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Arrest Warrant Issued, & International Search Started For Shmira Member

shmira.jpgAccording to 1010WINS Radio in New York, an arrest warrant has been issued and an international search is on, for the member of the Crown Heights Shmira organization who has been accused in the bias crime beating of a young black man in Crown Heights last month.

Sources told 1010WINS that the member of the highly controversial Shmira Civilian Patrol, fled to Canada, and is now believed to be in Israel. He is wanted in the attack on Andrew Charles, 20. Charles is the son of an NYPD detective.

In an unprecedented move, Brooklyn DA Charles Hynes compared the group to the Crips and Bloods street gangs, and had ordered a grand-jury investigation into the incident.

(1010WINS / YWN Desk)

26 Responses

  1. All I can say is, I hope none of it is true: the beating (if not for defense), the fleeing, him being in Eretz HaKodesh. What was he thinking??

  2. Despite the stupidity and chilul hashem of the CH competing police wannabe organizations, this is an unwarranted ploy by DA Hynes to escalate a minor street altercation into some kind of international incident. Let the authorities pay attention to the real murder and mayhem occurring, rather than playing the race cards to placate insatiable minorities.

  3. to #3 are trying to say that what this guy did is acceptible? Absolutlly not what this guy did was horrible & he should ROT in jail seriouslly!

  4. what nonsense are you talking about again?! Since when do yidden ATTACK unprovoked?? If he beat him, then that piece of garbage deserved it. The only thing I regret is this hoodlum did not get it worse than he did.
    BAS TORAH: what are you thinking or talking about? the beating, the fleeing??? Is he supposed to stay here and give himself up to this lynching mob??? There is nothing just about the american justice system. You should really grow up. We should stand up by OUR OWN no matter what!! Instead all i see in these comments are people ready to accuse members of their family — that IS what we are, isn’t it????. Do you think we can please try to remember that?

  5. sammygol (#1),

    and if anyone doesn’t know what’s so funny then they didn’t understand the hidden meaning of his comment. Sorry for letting the cat partially out of the bag, but hey – someone had to do it!

  6. maybe joseph is right … but if their is in fact a warrant, and their is a possibility that it is justified, and maybe the guy should just turn himself in

  7. If this was the other way around we would be screaming for the DA to find the perp no matter where he fled.

    How anyone can say this Shmira guy is innocent is pure stupidity. When was the last time you heard of an innocent guy fleeing a country?

    If this Shmira guy had any brains and had absolutley nothing to do with the beating he should turn himself in.

    THe black kid was thowing rocks at some jewish kids and nobody got hurt thankfully. There is NO excuse for beating a person. I am not defending what the other punk did but they should have held him down for the police to make an arrest. Once you start beating up people it looks bad.

    If Shmira patrol had any brains they would turn this guy in for the sake of making a kiddush hashem. Many rabonim paskened that in a case liek this one must tell the authorities where MR XYZ is.

  8. #3

    1)I could not have said it any better! 2)If it is true it is of course a Chillul Hashem but it is 100% assur tzu helfen der areilishe politzay. Anyone who does will bring a klallah Nimretzes upon themself. I wish the poor soul hatzlachah in his self imposed captivity.

  9. this is what i was talking about that they should leave all the detective and crim work to the nypd that why we pay taxes for not so our brothers have to run away for their stupidity i hope he comes home to his family whether his wife or just his parents they dnt deserve this kind of a yom tov

  10. I work with a black guy who lives in Crown Heights. The blacks there feel like there is a double standard. The guys who attacked the Jew were arrested right away and the guy who attacked the black is still on the loose. This guy should give himself up for the sake of the community. Otherwise the tensions will simmer and they
    are real and someone else will become the victim of a revenge attack because this guy ran off.

  11. It’s very good that Hynes is showing that he is taking this incident seriously. If he would not, it might bring about riots and unrest from the blacks. Now that he is assembling grand jury, the blacks feel they are taken seriously and they are less likely to take violent action on their own.

