YWN EXCLUSIVE: REAL Winners & Losers of the Recent NYC Elections


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What’s an election without the “real” winners and losers? They say all politics is local – here’s who won AND lost in the frum community now that it seems like Eric Adams is on his way to becoming the next Mayor of New York City.


Sephardic Federation:

Say this about the SY’s – they are fiercely loyal. Multiple leaders confirmed to this reporter that that leadership of the Sephardic Community was the first to endorse Eric Adams over one year ago and refused to even meet with Andrew Yang. What’s more, their handpicked successor to Councilman Mark Treyger, Treyger’s Russian-American protege Ari Kagan, appears to have won their Southern Brooklyn district thanks to their bloc vote. Congrats to Sam Sutton, Ronnie Tawil and Joey Shamie for their close relationship with Eric Adams.

Crown Heights Jewish Leadership:

The second community to endorse Eric Adams for Mayor was Crown Heights. Their support came at a critical time – when others were defecting to Yang. Multiple sources tell us that the unprecedented GOTV effort led by Chanina Sperlin, Yaacov Behrman, Shaya Gordon and Mendy Gansburg likely provides the margin of victory for Crystal Hudson over socialist anti-Israel candidate Michael Hollingsworth. As many as 4,000 Lubavitcher voters turned out. That’s twice the usual number.


There was a big internal debate as to whether they should buck their local elected officials or go with their gut. Instead they went with Daas Torah and supported Eric Adams. Congrats to leaders Josh Mehlman, Leon Goldenberg and Chaskel Bennet. The Flatbush Jewish Community Coalition also followed Daas Torah and didn’t endorse a council candidate in Flatbush for many good valid reasons. Sadly, the two leading candidates to replace Chaim Deutsch are not from the frum community.

Darchei Torah & Far Rockaway Jewish Community:

Darchei has the distinction of not only pushing Adams but they chose Katherine Garcia as their number two. They proved that they can pull out votes for Pesach Osina in an election a few months ago. Even though they lost that race they won accolades from the Queens establishment. Congrats to Baruch Rothman and Richard Altabe on their GOTV efforts.

Jeff Leb, Jack Cayre, Aaron Jungreis:

You may not know these heroes but they were the major movers to the critical SuperPac efforts that was formed to stop DSA Socialists in NYC that won over 70% of council seats. Sure Steve Ross, Ron Lauder and Will Zeckendorf are some of the bold names behind the effort but multiple sources tell us that these three worked day and night to ensure the efforts success to stop the Socialists from taking over the New York City Council from the likes of Moumita Ahmed a renowned anti-Israel activist.

Rabbis Abe Friedman & Berish Freilich

Two of the most prominent police chaplains in our community stuck with Eric Adams through thick and thin. Abe Friedmans is perhaps the oldest friend that Eric Adams has had since his day in the New York State Senate. Berish Freilich stuck his neck out in Boro Park and campaigned with Adams when no one else in Boro Park would. Expect Abe Friedman to play an especially large role in the Adams administration as a liaison between the frum community and likely new administration.

Lou Scheiner and David Greenfield:

We thought that Greenfield was done with politics when he left City Hall to become CEO of the largest Jewish tzedakah in America. However, multiple sources told us that behind the scenes Greenfield partnered up with renowned philanthropist Lou Scheiner to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars to get out the frum vote in a non-partisan way. Turnout was at record highs thanks in large part to their strategically placed dollars. Incredibly, they did it without issuing a single press release and sources tell us that they didn’t push any individual candidates – they just wanted a large turnout and achdus and left it to the communities to support whomever they wanted. Yasher Koach – initial results suggest that as many as 45,000 frum Jews voted in this year’s Mayoral primary comprising 5% of the vote total in New York City.

Amber Adler, Binyomin Bendet & Avi Cyperstein:

The first-time candidates likely lost their races for New York City Council, but they ran great races and made a kiddush Hashem. We need young people who are passionate about politics in the frum community, and we wish them success and hope they will try again in the future for other positions and in the meanwhile stay involved in community work.


Yeshiva World News was the ONLY Jewish media outlet to provide independent news and not buy into the Yang propaganda. This publication provides fair and balanced news coverage and was the only one to remind the frum community on how Eric Adams was there for the community for decades and how Heshy Tischler is a fraud. Last night Heshy asked “I don’t know what more you want me to do?” as he was complaining about finishing in last place. Hey Heshy, how about starting by not exposing yourself in public? Maybe stop calling our elected officials Nazis and pigs. Perhaps, stop calling police Nazi storm troopers. That’s enough to start with. Until then, we will keep covering you fairly and honestly.


Assembly Members Simcha Eichenstein & Dan Rosenthal & Councilman Kalman Yeger:

Readers of YWN know we have nothing but respect for these frum politicians, but fair is fair. They led the “Jews for Yang” effort and while they split the frum vote – Yang went down in flames. Expect them to be shut out of the administration while people like Rabbi Nafatli Moshe Indig enjoy access.

