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Lakewood Burglary Suspect Shot by Elderly Homeowner Dies

ls1.jpgThe robbery suspect shot by a Lakewood homeowner in his mid 70’s last Friday has died, YWN has learned. The suspect, 31-year-old Eric Tucker was pronounced dead Wednesday, five days after he was shot in the head – as reported (first) HERE on YWN. He had been rushed to the Jersey Shore Trauma Center, where he was placed on life-support & listed in critical condition.

Additionally, because of the extent of his injuries, he was not charged with any crime.

Two other men are accused of burglary in the incident, and have been arrested as well.

The homeowner has not been charged with a crime.

For photos of the crime scene (taken by YW-41), click HERE.

(Charger 105 – YWN Queens Ops’ Desk / YW-456)

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  1. To all Lakewooders,
    We owe this guy hacorahs hatov, especially the ones living in the east end area. He has done more for our safety than our politicians, our rabbonim, our shomrim and lakewood safety patrol. If for some reason our liberal nj gov’t decides to prosecute him, we must band together in his defense, no matter what our “so-called” jewish leaders tell us!

  2. Great News!

    This is the only way they will learn, and if they don’t learn then perhaps they can be eliminated one by one.

  3. So the perp can’t be charged with anything now that he’s dead, but had he remained alive, I don’t care WHAT the extent of his injuries would be -he terrorized somebody, and if he were alive, he should be charged with criminal offense.

  4. And Bloomberg want’s to take away our rights to own handguns! No question about it, if the homeowner didn’t have a gun, he would be a dead man now!

  5. #12 Granted we should be careful but that is only said in regard to other yidden. In regard to the umos haolam it says veatah al bamosayhem tidroch. (Gemara Megilah)

  6. “because of the extent of his injuries, he was not charged with any crime.”

    yes i think in Beis Din also, they dont generally try dead people.

    its a svorah not a Passuk.

  7. Dear #12: Jewish Source

    Look up the “JEWISH SOURCE”. The gemara in Megillah says that Haman tried that Possuk on Mordechai. And Mordechai answered… “Hani Mili B’yisroel aval beumos acheimrim….”

  8. No one ever wants to have to shoot someone, BUT, as Rabbi Kahane Zatza”l used to say, “Better to have a gun and not need it, than to need it and not have it!”

  9. First off, someone should throw a kiddush for this brave individual.

    Second, to all the loud mouths and knackers who are posting I have several questions.
    1) Have you ever held and fired a hand gun?
    2) If you answered yes to question 1, have you ever shot at someone?
    3) Have you ever shot someone and possibly killed him?
    4) Are you prepared to do that?
    5) Are you prepared to live with the fact that you took a life, who was made in Hashem’s image?

    If you have answered no to questions 2 through 5 then shut up !!

  10. While it’s a little sad and unfortunate, the outcome is very understandable, and thank heaven the homeowners are all well and safe. I hope this begins a huge turning point in reversing the drastic increase in robbery attempts. Let the criminals think now, before entering a home, that they may get their heads blown off; because they just might.

  11. To “Left Brooklyn” commenter #18, while taking a life is absolutely NOT to be taken lightly, when someone breaks into your home at 3 a.m., he forfeits his “image of G-d”. The Torah clearly teaches that ones own life takes precedence as well as “Ha’ba l’harg’cha, hashkaim l’hargo”. The fact that one may never have shot at someone before (and hopefully they haven’t) doesn’t mean that they should hesitate to do so if they or their family members’ lives are threatened.

  12. #18,

    To protect my family and my neighbor; yes – I would shoot and feel as if I did the right thing. No one wants to imagine ever doing something so cruel, but sometimes you just have to do things that are impossible to imagine.

    Also – what’s up with the attitude and the language!? I think people here are having quite a mature debate/conversation. This is a matter that affects us all.

  13. To my fellow posters I think you missed my point. If you read my first line, I clearly think the homeowner did the correct thing and kol hakavod (thus the tounge-in-cheek call for a kiddush).

    It is not a question of right or wrong. If you, your family or your neighbor is in danger you do what you have to do.

    But shooting at someone and killing them takes more training and “guts” then most (if not all of you believe). Been there, done that. BTW, I have seen some real “big guys” freeze when faced with the kill or be killed situation.

    Just food for thought.

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