screaming nazi/capo to our policemen and told them to stop. But he doesn’t realize the problem because his mouth is worse
    But where is the chinuch of our kids that can mouth such despicable things on our police? And then you want to be protected? Where is the parents chinuch and the Yeshivos chinuch?
    Why don’t bochurim know that m’redt nisht azoiy?
    Last but not least – where are our Rabbonim/Rebbes/Rosh Yeshivos? Why didn’t they organize to show up at the protest and quiet things down? Where was their machouis against Tischler? Where they too busy with their Hakofos theatrics? Why didn’t they cut back the shows so that there wouldn’t be any spikes?
    We have problems מבית ומחוץ
    Hashem Yerachem

  79. @ Rava – In case you missed it, queens has zip codes that are shut down too. It isn’t just brooklyn. Also, The point is that you look at it on a smaller scale to identify a problem before it gets out of control. That’s why you analyze the data on a more local level than county.

    @ ChananiaL – There are no laws that specifically target Jews. Aren’t the Catholic schools also shut down? The law is very simple: Be safe & don’t endanger the general population. The fact that the law affects us disproportionately (even though it wasn’t targeted at us) is all because of our irresponsible actions. So sad that this needs to be explained.

  80. Thank you for speaking out. I appreciate your message. I believe you’ve done a great service for Klal Yisroel with the clarity of your article, and distancing Mr T from representing 99.999% of Yidden. Continued Bracha V’Hatzlacha!

  81. If you want the jews out of the media tell ywn and the other formally orthodox jewish media to stop putting out videos of us. Tell the formally orthodox jewish doctors to not put out videos of us on social media. Tell the formally orthodox jewish reporters to not to reporting us to the government. They put us in the spotlight light and that is the situation we find ourselves in now.

  82. He is 1000000000% right. This is NOT about whether Deblasio and Cuomo are right or wrong. It doesn’t matter. What matters is that as a community we are disobeying laws and putting ourselves in the spotlight to be hated. WE NEED TO UNDERSTAND THAT WE ARE VISITORS IN THIS LAND KNOWN AS GALUS TO US. WE FOLLOW RULES. Otherwise we will be shown the door or CV much worse. As Jews we need to stay below the radar and as he is saying so beautifully now that we are veryyyy much on the radar, we need to correct that FOR OUR SAFETY AND NOT TO SHOW WHO IS RIGHT OR WRONG AND WHO IS BOSS.

  83. my 2 cents – i live in bp , respect reb shlomo yehuda very much.. and yes tischler is an embarressmant
    but some clarifications are needed in the many issues.
    1. there are 2 distinct battles going on .
    1. there is the noisy tischler night activity which most people understand is fringy, no orgs, no stage w/ speakers .. just kids watching some action ; no comparison even remotely to BLM. some calll this huge chillul hashem i call it superficial bad optics ( not happy about it but most goyim couldnt care less and i asked a number of them )
    2. YESHIVOS- a number of senior gedolim feel that insisting on opening yeshivos is something that resonates with most goyim . majority of normal people can understand that school is essential be it on educational, economics or religious grounds – and even if the governer is livid about it the concept is ok
    3. SHULS- the current situation is totaly diff than last spring and the overwhelming majority of bp rabonim come to shul and set the example – in their droshos closing shul because you may get infected is like the fox telling the fish to come out of the water and avoid possibly getting hooked by the fisherman
    4. where we in bp FAILED is that “covid response” doesnt belong on the desk of any one godol, askan or org. so ” MEN DARF…” who is the “men” and it was precisly this void that tischler took advantage of and when the politicians photo oped with him at the park that gave him some level of legitimacy
    5. GOLUS – factually even in previous doros in america the yeshiva world was not comfortable with “the street protest idea” – as opposed to the chssidish ones which used it seldom, but were fine w it . an observation is the less, havdala min hoamim is stressed the more sensitive you are to the goy / did u notice the more yeshivish a class the more trouble they make by english..
    6. covid FACTS- frum neighborhoods have our own data sources ( hatzoloh scanner, shomrei adas , yiddish blogs, hospital volunteers, mikve…shul.. so we know the gov data is way off and it protrays them as lo yitzloch idiots – the 5 urgent care centers in bp were getting a 50- 70% anti body test rate – the line that almost everyone got something is not to be taken lightly.. almost no yidden have tested at the big ft hamilton site i check it daily so when the numbers jump on first days yom tov we know what that means
    7- restrictions – need to make sense, with 30,000 children in a sq mile w no school where do u think they are all day … so what benefit … closing essential businesses makes us go to other zips .. finally DENSITY…we know what the summer looked like by unz & yom tov & chasunas so u cant fool us we also know its 6 weeks since the 2nd wave started thats enough time to see that theres no comparison.
    8. its possible that this is our CHANUKA MOMENT – and hashems way of keeping us as a AM LEVODOD YISHKON”
    8 WHAT NEEDS TO HAPPEN NOW IS … a deal to open schools with weekly tests in exchange for agreement on the masks

  84. Everyone is a big talker (except our actual Rabbonim, where are they in all of this?!) – Heshy Tishler actually did something, While Mr Rechnitz sits 5000 miles away and lectures NY.
    Maybe he is right, and maybe he is right – but there has been no Rabbonim who have lead us. There are no leaders actually doing anything practical. Only Heshy has been on the streets since the first cases of corona deaths at Maimonides, seeing whats going on, reporting whats going on and not only talking the talk, but walking the walk – actually doing something. The silence coming from actual leaders is deafening.

  85. covid is a hoax, all lies, it’s a plot for world dictatorship

    To achieve their purposes, all death camps used subterfuge and misdirection to conceal the truth and trick their victims into cooperating. This element had been developed in Aktion T4, when disabled and handicapped people were taken away for “special treatment” by the SS from “Gekrat” wearing white laboratory coats, thus giving the process an air of medical authenticity. After supposedly being assessed, the unsuspecting T4 patients were transported to killing centres. The same euphemism “special treatment” (Sonderbehandlung) was used in the Holocaust.