  12. I want to address this mess as follows: 1. It is reckless and border line criminal for politicians, and community leaders to start pointing fingers, and calling out names of community organizations as being involved in the “beating”. THERE IS NO SUCH FACT OR TRUTH TO THOSE STATEMENTS. The police are investigating, they do NOT know who was involved! they are tryiing to find that out. (if the politicians know who the culprits are they should tell the police, if they do not know for a fact who the culprits are, they should NOT be reckless and name a name or point fingers. im sure everyone remembers Mr. Jewel from the atlanta olympic bombing…everyone named him, it was not him, and it destroyed his life!) 2. Why is there such vigor to investigate this matter when the police and the DA have not done so in the past ? over the past year and half, over a dozen jewish men have been viciously attacked, had their arms, skulls fractured, deep gashes, needing stitches! yes, over adozen! an and not one arrest!! the police have been called to every one of these incidents, they have lost reports, refused to investigate, lost collected evidence, handcuffed, and released perps, and to this date NOT ONE ARREST!!! anyone getting beaten on the street is a tragedy, anyone who assults another human being should be punished, but something is very wrong when the police and the DA react totaly different when a jew gets attacked and when a black gets attacked. 3. where is the focus to make an arrest when Mr. Klein was shot dead on the streets of Crown Heights? to this day and it has been two long years, there has not been this kind of intensity by law inforcement to investigate and bring Mr. Klein’s killer to justice! The police were handed a recording of an admission by a black man that will lead to the shooter, yet the police REFUSE to investigate it like they are investigating this!. 4. The Crown Heights Jewish Community residents do not condone violance, all they are asking for is EQUAL JUSTICE FOR ALL!!! not one sided, or heavy handed to one community. this is happening in Crown Heights, it is been going on for many years now, and unless things change, it will get alot worse. 5. The problem in the Crown Heights Community is as follows: A. Inspector Vega and his staff at the 71st pct. are blatant, anti samites! they do not do their job as i described above, and therefore they must leave, and be brough to justice. B. The DA needs to be fair for both communities, otherwise people will take justice to the streets. (as was alleged in this latest story). C. politicians, and community leaders MUST STOP insighting hate, anger, blame, and feelings of revenge by pounding on podiums and naming names or eluding to put the blame on certain people, or an organization, WITHOUTH HAVING THE FACTS!!!

    D. Gang activity and the youth involved are problem in Crown Heights, its not the homeowners, nor 99% of the ADULTS. the gang activity, must be addressed. 12 jewish men in their 20’s viciously attacked over a period of 3 months getting whacked in the back of the head by a steel pipe or bat is not random! the police not doing a thing about it is just as criminal!!! politicians, and community leaders not getting this gang and assult issues addressed by allocating funds for the police, getting money for neighborhood patrols, and starting workshops for both communities to attend on these issues is careless!! 6. how does the NYPD break into a home at 2:00am without a search warrent of any kind? if there was an “incident” on the streets of Crown Heights, as is alleged, since when does that give the right for the NYPD of the 71st precinct to then go and commit another crime?!!! the NYPD LIED ASBOUT HAVING A WARRENT, they are not allowed to kick in doors and search a home with the residents kick in doors and search a home with the residents ages ranging from child to adult, with their guns and flashlights, cursing, and turning over the contents of the home!!! the black community knows of this injustice all to well. two wrongs do not make a right. THIS IS NOT POLAND IN 1935, THIS IS GASTOPPO TACTICS! Dos anyone see the lawlessness of all this? would this be tolrated in your home? in your community? how do i know all this? i am very involved with the Shmira Patrol and security and crime in Crown Heights. i have proof, and facts to prove everything i have said. The police, the DA, the politicians were all given all the facts and proof i have mentioned above, their lack of providing the service that is asked and expected of them, is the cause of the current situation. if they all continue to disreguard the jewish and the black issues and concerns, then they will have to answer to the mayham that will result of all this, they will have to sleep with the guilt of another criminal act, i say to all the politicians who are not representing Crown Heights, either help us, or stay the **** away, do not use our community for your personal and so selfish gain. i say to the community leaders, blacks and jewish, to wake up, stop fighting, stop ignoring our community, stop giving the same old speech, how you are disgusted with what you see. what you see is a direct cause of your inaction, you dont like what you see, then change what you do! sincerely, a proud resident of Crown Heights, who is disgusted by all the garbage

  13. To 12, get real I live in Crown Heights & let me tell you something almost every incident that the cops actually catch a black criminal (which barely happens because the cops are not good) half of the time the cops let the criminal go, and that is why there is so much crime.

  14. “then they will have to answer to the mayham that will result of all this”,

    Because of what the shmira did we almost had a riot we already have “mayham” (g-d should protect use that there should not be one in the future) putting all our lives in danger. When I say “all” I mean all the Jews in New York and even out of N.Y. This highly controversial Shmira is what we call a Rotefe, they could have caused many Jews to get hurt or even worse.
    They are out of control and must be shut down!
    If you are nice to the cruel you will end up being cruel to the nice.
    This our lives we are speaking about.

  15. CHDov you are a phony. “If you are nice to the cruel you will end up being cruel to the nice.” That is exactly what you are breaking, when you claim we must not beat up these animals who attack us. That is being kind to the cruel, and encourages them to attack again. Beating them is the only language they understand, and if they knew that every time they raise their hands against a Jew it will be cut off they would think twice before doing it. Yasher koach to whoever did it, and our prayers are with him that he will not get caught – even if he is a member of that gang of shmira hooligans 🙂 And anyone who would think of massering on him, you know what is the din of a mosser, and that din still applies every bit as much today as it did 50 and 60 years ago.

    #9 asks what if it were the other way.

