KIDDUSH HASHEM: Rayim Mesivta Bochurim Applaud Firefighters After Successfully Dousing Blaze [VIDEOS]


A tremendous kiddush hashem took place at Camp Rayim Mesiva (Aliya) on Thursday when bochurim lined up to applaud and thank firefighters who had worked to douse a blaze that destroyed two of their camp’s bunk houses.

The fire was sparked Thursday morning in one of the bunkhouses and growing out of control for a time, necessitating a major emergency response from fire and Hatzolah personnel.

Thankfully, the fire was extinguished before it could spread further than the two affected bunkhouses, and nobody sustained any injuries in the blaze.

After the incident, Camp Rayim released the following statement:

“First, we would like to assure you that everyone in camp is b”h safe and doing fine. This morning during learning groups, a fire broke out in one of the bunkhouses. B”h our staff made sure no one was in the affected structures or any nearby structures. The fire department swiftly came, contained the fire, and extinguished it.  We thank them for their immediate response and their great work.

“All of the many avenues at our disposal are being implemented to ensure that camp life continues as normal for all of our campers and staff. We thank Hashem for keeping everyone healthy and safe. Wishing an easy fast to all.”



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  1. For all those commenters who will be quick to say that this isn’t a kiddush Hashem since no one was killed for refusing to worship idols, see Ramabam hilchos Yesodei Hatorah פ”ה הי”א:

    וכן אם דקדק החכם על עצמו והיה דבורו בנחת עם הבריות ודעתו מעורבת עמהם ומקבלם בסבר פנים יפות ונעלב מהם ואינו עולבם, מכבד להן . . . עד שימצאו הכל מקלסין אותו ואוהבים אותו ומתאוים למעשיו הרי זה קידש את ה’ ועליו הכתוב אומר ויאמר לי עבדי אתה ישראל אשר בך אתפאר

  2. All of the Sullivan county fire fighters are volunteers, meaning that they stopped whatever they were doing and answered the call, while thanking they may not rise to a kiddush hasham [maybe yes or maybe no] it sure is a menchlicher thing to do.
    PS if you see the local VFD or VAC fundraising please drop a few dollars, it goes a long way to ensure good will.

  3. I saw a kiddush hashem today, a frum jew yielded to on coming traffic. Was the most heart warming kiddush hashem I have ever witnessed.

  4. We are really scraping the bottom of the barrel with these Kiddush Hashem claims. Kids are naturally drawn to these events. They clapped as they were leaving and that’s a “Tremendous” Kiddush Hashem?
    A camp when to a gym to play ball and they didn’t steal a single ball! Now that’s a real Kiddush Hashem!

  5. We should all, also, always clap and applaud all Hatzalah ambulances and private members cars as they pass down our streets after every call.

  6. Mi kamocha yisroel. All the bochurim are safe and accounted for but 7 pairs of tefillin were niftar. At this point, not really interested in re-litigating what are the minimum criteria to call something a kiddush hashem.

  7. This isn’t a kiddush Hashem 🙄 we’ve become so rude that anytime we act like we’re meant to we demand praise. That, in itself, is a CHILLUL HASHEM.

  8. But hey, at least it wasn’t a Hasidic camp, they wouldn’t have even said thank you. I guess for Hasidic standards this is considered a “tremendous Kiddush Hashem.”

  9. Gosh u guys. I thought it was beautiful. I beleive those boys showed appreciation in an qbove average way and yes, they made a kiddush Hashem.

  10. What a post…. A bunch of volunteers (presumably not Jewish) drop everything they’re doing, and potentially risk their lives, in order to fight a fire in a Jewish camp, but your headline is not gratitude to these firefighters, but instead about kids clapping? Is it Purim or 9’Av coming up?

  11. @Yankelle, its about the kids expressing gratitude to these selfless volunteers, same as what your doing.
    PS there are a number of frum VFs in Sullivan

  12. I think YWN does this intentionally it’s “KIDOOSH HASHEM” bait and click. Whenever they put “kidush hashem” in the headline everyone clicks on that story and leaves a comment its no difference pro or con the main thing is it generates interest and views. Including me of course, as evidenced by this comment. I have extreme kidush- hashem- syndrome, I just can’t resist commenting when I see “kidush hashem”.

  13. A chilul Hashem means when someone does something wrong that would cause someone to say if this is how a yid acts imagine how bad their leader or teacher or the Torah that teaches them is. On the contrary, in our case here if even one firefighter said WOW I never saw something like this maybe there is something more to this religion than we know this is a true Kiddush Hashem.

  14. people are way too cynical. yes, this might be considered normal behavior, but even so, since when does your average american goy act with what we rightfully call “normal behavior”?