    The SS used a variety of ruses to move thousands of new arrivals travelling in Holocaust trains to the disguised killing sites without panic. Mass deportations were called “resettlement actions”; they were organised by special Commissioners and conducted by uniformed police battalions from Orpo and Schupo in an atmosphere of terror. Usually, the deception was absolute; in August 1942, people of the Warsaw Ghetto lined up for several days to be “deported” to obtain bread allocated for travel. Jews unable to move or attempting to flee were shot on the spot. Even though death in the cattle cars from suffocation and thirst was rampant, affecting up to 20 percent of trainloads, most victims were willing to believe that the German intentions were different.

  86. You may be right or wrong on this fact Mr R. However do you remember the conversation we had about misirah before ? We spoke that one must consult a Rav before you do anything like this so contraversal . Is Rechnitz (are you) Das Torah since when are chushiver Balie Batim Das Torah ? Can you purchas Das Torah ? How much dose it coast how many millions do i need to become Das Torah !!!!!! Are you second guessing our Manhigim and Rabunim ? Is that the example you are showing to our children that we are smarter than our Rabunim ??? Not sure who is worse actualy a roidaif in ruchnios is worse than a roidaif in gashmios . I’m not only talking about the complaint but the solution is also very not pushit . Only REAL GIDOLIM not self proclaimed spokesman for klall Yisroel can tell us what to do !!! WAS THIS OP-ED ENDORSED BY ANYONE RAV PERHAPS MR. R’s RAV ? Or maybe he doesn’t need one ? Every one needs to know their place in klall Yisroel , just like a Levi can’t do the Kohens job , The Bal Habuss CAN’T do the Rabunims job . See what happened to Korach ! As much as this situation bothers me too I don’t feel BIG ENOUGH TO SPEAK TO KLALL YISROEL AND GIVE DAYIS !!!

    At the same time I can say to you MR. Rechnitz in the name of klall Yisroel that we do appreciate all what you do for Klall Yisroel. Helping our Yeshivas , speeches, askonis and songs and the list goes on and on and your z’chusim are tremendous . You and you family and klall Yisroel should only see the best for dorie doros . However , one thig you don’t have is a license of having Das Torah actually you know what it says about Das Bal Habayis ?

    Ah Gizunter Vinter V’Hashem Yishmirainu v’yatzilaynu mikol rah !!!! Amain

  87. Reb Sholom Yehuda. Really well said. We forget about Dinei Demalchosa Dina. We have really forgotten that we are in galus, AND WE HAVE BEEN SO BLIND as to not realize that our actions affect the Goyims health and their parnassa in numerous ways!! We are hitting them in their pocket and in their heart. This is insane blind action on our part, It all has to do with PERCEPTION. PERCEPTION, PERCEPTION. It’s irrelevant if the statistics are right or wrong, or if masks work or they don’t work. We are told something by the Gov or Mayor and we need to follow BECAUSE OF WHAT OUR NEIGHBOURS SEE AND HEAR AND PERCEIVE. We need major TEFILLOS NOW FOR OUR TERRIBLE MATZIV. When will start to realise that we need a major Asifa for Tefilla to daven that this doesn’t CHAS V’Shalom get out of hand more then it already has. והוא רחום יכפר עון

  88. Mr. Rechnitz….Where are all Rabunim, Rebbes,Roshe Yeshivas,Gedolei Hador.?
    Why hasnt anyone condemned Hershey Tishler.? Why is there NO kol Torah against him as the do when it comes to Videos at simches, going to Florida beaches, Short skirts, Long sheitels, Smart phones .?
    Keeven Deshuske Neeche Lye, when the leaders are quiet they are in agreement .
    I 100% agree with your letter but when a community sees that NO local politicians are NOT here when we need them they are forced to follow the noise makers. Hershy is the one who will fight for every issue concerning Boro Park or Flatbush , Hershey will NOT citizens what can YOU do for me, He will always answer the phone What can i DO for YOU…..
    We might agree maybe its NOT daas Torah what he does but where is Dass Torah.? why are they quiet when Shuls,cheder,schools,parks,stores get shut down.? Why dont we hear from them except for the Agudath Yisroel filing a lawsuit which failed in court…
    Am Yisroel is lost and when a person is LOST usually he walks deeper and further into the forest trying to find his way out…Mr. Rechnitz Am Yisroel is LOST, Hurt, in pain trying to find a way out but with NO compass, we cant get there. Our leaders are supposed to be our Moreh Derech but we DONT hear from them. I be mispalel that your letter make a ROYSHEM but you sure cant blame just Hishy for all this.

  89. Unfortunately if our Rabanim are nit stepping up to the plate then the Ashirim need to. Money talks. Rechnitz shld threaten to withhold his fundings and it will be seder in BP.
    LEAHLA; RAVA; are u people NUTS??? Of course were targeted! But do u want us to be considered as in the BLM movement?? Are people off their right mind?!!!!
    RABBI Rechnitz, you are our hero!! Ur saving our generation of these self assumed crooked so called leaders.

  90. Mr. Rechnitz,
    I read the comments. Most people are happy with your letter.
    I think maybe you should have used a softer and more gentle word against Tischler.
    Also the Einam Yehudim are watching us. You are right, the Einam Yehudim are watching.
    Over all you had a nice Op-Ed.
    Mr. Tischler himself might try to become a better person if we speak about him in a nicer tone.

  91. Still waiting for HIS opinion and ‘Daat Torah’ on how our community should vote in the general election..
    Please on behalf of all your viewers, ask him to write an Op-Ed on this as well, we’re desperately looking forward to his advice.

  92. An open letter to Rabbi Rechnitz.

    I don’t know you personally, I’ve heard of your great philanthropy and so have I heard of your great knowledge in תורה , and that’s why it’s appalling to me that a person with your knowledge should write a Letter that is wrong on the most crucial level .
    Our people have been persecuted forever , under different regimes all over the globe and never have we given in (in the name of חילול השם ) when it came to our shuls and toreh.