    First, it’s not the other way. We are not neutral observers, who should rule the same way no matter who the parties are. We have a duty of loyalty to our own, which means first and above all that we must not take the word of this boy against a yid.

    Second, crime from yidden against goyim simply does not happen. It’s never been known to happen, and there’s no reason to suppose that this once was an exception. Man sometimes does bite dog, but not nearly as often as it’s claimed. Far more likely that this boy wasn’t innocent, that he was doing something that resulted in a well-deserved punishment.

    Third, it already is the other way, every day for nearly the past fifty years. There are black-on-Jew crimes in Crown Heights all the time, and most are not caught. Why is this one incident so all-fired important, why does it deserve so much effort to solve it? It should go to the bottom of the queue of crimes to be solved.

    And that answers #13, who thinks “Now that he is assembling grand jury, the blacks feel they are taken seriously and they are less likely to take violent action on their own.” What exactly have they been doing for the past nearly 50 years? They ARE taking violent action, just as they always have been. CH Jews have been under siege for that long, with incidents just as violent as this one a regular occurrence.

  16. the shmira guy is a punk and he shoudnt have done what he did, that’s the bottom line. BUT this is a spec of dirt on the mess that is the crime problem in crown heights and the antisemitism we endure on a daily basis. As #16 said, the cops rarely “catch” the bad guys when its black on jew crime and most of the time when they do they just release them and they do it again. Besides the fact that the “beating” does not compare to the attack on Alon Sherman, one ended up unconscious and eating his food through a straw in a hospital and the other left a guy walking around and without a scratch on him.

    The DA is going after this guy because he is an antisemite. I had to throw that around but I happen to have discussed this with him and he has a sinnah that is very clear toward frum Jews. He is trying to show us that we aren’t above the law (which we shouldn’t think we are) and so he’ll prosecute this minor incident as if the shmira guy is a serial murderer.

  17. The blacks feel there is a double standard? Why because he wasn’t arrested? At least he was identified by the police. Were the killers of Mr. Klein identified by PD yet???
    The blacks will always feel a double standard. Welcome to Obama as president of the USA.

  18. I just cant get over what yiddishemishpacha said. No Jew has ever committed a crime? Thats funny, I could have sworn that the Torah gives out punishments for crimes, meaning they do commit crimes. Not all Jews. Not even most Jews. Probably a small minority, but it does happen. So if you cant handle reality, maybe try and not read the news.

  19. #23 “Not all Jews. Not even most Jews.” Definitely, not THIS jew! And it wasn’t a crime. Has any frum Jew ever attack anyone Black in Crown Heights or any other neighborhood where Jews live in close proximity to the Blacks? No! That IS the reality.

  20. To Chabad:

    How easy do you think it is to issue
    an arrest warrant?

    If they did get one they must have evidence against
    him, and if they are still saying Shmira was involves then they have proof of that too…

    And then you say he was throwing rocks arrest him?
    Do you understand laws HELLOOO!
    Your little buddies beat someone!!!
    YOU guys MUST stop running around like little
    wannabe cops and blaming EVERYTHING on the NYPD.

    I’ve been in many houses in Crown Heights and
    have heard so many comments about what they think
    of black people, like that we own the world and
    everyone is to serve us or something…This attitude and disrespect for other people WILL cause many more crimes to occur.

    OH and stop blaming the cops for letting kids
    go that did a little trouble, THE COPS HAVE NO CHOICE.

    Nuff said.

  21. to say ” …have been in MANY HOUSES IN CROWN HEIGHTS…” you are regegitating your anti ehrliche yidden garbage (EG: see his postings in articles.”not tznious billbboard”, “burning missionery books” etc,etc..and now continues so by adding “i have been to many houses” which is fabrication ,just to mechazek your anti ehrliche yidden views (still think your not jewish)…to #24 sammygol..there you go again, forgot to cover you true self…meir lansky…didnt put on tefilen, wasnt shomer torah umitzvos so hackt nit kain chainik…anyway what are you medame lasnsky who was the brain behind the mafa many years, to an ehliche yid who did what he did to not so innocent victim…and we are are not going into if right or wrong…but no dimyon…so mr sammygol mir zain vu eir halt mit ayer ahavs yisroel when comes to ehrlicha yidden you bash them, comes to others, your all dan l’kaf zechus…lapid, burning smut place in los angeles(and nobody was hurt even), and others..

  22. do u expect jews of ch to talk nicely about the blacks or not to be racist when all they here everyday is another story of how a black attacked a jew???
    all u people ur such suckups to non jews and the cops and whatever else.. right away u go to defend the cops and the blacks… u dont realize the anti semitism and the way this case was dealt with .. since when do they get a grand jury and do such crazy things for a crime that was commited by a black …
    i must say were in such a dark golus … that u people feel the need to hate ur own bretheren and stick up for the cops and blacks…

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