Moshe Indig:

Speaking of Rabbi Indig. If he supported the winning candidate, why is he on our loser list? Sure, Adam will take his call but he’s now known and flip/flop Moshe. Indig backed Stringer, before he backed Yang, before he swapped to Adams once the polls looked good for him.  Yes he pulled out his 1500 votes for Adams in Williamsburg but his reputation is cemented.

Ezra Friedlander:

Want to GUARANTEE that you lose your race? Hire Ezra. This “askan for hire” specializes in being the token Jew for left-wing campaigns that have zero support from the frum community. Ezra’s record of losses goes back to Mark Green in 2001. That’s 20 years of picking losers. His chosen candidate Scott Stringer finished sixth in the race for Mayor. That didnt stop him from showing up at Adams’ victory party. Not to worry, Ezra. We’ll keep you honest here at  YWN.

David Schwartz:

The Dov Hikind trained “wunderkinds” political career came to a screeching halt after being unable to deliver the frum community to Yang. Schwartz, who is fighting with Brooklyn’s powerful Demcratic leader Rodneyse Bichotte proved should know by now that the pen (YWN) is mightier than the sword (silly threats).


This Satmar faction backed Yang bigly. Rabbi David Niederman went all out for Yang and lost his bet. The only consolation is that they also supported left-wing Council Member Antonio Reynoso and future left-wing Council Member Lincoln Restler so their community board appointments are safe even though the future Mayor won’t return their phone call.

Boro Park Mosdos:

Andrew Yang – Lost.  Doug Schnieder – Lost. Robert Cornegy – Lost. David Weprin – Lost.

That’s a lot of losses. Well intentioned as people like Bobov’s Yoeli Rosenfeld may be, the business of politics is a challenging one. They led the Yang effort across the city and failed to bring it home. Credit for turning out the vote in a big way but to be fair ALL of their endorsed candidates lost.


Yaffed made an issue of every race and may have even been involved in an effort to tarnish Eric Adams and Andew Yang for their suport of yeshivas. Every person on their list lost! What’s most hilarious is that their yeshiva educated executive director runs his mouth about how terrible yeshivas are while running a million-dollar non profit. We’re sure that bashing yeshivas is good for business. We’re also sure that he’s “successful” because he went to yeshiva.

Heshy Tischler.

How do you spell LOSER? T-I-S-C-H-L-E-R

Despite his bravada and spending large sums of money Heshy did in fact make history – he had the worst performance of any frum candidate in recent history. That’s right – less than 5% of the voters vote for him in Round 1. Heshy said he won’t concede. He must think we’re all idiots. He doesn’t have to concede. He literally came in last place. Heshy speaks only for himself or perhaps his wife who looked like she was being held hostage in his videos. Good riddance to Heshy and his joke of an existence. Public Service Announcement for the secular news media: Heshy does not represent ANYONE in the Jewish community except, perhaps, for the society of EDP’s. Please ignore this loser and convicted fraudster and seek out legitimate community leaders in the future. Thanks so much.

(Moshe Weissman – YWN)


  1. I voted for Adams so I guess I am a winner according to the logic here. But this article strikes me as weird. Do we judge losers and winners in yiddishkeit but who has more power and who’s secular election choices won? Are the chareidim in E’Y now losers because they didn’t vote for the horrible new government there? People make their choices based on what they felt would be best – no need to spite them if their choice did not win. Something very wrong with this…

  2. What a terrible article to place on a frum website. Declaring losers and naming names like that. What halachic book is that okay. I don’t live in the city and don’t know 95% of the people mentioned, but YWN after this article can definitely go to the loser column. Shame!

  3. A little harsh guys ! You gotta practice what you preach. Don’t go down to certain people’s level.
    The results speak for themselves.

  4. Wow. What a self congratulatory article from YWN.

    I won’t comment on all the points with one exception.

    It would have been a disaster for the frum community had no one supported Yang.

    Yang went all out trying to getting the frum vote. Had he not gotten any it basically would have made the statement that you can only get support in the frum community through back room deals with askanim. Otherwise no matter how hard you try you won’t get it.

  5. This was raked choice voting. Practically all frum politicians and Rabbanim or askanim who pushed Yang basically glued Adams to him as second choice- which may prove pivotal as the vote goes to ranked choice tabulation and absentee ballots are counted. As much as it looks like Adams won, everyone needs to remember that with a socialist in the race (Maya Wiley endorsed by AOC), any large leads a moderate candidate may have had on election night may slowly evaporate until Wiley wins by 10 votes above the threshold which allows a recount. Second votes really matter in the final count. Whatever statement the “Frum Yang Gang” wanted to make was made, and now Adams will take notice and listen.