    Let’s see:
    When the romans ruled EY they also closed shuls and חדרים but רבי עקיבה kept on learning ברבים not in hiding.
    When the crusaders came into Jewish cities and towns we killed ourselves and didn’t give in an inch by this silly approach.
    And on and on…
    When the Russian government wanted that רבנים should know Russian, the חפץ חיים said יהרג ואל יעבור ..he didn’t post on a blog that we’re in goolus.

    See Mr. Rechnitz , when it’s גשמיות at stake we say we’re in gooles and stay low, when it’s our toreh our shuls our Yeshive’s , then we fight !

    And that is actually a קידוש השם .

    We’re not Americans were JEWS, and that’s were we seem to differ .

    We DON’T need to follow a mayor and governor who change rules by the minute to close down our מוסדות and shuls .

    To the contrary , we must fight .

    It’s our חיוב השעה .

    What is to say that tomorrow’s the won’t be our מקוואות, our שחיטה, all in the name if health ..

    We MUST fight and if you don’t wanna join at least be QUIET.
    All אדמורים are worthless!??? But you because god has blessed you with enormous wealth know better ???

    No! We must show the governor that no money threats no arrest threats will stop us from practicing our religion.

    A plain BP Jew

  93. Maybe those Jews that voted for de blasio and other democrats will see what they caused now.I find it mind boggling that people could vote for people that have zero morals whatsoever just to get some money.Would you rather some aid money for your kids or the right to go to shul.There are people in the Democratic Party actively calling for the death of Israel.That is not anti Zionism it’s anti Semitic.A vote for any Democrat no matter how much you hate trump is the direct antithesis to yidishkeit

  94. Thank, Mr. Rechnitz for all the great things you have done and will do but here you are dead wrong
    First of all, he doesn’t become a rodef because what he did if anyone has the name rodef its this publication you write in they were busy at the start of this pandemic of how bad the communities in BP and Williamsburg
    and they were the first to cause
    1. Sinas Chinom (something you’re always busy with)
    2. Anti Semitism and media coverage that’s not good for us
    Maybe Mr. Tischler’s approach is bad and you are entitled to your opinion
    But no one else did anything starting with…. …. …. Etc.
    and calling him a Rodef is unacceptable
    Rabbi Shlomo Yehuda, I admire you pls keep it that way

  95. First of all, have all of you forgotten the terrible violence & MURDER we had 4 months before Coronavirus even started? Yeah the beatings and shootings in Jersey. The stabbings on Chanuka in Monsey.
    So don’t blame Heshy Tishler for generating anti-semitism. That’s nonsense!
    And wait!
    We do say עת מלחמה ועת שלום.
    When the environment turns hostile or plays dirty (& diplomacy clearly didn’t work) then you fight back (the language they understand).
    Will it cost us our lives?
    How about asking “Like sheep?”

  96. Dearest brothers and sisters, we can feel the geula in the air, what a time to be alive, ashreinu!!

    The Beis Hamikdash was destroyed because of sinas chinam, and be rebuilt with ahavas chinam.

    If you look around it’s clear to see how all of the different walks of holy hidden over the past few years have been becoming much more about our love for eachother than our differences of actions and opinions.

    It hurts to see things that cause setbacks in our progress. Are we really so passionate about our opinions that we are willing to rip Into our own brother and sisters and fight on a public forum?

    What if R’ Shlomo Yehuda and Heshy are both holy jews with different opinions, so what?! we can all still love them both, and everybody else who may agree with one of them or the other.

    When Hashem sends moshiach very soon to save us from all of the problems we face (because only he can no askan or politician) he wont be asking us if we agreed with heshy tischler or shlomo yehuda rechnitz, he will be asking if we loved both of them and evryone in between.

    Please let’s only try to bring ourselves closer to eachother and that day.

  97. I think that:

    Rabbi/Mr. Rechnitz knows from personal experienc, that regardless of how it SHOULD be, the TRUTH is that people listen to money. I’m pretty sure that that is why he feels it is his achrayus to speak up. People contact him from across the Jewish spectrum, and on BOTH COASTS, for all kinds of help. He is constantly being made aware of issues going on in all segments of frum society. I know for a fact that he never sought recognition or popularity. He considers his position as a responsibility to the Klal. He publicizes some of his tzedaka for the sole purpose of encouraging others to give. It’s not his chiddush. It’s the same reason that we make very public auctions for aliyos in shuls, as well as appeals for tzedaka causes.

    Any and all of us should, in fact be saying exactly the same thing as Reb Moshe Yehuda. Many of us HAVE been saying it to each other. Rabbonim have many reasons to stay away from public “street fights”, or in this case, social media. As others have posted here, many Rabbonim and Roshei Yeshiva have been saying this to their own kehillos and talmidim. Baalei Batim, on the other hand, do not have the same burden of propriety. Somebody needs to go on public record distancing us from the behavior playing out on the Internet and TV across the USA, and the world. If you have any shychus to Shlomo Yehuda Rechnits, you know that he was a talmid chochom, and a ben Torah, long before he became a successful businessman. If you want clarification from the writer for what he has written, I believe all you need to do is respectfully ask him for it. If he does not respond here, I’m sure he can be contacted through YWN, since that is where he chose to make his voice heard.

    As somebody else pointed out, someone who puts Jewish people in danger IS considered a rodef, and must be stopped before he does more damage. I see no place where this letter writer condoned the actions of ANY individual who deliberately brings attention of non-compliance to the authorities. It is completely irrelevant to this op-ed. The point is, these loud, vulgar public demonstrations, are not our way. They never have been. They endanger us in a dangerous and uncertain world. When there is unrest, and a general feeling of distress, historically people have sought scapegoats. And we know who they look for. It has nothing to do with kapos, or cooperating with rogue authorities. It is a matter of looking at Parashas Beshalach to see how Yaakov Avinu prepared for his encounter with Eisav. That has been the proper code for shtadlanus throughout our history in Galus. In Yiddishkeit we follow mesora, and if the results are not as we hoped, we acknowledge that Hashem wanted it that way. We do not stoop to the level of others who engage in shameful name calling, offensive rhetoric, and wild anarchy. Our very identity is predicated on being Rachmanim, BAYSHANIM, v’Gomlei Chasadim.

