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Tolls Increase On NY Thruway For Drivers Without E-ZPass

Tolls will increase for drivers on the New York Thruway who do not have an E-ZPass starting Jan. 1.

The State Thruway Authority voted Tuesday to raise tolls by 30% for people who are driving on the Thruway without an E-ZPass, a device that collects toll information and charges drivers.

The Thruway eliminated cash tolls in November. That means drivers without an E-ZPass are sent a bill by mail.

In addition to the 30% higher toll, drivers billed by mail will also be charged a $2 administrative fee every time they are billed.


2 Responses

  1. They should have done this long ago. Drivers without EZpass impose additional costs on other drivers by requiring the State to maintain and staff toll booths. I’m sure there are some Luddites who enjoy having to slow down, wait on line, and rummage through their pockets and seat console to find enough bills and coins to pay the toll. We respect their right to do things the way it was done in the alte heim. However, we should not have to pay for their clinging to pre-industrial age practices.

  2. So now you can no longer avoid Big Brother monitoring where you go. You’ll just have to add a $2 fee for that. Lovely. Medina shel chessed.

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