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SHUT DOWN THE VIRUS? Biden’s COVID-19 Failures in Full View

With President Joe Biden’s first year in office coming to a close, his failures at coming through on his promise to “shut down the virus” is coming under closer scrutiny as Omicron sweeps the nation.

While Biden has suffered from cratering approval ratings related to things like inflation and the economy, he has generally enjoyed healthy approval ratings on his handling of Covid-19.

But those approval ratings have been taking serious hits in the past few months, as well.

A recent poll from ABC News/Ipsos found that a slim majority – 53% – approve of his handling of the Covid-19 pandemic, down from a vigorous 69% earlier this year.

Due to its failures at tamping down Covid-19 cases, the Biden administration is attempting to shift the national focus from individual case counts to hospitalizations and deaths – a metric Republicans have been urging to use for the better part of a year.

Biden’s troubles also stem in part from his reversal on vaccine mandates.

As President-elect, Biden said he doesn’t believe the vaccines should be mandatory and that  “would not demand that it be mandatory,” a position he has now completely flipped on.

Additionally, Biden has recently come under fire for failing to ensure that there would be enough Covid-19 tests available and enough monoclonal antibodies treatments for those who need them.

(YWN World Headquarters – NYC)

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  1. If Biden would shut down air travel, impose curfews or resort to more drastic measures that are being taken in countries like Canada and Israel you would all be screaming socialist, communist, dictator etc. The hypocrisy is revolting.

  2. More like the efforts of the anti-vax political movement have ensured this virus is still killing people.

    In any case, I think I am done with ywn for good and will be removing it from my bookmarks. Their refusal to cover a critical story is not commendable. They have just become part of the problem. If you censor news you are not a news organization, but rather a propaganda piece.

  3. Is Covid-19 and Omicron the same thing? Candidate Biden was talking about Covid-19, not Omicron. As far as he’s concerned, Covid-19 is gone!

  4. Covid19 is gone? That’s news to me. From the president that ran on the promise that if elected he was going to cure cancer…. what can you expect? Seems like Covid19 is here to stay while someone else’s mind is what is really gone

  5. People blame Biden for not “shutting down the virus”. If more people would get the COVID Vaccines, then COVID would decrease greatly.

  6. Stevenn > he’s definitely trying.

    He, and his helpers, are simply not capable. He has experience negotiating with Senators and pointing out what Presidents are doing wrong. He used those skills to paint a picture that some wanted to see – virus shut down, adults in charge. His action continue the same trend – he takes care to look good politically and appease various factions in his party, but gets surprised when dealing with Taliban, Putin, COVID and other unruly things. It was recently published that a group of scientists made a presentation to senior White House staff about urgent need to get tests as things were already expected to be worse by the end of the year. The answer was – No. There was no mention that these senior leaders even consulted the President. Those who leaked the info lament that we needed Warpspeed-type op for tests this time, but these was not anyone to do it. I contend that with Trump president – first he would be in the loop, second, he would be more likely to respond to the request, third, if he were to refuse, the information would be leaked to press in September rather than now, and he would change the decision. All in all, we are all worse off with the current government and it is time for everyone to admit it despite their personal preferences.

  7. Is Biden finally realizing there’s a G-d running the world, and whatever weapons he has in his arsenal, is ineffective in combating the tiniest virus?

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