    To all those who are too young to know this, there was a loud American movement known as “Never Again”, for decades following the churban in Europe. It was based of the premise that the yidden were “meek” and “didn’t fight back”, and therefore brought the Holocaust upon themselves. That idea, among other things brings terrible dishonor to the memories of all our grandparents, great-grandparents, and kehillos hakodesh that were lost. It was never endorsed, accepted, or respected by any Rabbanim, Rebbes, or Gedolim. It is not our mesora, and it reflects the arrogance of “kochi v’otzem yadi”. It is a rejection of the fact that Hashem runs the world, and ultimately it was Hashem who allowed the Holocaust to happen.

    Unfortunately, we remain in a golus that was predicted in the Torah, and foretold by the Neviim. To our dismay, that will not end without the coming of the Mashiach, may it be soon. Until then, it is incumbent on us to remember that we were warned that this long bitter exile would be a vulnerable place.

    Teshuva, Tefila, U’tzedaka ma’avirin es ro-ah hagezeira… it’s true always, not just on Yamim Noraim.

    I am aware that I have not brought proper citations for the thoughts that I have expressed here. That doesn’t mean they don’t exist; it just means that I’m not scholarly enough to have them at the tip of my tongue. There are many other commenters here who can provide mekoros for what I have written, and I invite them to do so.

  98. Can YWN please ask Mr Rechnitz to comment as well on a certain unnamed journalist who lives to tattle on his compatriots and who consistently tweets and retweets negative articles about frum Yidden, and who, in general, has shown himself to be a wolf in sheep’s clothing. He is as much a threat as the subject of this op-ed is, if not even more insidious, clothed as he is in the veneer of self-righteousness. This individual has tweeted this article as a show of support for himself. I think he should be educated as to what we all really think of him and how despicable his actions are.

  99. BS”D
    “…..this uptick was primarily the result
    of us ignoring the rules.”

    So, letsgetthisright.
    There is no way for the public to know
    what the covid positive percentages are.
    Remember all those people who gave in their contact info but left before giving a specimen who were told they tested positive?
    The health authorities can easily tell untruths about the percent testing positive because the great majority of them have zero symptoms.
    Read CDC Report Shows 85% of Covid Cases Wore Masks.
    Also these articles by Daniel Greenfield:-The Coronovirus Experts Were Wrong, Now They Need a Scapegoat
    -Anti-Semetic Democrats Blame Orthodox Jews for the Coronovirus
    -While Cuomo Targets Orthodox Jews, Muslim Gatherings Go On.

    YES we are in gules, and with that in mind is how our “Erlicha Askunim” operate, unfortunately many youngsters -being fed up of being in “Gules”- think they can get out of it by their own….
    It will just Back-fire C”V!!!!

  101. 1. I’ll believe that these are your true personal opinions if you give your word that you were never approached by a healthcare official with whom you have financial interests to get the “Tischler problem” under control.

    2. In 1939 Germany there were no Heshy Tischlers yelling and screaming. No, back then we knew our place and gradually accepted each increasingly vile political maneuver with the hope that by being good little Yidden, doing and going and wearing what we’re told everything would eventually be okay. No, the yelling and crying and screaming came later when it was too late. Excuse me but I’m happy to do things differently this time around. I’m happy to endure the discomfort of Tischler criticisms by the Goyim and their vedfellows

  102. Yehuda, please don’t rationalize anti semitism. Some yidden like me don’t like it. Anti semitism was always around and is here to stay. So, do what is right and hope for the best. But, let me assure you that the JEW will always be the fault for everything. As is proven by Cuomo, who is blaming the uptick on the JEW. Area code 11219’s statistics per capita are much better than the other neighborhoods, and it puzzles me why the Rabbis allowed this illegal lockdown to happen despite the numbers being in our favor. I am so happy that Heshy got the parks opened I will always remember his great Chesed. And, by the way we are trying to enjoy the liberties afforded by the Constitution of the USA. It is our right to make our own decisions about our personal safety. I imagine that you are grateful for the liberty of being allowed to hide in your penthouse . Let’s learn from DeBlasio who is allowing kids to go trick and treating on Halloween because “he will not dictate to the parents how to guard their children.” What was the rationale for lockdown during the summer, when there were zero cases of COVID119 in zip code 11219—and Cuomo refused to allow the parks to open and refused to allow summer school and camps? Why was 11219 on lockdown? And please remember that this is the reason COVID is happening now–according to Cuomo. We really are the fault for COVID..(also in the rest of the USA?).and there is such good reason for Anti Semitism. The anti Semites are mocking us and jeering. No, Yehuda, all your posturing will exacerbate it. Please…some self respect.

  103. i made a ywn account to post this to say tischler did save my childs life. my special needs child was suicidal from no structure and no parks opened for months for him to run around. i was there the day he got the parks open and my son came back to life from being able to run around. , rechnitz should know better than calling him out as a rodef
    im not saying i agree with everything tishler has done but he saved my sons life. anyone who knows me knows that i told them about the suicide attempts i was dealing with and how things calmed down when parks opened. and this op ed letter should be taken down

  104. I was thinking what nerve does Rechnitz have to lecture us. But I thought about it and spoke to a few friends and we all agree that it was necessary. No one else opened their mouths in protest. Ashreichem SYR

  105. why has not one rov in bp spoken up? if they have, name them. this isn’t about bashing rabbonim chas vesholom. this is about having leadership.


  106. Did anyone see Tischler’s response to this op-ed? LOLOLOLOL
    Said he is going to go after Rechnitz as “soon as I get into the city council”.

    Is Tischler planning on running for Los Angeles City Council? Last I checked, Rechnitz doesn’t own one nursing home in the State of NY. Just a blabbermouth who I promise will not even get 4% of the vote. he and the loudmouth menuveles from Flatbush.

  107. “Positive cases per 100000 residents bronx, staten island and queens are all higher than Brooklyn. Look it up.”

