WATCH: Davening For Rachamim From The Dunes Of Dubai

YouTube screenshot

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Israeli music star Chaim Yisrael and businessman and singer Shuki Salomon released a video on Motzei Shabbos featuring their song Shiras HaBakashos filmed on the dunes of Dubai.

“We chose to film the clip davka on the sand dunes of Dubai,” Salomon said. “We wanted to emphasize the gap between the unimaginable wealth you see in the city to the simplicity and emptiness of the endless dunes of the desert.”

“With this message of simplicity, we came to request from our Father in Shamayim to redeem us from this difficult time we’re enduring. The coronavirus pandemic has caused too much sinas chinam, parnassah problems, illness and pain. The optimistic words of the song instill the hope we all have in our hearts, that our Abba in Shamayim will see our pain and tears and will answer our tefillos.”

(YWN Israel Desk – Jerusalem)