    The highest recent case rate in the Bronx is in Highbridge/Concourse 10452, at 159 per 100,000. No frum Jews anywhere near there. The two highest neighborhoods in Brooklyn are Gravesend/Homecrest 11223, at 745, and Midwood 11230, 629. The frum areas in the Bronx are 10463 and 10471, 102 and 85 respectively. But frum people here wear masks and don’t do mass spreading events.

  108. RIGHT ON!!! Protests in BP? No, this isn’t Meah Shearim. One of the main problems with achainu Bais Yisroel is that they think BP is Home. It’s not! You can do what you want in your own living room – but when you’re out in the street, act as a rep of Klall Yisroel. When children see their fathers acting like chayos, double parking and blocking driveways whenever they see fit. Talking to meter-maids as they do, disabling parking meters (no, can’t do that anymore – sorry) to beat a ticket, cutting in front because their time is worth more than mine… Wick, Section 8… After such chinuch, how else do you think they’ll act – and think it’s normal. And that’s Heshey’s crowds and supporters.
    Look into history. How many thousands of Jews were killed HYD because they “created” the Black Plague? They even caused earthquakes. BCHOL DOR V’DOR OIMDIM ALAINU. Yidden WAKE UP!

  109. The one big question I have- why is the ONLY voice we hear that actually provides guidance is the Stoliner Rebbe shlita? Where is every other Rebbe? Ruv? Rov? Rabbi?

    I can certainly identify with what many above have written; there seems to be zero leadership at this time. We don’t hear from anyone.

  110. first of all stop saying that Covid is not a joke, we all know that, back months ago when we were all locked up and the schools were closed we all understood that it has to be that way even though it was not easy, but now Burich Hashem its not the case that if you leave the shuls and schools open people will chas vshulam die, and Dear Mr Rechnitz, chazal teach us don’t judge anyone until you are in the same position as him, let me see how calm you would stay if you would live in a small boro park apartment with a family of kids and the school and shuls closed

  111. @Thinking out loud
    You have spoken (wrote) beautifully! Thank you for such a great comment.

    As to this op-ed, when someone choshuv such as SYR writes something, a man who has spent a huge portion of his income on helping others, a person who is renowned in the Jewish world as a tremendous baal chessed, its incumbent on us to listen. The naysayers and blabbermouths doubting him (including tischler) couldn’t hold a candle to the amount of good that Rechnitz has done. He may live in LA but he has given tzedakah to the east coast plenty of times.

    On the one hand, you have a fool who’s only “contribution” has been busting open a playground gate and screaming “NAAAZI” or “KAAAAPO” at the top of his lungs at anyone who disagrees with him. And on the other hand, you have a philanthropist who has donated millions to charity, both known and unknown. A person who has given jobs to hundreds and has helped Jewish communities all over the world. Which person should seem more credible? I think we all know the answer. I live in Brooklyn and I agree with SYR 1000%
    Ah gutt shabbos

  112. THANK YOU THANK YOU! Reb Yehuda – I agree with you 100% and am so relieved to see that there are many yidden out there that agree with you. Yes you were sharf but you’re plotzing – this buffoon and his delinquent followers can easily cause catastrophic harm to yidden EVERYWHERE.
    As to those who who say MYOB – You say that you were reluctant to write the letter but the silence from our Leaders is deafening – so במקום שאין איש השתדל להיות איש – Thanks for stepping up and expressing your opinion which I believe to be correct, rational & common sense –
    I would have expected to hear some guidance from Agudah (Gedolim/Daas Torah) re: what our attitude and reaction should & SHOULD NOT be …. but …crickets…. so Thank You Reb Shalom!!!!! חזק !

  113. Kudos to Shlomo Yehuda for saying what we all of have been thinking. We are in galus and need to act that way. This man needs to be condemned by our entire community. How can we allow someone like this to paint our entire community in such a negative light?

  114. Mr. Rechnitz Sorry you’re WRONG , WRONG, WRONG. I don’t know Mr. Tischler and I don’t like his style, but I live here in Boro Park Brooklyn and you live in L.A. I look at Mr Tischler as filling a vacuum. Before I get to that let me be blunt You fell into the trap of the FAKE NEWS MEDIA. Last Thursday I scrolled some of the general news sites. You would think there was 4 hours of rioting when there was this one incident which as it turns out was personal in nature. This is why your blasting Mr. Tischler because of what you read on the news. The bottom line is in America today, even before Trump, is kol d’alma gevar The strongest, loudest is who gets heard, other wise you’re perceived as a weakling and a pushover. What vacuum is Tishler filling? A leadership void. I said it back in March. There were doctors, rabbonim, askonim, Hatzolah saying that anyone that goes to shul or has people over on Pesach is a rotzaiach, yet I saw many people walking to shuls I had neighbors who had their families over. Then you had chosheve rabbonim who had their shuls open. Yes, they gave their reasons but again once someone finds a heter it becomes a heter. Two and the most important reason I disagree with you. Our grandparents had no chance to protest the Czars or any other tyrant. America affords us freedom of religion Freedom of speech Freedom to assembly. Now the million dollar question where do you draw the line? Who is daas Torah? Was Meir Kahana right for protesting? Was The Soviet Jewry Movement right? Was Peleg in EY right. Were hafgonos right. Were Satmar and Neterei Karta right for protesting in front of the Israeli Embassy? Obviously you need Dass Torah, but who is daas Torah Just like many people did what they wanted in March they do what they want in other areas of yehadus. you blast Tischler for protesting is this the first time he did something like this? He’s been doing this for a number of years quietly. All you did is make him stronger in the eyes of his supporters.

  115. If you are confused about who is right or wrong think about how history history will judge those who tried to silence the voice of protest against being singled out with double standards and for looking the other way when non-Jews do the same, for being blamed for spreading the virus when our numbers are average ( not that any community should be blamed for spreading the virus even if the numbers in those communities are high, but to do so when our numbers are average is doubly hypcritcal and outright anti-Semitism), blaming us for not listening to regualtions that are not based on science and as Coumo himself admitted “is based on fear” when hypocrtically there’s no fear when non-Jews do the same…This is a dangerous sitiuation that can escalate to violence and hatred because of us being singled out and blamed.

    To say that we escalate anti-Semitism for protesting anti-Semistism is being incredibly stupid. You do not get less anti-Semistism by letting the media and politicains continously lie about us.

    We are already dealing with the results of us being singled out with harrasment by our government slapping us with further “covid-19” regulations than non-Jewish areas. This is a dangerous predecendent and we should learn from history the road this leads to. You would think people havve learnt something from all these Holocaust lectures, classes and non-stop focusing on it, but it seems that many are missing the point that the more you try to quiet the voices of protest and make people accept goverment harrasment and make people compliant to dictators, the more dangerous the situation becomes.

  116. Rabbi Rechnitz, Thank you for your article.

    However, there is another major emergency taking place right now in Lakewood that you were involved in the past and we desperately need your help.

    There are still children in Lakewood that have not been accepted in any school. I am aware of a good 9 year old girl that has still not been accepted to any school. She is home waiting every day for a school to accept her.

    Anyone who hears the story of this girl is moved to tears, however there is no one to turn to for help

    PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE help these children in Lakewood that are still not in school on October 15.

    I can be reached at [email protected].

    Thanking you in advance.

  117. משה רבינו went to see what his fellow jews are doing.
    He actually went out to see them (HE DIDN’T STAY IN CALIFORNIA)
    He saw a מצרי hitting a fellow jew for not following the law!!!!!
    What did משה רבינו do?
    Did he tell the jew IF ONLY YOU WOULD FOLLOW THE LAWS OF פרעה /Cuomo
    No no he KILLED THE מצרי he didn’t even try to reason with him
    So what happened דתן ואבירם / rechnits /kornblou and all the modern רע בנים and so called עסקנים ran to פרעה to do a מסירה on משה רבנו
    What does משה רבינו say if we look in חומש and רש”י
    So who does the תורה call a מסור or רוצח
    דתן ואבירם /רעכניץ/קורנבלו
    And our political leaders
    The חילול השם is that we as jews should never ever suck up to the גויים by degrading our brothers just the opposite we stand tall and together if we have a problem we solve it amongst ourselves
    Now the רשעים sit and laugh from ALL OF US how the can play us against each other they sadly knew exactly what they were doing and the מוסרים וחנפנים did exactly what they wanted
    So my friends השם was hoping to see that we stand together באחדות and we failed

  118. Thank you SYR. I am aghast at some of the responses to your statements, and dismiss them as rubberneckers, and gapers who just enjoy controversy.

  119. I have been in business contact with many white red neck Trump supporting non Jews in various states. Many are cheering Boro park Orthodox Jews for waving Trump flags for Trump. They are calling us G-ds chosen. They hate the liberal secular Jews who are destroying moral values. Tischler is right with his outspoken activism. Many rabbonim quietly agree with him.

  120. Tischler Melech Yisroel Chai Vekayam.
    He made a kiddush hashem – fighting for yidden in desperate situations. (Just like Mr. Rechnitz did when he helped in Lakewood.)

  121. Thank you Mr Rechnitz!

    Hopefully after this loudmouth loses the council election next year in a huge landslide we won’t have to hear from him anymore.

  122. A better way to handle this would have been for SY Rechnitz to get on a plane to NY and attempt to meet The Jewish Loud Mouth With a Megaphone to try to talk to him. Instead he did the same thing in writing that Tishler did in public to that “reporter.” The common denominator is they were BOTH in public.

    Am I surprised how Tishler responded? NO!
    Do I wish he would NOT have said that stuff? YOU BET!

    Suffice is to say we have to hope he is NOT elected to the city council if he will be “investigating” everyone he perceives as his enemy. Lets hope a more formidable POLITICALLY CONSERVATIVE comes up and decides to run.

  123. I appreciate your quote ( in bold caps) WE ARE IN GOLUS! Really? You mean you didn’t realize this before this incident? Rather than scold people for what actions they are taking in NYC from your home in LA, come and live in Israel and live in a country that is OURS! Your preaching to get people to follow your lead and live in Israel will go much further than telling them how to behave in “GOLUS” in a country that is not ours.
    Are you up to the challenge?

  124. I agree with the arguments of Reb Shlomo Yehuda, but not the tone. Firstly, a few times, he spoke about or alluded to the Holocaust. Nothing can ever be compared to that, and the insinuation that this can lead to another Holocaust is out of place. Secondly, he berates Tischler for calling others “dirty animals” but he himself calls Tischler a “Behaima she’anenu tehora,” an animal that isn’t clean. (No, I won’t give him points for not calling him a behaima temaya.) One doesn’t have to descend to that level to make one’s point. Otherwise, I agree wholeheartedly.

  125. @Philosopher, I can see how you reasonably feel you are being singled out. But, tachlis, the infection rates are higher. I think the way Cuomo has approached this is wrong, unscientific, and panicked; but anti-semitic is certainly not muchrach.

    If leaders had strongly advocated masks and appropriate behaviors in shuls and shops during Ellul I highly doubt we would be having this conversation.

  126. SY i love you man, i think you’re right about tishler not being our spokes person. but wrong about fighting back with demonstration’s even if they become unruly. The fact is not everything that makes goyim look at us in a bad light is a chillul hashem, its only when we do something thats not normal like driving like an animal or other things. being singled out as the spreader of a virus when all the other boroughs that are not Jewish have higher rates of infection than us, and they are not being labeled a hot spot. this is a clear blood libel by the mayor. Ill ask you, when the chashmanayim fought the yivanim was that a chilul hashem? most or klal yisroel was against them, well we know the answer. this is no longer a health issue its a political hit on us we are once again the scape goat. we cant allow it. we learn from channuka and purim, when they want to harm us physically hashem wants us to daven like they did purim. when they want to come after our ruchniyos hashem doesnt want our tiffilos he wants us to fight with our hands as they did chanukah the rosh hamosdos should not be cowards now, and close the doors, they should all be defying the order’s and remain open forget about your funding if hashem sees you fight back for your ruchniyos he will make it work out.

  127. Wow Just reading today all those that are sick & dying in BP, Wiily, KJ Tells me that you should all take the precautions seriously and stop fighting the state regulations. NEXT TIME IT COULD BE SOMEONE IN YOUR FAMILY, OR….

  128. @Philosopher. Wrong on so many counts. Certain segments of the community flaunt the law, instructions from rabbonim, ignore regulations, say stupid things like “in BP we have our own rules” to the press, criminally threaten people on camera. When they are called on it, they put on their best Alfred E. Newman, who me, face, act all self righteous, and worse, like idiots for all to see. What do you think happens when you publicly thumb your nose at the governor?

    Noone is quieting “protests”. what happened in BP over Chol Hamoed was not a protest. It was people doing stupid things, publicly casting a bad light on yidden everywhere. Want to know where the rabbonim were on chol hamoed, it wasnt in the street yelling like a shikker.

    The entire chassidishe mehalech is that we are not like the society around us. The levush is different, the spoken language is different, yet, somehow we adopt the angry mob mentality of the very society we eschew, and when called out on it by someone like SY Rechnits, you are up in arms.

  129. @philosopher i agree that once we were singled out unfairly we can let our voices be heard. But why is it so difficult for us yet again to follow rules? How does it happen that we are the ones so often looking for loopholes? And then shift blame when someone notices.

  130. Why scream at Tischler reb Rechnitz. You should be screaming at all the shuls that refused to close or distance. I bet YWN won’t post this. Tischler and his followers are only reacting to the mayor and governor for singling out zip codes that are pro Trump. Brighton beach is in lockdown and they are mostly Russian non Jews but strong Trump supporters.

  131. And crown heights which had a big Covid problem in the past is not on lockdown because there are many black churches in and around crown heights. The same with williamsburg has a high Hispanic community as well as hipsters who would all get violent as we saw in the Floyd riots. You could imagine an inspector trying to close a black church in crown heights. There would be quite a few dead inspectors. That’s the last thing Cuomo wants an altercation between himself and the blacks especially since he is white. But singling our Jews is ok. We need more Tischler’s to come foward and lead protests.

  132. 2querty, there is no scientific data showing that masks saves people from getting covid-19 and in fact, the data shows just the opposite, it does not prevent the virus from spreading. As we all KNOW, all masks MAY do is SLOW the spreading of the virus. Slowing the spreafing of the virus will not help us except during a height in a pandemic where the curve needs to be lowered. That is th only reason to wear a mask and to close businesses and schools.

    Coumo himself has acknpwledged that his response to the virus is fear-based and you cannot restrict people’s lives to the point where it disrupts living and takes away the people’s rights simply because of politician’s fears. The constituion does not grant our officials this power.

  133. EmEm, are you saying the same thing when non-Jews play contact sports without masks and about the many non-Jewish individuals walking around without masks? Were you saying the same things when protestors, looters and rioters at BLM “protes” were

    violating the law? Why do you not have a problem with government officails skewing the facts of our average positive rates to make us look like our numbers are higher when they are not? And have you looked into the fact of why our numbers are average while those communities where they wear masks from morning to night do not particalrly have lower numbers and are in many of those communities the numbers are even higher? It is the politicians not following the constituion by restricting our basic rights gratned by the constitution due to politics, due to media sensationalism and due to fear. These restricitons are not based on factual science.

  134. Reb Heshy is no Rodef!!

    Rodef is far from a simple term to flippantly call someone. I feel he is owed an apology.

    How can the Yeshiva world allow such an article?

  135. More korbonos for the “maskless and mindless” Tischler Brigade on the main news page today. Who cares how many are niftar as long as these yidden can stand tall and crowded together screaming Nazi against the police on 13th avenue with smiles on their faces knowing that they pushed back against Cuomo. Perhaps alsolisten to some other screaming of a different kind during the final few minutes of the lavayah of Dr. Nachman Schorr zt”l who was Niftar From COVID-19.


    BDE and may his family know only from simchas going forward.

  136. Where were you when yiddishe small businesses were shut down for months while Walmart and Target were packed to the gills and recording their largest profits ever? Now Cuomo is doing it all over again, as if it is still March, guess what the situation isn’t remotely close in severity. There is herd immunity at this point, speak to any family here, 9 out of 10 have experienced corona already. Cuomo is recorded on video saying he expects this pandemic to last another year. We cannot survive another year of shutdowns, period. We are fighting for our lives here. We have a right to worship our God, Our people have a right to parnassah, our kids have a right to a normal school and summer camp experience.

    America was founded on the principle of local government. Yes we need to take precautions, but they should be decided by our daas Torah and community leaders. We are not a community of reckless law-breakers! Cuomo is not King, and his emergency powers have expired. We have the right to respond and assert our God-given rights.

  137. No one is interseted in another op-ed, adn no one knows who I am so I’m just a random voice you don’t particularly need to listen to. And the comment sphere is not the best place for this. That being said —
    Dear Klal Yisroel,
    Everyone who has seen R’ Rechnitz’s post has a lot to say. Some agree, some don’t. Some will claim he is worse than Tischler. Others will agree with his general sentiments, but think he is wrong for calling another yid names. Everyone has an opinion – right or not.
    But I have no doubt that R’ Rechnitz did not just publish an unwarranted opinion without putting in a lot of thought. He, as a public figure, understands that when he is speaking it is not his own private statement. He is speaking on behalf of Klal Yisroel, and therefore on behalf of the Ribono Shel Olam. You may argue that he is mistaken. But if you want to have a proper “Jewish” opinion, the first thing you must determine before saying anything is: what does the Ribono Shel Olam think?
    Not once did R’ Rechnitz condone the terrible acts of the Mayor, the Governor or the reporters. We all agree they are wrong! But does the Ribono Shel Olam want us to copy the Goyim to make ourselves heard? I guarantee not!
    You may ask, how do I know?
    Because He only ever asks us to do one thing! To reflect Him in this world. We represent Him! We stand for Him! When they see us, they see Him. So – is the Governor is wrong for discriminating? 100% yes! Our blood boils at the blatant double standard! But what matters, all that matters, all that ever matters, is how we reflect Hashem! We alone represent His existence! We should cry and tremble at the thought of the Goyim treating – not us, but Him, our Father who we’ve promised to make proud – like dust.
    And that is why R’ Rechnitz spoke up. We must not be from those who go against Hashem’s will, and make light of this serious matter.
    Let me add one point. For those who have compared the way we are being treated to the beginnings of the holocaust, dare I say that even worse than the terrible suffering inflicted on the Jewish people during the holocaust – is the fact that His people were treated like dust – because we reflect Hashem and that means He was treated like dust! I beg you all, as a plain Yid, please let’s think some more about Him! Let’s ask what does He want! Because that’s what we always strive for!

    Klal Yisroel wants leadership, Da’as Torah? Well here it is! Here’s what must be done:
    1) We must all unite as one to figure out one thing – how to represent our Father as best as possible.
    2) We must determine what the best way to represent Him. In which manner will people not call Him names, c’v? Yes, the media is discriminating. So let us be even more careful! They are always looking at us – this isn’t new! We must follow the rules, like “pitiful” lambs, so that no one dare say, “Where is their God?” Put His honor before yours! Before you decide to act differently, imagine the country badmouthing Him r’l, and see if you are willing to take the responsibility!
    As the world is looking on, we dare not defile His name.
    I must also respond to those that think that they in fact are making a Kiddush Hashem. I understand where they are coming from – we have no shortage of examples in history when the correct response was to ignore the authorities and pledge our allegiance to Hashem. But if you look honestly, they were responding was to very different situations. Their governments were openly opposed Hakadosh B’H. They enacted laws in clear defiance to the Torah, in direct opposition to it. When someone is making fun of your Father, you stand up for Him. And the rest of the world, the onlookers, understood that the opposition was such; the hate towards the Torah was not hidden. In such a situation not standing up is the Chilul Hashem. Not so in our case. Perhaps behind the scenes they are trying to undermine our religion. But its not overt. And the onlookers don’t see that part. All they see is the government closing the shuls because of coronavirus. And when we are shown, albeit falsely, to be law-breaking citizens, it doesn’t reflect well. And so we must think twice before taking the next step.
    Yes, there is a terrible double standard, and the anti-Semitism is apparent, but until they close the yeshivas in order to openly oppose Judaism, we must sit back like sheep and forgo our honor, to restore Hashem’s honor. For now, our Chanukah moment is actually to comply.
    If anyone can explain – honestly – how Hashem’s honor, not our personal honor, will be enhanced through these protests we’d love to hear. That’s all we want: to glorify His name. Let’s all work together to bring out our nation’s best!
    The internet sphere where everyone can comment can be used as a very powerful weapon to bring us all together. We can all voice our opinions and suggestions to get a better picture on what really is the Torah’s opinion here. So please, anyone who can enhance this discussion with new ideas, new insights, new ways of thinking about the situation, step up and comment! But please do it as a representative of the Ribono Shel Olam. If my understanding here is incorrect, please explain – again, for His honor! Because that’s what we do. That’s how klal yisroel acts and thinks.

  138. Thank you for speaking up again, R Rechnitz.
    Wearing a mask and limiting shul attendance is not shmaad. It is Ratzon HaShem at this time in our history.
    Anyone who wants to die on this hill over such a disagreement wins a Darwin award.

  139. Dear Mr.Rechnitz, first I would like to acknowledge all the charity you have given over the years. That is very important and commendable.

    But Mr. Rechnitz how dare you insult me in public and call me names this is against the Torah.

    I am calling you out now, as you sit in your mansion, with your maids and money flowing in from your understaffed nursing homes.

    That’s your sin and that’s you making a חילול השם, killing people in your homes.

    I have spoke to Many of your workers, and salesmen telling me stories of you and not paying them.

    Your scared to talk against the Rabbis, it is because you think they will accept you for your money and think your a Rabbi.

    Even though Agudah turned down your 3 million dollar donation to speak at their big event the Siyum HaShas.

    And the reason you won’t talk, is because our sages say there is a נסיון העושר אין ניסיון העני and since, I am not a filthy billionaire like you Mr. Rechnitz and did not want to accept your 100 Thousand dollar bribe to shut up,

    You now judge me and badmouth me, and how you disrespected me and many rabunim.

    I believe your ill gotten gains have made you think, you are always right and we all are wrong, this way you can stay in your status.

    But one thing is clear Mr.Rechnitz you definitely don’t understand the נסיון העני you don’t understand how people with 8 kids live in a 2 debroom apartment ! how when one person gets coronavirus the whole family gets sick.

    How you look out from the your window and how up and get delivered all the fine things in life,

    While when we can’t even open our windows and can’t get some fresh air.

    How the life’s of people that on an average week can’t make ends meet, and only with debt and credit cards can put food on the table ! And vacation means going to a park on Sunday.

    Finally these people all of a sudden, can’t open their store or go to work, while Walmart and target can sell jewelry.

    Also how dare you Mr.Rechnitz you call a שמחת בית שואבה on the street a Protest ! Yes the media called it that way cause they are not jewish!

    But you should know better, there was no protest during any night,

    We went out on chol hamoed, and had a good time of course. since only protests were allowed,

    We did the same thing as our president did, he also called his rally protests.

    I will finish up ! I am מחול you cause I know you will never understand the little guy.

    But you owe an apology to our entire community that needs someone to speak up for them.

    You keep your money, I am
    Supported by a grass roots campaign and the people, and when I win my seat in the Ciyy Council, not If like you think.

    Changes will be made, and Mr.Rechnitz I will ask you to come around and see the plight of my people, and my city and my community and my children and the special needs ones, and the drugs and the kids ion the streets.

    Maybe then you heart will melt and not be hard like Pharoh in Egypt, who thought he was like g-d since he had money and power.

    Mr. Rechnitz you don’t live here in New York, we don’t konw what’s going on.

    Stay in LA and fix things there before you come to New York or Lakewood.